Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Obama and the Jews and the Twilight Zone

Obama, grievously offended by critics of Jews who support his nuke deal, says these chastisers are like African-Americans who claim he's "not black enough."

Silly, chastising me, I wasn't aware that the Grandiose Ayatollah had vowed to wipe any African nations off the map. ;)

The question that must be asked: why is Obama so desperate to get Jewry onside? It's not as though their support will make or break the deal; every indication is that there aren't enough votes in Congress to override his presidential veto. So why even bother schmeering the Jews in this way?

I think it's because Obama knows that it'll "look bad" if most Jews are seen to be against the deal, and he doesn't want these bad optics to detract from his legacy.

Alternatively, in his heart of hearts he knows the deal is a bad one and needs Jewry's approbation in order to keep up the pretense--to himself and the rest of the world--that he's doing good.

Then again, perhaps he's really tyrannical and diabolical, in an "if-you-don't-do-what-I-want-I'm-going-to-think-you-into-the-cornfield" sort of way. (That's certainly been his M.O. with Bibi.)

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