Thursday, January 21, 2016

Toronto's Centennial College Runs a Sharia-Compliant (i.e. Male Only) Program In Saudi Arabia, Pays Health Insurance for Saudi Trainees

What is it with some Ontario post-secondary institutions going the whore route? First it was Ottawa's Algonquin College, with its male-only campus in Jezan, S.A. Now courtesy the Toronto Sun we learn that Centennial College is also involved in some questionable dealings in Wahhabiland:
TORONTO - Centennial College has been operating a corporate training program in Saudi Arabia that prohibits women from participating, according to a person familiar with the program. 
It has also been paying health insurance costs for Saudi government officials as part of the deal. 
Documents obtained by the Sun showed that from Jan. 1, 2015 to Dec. 31, Centennial College Training International paid insurance costs totalling more than $300,000 to BUPA Arabia, a private health insurance company. The documents show they were for private health insurance for Saudi officials and their families. 
Centennial operates a business that trains young Saudi automobile technicians in Saudi Arabia. 
While the Saudi government has health insurance, the additional private insurance is seen as a bonus and is offered not only to the government employees but to their families.
How, um, generous of Centennial.

In case you were wondering, the no-chicks rule isn't sitting well with everyone at the college (my bolds):
According to documents obtained by the Sun, senior staff members have raised questions about the appropriateness of the KSA program. 
“Centennial is knowingly abetting a system that has trampled the human rights of women for generations,” said one person familiar with the program. 
The source said that when it was proposed that a woman trainer be hired, the TVTC said that a woman would not be allowed on campus “and certainly would not be allowed to teach men.” 
In response to the criticism that women weren't allowed to participate in the program, the Centennial spokesman said the programs are “delivered to our clients’ employees. Training eligibility is determined solely by the employer, and not by the college.” ...
In that case, no problemo. ;)

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