Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Omar Khadr's Much-Married Older Sis Gets Nabbed By Turkish Authories

There's a report that Omar Khadr's sister has been "detained" in Turkey.
No other details are forthcoming (to protect her "privacy," they say), so we have no way of knowing what she did to come to the attention of Turkish authorities.
She could have been, say, jaywalking or littering or doing something equally innocuous.
Then again, it could be related to something more, er, "extreme."
In any case, what I find most interesting in the NatPo article in the fact that Zaynab is now on her fourth husband. It isn't clear who the lucky chap is; as far as I knew, she was still wed to hubby #3. Turns out, though, that her ex finds himself in a spot of bother too:
Her third husband was Joshua Boyle, a former University of Waterloo student who was kidnapped near Kabul in 2012 and is believed to be a hostage of the Taliban along with his current American wife, Caitlin Coleman. 
He had been the family spokesman during her 2008 Parliament Hill hunger strike to protest Omar’s continued detention, and they married in early 2009.
As for where Zaynab and her latest have been living, last fall an unnamed family member said the Khadr daughter has been "living in the Middle East, but denied she was in Syria."

Now that she's been detained, Canadian officials have leapt into action:
“We are aware of a Canadian citizen being detained in Turkey. As with any case where Canadian citizens request consular support, Canadian officials in Ankara, Turkey, are providing consular assistance,” said Tania Assaly, a spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada.
So Zaynab has set herself up in some Islamist backwater, is doing Allah-knows-what, but is still depending on our infidel government to do her bidding and get her out of hot water?

Like father, like daughter, eh?

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