Friday, July 31, 2015

John Kerry, Ignoramus of History and of Historic Proportions, Sez He Has "No Knowledge" That Iran's Chants of "Death to America" Amount to a "Specific Plan"

Similarly, one could observe re Neville Chamberlain that, despite the specific plans Hitler outlined in Mein Kampf, Chamberlain had "no knowledge" that Hitler really meant it.

Your Friday Anti-Nuke Deal Poem

Despite the array of long faces
Barack thinks his nuke deal is aces.
He will "bully" it through;
There is naught one can do.
The truth, though: it sucks--and disgraces.

Update: "Those who think the Iranians outwitted us fail to recognize one very important thing: the White House never intended to contain Iran." In that case, mission accomplished.

How "British" Are U.K. Muslims?

From the sounds of an Al Jazeera report, they aren't nearly "British" enough for David Cameron's liking.

Quelle Shockeroo--The "Bad Guy" in the Toronto Life Article on Ben Levin Isn't Ben Levin

I have now read and digested Lauren McKeon's article in the August Toronto Life about Ben Levin ("The Ben Levin story: beloved professor turned sex offender" is how it's billed on the magazine's cover), and if you're looking for insight into why this man, a mega-star of academe, sabotaged his career via his pervy pedophilic proclivities, you may want to save your shekels. There is little that is new here, and nothing that you haven't read in the raft of reports about Levin's arrest and subsequent trial. If you're like me, you likely already knew that such inclinations set in early, are next to impossible to "cure," and that the online world affords those with these unnatural and criminal hankerings a place to hang out and encourage one another.

And while the author of the piece in no way condones or downplays Levin's actions, she does single out a particular group for opprobrium--and it ain't the pervs. It's the people who had the temerity to question whether Levin who, let's not forget was Kathleen Wynne's second in command when she was Ontario's Minister of Education, had a hand in creating Ontario's new (and somewhat pervy) sex-ed curriculum. Re those who dared raise such alarms McKeon writes:
Levin acquired an army of rabid critics, people who believed he was instrumental in developing Ontario's new sex education curriculum as a grooming manual for child abuse (the Ministry of Education said he wasn't involved in its creation). In dozens of letters written to the court, Levin's opponents urged the judge to sentence him to the maximum jail time allowed, adding that "his perverted sexual attraction to children" had guided his professional life. One New Brunswick man wrote that he was "a creepy little man" and that "anyone with more IQ points than teeth sees [his work] as deliberately and prematurely sexualizing children."
Well, how dare he? The New Brunswick man, I mean, and not that nice Mr. Levin, who was in the grip of appetites he was unable to control. As for the Ministry of Ed's claim: if someone in that august bureaucracy makes a bald assertion, it behooves us, the little people, to swallow it, no questions asked. After all, no one in McGuinty-Wynne Liberal regimes has ever been known to knowingly tell a lie, right?

Sorry for the sarcasm, but you can blame it on McKeon.

You can now thank me for reading her article--and saving you a bunch of cash.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Toronto Life Article: "The Double Life of Ben Levin"

You won't be able to read this Toronto Life article online unless you cough up some coin. At the moment, this is the entirely of what's available for free:
The Double Life of Ben Levin Most people knew him as a distinguished U of T professor and former [Ontario] deputy education minister, but behind closed doors he was indulging in twisted fantasies of child abuse and incest. Inside his depraved online world—and the sting that brought him down By Lauren McKeon
I have a copy of the magazine that I borrowed from my local library, and when I finish reading the piece, which I must say sounds quite tantalizing, I'll let you know if I think you'll get your money's worth.

It Is Time to Speak Out Against "It Is Time To Speak Out," a Crackpot Anti-Harper Ad In the Canadian Jewish News

(Cross-posted at The Megaphone.)

The ad in this week's CJN aims to "Help Save Canada."

From what does it need saving, you may well ask.

From crazed jihadis who mean us harm?

From Khomeinists who seethe and rage at their annual hate-Israel jubilee every year?

From Liberals like Justin Trudeau, who are doing their utmost to suck up to Canadian Muslims, some of whom are known to hang out in some pretty dubious, not to mention extremist, company

Don't be silly. The chap who produced the ad, one Ronnie Kaplansky, is determined to save us from - wait for it, now - Prime Minister Stephen Harper (booga booga.)

Oh, sure, Harper is the one world leader whose support for Israel is vocal and unstinting. But according to Kaplansky and 42 of his unnamed friends who chipped in for the full page screed, that's a big part of the problem. As they see it, Mr. Harper's support for Israel is understandable but his lack of balance regarding the Middle East is reckless. "We are fast becoming the laughing stock of the world," wrote David Bell in a letter to the Globe & Mail (October 12, 2013.) I would suggest that we already are the laughing stock of the world.

