Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Stephane Dion: Canada to "Normalize" Relations With Iran

Yes, that's the word he used.


As if there could ever be anything "normal" about doing business with the krazy Khomeinists, wannabe genocidaires who bankroll terrorist plots around the world.

You know what else Dion said? Get this:
He suggested the move was a step away from the “ideological and irrational” approach of the previous government. 
"We think that when you have a disagreement with a regime, you don’t flout. You work hard to be sure that you will see improvement," he said.


Surely it's both ideological and irrational to have at the helm of Foreign Affairs a man whose command of English is iffy, at best.

Update: How amusing that Dion thinks the previous government had an approach that was "ideological and irrational" when it's the ideological, irrational Left that continues to downplay and abet Islamic supremacism and the terrorism it engenders.

Update: Iran is the world's leading executioner of children.

Yes, children.

But I guess only an irrational ideologue who prefers to "flout" when he could engage would view that as a stumbling block to "normalized" relations.

Update: Normalize this, Stephane:

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