Friday, January 22, 2016

Farzana Hassan: "Pakistan Abhors Terror at Home," Exports It Abroad

Hassan has a good summary of how things operate in "Bokistan" (the preferred pronunciation of that "stickler" Barack Obama):
Pakistan is a land of diversity, where the affluent and enlightened classes laugh along with a witty transgender host on television. 
Liberal Pakistanis prefer to speak English to their young, watch Western movies and listen to pop music. Women dance at weddings. There is dating and sexual license. 
Opposed to all this are the Islamic revivalists, who have rediscovered a fervent religiosity to counter the “moral laxity” of the West. 
They include burka clad women and ultra orthodox clerics who believe in emulating Saudi Arabia’s radical Wahhabi Islam. 
They are quick to issue fatwas against apostasy for anyone who dares to challenge their obscurantist view of Islam. They spurn Western influences. 
Yet in this land of odd polarities, what seems to unite all groups is a hatred of the West and Israel. 
Paradoxically, even many of those who prefer to speak English and benefit from Western education, hate the West. 
We should therefore not be fooled by Pakistan’s recent “crackdown” on terror. 
Pakistan abhors terror at home but continues to export not only terrorists, but also their militant world view.
That M.O. constitutes the height of hypocrisy and is the very definition of "sucks and blows."

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