Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mr. Rose Regrets He's Unable to Speak Today

Mark Steyn takes note of a last-minute cancellation:
This weekend I shall be speaking in the Danish Parliament on the tenth anniversary of their publication. (See here for ticket details.) For the last few weeks Douglas Murray and I have been doing a mordant back-and-forth on how the only reason we're top of the bill is because everyone else is dead, or in hiding under 24-hour police protection. So there's no one but us to invite. Oh, wait - I see that just a couple of days ago there was a last minute change in the program:
Due to the general situation of the newspapers, Jyllands-Posten and Politiken on occasion of the ten year anniversary of the Muhammad cartoons Flemming Rose has had to cancel (among other events) his participation in this conference.
Mr Rose is the editor who commissioned those cartoons. Which would not happen today - speaking of "the general situation of the newspapers".
I can't say I'm too surprised about Rose's 11th hour decision to skip the event.  Not when, as Toronto Sun columnist Alan Shanoff pointed out re Rose's book documenting the Motoons kerfuffle and his part in it,
Ironically, it doesn't contain any cartoons or illustrations that set off the wave of protests and violence...
It's extra-ironic, of course, because of what the book is called: The Tyranny of Silence.

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