Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sucking Up to Iran--How Humiliating!

Despite King Barack the Insanely Fabulous trying to bring Iran into the community of nations via a gigantic payoff and thumbs up for its nukes, Iran, as Mark Steyn notes, is behaving as per usual. Nine years ago, the world saw Iran waylaying a bunch of Her Majesty's sailors, and the Brits ignoring the obvious humiliation. At the time, Steyn wrote this:
If pictures had been unearthed of some over-zealous Guantanamo guards doing to our plucky young West Midlands jihadi what the Iranian government did on TV to those Royal Marines, two thirds of Fleet Street (including many of my Spectator and Telegraph colleagues) would be frothing non-stop. 
Instead, they seem to have accepted the British spin that there's been no breach of the Geneva Convention because the Marines and sailors weren't official prisoners of war, just freelance kidnap victims you can have what sport you wish with. 
Now, in this era of supposedly "warmer relations," an even more puissant Ayatollahville has messed with some U.S. naval personnel, which prompts Steyn to observe that the British approach
is marginally less insane than the Biden-Kerry line that illegally seizing foreign sailors, forcing them to their knees and to submit to the dress codes of someone else's religion, using them for propaganda videos and making them issue public apologies testifies to how the new Iranian-American friendship is just peachy and going gangbusters. 
I would say that that U.S. sailor who testified on camera re the swell way he and the others had been treated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard reminded me of Sigmund Freud's words prior to being released by the Nazis. (Freud said: "I can most highly recommend the Gestapo to everyone!")

Except that Freud was being mordant and droll at the expense of his captors, whereas the American seaman, who, granted, uttered his words under duress, seemed as earnest as can be.

As earnest, in fact, as his Commander-In-Chief, who claimed in his final State of the Union address that the world was in love with his more "respectful" America; an America that has the more powerful military in the world, but that declines to deploy it and that treads pussycat-style whenever possible.

In other words, an America that Iran hates but doesn't fear.

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