Friday, September 25, 2015

Oy Vey and God Help Us: CIJA Wants In On "Solving" the Syrian "Refugee" Crisis

CIJA, Canada's Official Jews du jour, wants in on that "let's save Syrian refugees" action. On its website one learns, for example, that CIJA is all for a number of efforts aimed at bringing these folks to our shores, no questions asked and for the sake of, what else?, "tikkun olam." (There's no mention, of course, that some of these refugees are likely to be ISIS/Al Qaeda plants, or that Syrians in general harbour ill-feelings, if not downright hatred, towards Israel: that would be such a buzz kill on the galloping feel-goodism, don't your think?)
As well, CIJA wants us to know that, in an effort to help resolve the crisis, it has linked arms with a famous Hashemite:
Partnership with Jordan
This week, a CIJA delegation led by National Chair, David J. Cape, held high-level meetings with the King of Jordan and His Majesty’s senior advisors. CIJA proposed a partnership between the Canadian Jewish community along with other stakeholders in the private sector and Jordan directed at addressing and alleviating the acute humanitarian conditions for the growing refugee population currently situated in Jordan.
King Abdullah welcomed the initiative and over the coming weeks, CIJA will be working directly with His Majesty’s staff to develop the proposal and share with other potential partners here in Canada.
First off, CIJA has no business meeting with Abdullah--or, for that matter, making plans with him. Second,  Abdullah is no doubt laughing at these foolish Jews, who have allowed reveries of "tikkun olam" and memories of "None is too many" to override their common sense.

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