Monday, February 1, 2016

Are Syrian Refugees Getting "Hawned" By the Trudeau Government?

It's a question I allude to in a letter that appears in today's NatPo:
Re: What To Do With All These Refugees?, editorial, Jan. 28.
When I heard that a Syrian refugee was upset because she’d been stuck in a downscale hotel for 11 days when she’d been promised she’d be in her own home only three or four days after her arrival, I was reminded of the 1980 Goldie Hawn movie Private Benjamin. In the film, Goldie Hawn plays Judy Benjamin, a young woman who is suddenly widowed on her honeymoon. Feeling lost and depressed, she wanders into an army recruitment office where she is promised that, if she signs up, they’ll set her up in a posh condo. 
Needless to say, she gets stuck in an army barracks that is basically the opposite of “posh.” 
It sounds to me like more than a few Syrian refugees got a Private Benjamin-like pitch. As such, they are bound to be disappointed when they discover that the promises they’ve been made are unlikely to be kept, and that they have been wooed by a Liberal government that is more concerned about meeting a quota and displaying its good intentions than it is about thinking through the ramifications of the massive influx.


Tim Carter said...

wouldnt an apartment be considerd your own home mine is my children also believe theirs is and why is anyone listening to these complaints, i dont care if they dont like it and i wont listen to my children complain if they also didnt fix the prob themselves their lack of GRATITUDE can be fixed on the next plane and it should be also expressed to them beggers cant choose it wound be nice to explaine to the comlainers that what they r recieving was TAKEN from us not asked of us but i firmly believe they should be made aware where they r was built by someone other than themselves. this is the start of trashing and the beginning of our own gov. to begin saying everything is now our fault in everday peoples lives if u want something u can keep it ptimeminister put them in your hosue your school your life and DONT COMLAIN

Tim Carter said...