Thursday, January 14, 2016

Memo Sets Out Justin Trudeau's Roadmap for Shafting Israel, Embracing Hamas

The memo, advising the Trudeau government on how to proceed, lays it all out in revolting detail:
The memo shows the incoming Trudeau government coming to terms with a "geopolitically significant" development in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, said Kamran Bokhari of the University of Ottawa's Security and Policy Institute.
"It's a pretty sharp contrast with the position of the Harper government, which was very much anti-Hamas and very much pro-Israel," said Bokhari, who is also a fellow with George Washington University's Program on Extremism at the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security.
The memo reflects the "ideological divide" as well as a geographical one that characterizes the current state of the Palestinian people, he said; they are separated in two unconnected territories — the West Bank and Gaza — and controlled by two separate entities — the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.
All you foolish Jews who took Justin Trudeau at his word when he said, pre-election, that the Liberal's support for Israel was unwavering--you own this one.

As an aside, I read this story, which was headlined "Memo backs truce with Hamas," in my paper copy of the National Post. When I tried to find a link to it online, the NatPo site Search Results came back with: "Did you mean: Memo backs truce with hams?"

Well, no, I didn't.

Then again, in the sense that the Liberals' plans to act as "honest broker" between Israel and Hamas, a jihadi terror racket bent on the Jewish state's destruction, is decidedly un-kosher, maybe I did.

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