You see, Kaplansky, who admits to growing up "with the strong influence of parents who were avid socialists, is one of those Jews who thinks the best way to make a case against Harper is quote as many hard leftists as possible. To that end, he also cites this bit of twaddle from Ha'aretz, the newspaper beloved by and reflecting the morally bankrupt and even Quislingesque values of Israel's anti-Zionist elites:
"The truth is that will all due respect to the prime minister of Canada, his relevance in the international community, his influence on what goes on in the Middle East and his ability to help Israel in matters of like and death are inversely related to the size of his country."
Kaplansky wants you to know that that deathless line was quoted by Globe and Mail scribbler Jeffrey Simpson, neglecting to mention, of course, that Simpson, like most at the G&M, suffers from a wicked case of Harper Derangement Syndrome (HDS).

Someone else who's been hit by the same affliction is one Douglas Gibson who, on the back cover of Mel Hurtig's new book, The Arrogant Autocrat, claims that Harper...
...has "radically altered the democratic, social and economic fabric of our country." He has "inflicted enormous damage on our country and on our international reputation." 
Please believe me when I tell you that that is equal parts derangement and delusion--as delusional and deranged as when, early on in Harper's term as prime minister, kooky leftists kept raising the specter of a "hidden agenda" that, go figure, has remained covert to this day. And because of that, I suggest, they Harper-haters had to concoct the sort of patently and provably specious palaver that Doug Gibson and his ilk are wont to utter.

Fortunately, the truth is close at hand - and, sadly for Kaplansky and his coterie, it's far closer than they might have wished. Here's Gil Troy, a history professor at Montreal's McGill University and a CJN columnist, who, just a few pages after Kaplansky's Chicken Little shtick, sets the record straight vis-à-vis Harper (who, remember, has supposedly made us a "laughing stock") and the wildly-popular Obama (who has just shafted Israel and Jewry in the worst way possible):
Obama wants to be remembered for opening new channels to Iran; Harper will be remembered for closing Canada’s Iranian Embassy in 2012. Obama is gambling that Iran’s actions will improve, trusting the diplomats’ sweet reassurances despite the mullahs’ harsh calls for “death to America” at home; Harper is judging Iran by its aggressive actions and ugly words, refusing to be snookered. Ultimately, the future will tell which leader is correct – but, judging by history, the smart money is on Harper’s wariness rather than Obama’s naiveté.
Exactly. So while I'm no big fan of Harper's open-door immigration policies, ones which have seen far too many Zion-loathing Muslims flooding our shores, when it comes to Israel and the current scene in the Middle East, there is no doubt that "laughing stock" Harper is a giant and the perennially popular Obama is a pipsqueak.

And Ronnie Kaplansky? He and his cohorts are backing the wrong horse, attempting to kneecap the right one, and are on the wrong - and a very dark - side of history.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ah, Yes, the Old "He's Troubled and Confused" Defence

A lawyer is resorting to that one because his client has been arrested for allegedly scheming to aid ISIS. His client, a Cuban-American lad who apparently took a wrong turn and just kept going, is reported to have posted the following thoughts online:
"Be a warrior, learn how to cut your enemies head and then burn down the body learn how to be the new future of the world Caliphate"
Somewhat later, he asked his "brothers" to help him learn how to cook up one of those homemade bombs.

Does that sound like someone who's "confused" to you? Or does it sound like someone who was certain in his beliefs and who was looking to get in on the jihadi action?

Update: El Confuso was supposedly to load a backpack with bombs and detonate it on unsuspecting infidels vacationing at a Key West beach. After all, he was planning to use the same M.O. in Miami.

Well, That Didn't Take Long

Iran president invited to Paris as sides seek to boost ties

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Which Is More Offensive--Huckabee's "Holocaust" Comment or Obama's Nuke Deal (Which Amounts to a "Jihadist Stimulus Package")?

The latter, obviously. And what made it even worse was that Obama uttered it with his trademark I'm-the-sensible-one-you're-the-idiots smirk plastered on his face.

Iran's Press TV High-Fives the Nuke Deal (So You Know That the Idiot Infidels Got the Fuzzy End of Lollipop On That One)

Please note that the infidel chicks are wearing shmattas on their heads to show respect for the rotten Iranians (a respect they don't merit and certainly have done nothing to earn).

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani (1st R) and EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini (2nd L) meet in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on July 28, 2015. ©

Bigots, Racists and Cranks, Oh My!

As a WaPo scribbler sees it, that's me and you and anyone else who opposes the execrable nuke deal. (But a treaty that gives crazed Shias the means to follow through on their threats to liquidate the world's one and only Jewish State--that's not racist, right, pal?)

Update: Looks like most Americans are bigots, racists and cranks (and thank God for that!).

York Region Synagogue on Alert After Jew-Haters in Hoodies Are See Casing the Joint

No worries, though. The police in this region just north of Toronto are devoted to "diversity, equity and inclusion," and you know how well that works with testy types who harbour a deep-seated animus towards Jewry.

Let's just hope they don't assign Inspector "Little" Ricky Veerepan to the case.

After Shafting Israel With His Crappy Nuke Deal, Kerry Skips Over the Jewish State During His Latest Mideast Visit

Good plan, John. You wouldn't want your Giorgio Armani suit to be pelted by rotting produce hurled by irate Jews. (I wonder--would you get arrested in Israel for calling John Kerry, prophet of "peace in our time," a pig? What about if one called him "hameshuggah"--the crazy one--the descriptor Medieval Jewish sage Moses Maimonides employed to characterize Islam's founder, a man who, let's recall, is said to have transformed impudent Jewry into "apes and pigs"?)

