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Happy 5772!

Wishing all my tribal readers a happy, healthy and sweet New Year. I'm signing off now until Friday. See y'all then.

Whoa, Nellie

Steynonline links to a blogger who calls the author of After America "a cheerful pessimist" and, well, I couldn't resist:

When the world's rushing off to Armageddon,
Can't forget that we've backed the lamest horse.
See, I'm only a cheerful pessimist,
Adamant and clear-sighted, of course.

I have heard people rant "that Steyn we're dreadin',"
When I say something "mean" about Islam.
But I'm only a cheerful pessimist
And I can't really ever stay glum.

I see the U.S.A.
Has gone and lost its way
And racking up an awesome debt.
But ev'ry Democrat
Sees nothin' wrong with that
And tells us O's "jobs plan" is a safe bet.

I could say that the Left's a Hostess twinkie--
Soft outside and full of fluffy stuff.
'Cuz I'm stuck with the truth,
It's a thing, forsooth,
Of which I cannot get enough.
Not enough...

Obama's Supercommittee Super-Opaque

So much for that promise of government transparency:
The supercommittee has become supersecret about most of what it’s doing.
On Tuesday, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) encapsulated the attitude of the members of the Joint Deficit Reduction Committee: “I don’t want to discuss what we discussed.”
As 12 lawmakers tackle the historic task of slashing at least $1.2 trillion from the nation’s deficit, they have spent lots of time behind closed doors, speaking almost nothing of their proceedings while leaving behind little more than a trail of sandwich wrappers and unanswered questions.
It’s a remarkable show of secrecy after an election year that ushered in nearly 90 new Republicans who rejected the idea that sweeping legislation would be authored outside the public view.
Tuesday was the second straight closed-door day for the supercommittee...
Slower than an Obama stump speech. Unable to skip through turgid legislation in a single bound. Look, behind those closed doors--it's a bird, it's a plane, it's...JOHN KERRY'S SUPERCOMMITTEE!

Toronto Mayor a Grinch for Nixing Christmas Prezies for Poor Kids?

That what the Globe and Mail's Michael Babad, who's "disgusted," contends:
I know this is an obvious attack point for a bleeding heart, and I also know that governments at every level are scrambling to cut in the post-recession era. But still, getting rid of an agency that pulls together Christmas toys for underprivileged kids?  
That's what Toronto's politicians decided yesterday with the Christmas Bureau, one of several measures to save about $28-million, The Globe and Mail's Elizabeth and Patrick White report. That's less than what had been proposed, and many things survived Mayor Rob Ford's quest to cut down the gravy.

Toronto is Canada's financial showcase, home to its banks and its premiere stock exchange, drawing business visitors from around the world. With a jobless rate of 8.1 per cent, is this really what we want to show the world? 
I'm all for sharing the Christmas spirit with underprivileged kids, but there's absolutely no reason why a government "Christmas Bureau," for heaven's sake, should be the one to do it.

The Roar of the "Protest," the Throb of the Mob

NYT pundit Nicholas Kristof, who seems not to have read Ann Coulter's latest book, high-fives antsy mobs comprised of folks supposedly fed up with the ballot box.

No doubt about it: lefties love that frisson--or is it an orgasm?--they get from the sight of masses of people who at any moment could run amok and wreak havoc.

The West's Favorite Muslim Intellectual Rejects "Western" Values

Usually Tariq Ramadan is more cautious about championing the primacy of Islam, but here he is revealing his true colours for all who care to look:
Muslims should help the West to reconcile with their values and not follow in their footsteps, says a prominent scholar.

Should Muslims have a vision, unite for their project as they were united against the dictators during the Arab Spring and respect the rule of law, they will come up with a “civil state that provides justice and dignity for all and adopt democracy for all and not for men only”, Dr Tariq Ramadan, professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, UK, told a gathering at the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research.

“I don’t like the idea of the West saying: 'Oh, now you are becoming like us. You’re cherishing the same values as us’. I don’t like that. We need to come up with new ways and alternatives; to not follow in the footsteps of the West; to use new ways,” said Dr Ramadan, the grandson of Hassan Al Banna, who in 1928 founded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood historically represents the country’s first well-organised mass movement with political influence to match. For more than 60 years, the Brotherhood has been labelled illegal but tolerated. It has demonstrated a powerful capacity to mobilise the people in each relatively democratic election — for parliament, professional associations and trade unions...
Yeah, gotta love that 'hood. 

