Thursday, September 10, 2015

Be a "Safe Haven" for Syrians and Other "Migrants"? I Can't Second That Emotion

The war in Syria has been raging for years now, but all it took to draw peoples' attention to it was a photo of a dead toddler face down on a beach. Said image was so awful and plucked at the heartstrings of so many folks in the West who up till then had found it quite easy to ignore the "migrant" problem that now the gates of Vienna--or at least the ones in Munich, Berlin and Dusseldorf--are about to swing wide open to accommodate this desperate flood of humanity.
I attribute this sudden willingness to absorb the "migrant" tide to two factors. First, it is a function of what I would call the Princess Diana Effect--the sort of mass hysteria that allows people to feel really good about feeling really bad about the death of someone they didn't know. Second, after having ignored the situation for so long and finding that it is now resulting in dead kids tossed up on the sand, many feel the knee-jerk impulse to DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING. IMMEDIATELY. AND MAKE IT ALL BETTER.
A letter to the editor in yesterday's Edmonton Journal exemplifies this knee-jerk reaction:
Let us be that safe haven 
For over 100 years, the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada (NCJWC) has supported immigrants and refugees coming to Canada during and after the displacements of war. 
At this terrible time, hundreds of thousands of refugees are risking their lives to escape intolerable situations, only to face the horrors of flight, human smugglers and insecurity, and are unable to meet their basic human needs. 
We urge all Canadians to do what they can to ensure the safety, dignity and well-being of these traumatized people. 
Protocols do not take precedence over saving lives. Contact your elected representatives and urge them to make a difference. Contact non-governmental organizations, and find out how you can help. Spread awareness and encourage action. 
We need to ensure that these refugees find a safe haven. We can be that haven.
Let’s make it happen. 
Sharon Allentuck, president, National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Winnipeg
I'll leave it to unparalleled clarifier Mark Steyn to explain why offering "safe haven" to masses of Syrians and other "migrants" may not be the best idea:
There is a link between the civilized world's reaction to the Motoons a decade ago, and the migratory invasions today. Because we can't be honest about Islam, we can't be honest about the nature of what is happening on Europe's borders: These are not families of "refugees" - young, old, men, women, children - but an army of aggressive young men. Their arrival will further weaken the Continent's wobbly commitment to core liberties. The argument against free speech is increasingly that it is unwise to be so "provocative". With a million more Muslim males in the neighborhood, there will be a million more reasons to tiptoe around lest one accidentally "provoke" someone.
And something else for the likes of Sharon Allentuck to consider: most of these refugees are likely to be inveterate and unrepentant Jew-haters/Zion-loathers, which, in both the short and the long term won't be good for the Jews, not even those like Ms. Allentuck who feel really, really bad about the "migrants'" plight. (Given that, it is both ironic and yet fitting that Ms. A. would use the word "Protocols" in making her case.)

As for what's behind "mama" Merkel's beneficence--could it be that she's trying to expunge the stain on Germany left there by the Nazis and the Holocaust? Shouldn't someone point out to her that replacing millions of dead Jews with millions of live Muslims, the bulk of whom who are likely to harbor Nazi-like feelings toward Israel and Jewry, is kind of a crazy way to go about it?

Update: "Migrants" are a symptom; extremism is the disease.

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