Update: 'Please Stop Talking, John Kerry'

A Show of Support By Ireland's Moderate Muslims

Sorry, I forgot to put the word "pathetic" before the word "show" since a whopping 50 non-jihadis turned out for the event.

Monday, July 27, 2015

"Imam Khomeini Is Alive"

Nothing that some garlic and a wooden stake couldn't remedy, surely. (To repeat my comment re zombies, vampires and other blood-thirsty beings who prey on the living: I don't care for the undead, the non-dead, the been dead, the were dead. I say if you're dead stay that way, and don't come back.)

Kurds and Woe

If only the Kurds' neighbor/enemy was Israel, and if only they were being "occupied" by Jews, they would have the same high profile and elicit the same sympathy as do the Palestinians. It is the Kurds' misfortune, though, to have enemies who are other Muslims, the reason their plight and fight for statehood continues to be largely ignored

WSJ Headline: Obama Blasts GOP Critics of Iran Deal

Under the circumstances (those being that the deal paves the way for Iran to get nukes) perhaps the word "blast" was ill-chosen.

I guess it would have been worse--but in a way even more apropos--had the headline read "Obama Goes Ballistic Over GOP Critics of Iran Deal."

Update: Obama slams Huckabee for invoking the Holocaust in his criticism of Iran deal

Good on Mick for being the one to point out that the emperor has no clothes (and boo to the nekkid, arrogant, clueless emperor).

Update: Cruz, too, says it like it is: "If this deal goes through the Obama administration becomes the leading financier of terrorism against Americans in the world."

Update: Melanie Phillips nails it--"This plan has endorsed Iran, the West’s sworn enemy and the world’s principal sponsor of terrorism, as a nuclear threshold state."

Canada's 'Clever' Dudley Do-Rights Target 'Scary' Jewish 'Extremists'

I, for one, sleep not at all soundly at night knowing that the RCMP is on the hunt for those who peacefully defy Muslim extremists who pursue and purvey the jihad. Bear in mind that this is the same police force that hasn't got a clue about the Islamic sources of holy war/terrorism.

A Headline That Pretty Much Says It All Re Israel and the Palestinians

As Jews Mourn Destruction of Temples, Palestinian Authority Denies They Ever Existed

New Poll: U.S. Jews Support Iran Deal Despite Misgivings

There is no excuse for such short-sightedness and idiocy.

As for moi, I have no misgivings about this deal being a mistake of historic and catastrophic proportions. I have serious misgivings, however, about American Jews being able to remove their heads from the tucheses long enough to discern the horrible reality that confronts them. To wit: Barack Obama, the POTUS Jews still adore, is a very stupid man who is hell-bent on doing the heavy lifting for the greatest evil of our time.

"It Gets Quite Dense, Sort of Like Reading the Minutes of the Wannsee Conference in Farsi"

So says Roger L. Simon re Obama's odious nuke treaty, a dense document created by dense men who have crafted something that amounts to a road map for the final Final Solution. And now it's...

Springtime for Iran and Khomeini.
Shias are pleased as can be...

Everybody sing!

My Epiphany

Donald Trump is the GOP's Barack Obama--a man with demagogic tendencies who has caught the imagination of the mob and who promises to bring "hope 'n' change" to an America in desperate need of both. (At the moment the desperation is borne by Obama's version of the hopeychange, which has made a serious hash of things both domestically and abroad.)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

London Science Museum Spotlights 1001 Muslim Inventions (Most of Which You Never Knew Were Invented By Muslims)

Apparently we're supposed to be so bowled over by their having invented the toothbrush (but not dental floss?) eons ago that we'll cut them much slack re the jihad.

Update: According to Wiki, Muslims did not "invent" the toothbrush (but they did sacrilize it):
The predecessor of the toothbrush is the chew stick. Chew sticks were twigs with a frayed end used to brush against the teeth,[3] while the other end was used as a toothpick.[2] The earliest chew sticks were discovered in Babylonia in 3500 BC,[2] an Egyptian tomb dating from 3000 BC,[3] and mentioned in Chinese records dating from 1600 BC. The Greeks and Romans used toothpicks to clean their teeth and toothpick-like twigs have been excavated in Qin Dynasty tombs.[2] Chew sticks remain common in Africa;[7] the rural Southern United States[3] - and in the Islamic world the use of chewing stick Miswak is considered a pious action, and has been prescribed to be used before every prayer five times a day.[8] Miswak has been used by Muslims since 7th Century AD. 
The first bristle toothbrush, resembling the modern toothbrush, was found in China during the Tang Dynasty (619–907) and used hog bristle...
Update: It should come as no surprise that the Jameel Foundation, the exhibit's sponsor, is a Saudi-based racket.

Update: It seems like a good time to reprise my song parody, "Thanks for the Minarets."

Obama Calls on Kenya to be More "Inclusive" of Women

I don't know what he's talking about. Kenya is already so "inclusive" of women that it includes legal polygamy (a prominent feature of Islamic law).

