Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Preening Moral Narcissists Want Lots More Syrians In Canada, Please

The following half-page ad appears in today's Toronto Star (hat tip: BCF):

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The self-adorers of The Mosaic Institute got the headline wrong. It should read: WE CAN ENSURE THAT JIHAD WINS. Alternatively, WE CAN ENSURE THAT THE CIVILIZED WORLD LOSES would work, too.

Update: The push to bring Syrians to Canada is a slap in the face to Judy Feld Carr and the thousands of Syrian Jews she singlehandedly rescued. To recap what motivated the rescue:
Judy Feld Carr and her late husband, Dr. Ronald Feld, developed a mutual interest in the plight of Syrian Jewry in the 1970's. An article in the Jerusalem Post about twelve young Jews whose bodies were mutilated when they stepped on a minefield while trying to escape from Qamishli, Syria, captured the sympathy of the couple, and they brainstormed for ways they could help Syrian Jews. Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Syria vented its rage by burning synagogues and forbidding Jews from leaving the country. Restrictions reminiscent of the Nuremberg Laws which ushered in the Holocaust were passed in Syria; Jews were not allowed to travel more then three kilometers without a permit and were forced into ghettos. Business and educational opportunities for Jews were strictly limited, and those who tried to escape were often tortured or killed.
And now the preening moral narcissists, including some Jewish ones, want to import these Syrian antipathies into Canada?

That's insane, suicidal and just plain stupid.

Update: A poem for a Mosaic man:

Bernie's plea for "humanity"
Is a clear-cut case of insanity.
What's bound to deflate us
Is importing people who hate us.
God save us from such preening vanity!

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