Salim Mansur says that the West's values--freedom, democracy, individual rights, etc.--are universal value, but Ramadan, clearly, subscribes to a different sort of "universalism."

Dalton McGuinty's "Swan Hands" a Big Turn-Off

I don't know who advised Dalton McGuinty to demonstrate his "passion" for things via bizarre and inappropriate hand gestures, but since I'm sure I'm not the only voter who was mega-creeped out by the display, he/she/they should lose their jobs.

Update: Mike Stafford says McGuinty was waving his arms because he was trying to generate some wind power--a la his egregiously expensive Samsung wind turbines.
Dalton "Swan Hands" McGuinty--not exactly the brightest bulb in the province

Could This Be the End of Section 13?

Tory MP Brian Storseth plans to introduce legistlation that would repeal Section 13, the infamous and odious censorship provision in our federal human rights code. Now that the Conservatives have a clear majority, there are no excuses for not backing the bill.

Driving 4 'Palestine'

Right on schedule, the Wahhabis have come out in favour of a Palestinian state.

I say let 'em have statehood--just as soon as Saudi chicks can drive.

Update: Wahhabi P.R.--"Sugary dates, Persian calligraphy, colourful contemporary art, henna designs and holy Zamzam water from Mecca..."

Update: Raheel Razza has a terrific letter in the National Post:
Re: Saudi Women Allowed To Vote. Next Driving?, Sept. 26.

Forgive me if I don't bend down in gratitude to King Abdullah, ruler of Saudi Arabia as he makes a "historic decision" that women are "capable of rational thinking and decision making . and can express correct opinions and advice."

The patronizing and condescending tone of this "permission" goes against the core of human rights and makes me sick to my stomach. Perhaps some Saudi women are celebrating because they have been kept for so long in ignorance of the rights given to them by Islam, which allowed them 1,400 years ago to ask for divorce and marriage, get inheritance, keep their earned wages, their maiden names and be equally represented in the mosque.

The real test of the Saudi rules would be to set these women free to do what they want, wear what they want, travel without a male counter signature and to speak out to reclaim their rights. Yet feminists are gloating at how "democratic" this small step is. What does this say about our collective support for women in theocracies when we celebrate bits of freedom thrown to them like tidbits to slaves.

Come Back, Little Kafir

A different kind of "We Day" is coming next month to Toronto and Montreal. It's the Islamic Research and Education Academy's "Calling the World Back to Allah," a da'wafest featuring a variety of diverse speakers. Oh, there's no Danny Glover or Mary Robinson, but you will be able to hear Hamza Tzortzis, for one. Here's how he see things:
We as Muslims reject the idea of freedom of speech, and even the idea of freedom. We see under the Khilafa (caliphate), when people used to engage in a positive way, this idea of freedom was redundant, it was unnecessary, because the society understood under the education system of the Khilafa state, and under the political framework of Islam, that people must engage with each other in a positive and productive way to produce results, as the Qur'an says, to get to know one another.
If we in Dar al Harb rejected freedom of speech, guys like Hamza would never have a chance to utter these freedom-deriding words--something Hamza and the other Khalifa-lovers well know and depend upon.

Hamza also has some, ahem, interesting thoughts on homosexuality:
Some people object to Islam making the public expression of homosexuality a criminal act. This is subjective and only strikes a chord amongst those who cannot escape the social constructs in their own societies. There are societies past and present which accepted paedophilia and cannibalism as normal parts of human life and they would find Western society oppressive preventing them from carrying out these practices.
The LGTB communities of Toronto and Montreal might have something to say about a guy who equates gayness with child-shtupping and feasting on human flesh.

Also on the exciting roster of speakers--Abduraheem Green. Here's the impassioned revert whitewashing explaining the sharia law that allows Muslim men to keep their wives in line via corporal punishment.

The caliphate, homosexuality=cannibalism, light wife-beating--it all sounds so appealing who wouldn't want to heed Allah's call?