Despite Kenya being pro-polygamy and anti-gay, it is obvious that Obama adores his daddy's backward homeland every bit as much as he despises modern-day Israel.

Iran's Pay-Off for Practising Treachery and Taqiyyah

$29 billion in assets are about to be unfrozen. Much of it, no doubt, will go to fund the Khomeinists' favourite genocial jihadis--Hezbo, Hamas et al.

Props to Obama and Kerry for making it possible.

Shakespeare, Sinatra-Style, Slays 'Em in Hoboken

Shakespeare uttered in thick "Joisey" accents and accompanied by tunes from the Sinatra songbook? Hey, I'm game:
[Director Chris] O’Connor credits the accents for “making us hear the play in a very fresh way,” but one suspects he just as much enjoyed making his Jersey-fied Lysander chew through lines like “Out, tawny tartar, out!”

O’Connor said he brought back the Eisenhower-era “Dream,” first performed by Mile Square Theatre in 2007, in honor of Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday, coming in December. Ol’ Blue Eyes’ songs feature throughout the play, and they are deployed expertly to complement and lighten the narrative.

After being turned into an ass and abandoned by his friends, Bottom comforts himself by singing a stanza from “My Way.” When Oberon’s manservant Puck finally gets all the Athenian lovers to fall asleep, ending their frolic in fairyland, the dulcet tones of “Put Your Dreams Away” play.

The songs do more than drive home the setting of this “Midsummer Night’s Dream” once again. They help to highlight the true force of nature at the core of the play – not the tides of the sea but the transformative power of love.
The transformative power of love--both the Bard and Old Blue Eyes knew a lot about that. It's a wonder no one thought to put the two together before.

Iran's Grandiose Leader Shows He's a Masterful Communicator

Talk, as they say, is cheap. So when Obama says that there are certain circumstances which could prompt the U.S. to go in and cream Iran, the Grandiose Ayatollah knows that that's a bunch of hooey deserving of this response:

Iran's supreme religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei tweeted a warning to the U.S. on Saturday, July 25, 2015 that included an image of President Obama with a gun to his head. (Image: Twitter, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei) ** FILE **

In terms of effective messaging and imagery, that's one of His Grandiosity's best (i.e. worst), don't you think?

Impudent Jew Reveals How Lingering Guilt for the Holocaust Breeds Zionhass

In his book Catch the Jew!, Israeli journalist Tuvia Tenenbom exposes the pathologies at work in some EU "human rights" NGOs:
In his tour d’horizon of the Palestinian territories, Tenenbom uncovers the fact that there are almost 300 pro-Palestinian foreign NGOs working (that is, agitating) in the West Bank and another hundred in Gaza, most financed by German taxpayers. Moreover, aid to the Palestinians by the European Union and the United Nations is the highest, per capita, in the world. Which might explain why, as Tenenbom keeps noticing all over the West Bank, so many Palestinian officials and activists are driving Mercedes. 
One may wonder why these beautiful European souls see their mission now as saving the Palestinians, while none dare venture to Qatar to protest the slave-labor conditions imposed on foreign workers building the 2020 World Cup facilities. That unprecedented human rights scandal perpetrated by an Arab apartheid regime has so far led to the deaths of more than 1,000 indentured contract workers. Were human rights activists truly looking for a great victory for their cause, they could easily mount a campaign to convince the major European soccer powers (Germany, England, France, and Spain) to threaten a boycott of the 2022 World Cup. That action would almost certainly convince the Qatar royal family to close down the slave labor camps. But then again, as Tenenbom caustically observes, “where else [but in Palestine] could one practice his or her darkest wish for Judenfrei territories and still be considered liberal?” 
For the German-funded NGOs in particular, exposing the Jewish state’s perfidy—“catching the Jew,” in Tenenbom’s words—becomes a psychologically convenient way to repudiate the Nazi past. Anti-Zionism thus becomes a path to liberation from the burdens of Germany’s past, indeed from all of Western colonial history.
Once again the Jews are "the chosen people"--but not in a good way (and please note that this time around they are being calumnized by leftists in the name of "fairness," "goodness," "social justice" and "human rights").

Friday, July 24, 2015

Quelle Surprise! State Censorship Fails to Protect France's Jews

(Cross-posted at The Megaphone.)

“Do something. We are terrified here.” That's the cry - a cri de coeur, really - of a Jew in today's France, a country that cannot seem to control its growing population of angry, violent, Zion-loathing Muslims. Marie Brenner examines the all-too-familiar phenomenon in the August Vanity Fair magazine. Describing a hate-fueled protest that took place in Paris last year, Brenner notes that the Judenhass/Zionhass persists despite efforts to curb it via censorship:
France’s endless demonstrations are a mainstay of the republic, a sacred right rooted in the legacy of Voltaire. But hate speech is a criminal offense - people may express their opinions, but not to the extent of insulting others based on their race, religion, or sex. The protest - against Israel’s Gaza policies - had been banned by the government, fearful of violence, following flare-ups in the preceding weeks. But if the police were to move in too quickly, the riots might continue all summer long - suburbs in flames, mobs in central Paris...
You mean to say that criminalizing hate speech has not succeeded in deescalating the Zionhass? Are you telling me that local authorities, who seem to fear the testy Muslims every bit as much as the Jews do and maybe even more, are inclined to take the path of least resistance, allowing the angry ones to spew and vent in a violent way instead of wading into danger and actually endeavoring to enforce the law?

