Saturday, January 23, 2016

Will The Presidential Race Turn Into a Billionaire v. Billionaire Tourney?

The latest scuttlebutt is that former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, a man with even less charisma than Jeb Bush (if that's even humanly possible), is exploring the possibility of entering the presidential race.

It seems moneybags Bloomy is worried about Hillary Clinton's leftward drift in the face of cranky old Jew Bernie Sanders' socialist bluster. An unnamed source says Bloomy could decide to toss his hat inti the ring--and run as an Independent--were Bernie to pull off an upset and prevail over Clinton.

Were that to happen, the ex-mayor (who, at best, was a complete mediocrity during his term in office) is prepared to put up tons of his own cash in what would amount to a billionaire versus billionaire presidential race. (Interestingly, Bloomy, who used to be Republican, would be running as an Independent; Saunders, who used to be an Independent, would be running as a Democrat; and Trump, who used to be a Democrat, would be running for the Republicans—pretty dizzying, no?)

I say save your dough, Mike. There's room for only one cranky old Jew in this election cycle--and you're not it. And even if Bernie ends up winning the nomination--which he won't--there's no way you can beat a guy who, love him or hate him, has more charisma in his funny hairdo than you do in your entire carcass.

Update: Here's a thought--what if Bloomberg knows that his entry into the race will split the Democrats' vote, thereby handing the White House to Trump, but he doesn't care because his real mission is to keep an avowed Socialist out of the Oval Office?

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Holding My Nose said...

With all the party affiliation changing going on I expect to see Charlie Crist enter the race soon. He could be on the bottom of the ballot as "All of the Above".