Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Message For Those Who Have Suddenly Twigged to the Demographic Threat Outlined In Mark Steyn's Book "America Alone"

Re the laggards who have spent the past decade in blissful ignorance, Steyn writes:
Every day I get letters from people who come here via a link from someone or other beginning in effect: "What do you mean, 'the Islamization of Europe'? It's the first I've heard of it." 
Really? Why did the Charlie Hebdo guys get killed? Because they provoked Islam. Why is Europe's political class so willing to trade away free speech and women's rights? Because they're desperate to appease Islam. Why did the same young secular childless German women who supported Angela Merkel in her multiculti delusions spend the New Year getting groped and raped by the young men they so generously opened the doors of their country to? Because when you appease Islam provoke Islam
I'm pretty Islamed out, because I don't have a lot to say I didn't say ten years ago...
Me neither. What's different today, though, at least here in Canada, is this: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (a string of words that still makes me stifle a chuckle whenever I hear them).

Given mosqueteer Trudeau's Obama-esque soft spot for the faith, I shudder to think what sort of horrors the next decade will bring.

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