Does that sound familiar to you, Canadian Jews? If it doesn’t, I’m sorry to say that you haven’t been paying attention to what’s occurring on the ground, right before your eyes.
It's remarkable, isn't it, how quickly "liberté, égalité, fraternité" (or “peace, order and good government”) can evaporate when the population of testy Muslims reaches a critical mass? Alas, by the time that our Canadian immigration gate-keepers figure that out, the anguished cry of the Jew quoted in Brenner's article may well become all-too familiar in this country too - and in both official languages.  

As Mad as the Mad Hatter; As Shrill and Authoritarian as Alice's Red Queen

Mark Steyn has a few choice words for the dystopian"Wonderland" that is Alberta's "human rights" system.


Tennessee Is the Capital of American Jihad

Will Official Jewry Do Something--Anything--About Obama's Crappy Nuke Deal? No Way, Moshe

Daniel Greenfield writes:
If Obama’s nuclear deal is to be defeated, it won’t be done by the establishment insiders.  
The establishment is invested in its own credibility and its politics. It will make a show of fighting the Iran deal before fundraising off its miserable failure. And the money will go to fund its progressive causes. 
The establishment will not stand up to Obama, just like it didn’t stand up to FDR.  
Creative solutions will not come from the establishment, but from outside it. The establishment failed when it came to Israel, the Holocaust and Soviet Jewry. Expecting it to do any more about Iran than be “deeply concerned” is a formula for disappointment.
Since I expect nothing from establishment Jews (who, in general, are little men with big egos), they can never disappointment.

A White House Nonsense Song

This one conflates two news stories--a Republican senator telling John Kerry he was "fleeced" and the disclosure that the White House made some "side deals" with Iran:

We won't halt Shia enrichin',
Khamenei's bitchin'--
He's got a lotta pride.
We got the flimflam sauce
With bam-boo-zel-ry
With sheer awful on the side.

We won't get peace in our time, dear.
It's such a crime, dear,
And one that's bona fide.
We got the flimflam sauce
With bam-boo-zel-ry
With sheer awful on the side.

Now, the Shias they really got to rule
And they seek hegemony.
Five nukes, maybe ten--

That'll be Obama's "legacy". 

We'll give John Kerry a "peace" prize
Despite his big lies--
The madness is worldwide.
We got the flimflam sauce
With bam-boo-zel-ry
With sheer awful on the side.

Politico Scribbler Tries, Fails to Find an American Who Can Locate Iran on a Map

Thereby begging the question: how can "Great Satan" (as it is unaffectionately known to Iran's seething Shias) hope to triumph when most Americans can't even find Iran on a map?

Funny Muslims 'n' Silly Infidels--Again

If you thought the Ceeb's Little Mosque on the Prairie was an exercise in sanitizing sharia, wait'll you see American Sharia (featuring Omar Regan, who seems to be channeling Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop). The film is being screened at this year's MuslimFest in Mississauga and I hear tickets are going fast.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

"No Checks. No Balances"

In other words, it's business as usual for Emperor Barack I.

A Beit Zatoun Event "Organized by Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front (HCPDF) and Endorsed by Toronto Forum on Cuba"

Sounds about appealing as passing some kidney stones and/or having root canal sans freezing.

My question: who is funding these things? Iran? Russia? Both?

Update: "Hugo Chavez Peoples' Defense Front shared Hermoine Stalin's event."

Hermoine Stalin--any relation to you know who?

Update: Fun chick.

Obama's Satanic Verses

When if comes to the Iran nuke deal, writes Caroline Glick, the devil isn't in the details. It's in the big picture. And the big picture looks a lot like this:

The Khomeinists' Favourite UN Committee

Why, it's the UN Committee on the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, of course. (Because, of course, Khomeinists believe that the "inalienable rights" of Palestinians supersede the rights of "alien" Jews to have sovereignty over their ancestral and modern homeland.)

David Cameron Goes a Long Way--But Not Far Enough--In Acknowledging the Sources of Zionhass

British Prime Minister David Cameron is vowing to tackle Zionhass (my way--not his--of characterizing the Jew-hate of our time, a hate that incorporates and is often fueled by the hatred of Israel, the Jewish State). It's a fundamental step, he says, in derailing "the Islamist threat":
David Cameron’s pledge to tackle antisemitism as a vital first stage of the government’s strategy to defeat Islamist extremism has been welcomed by Jewish organisations. 
The Prime Minister outlined a five-year plan to combat jihadism in a major speech on Monday. 
He described conspiracy theories around Jews “exercising malevolent power” and about the West working with Israel to “destroy Islam” as being the first stage in the development of Islamist extremists. 
Mr Cameron said extremism grew out of a “warped worldview” that left Islamists believing that “9/11 was actually inspired by Mossad”. 
Such views are at the root of jihadist and neo-Nazi ideology, he added...
Can you imagine Barack Obama saying such things? I think not--so kudos to Cameron for summoning up such refreshing chutzpah at a time when all the leader of the free world can manifest is admiration for "the one true faith." That said, it would have been even more honest and helpful had the P.M. acknowledged Islam's sacred religious texts--the Koran, the hadith, etc.--as being at the root of the jihadist's "warped worldview," including their Jew-hate.

