Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Reality Check: Ahmed Mohamed's School Project DID Look More Like a Bomb Than Like a Clock

Here's the project in question, the one young Ahmed (he's aged 14) brought to his Texas school; the one his teacher thought could possibly be a bomb; the one that prompted a call to the cops, who promptly arrested the lad; the one that resulted in Ahmed becoming an Internet sensation--a hero, even--as the teacher, school and cops were condemned for such supposedly egregious "racial profiling"; the one that got the clock-maker an invitation to the Obama White House so that it could provide the nation with one of those crucial "teachable moments."

Obama's "teachable moment," of course, is this: "Shame on those who thought this looks-like-a-bomb clock was a bomb." The real  teachable mo, though, should be this: When any kid brings something to school that looks more than a bomb than it does like a clock, it's better--and far safer for all concerned--to err on the side of caution, even if that gives rise to a hissy fit about "racial profiling."

Update: Robert Spencer details Obama's half-clocked tale of Islamophobia.

Half-baked, more like.

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