Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Jewish Expert on Syria Comments on the "Refugee" Issue

I figured that Judy Feld Carr, the Toronto woman who "helped 3,228 Jews escape [the] anti-Semitic regime in Syria," may have had some hesitations about importing tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into Canada. Her letter in this week's Canadian Jewish News (it's not yet available online so I'm quoting from the CJN en papier) confirms my hunch:
Vetting Syrian refugees
Bert Raphael writes of his concerns about Syrians arriving in Canada bringing with them their anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiments, which are taught in the Syrian Muslim school system ("Welcoming Syrian refugees," Dec. 24).
I, too, am worried! I worry about how intensive precautions are that our government is taking to investigate the backgrounds of those asylum seekers, their real names at birth, their past involvement in any of the myriad branches of the secret police, the army intelligence services, and the facilities available to obtain false passports in areas in which they are temporarily housed.
In the 28 years of my involvement in the "secret rescue" of the Jewish community from Syria, I, as chairman of the national committee for Jews in Arab lands of the former Canadian Jewish Congress, was refused by the then-Liberal governments to bring in even one Jew from Syria into Canada.
Obviously, the present Liberal government's attitude has changed considerably and will hopefully allow the suffering and beleaguered members of the Yazhidi and the Syrian Christian communities entrance and citizenship here in this country.
Pace Feld Carr, I don't think the present Liberal government's attitude has changed considerably--or at all. I doubt, for example, that Trudeau, Jr. would be any more amenable to the idea of rescuing Syrian Jews than were Liberal governments past. Moreover, there is simply no way to "vet" the flood of refugees, and you can be certain that more than a few of them will have ties to unsavory Islamist/jihadist entities back home. You can also be sure that Yazhidis and Christians won't be favoured over Muslims because (according to Justin Trudeau) that would amount to "discrimination" and would therefore contradict and even compromise our most cherished Canadian "values."

As for refugees bringing the Jew-hate/Zionhass they were taught in school into Canada--for Liberals, apparently, that is not a problem (a clear demonstration of how a steady diet of multiculti bromides tends to wreak havoc on one's common sense).

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