The Difference Between Ottawa and Chatanooga

In Ottawa, a bloodbath was averted when the jihadi who burst into the House of Commons was shot to death by a quick-witted Sergeant-at-Arms who had a pistol in his desk. Compare that to what happened last week in Chattanooga, where no one on an American Marine base had a weapon and the armed jihadi was thus empowered to kill as many infidels as he could before local police arrived to put an end to it.

Remind me again which of the two nations has a constitutional right to bear arms.

"The Obamacare of Arms Control"

What a perfect way to describe BHO's ghastly nuke deal with Iran, Tom!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Blinded (And Now Blindsided) By the Swoon

How could Obama's Jewish swooners have known that he'd be so bad for Israel and the Jewish people?

Well, it would have helped had they paid the teeniest bit of attention to the signs, which were obvious--and plentiful.

Bernie Farber's Shandeh*

In a you-must-read-it-to-believe-it column in the Canadian Jewish News ("Stephen Harper's Shandeh"), the former head of the now-defunct Canadian Jewish Congress blasts Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the one world leader who is vocal and unequivocal in his support for Israel, for failing to pay obeisance to Ontario's "first Lesbian premier."

To echo Farber's wrap-up: "What a shandeh!"

*A Yiddish term meaning an embarrassment/disgrace.

Tarek Fatah's Recipe for Preventing Jihadi Terrorism in Canada Post-Chatanooga

It's as easy as 1-2-3, he writes:
Interview and debrief every adult male arriving alone from Arab countries, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Somalia, irrespective of religion, colour or nationality. 
Tell every mosque in North America to end any and all derogatory references to “kufaar” (Christians, Jews, Hindus and atheists) including in ritual prayers, or lose their charitable status. 
End cash donations in mosques and overseas donations from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab sources.
Makes sense to me, but since political correctness trumps common sense, especially when an election looms, these suggestions will fall on deaf ears.

Totalitarian-Wannabe Obama Grumbles About "Some" Stiff-Necked Media on Final Jon Stewart Show Appearance

Obama tells Stewart that, given his druthers, all media would fall in line with his way of thinking:
"The media is a bunch of different medias. There are some that get on my nerves more than others," Obama said. "I think it gets distracted by shiny objects and doesn't always focus on the big, tough choices and decisions that need to be made."
Spoken by someone who longs to have Ayatollah-like powers of censorship but who is yet stymied by that pesky First Amendment.

Update: You'll never guess who gets the blame for Obama's and Stewart's ascendance. Here's a hint: he's a former POTUS whose dad was president and whose bro is running for the same office.

Update: And speaking of being "distracted" by "shiny objects"...

Update: I suggest you down an anti-nausea pill before reading this.

The Guardian Trumpets "The End of Caplitalism" (As If It's a Good Thing)

You can read it here.

Will U B There?


Update: 94-year-old rabbi, a Holocaust survivor, gets why appeasement doesn't work (unlike that fool Barack Neville Obama, who cannot see how history repeats like bad chopped liver).

John Kerry of D.C., Meet Terry Greenberg of North Vancouver

You two seem to have so much in common. John--you're having a hard time trying to figure out what Khomeini's successor means when, entirely in keeping with his mentor's philosophy, he says "Death to America." And Terry--you're having a hard time discerning Iran's genocidal intentions re Israel, as per your letter in the National Post (scroll down to "Human rights not the issue") wherein you opine this:
Re: Keep Up The Pressure, Shimon Koffler Fogel, July 17.There are dozens of countries that practise some human rights abuses, including Israel and Canada; Iran is not the worst offender in the world. The recent negotiations were not about human rights, they were about nuclear proliferation. It serves no one’s interest to try to pretend otherwise, as Shimon Fogel does. 
If Fogel truly cares about the human rights situation in the world he would not just single out Iran. He leads the chorus in claiming the “singling-out” of Israel for criticism is proof of anti-Semitism. Can we then conclude his singling-out Iran for criticism is evidence and proof of an irrational hatred and racism against Iranians?
Terry Greenberg, North Vancouver, B.C.
My response to the latter's letter:
Since letter-writer Terry Greenberg apparently operates under the misimpression that "singling-out" Iran is akin to "singling-out" Israel, please allow me to explain why that equation is fallacious.  While Israel may, during the course of its ongoing fight for survival, commit "human rights abuses" as the United Nations and Israel's critics and enemies understand them (for example, by constructing "apartheid" barriers and checkpoints that prevent Palestinian terrorists from entering Israel and wreaking havoc as they have done in the past), here's the salient--and glaring--difference between the two countries: Iran is a totalitarian Shiite theocracy helmed by megalomaniacs who view Israel, the Jewish state, as an alien and toxic presence in the Middle East and the world at large (which is not unlike how another megalomaniac, a German one, viewed Jewry in another time) and whose mantra is "Death to Israel" and "Death to America"; Israel is the region's sole democracy that is looking to live in peace with its neighbours, including Iran. No one in Israel is chanting "Death to Iran."
That said, Israel has every right to defend itself against an implacable enemy that seeks its destruction and that may soon have the nuclear means to follow through on its threats.

