Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Is Justin Trudeau's Absolute Wimpishness the Reason Why Canada Wasn't Invited to an Int'l Anti-ISIS Confab?

You can be sure that, were Stephen Harper and his "un-sunny ways" still at the helm, Canada would not have been sidelined in this insulting way. But the land is now in the hands of a man-child who in the wake of a jihadi terrorist attack in Burkina Faso which wiped out an entire Quebec family, uttered these risible words (my bolds):
...Trudeau told reporters in Saint Andrews, N.B., on Monday, “we know that the global fight against terrorism is essential and must be conducted in an intelligent, reasonable and enthusiastic way.” 
Trudeau said Canada must do everything possible to counter the rise of terrorism. 
“That’s why Canada remains committed to the coalition against terrorists and to working with other countries on a humanitarian basis and in order to help refugees but also to show military commitment,” he said.
Show military commitment? How? By withdrawing every flipping military airplane from the scene?

Also--how out of place/inapropos/tone deaf is the word "enthusiastic"?

This is global jihad you're talking about, Mr. Trudeau, not Mickey and Judy putting on a show.

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