Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Today's Question: Why Are Syrian Refugees Treated Differently Than Palestinians?

Many decades after the initial conflict that displaced them, Palestinians remain hunkered down in UN-sponsored refugee camps in the same general area as the '48 war.

That begs the questions: Where are the UN-sponsored Syrian camps? Where's the UNRWA for Syrian refugees?

Rhetorical queries, I know. Obviously, the only reason that Palestinians have been forced to remain in situ while Syrians flood into the West is because the OIC and the UN persist in the hope that Palestinian "refugees" will eventually flood into--and topple--the Jewish state.

Update: According to Wikipedia,
Syria has 13 [Palestinian] refugee camps and 499,189 registered refugees. Three of these camps are unofficial (*).
What has happened to these camps/refugees? Does it make any sense for there to be half a million Palestinian "refugees" in Syria while Syrians themselves are seeking refuge elsewhere?

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