Friday, July 10, 2015

FYI, I'm Taking a Breather

I won't be blogging for the next little while, but I hope to be back at it sometime during the final week of July.

Ta-ta until then, y'all.

I'm Sure She Was Selected Strictly On the Basis of Her Ablities and Talents (Cough)

Malia Obama is interning on Lena Dunham's semi-unwholesome HBO show, Girls.

Um, have her parents ever seen the thing?

How Al Quds Day Was Kicked Out Of Queen's Park

Let's just say it wasn't an easy feat to accomplish. (BTW, the hate-fest/seethe-a-thon is going ahead as planned, just not on the grounds of Queen's Park. And the reason given for nixing it had nothing to do with the nature of the rally but because it coincided with the Pan Am games being in town.)

What Al Quds Day Is Really All About

"Death to America"! (H/t: MW)

Ceeb Prediction: Egypt and Israel May Look to Hamas as a Bulwark Against ISIS in Gaza

You heard it here first.

Hamas jihadis as a "bulwark" against ISIS jihadis?

How would that work, exactly, when they're equally awful?

More likely the lefties are floating this idea as a way to try to mainstream their pet jihadis/"rebels"/"freedom fighters," Hamas.

"Controversial" Montreal Cleric Sues Mayor, City, for Calling Him "Agent of Radicalization"

The imam, Hamza Chaoui, is asking for $500,000 in damages, claiming his reputation was damaged by the charge. He's no "extremist," Chaoui insists. He's just someone who "encouraged young people to pursue their academic studies."

Nothing wrong with that, right?

Poke around on the Internet, though, and you'll find that the imam harbours some ideas that are, shall we say, rather outré. Quebec anti-jihad blogger Point de Bascule has this, for example:
On June 10, 2014, the Islamist preacher Hamza Chaoui published a text on his Facebook page condemning the World Soccer Cup. The Journal de Montréal reported that Chaoui described soccer as a “scourge” because of “the display of body parts that should be covered and the presence of almost naked players at the end of the game.” On May 3, 2013, on his own YouTube channel, Chaoui introduced himself as the Imam of the mosque at Laval University in Quebec City. 
Hamza Chaoui also presented the soccer championship as a stratagem conceived to distract non-Jews from a Jewish plan of world domination. He quoted from a French version of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to justify his position:
[Translation by Point de Bascule] “In order to prevent non-Jewish people from finding out about our new plans and strategies, we will entertain them with many types of games, we will advertise them in newspapers and will invite them to attend the matches. This way, these new pleasures will divert their attention away from the areas of conflicts…”
Crafty Jews employing their wiles in order to conquer the globe: nothing "extreme" about that. Why, in parts of the world--okay, primarily in Muslim parts--such notions are so mainstream that the odious Protocols, that warrant for genocide, is a perennial best-seller.

That said, the suing imam had better pray that opposing counsel don't bring up that tidbit in court.

Critics React to Senate Report Calling for Certification of Muslim Clerics as a Means to Cut Down On Extremism

Not surprisingly, Official Muslims are outraged by the suggestion. The head of the outfit formerly known as CAIR-CAN, for instance, has some choice words--the ones you'd expect--for the report and its certification idea:
"This report, while ostensibly about improving national security, in fact stigmatizes and marginalizes Canadian Muslim communities and portrays them as a threat rather than as a partner in the fight against violent extremism," executive director Ihsaan Gardee said in a statement. 
Gardee said there’s no need to unfairly target imams when the criminal code already has provisions to deal with people suspected of promoting terrorist ideology. 
“This recommendation bears the hallmarks of racial and religious discrimination and is contrary to the Charter and human rights codes. It is not the role of the state in a democracy to regulate religion,” he said. 
Agreed. But what do you do when some key members of a religion are preaching jihad, an ideology designed to topple the very freedoms that enable these clerics to operate with impunity?

Kind of a Catch-22, wouldn't you say?

Meanwhile, one of the jihad's useful idiots asks, a la Dean Swift's hyperbolic A Modest Proposal, " Why stop with just one religion? Shouldn’t Ottawa certify clerics for all religions?"

No worries, pal. The government has no intention of certifying anyone, least of all the jihad-preachers.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dog-Bites-Man Report Du Jour

Apparently, some Muslim leaders are spreading extremism.

Who knew, eh?

Considering some of the contents of Islam's holy texts, it would be real news if they weren't spreading it.

Just In Time For Al Quds Day, Local Khomeinists Invite All and Sundry to This Saturday's Zionhass-a-palooza--In Song!

