Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Future Belongs to the "Sock Puppets"

In a CBC TV interview about efforts to get Muslims out to the polls on election day, a familiar name, one I couldn't immediately place, jumped out at me:
Getting Canadian Muslims to vote

Muneeza Sheikh is communications director for the Canadian-Muslim Vote, a non-partisan group that encourages Canadian Muslims to vote
I know I've heard that name before...

Could it be...? Wasn't she...?

Why, yes she was...one of the three then-law students (a.k.a "the sock puppets") who puts their names to a "human rights" complaints filed by the Canadian Islamic Congress against Maclean's magazine. (Maclean's alleged crime against sharia and Canada's "human rights" codes: it was too snippy and free speechy about Islam and radical Muslims for the taste of the CIC and its then-president, Mohamed "All Jewish Israelis are Fair Game for Terrorists" Elmasry.) The names of the other two "sock": Naseem Mithoowani and Khurrum Awan.

Of course, you wouldn't expect the CBC to mention Ms. Sheikh's past puppet antics--and in the TV interview it definitely lived up to expectations.

Mark Steyn, who debated the fresh-faced activists on TV back then, said something that has turned out to be prophetic:
“At one point,” remarked Steyn after that televised “debate,” “I looked across at the Sock Puppet Three and thought: It’s not about who wins the argument. They’re the future of this country, and that’s that.”
"That's that"?: that's for sure. The three young debaters have certainly come into their own since their socks days:
Yup, the ex-socks are on their way and making a name for themselves in Pierre's Trudeaupia. The questions that remain to be answered: will enough Muslims heed Ms. Sheikh's call to throw flex their voting muscle on October 19, and will Canada officially become Justin's Trudeaupia?

Because if the future belongs to the socks, it makes sense that it must belong to "mosqueteer" Justin--or someone Justin-like--too.

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