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"We Day"--Like May Day in September

Were they to call it, say, Karl Marx Day, parents might not be as willing to let their kids flock en masse to the Air Canada Centre. But call it "We Day," and add two Kielburger brothers along with one Jonas bro--as well as plenty of other entertainment--and the creepy, over-the-top indoctrination can occur with the approval of parents, the TDSB and, of course, the media:
Thousands of young people from across North America are in Toronto to take part in We Day, the largest youth empowerment event in the world.
The purpose of the annual event, an initiative of Free the Children, is to celebrate social activism by youth, create some momentum for change and inspire youth to make a difference in their communities.
The event, held at the Air Canada Centre, regularly attracts big name performers and speakers.
This year's We Day is being co-hosted by singer and actor Joe Jonas and actress Nina Dobrev.
A crowd of about 18,000 people will also hear from Free The Children co-founders Craig and Marc Kielburger, singer Nelly Furtado, actor Danny Glover and Mary Robinson, the UN former high commissioner for human rights...
Furtado provided one of the day's biggest surprises when she announced a $1 million donation to Free the Children.
The first We Day was held in 2007.
Danny Glover: huge lefty; suffers from Bush Derangement Syndrome. Mary Robinson: huge Zion-loather, detestable woman who once fronted a despicable organization. Exposing impressionable youngsters to the likes of these two--and, indeed, to this frenzied brain-washing exercise--is akin to child abuse.

Canada's John Baird Stands Up For Israel at the UN

His speech today was nothing short of superb. A real barn-burner. My one quibble: he said "terrorism" was the successor to fascism and Communism as the "ism" that threatened the free world--and that's just plain silly.

800 john baird UN speech cp 1109272 At the UN: Canada Will Not Simply Go Along

Bernie's Booster

Andrew Cohen, a professor of journalism at Ottawa's Carelton University and a lefty of the first order, thinks Bernie Farber's election chances are looking good:
Farber was the chief executive officer of the Canadian Jewish Congress, one of the country's venerable institutions. The son of a Holocaust survivor, Farber is a passionate voice on Jewish issues, as well as an expert on hate crime and an advocate of human rights, race relations and building bridges between communities.
Thornhill has the highest percentage of Jewish voters in Canada, where people have to be reminded that foreign policy - read Israel - is not a provincial matter. It is also home to a mix of Chinese, Indians, Koreans and Iranians.
It has been held since 2007 by Conservative Peter Shurman, a co-religionist.
The race is getting nasty; Farber's signs have been stolen and a defamatory leaflet distorting his views has been distributed. But polls show the contest is now a dead heat, and the energetic Farber has won key endorsements. He may well join Denley and Ross as the underdogs who made it to Queen's Park in 2011.
I haven't seen the defamatory leaflet, so I have no way of knowing if it did indeed "distort" his views. I can't really see the point of doing so when presenting his views sans distortion should be enough to dissuade the good people of Thornhill from voting for him.

Wahhabi Potentate's Canny P.R.

He's going to let chicks vote--in 2015? Bah, humbug, says Nina Shae:
On the heels of an edict allowing women to “participate” in elections to powerless municipal councils and to be appointed to a toothless Shura council, today Saudi Arabia has sentenced a woman, “Shema,” to 30 lashes for driving while female, the BBC is reporting
Also on the topic of Saudi women, Gulf analyst Simon Henderson, of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, has an interesting story, “All the King’s Women,” at He quotes a diplomatic source as saying that the 88-year-old monarch is too sick to rule and “lucid for only a couple of hours a day.” He speculates that one of the king’s daughters is responsible for his decree on Sunday. Henderson notes that the king’s personal views on women are hardly modern and reveals he has long had a full Islamic complement of four wives, “two of whom were semi-permanent and the other two ‘rolled-over.’” In any event, like me, Henderson also doubts that the king will be around in four years to enforce the decree on women’s rights to participate in the municipal councils’ elections and that his likely successor, Wahhabi hardliner Prince Nayef, is unlikely to do so. 
In light of today’s development, it becomes clearer just how clever a public relations move the women’s political rights decree was.

Nice Try But No Dice to AG Muslim Prayer Room

TORONTO - A bid to convert a sick room into a Muslim pray area at a downtown office of the province's top lawmakers has been nixed by some senior Ontario government officials.
A proposal by a Muslim employee to turn the room used by Ministry of Attorney General employees as an Islamic prayer room was rejected earlier this year, according to concerned workers who feared dismissal if their identities were revealed.
The bid was turned down last June at an "employee engagement meeting" attended by about seven staffers, including department heads, union officials and other workers, staffers said.
"We were taken back by the proposal," one ministry veteran said. "The room is used by anyone on staff who is not feeling well."

