Saturday, January 16, 2016

I-Day Is V-Day for Iran

Open some bubbly and party your arse off, infidels. Today's the day when, not to put too fine a point on it, Iran wins:
"Implementation day" of the nuclear deal agreed last year marks the biggest re-entry of a former pariah state onto the global economic stage since the end of the Cold War, and a turning point in the hostility between Iran and the United States that has shaped the Middle East since 1979.  
It is a defining initiative for both U.S. President Barack Obama and Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, both of whom faced strong opposition from hardliners at home in countries that have called each other "Great Satan" and part of the "axis of evil".  
Under the deal, Iran has agreed to forego enrichment of uranium, which world powers feared could be used to make a nuclear weapon. Once sanctions are lifted, Iran plans to swiftly ramp up its exports of oil. Global companies that have been barred from doing business there will be able to exploit a hungry market for anything from automobiles to airplane parts.
To be clear, Iran is as evil as ever, but now it has the go-ahead to continue masterminding Zionhass and terrorism around the globe as a function and facet of Barack Obama's all-important "legacy."

How awesome is that?

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