It's the showstopper from that Kander & Ebb musical, Toronto:
Come on down, we're gonna spew some hate,
And all that crap.
You know it's Israel that we abominate,
And all that crap.
Bring the kids dressed in their jihad best
And tell 'em "peace" and "truth" are what's behind our quest.
Then we'll recite the line 'bout loving Palestine
And all that crap.
Tote your signs condemning "apartheid"
And all that crap.
The claim makes lefties stew; the fools are soon allied,
And all that crap.
Hold on, son,
'Cuz I hear Zafar B.
He's in a fit of rage--
His latest calumny.
The cops won't make a fuss,
It's only Zionhass
And all that crap...

Oh, you're gonna see Khomeinists from Iran,

And all that crap.
Gettin' rid of "Zionism" is the plan,
And all that crap.
Back at home they are enrichin'
"Purity" is what they're pitchin'.
It's a wrap and soon they'll wipe the map
And all that crap...

Update: Loony leftie rag NOW magazine (free for the taking--and you couldn't pay me to take it) picks Al Quds Day as one of this weekend's "can't miss events" (h/t: JH):
International Day of Al-Quds, the annual rally to protest Islamophobia - and all forms of oppression - takes place opposite the U.S. Consulate at 360 University on Saturday (July 11) at 3 pm. Buses from across the GTA bring participants, but the usual march from Queen's Park won't be part of the event this year because of traffic considerations related to the Pan Am Games.
To correct the above: it has nada to do with protesting "Islamophobia and all forms of oppression." It's an event created by Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini that was designed specifically to cast aspersions on Jewish Israel, that thorn in Islam's side. Also--"traffic considerations" may have been the excuse given, but the Queen's Park locale was taken off the table only after a concerted protest by B'nai Brith Canada.

Update: Toronto’s Jewish community braces for al-Quds day protest

Update: Canada's Official Khomeinists-CASMO--invite you to this eat 'n' seethe event:

CASMO - Canadian Shia Muslims Organization's photo.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Greeks Blame Banks and Yanks When They Discover Their Money Is Gone

(You can read this over at The Megaphone, too.)

Toronto Sun columnist Tarek Fatah stands with the "No" side in Greece, the one that has finally run out of Angela Merkel's money:
Standing against Tsipras on the “Yes” side was an alliance representing the power structure that runs the European Union. It included:  
1. Conservative German Chancellor Angela Merkel
2. Socialist leader in the European Parliament, Martin Shultz
3. The European Commission
4. Other political parties in Greece
5. Private TV networks in Greece.  
Polls suggested the vote would be a narrow victory for the “Yes” side, to accept the bailout package, and that this would soon topple Greece’s rookie, left-wing government.  
But Greeks gave Tsipras a resounding mandate to reject Europe’s humiliating financial terms.  
Reaction in the Greek diaspora was one of pride...
Never has the phase "Pride goeth before a fall" seemed more apropos. As far as Fatah is concerned, however, it's the givers and not the takers who are at fault here. And he finds a local Greek - Andonis Artemakis, president of the Greek Community of Toronto - to back him up. As Artemakis tells Fatah:
“Greece has spoken,” he said. “Its people will not be held hostage by Europe’s banking system.”  
He said the Greeks are not alone in facing this new form of fiscal colonialism, that does not require physical occupation, and that is happening all over the globe.  
“Look what these banks did to Iceland, Ireland, Spain and Argentina,” Artemakis said, referring to the 2008 global economic meltdown, which began with the subprime mortgage derivative crisis on Wall Street.  
“Even the United States government today is subservient to the banking industry. It’s a direct result of the lifting of regulations that governed financial institutions.”
So you mean to say that Greece's plight has nothing to do with the populace's la dolce vita lifestyle of idleness and disinclination to pay taxes and everything to do with the U.S.'s subprime fiasco?

Good to know.

I wish the Greeks lots of luck as they revert to the drachma and try to make a go of things on their own. Maybe it will spur more of them to get off their duffs and actually do some work.

Then again, since their economy is in tatters and their get-up-and-go has long since gone, that seems an unlikely scenario, no matter how "proud" they feel in the short term about giving the EU the boot.

Obama Leans On His J Street Court Jews To Lean on American Jewry to Cheer for Barack Hussein's Odious Nuke Deal

Read all the sickening details here.

Levant Pushes Back Against "Bully" Charge

In a letter to the Toronto Star, the paper that published an article bemoaning the right winger's appearance at a local kvetch-fest, Ezra Levant turns the tables on the aggrieved mom:
...I welcome criticism of my views and my conduct. But Porter’s claim that I was a “bully” or “belittled” anybody just didn’t happen. 
Porter says her child was waiting to speak to me for five minutes behind my back, but it seemed to me that she tried to use her daughter as political cannon fodder. 
Neither I nor her daughter played along, so Porter wrote a dramatized account — perhaps forgetting that the reality was caught on tape. 
I don't know that she "forgot" about being caught on tape. More likely she thought it would show reality as she perceived it--i.e. with her being the virtuous, Earth-loving mom and Ezra being the sinister, conservative, climate change-denying brute.