Officials of the Attorney General said they were looking into the issue on Monday....
Anyone who is "taken aback" by such requests simply hasn't been paying attention. Nonetheless, it is encouraging to  see people refusing to submit to the Islamist juggernaut.

More "Yuman Rites" Madness--Crack-Smoking Cop Plays the "Disability" Card

Remember the old joke about the guy who kills his parents and then demands leniency from the court because he's an orphan? This guy--no joke--has even more chutzpah than that:
TORONTO - A former Brantford cop who was caught on police video smoking crack cocaine and snorting Oxycontin in his cruiser is fighting job reinstatement or for a financial settlement from the service, a human rights body heard.

Const. Jeffrey Servos, a former six-year cop with Brantford Police, pleaded guilty to one count of possessing cocaine in 2009 and was also slapped with 16 Police Services Act charges.

He resigned from the force in 2009 after a series of plea bargains rather than serving three months in jail. The police act charges were withdrawn after he resigned.

Servos filed in March a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal alleging ”discrimination in employment on the basis of disability.”

He claimed he was told by a doctor “his employer (Brantford police) had failed in its duty to accommodate his drug-related disability” and there may be grounds for getting his job back or a financial settlement.

Servos appeared before the tribunal in Toronto on Sept. 16 to testify and his case was adjourned. No date has been set for a half-day hearing that was ordered.

The tribunal hearing was told Servos had notified his superiors of his drug problem and was sent for rehabilitation three times...
Since we live in a place where such nonsensical claims are validated, the real joke, alas, is on us.

Obama and His Peeps Par-tay in West Hollywood

The Daily Beast describes the fun:
Before introducing the first of the fundraiser’s featured performers, West Hollywood mayor John Duran gave props to his city’s proud embrace of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered communities: “Welcome to the home of the Sunset Strip. Welcome to the home of Boystownm—the LGBT epicenter of the world.” He then brought on the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles who performed rousing covers of two ‘80s pop standards: Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” and Pat Benetar’s “We Belong,” both repurposed for this context as an empowerment anthems.
The event’s second headliner, the chart-topping, multi-Grammy nominated rapper B.o.B., flat-out bombed. You could blame the lackluster response on the same kind of apathy that makes attending L.A. sporting events an exercise in tedium. But running through a short set that included his smash hits “Airplanes” and “Nothin’ on You,” the crowd stood almost bolt still despite repeated entreaties by the rapper’s hype man to put their “hands in the air.” At which point an elderly woman fainted. And worse still, B.o.B. neglected to give Obama the requisite shout out on stage. Instead of something like, “Barack Obama 2012, y’all!” the best B.o.B. gav Monday night was, “Thank you to Obama, everybody for inviting me out here.”
So much for rocking the vote.
The evening’s master of ceremonies, Jesse Tyler Ferguson of the Emmy-winning ABC comedy Modern Family, lavished praise on the president for his recent repeal of the military’s Don’t Act, Don’t Tell policy, hailing the move as “the signature civil rights accomplishment of our time.”
And reaching the podium around 6:00 p.m. to finally galvanize the audience, Obama returned the compliment. “Michelle and the girls love them some Modern Family,” he told the crowd. “They love that show.”
Barely a minute into the president’s arrival at the podium to thunderous applause, however, he was interrupted by the sweaty, bearded man who began shouting “The Christian God is the one and only living God!” before referring to Obama as an anti-Christ and being hustled away by security.
Sounds like a blast; sorry I missed it.

The Obamas--Barry, Michy, Bo and the girls--out of the White House and the newest mishpacha on Modern Family: I'll drink to that!

"Yuman Rites" in the Yoo Kay a Boon for the Terrorists

Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn is on a tear re the "perverse rulings of Left-wing judges in human rights cases":
It has been revealed that two of the men involved in the plot to set off suicide bombs in London on July 21, 2005, are back on the streets after serving disgracefully short prison sentences.
Eritrean national Siraj Yassin Abdullah Ali was released halfway through his nine-year jail term and is living in a bail hostel. He was photographed at the weekend boarding a London bus. Somali Ismail Abdurahman spent just three years behind bars before being freed.
Both men were convicted of providing support to the gang of five Al Qaeda terrorists who intended to repeat the carnage of two weeks earlier on the London Transport network, which claimed 52 lives and wounded hundreds of commuters.
The fact that they were let out halfway through their sentences is another shocking indictment of the deceit of our so-called criminal justice system. No one ever serves their full tariff.
In the cases of Ali and Abdurahman, their sentences were woefully inadequate in the first place. In America, they’d be serving 35 years to life, as a basis for negotiation, without prospect of parole. That’s if they didn’t get an orange jumpsuit and a one-way ticket to Club Gitmo.
We can’t even deport them to Eritrea or Somalia because the courts have decided that their lives could be in danger if they were returned home and it would therefore be an infringement of their inalienable yuman rites.
Consequently, they are free to mingle with the very people they planned to murder and the hard-pressed security services have to spend a vast amount of money and manpower to keep them under constant surveillance...
Can't wait to see the exhibit about 'em in Canada's "Yuman Rites" Mausoleum.

