Thursday, September 17, 2015

"The Future Belongs to People Like Ahmed"

This "teachable moment" is brought to you by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. When Z-berg heard about a Muslim teenager in Texas who had been "racially profiled" as the result of a school clock project that was mistaken for a bomb (an honest mistake considering that at first--and even second or third--glance, the contraption did look a lot more bomb-like than it did clock-like), the Silicon Valley "progressive" leapt onto his highest steed and tweeted the affirmation of the lad's efforts that’s quoted above.

As for me, I'm thinking that if I were a jihad-minded young'un and/or his extremist mentor, I, too, might see this as an opportunity to teach something meaningful. Only my lesson would be this: bring a bomb to school disguised as project that you claim is really, say, a clock, or a slow-cooker or a trash compactor; proceed to blow everything up, secure in the knowledge that you'll be able to do so because school authorities will be too afraid to be accused of racism to alert the cops. (Consider, for example, what could happen if and when a Dzhokhar Tsarnaev-wannabe brings his clock-like bomb science project to school. I doubt the likes of Zuckerberg, or for that matter Barack Obama, would be tweeting their approval of that sort of ingenuity.)

If that ends up being the infidels' M.O.--giving every young Muslim "inventor" the benefit of the doubt out of fear of being labeled racist--the future may not belong to people like Ahmed. However, it could very well end up belonging to people named Ahmed (and Muhammad and Anjem and Ibrahim and Osama and...).

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