Saturday, January 16, 2016

Organizer of "Women's Walk" In Cologne, Germany Blames Infidels for the New Year's Eve Mass Grope-In

The walk, she tells Deutsche Welle, is in response to anti-Islamist protests that flared up following the group grope:
"Like in every society, every religion and every country – there are good people and there are bad people. You can't stigmatize an entire group or an entire religion based on what happened during that night," says Francois Maiorano, a 42-year-old photographer and the organizer of a "Woman's Walk" planned this Sunday in Cologne. 
She says she got the idea for the walk after talking to a couple of friends about how women are being treated at parties in which she sometimes works as a singer. 
"I'm working for 'Electro Swing Night' – a line of parties in Cologne, and we organized a party right behind the central station on New Year's Eve. From the beginning, I thought it's a bad idea," she said in hindsight. 
It was clear to her that the area around the cathedral is going to be packed with people, and she thought about having the party someplace else. "The point is that if I could predict that this area will be full of people – as a private person – couldn't the police foresee that, too?"
Yeah, Cologne police, why couldn't you foresee--and stop--it?
And isn't that the "better" way to go about things--by changing your actions (like, say, getting infidel chicks to dress more "modestly" and/or avoid crowded areas full of horny young men) so as to no antagonize/stigmative "an entire group/religion"?
That said, it's not as though those handsy blokes are a monolith or anything, as someone named "Yousef" explains:
There's no point in denying cultural differences, she [Maiorano] added, but for Yousef and his friend Abaidah, whom he met on the dangerous journey from Syria to Germany, this makes things even more complicated. 
"We are not all the same people," he says, emphasizing that the Middle East is a large area, with many cultures, countries and different peoples – but in Europe, they are all seen in the same way.
To reiterate: whatever happens, it's the infidels' fault.

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Will MFS said...

I think the organizer should read the following post:

Cologne assaults: "The perpetrators are men who consider it their right to abuse women"