Goodbye Mr. Chips

Doritos inventor, dead at 97, to be buried with his chips

Huge "Asper-ations" Mean Tremendous Price Tag for "Human Rights" Behemoth

The Globe and Mail's Roy MacGregor trekked off to Winnipeg to see a work-in-progress. In the process, he learned the back story of the "human rights" behemoth:
The Asper family foundation had been taking grade nine students to Washington to learn about human rights, but it struck Gail, who led the trips, that they were learning U.S. history, not Canadian. She tried taking students to Ottawa, but museums there are sadly lacking in the field of human rights.
“We’ll build one right here,” her father said.
“Are you nuts?” she asked him.
Perhaps, but he went ahead anyway, persuading politicians to come on board and hitting up wealthy friends for early donations. Winnipeg, he said, was perfect – the centre of a country where children from all over Canada should be sent to learn their history and know why justice matters. The child of Russian Jews who fled persecution and found a haven in Canada, Mr. Asper wanted the museum to tell the stories of wrongs that have been righted and wrongs that still need to be righted.
It hasn’t been particularly easy – early political reluctance was followed by squabbling over what the museum might hold – but it is being built, relatively on schedule, and will at some point become as much a symbol of the city as the Jets logo.
“We want to be the human rights capital of the world,” says Gail Asper.
She also promises that it will be a place of hope and promise rather than one of sad memory: “You don’t want to see a place where people want to leap off the Tower of Hope in despair.”...
They may want to leap off it once they see how much her nutty shrine to victimhood is costing them.

Dirty Pix of Bart, Lisa Simpson Not Kiddie Porn, Judge Rules

This one gave me a chuckle:
Ontario Court Justice Robert Fournier ruled a pair of dirty pictures of Bart and Lisa Simpson and Bart’s friend Milhouse found in the recycle bin of Richard Osborn’s computer can’t constitute child pornography because an objective observer “would find it difficult, if not impossible” to assign ages to the characters from the popular show by looking at the picture.
“My perspective is that the characters depicted could just as easily be perceived as teenagers or young adults,” said Fournier, who recognized a detective’s testimony that Lisa is eight years old and Bart and Milhouse 10 on the show.
However, that wasn’t obvious, Fournier found.
“Absent a depiction of the toddler Maggie Simpson in this cartoon, wearing a diaper and with a soother in mouth, it is virtually impossible to find beyond a reasonable doubt, that the participants in this scenario are under 18 years of age,” said Fournier...
Good thing the perv (who reportedly liked to do the nasty with Cabbage Patch dolls) didn't have any come-hither shots of Maggie, eh?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Me and You and a Dog Named Mu

From the Chicago Sun-Times:
SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. — A Southern California councilman is drawing criticism for mentioning in a public meeting that he named his dog after the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations has called on Derek Reeve to apologize for his comment at a recent San Juan Capistrano council meeting. The Islamic advocacy group says Reeve mentioned naming his dogs America and Muhammad during a discussion about a new dog park.
CAIR’s executive director in greater Los Angeles says while Reeve has a right to free speech, his “distasteful remark” is unbefitting of an elected official. The city’s mayor and another councilman also criticized Reeve. One councilman criticized Reeve, saying, “We should celebrate our differences. It’s what makes the United States strong.”
But Reeve refused to apologize, saying he was making a political statement against oppressive societies. AP
Whereas CAIR was making a political statement in favour of them (and against dogs, which are "haram").

Xtra's Misleading A-jad Header

Gay rag Xtra headlines a story about an exchange between Iran's hirsute Mahdi man and CNN's hirsute Wolf thus: "Ahmadinejad calls 'no homo' on Blitzer".

