Friday, September 18, 2015

Judge Rules Omar Khadr Can Remove His "Restrictive" Monitoring Bracelet and Visit His Family in Toronto

Some of his family, anyway. For, as we learn in this Ceeb report, at least two of Omar's nearest and dearest have apparently flown the coop:
Khadr's mother and one of his sisters made pro al-Qaeda remarks in the past. But Khadr's lawyers say they aren't even in Canada. He told the judge that his client is now mature enough not to be influenced by their views. ​
If, as his lawyer claims, Mom and Sis Khadr (who look like this) aren't even in Canada, then where the hell are they?



Syria/Iraq (say, helping out ISIS)?

Isn't their current location kind of a crucial bit of information, and shouldn't this judge have been less blasé and more proactive about sussing it out? Before deciding that Omar could go visit his Hogtown mishpachah, I mean.

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