Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hillary's Latest Claim Notwithstanding, She's As "Transparent" as Mud

The following parody of a Chicago number was inspired by this headline about Hillary Clinton's alleged transparency:

If someone's server was wiped clean
And claims were made that it's routine
And her supporters were still keen
You'd notice it.

If someone, a la "let 'em eat cake,"
Said (re Benghazi), "What diff does it make?"
And she seemed callous and awf'ly fake
You'd notice it.

And even if Bill's shifty foundation
Accepts shekels from ev'ry dubious nation,
Unless, of course, they indict the cur
(We're stuck with) untrustworthy, un-transparent her.

Ms. Opacity,
Her name's Hillary,
Ms. Opacity.
'Cuz she can lie right to you,
Tell fibs to you,
And never even care.

I say Opacity,
Ms. Opacity,
Her duplicity
Is so plain to see.
'Cuz she can lie right to you,
Tell fibs to you,
And think it's fair and square...

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