Here's the back-and-forth that occasioned that header:
CNN's Wolf Blitzer got a chance to interview Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad this weekend and used the opportunity to grill him about statements he made in 2007 that there are no homosexuals in Iran.
Ahmadinejad responded that he wouldn't know any homosexuals in Iran since "in Iran, homosexuality is looked down upon as an ugly deed," but he then suggested that "perhaps there are those who engage in such activities and you may be in contact with them and more aware of them."...
Sounds to me like Xtra got is bass-ackwards, and that A-jad is calling homo on Wolf, implying that, since he hangs around with Anderson Cooper, he, too, is more than a little light in the loafers.

You Can Bet They Won't Make This Into a Movie and Show It at the Toronto Palestinian Film Festival

Israeli doctors save Gaza girl's life, raise funds for further treatment

The Question on Everyone's Lips

How could NASA lose a 6.5 ton satellite?

What's Your "Slavery Footprint"?

For those who don't feel guilty enough about their carbon footprint, the U.S. State Department, a.k.a. Foggy Bottom, has come up with a new "test" designed to make you feel super-duper guilty.

"Jew, Janitor"---Barack Obama's Freudian Slip is Showing

It appears that spending 20 years of Sundays with your backside stuck in one of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's pews does rub off on you after all:

Update: Remember when Obama's former mentor claimed "them janitors" were keeping him from his mentee?

Can They Make a Halo Out of Bronze?

Three, count 'em, three large statues of Saint Jack of the Socialists are going to be cast in bronze, one each for Toronto, Ottawa and Hudson, Quebec (the saint's home town). According to the Ceeb report, one of them will feature the saint on his favorite form of urban transportation.

Lousy Lying Palestinian Liars and the Lying UN Louses Who Love Them

Joseph Klein writes (in FrontPage magazine):
Abbas, on the other hand, came to the United Nations to embed his lies even deeper into the fabric of the UN by using them as a foundation for pushing the Palestinians’ bid for full UN membership. “I do not believe that anyone with a shred of conscience can reject our application for a full membership in the United Nations and our admission as an independent state,” he shamelessly declared.

The truth is, however, that no one with “a shred of conscience” should have submitted an application for full membership in the United Nations as an independent state in the first place, while at the same time boasting of having aligned himself with the terrorist organization Hamas in a “reconciliation” government that would rule the new state.
Article 4 of the United Nations Charter states that membership is “open to all other peace-loving states which accept the obligations contained in the present Charter.” Article 2 (4) of the UN Charter states that “all Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.”
Abbas’s partner in a future new government, Hamas, has pledged in its own death-to-the-Jews charter – a pledge repeated by its leaders to this day – to destroy the UN member state of Israel. Yet in the “Declaration of the State of Palestine,” signed by Abbas in his self-anointed capacity of “President of the State of Palestine” and included in the UN membership application material, Abbas “solemnly” declared that “the State of Palestine is a peace-loving nation and that it accepts the obligations contained in the Charter of the United Nations and solemnly undertakes to fulfill them.”
Abbas’s declaration is neither solemn nor truthful. His application for membership in the UN cannot be accepted by anyone with “a shred of conscience” or a “shred” of familiarity with the United Nations Charter’s most fundamental of membership qualifications. However, instead of performing his duty to question the truthfulness of the application in light of the Hamas-Abbas partnership, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon immediately passed along Abbas’s application to the current president of the UN Security Council, the UN representative of the Hezbollah-dominated government of Lebanon. A closed-door Security Council consultation on the application was scheduled by Abbas’s Lebanese ally for September 26th.
Actually, "Palestine"--an entity bent on making its lands Judenrein--is a perfect fit for the UN, a racket bent on making itself Zionrein. To accept Abbas's application is to embrace one of its own at an organization that for quite some time has paid little more than lip service to its Charter.

"Shut Up," They Explained

Calgary lawyer John Carpay writes (in the Calgary Herald):
The arrogance of the censors is the common element in all of these human rights prosecutions. The censors who want to shut down other people's speech think that their own opinions are not just opinions, but absolute truth, which therefore entitles the censors to silence those who disagree. But John Stuart Mill warned us in his 1859 essay On Liberty: "We can never be sure that the opinion we are endeavouring to stifle is a false opinion; and if we were sure, stifling it would be an evil still."
The bolded sentence describes both infidel censors (of the "human rights" commission/UN "Human Rights" Council variety) who want to clamp down on "hate," and Islamic censors (associated with the OIC and/or assorted Islamist bodies--CAIR, ISNA and the like--in Dar al Harb) who want to put a lid on all criticism of Islam and its "absolute truth."

