Sunday, September 27, 2015

Another Ceeb Hit Piece on Harper Gov't: Syrian Immigrants Feel Sad Because Mean, Islamophobic Feds Don't Like 'Em

Get out your 3-ply tissues because this one's a real tear-jerker:
In the camps for Syrian refugees, Canada is an ideal destination for those who have escaped the horrors of war.

"I think Canada is a great country," said Amar Aldoura, who fled Damascus nearly two months ago with his wife and baby boy. They stayed for a few weeks in a refugee camp along the Syrian-Turkish border before heading to Istanbul.

Aldoura is pondering his next move. Europe is a more likely destination for the English teacher and his family. But he says he's heard Canada and its government have changed their attitude somewhat.

"I think Canada now is less welcoming to people like me," he told CBC News..
Actually, Amar, you're dead wrong on that score. Despite "progressive" types decrying this government for being a hotbed of "Islamophobia," the Harper Tories remain committed to letting in as many Muslims as possible:
Top 10 Source Countries of Canadian Permanent Residents - 2013
(People who have been granted permanent residency through immigration but are not Canadian citizens)
  • 10. Korea (4,509)
  • 9. Iraq (4,918
  • 8. France (5,624)
  • 7. United Kingdom (5,826)
  • 6. United States (8,495)
  • 5. Iran (11,291)
  • 4. Pakistan (12,602)
  • 3. Philippines (29,539)
  • 2. India (33,085)
  • 1. China (34,126)
Top Three Reasons for Immigrating to Canada
  • 3. Refugees (27,915)
  • 2. Family (66,794)
  • 1. Economics (155,707)  
But, hey, why allow reality to get in the way of your faulty perceptions (which, come to think of it, could be the CBC's slogan)?

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