Everything Including the Israeli Bloodhounds Snapping at Their Rear Ends

That's a fair summation of the fare at this year's Toronto Palestinian Film Festival, an annual event, paritally funded by the province, that begins Friday. To whet your appetite for the fete, here are synopses of two flicks. The first--Occupation Has No Future--was made in the U.S., and sounds like it'll be a sure-fire hit with lefties who comprise a large (dare one say the largest?) segment of the TPFF audience:
Through conversations with Israeli conscientious objectors, former soldiers, and Palestinians living under occupation, the film explores the Israeli social environment that creates heightened militarism and leads to attitudes of fear, exclusion, racism, and ultimately aggression; and examines the consequences of Israeli policies both for the Palestinian people as well as for Israeli civil society. Additionally, the film looks at the Israeli anti-militarist movement and Israeli youth refusing conscription, refusing orders, and choosing to partner with a growing grassroots Palestinian campaign of civil disobedience to defeat the occupation. This film aims to track the hope of a growing number of Israelis and Palestinians to live together, free from occupation, with peace and justice.
In other words--and in song: All we are sayin' is give a defunct Jewish Israel a chance...

Also on tap: Into the Belly of the Whale. A short (25 min.) Jordanian flick, it makes a hero of one of those guys who smuggles arms and other stuff intended to counter the "occupation" of Israel (that is, Palestine) by Jews:
This gripping short film takes viewers underground and into the tunnel system that is a lifeline for Palestinians under siege in Gaza. However, in addition to bringing in essential goods from Egypt, the tunnel also brings harm to the smugglers who dare to make the dangerous journey 100 feet below the surface. Younis is one such smuggler who, on his last tunnel run, ends up trapped in the middle of the “Whale” tunnel after an Israeli attack. Stuck, Younis is left to ponder existential questions about fate and being alive underground. The tunnel also serves an analogy for Palestinian existence: trapped and suffocated, with no light at the end of the tunnel.
"Existential," huh? Sounds very J.P. Sartre. Oddly enough, the tunnel analogy could be extended to the Jews, too, Israel being the one that's "trapped and suffocated, with no light at the end of the tunnel."

Think I'll make an existential film about it.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

All Aboard the Obama Gaffe Express!


And here's one of my favourite train songs, rejigged for the man himself:

Riding on the Barack H. bandwagon,
Washington, D.C., squeaky, freakin' train.
Fifty states and lotsa restless voters,
Another half trillion thrown right down the drain.
All along the biways and the roads,
People carry heavy loads,
Economy has grinded to a halt.
Passin' bucks and passin' blame.
Who's in charge of this here train?
Obama and his pals--see, it's their fault.

Good night, America, God help you.
Hey, don't you know he hasn't got a clue?
He's the "brain" they call Barack Hussein Obama.
He'll have gone through tons more dough
Before he's through...

The Tao of "Cool"

Beware of the "cool" people, writes David Warren. They are likely to make a tremendous mess of things:
There is no pendulum in modern political life, no natural swing of fashion between "Left" and "Right." Left has always been cool; Right has always been uncool; and when something (such as Mussolini's fascism) ceases to be cool, it is re-filed in historical memory from "Left" to "Right."
But as a rule, the Left always wears the beret. The "visionary" politician is always of the Left. He is, for his time, the embodiment of coolness, and his power in democracy is a pied-piper charisma. Through a time when the churches have been emptying out, he offers "spilled religion" - the slobbering of a religious idealism over the irreligious surfaces of public life.
Only when the vision "fails," in visible catastrophe, do we turn away - usually to some unfashionable hack, to do the thankless job of picking up the pieces. Until enough have been picked up, that we may scout for a "visionary" again; a "nation builder" or whatever. (Always, it involves nationalism; always, it involves socialism.)
Which is why I have come to favour the politics of dullness, the politics of making ends meet, the politics of de-politicization; the politics of prudence.
Me too. And if a "cool" Ivy Leaguer who's stinking with charisma and who has the glib spiel of a snake-oil purveyor down pat tries to con you with some grand yet completely amorphous vision about a "cool" Utopian future, whatever you do, don't, I repeat, don't fall for it.

Don't fall for it again, I mean.

One Small Step For Women, One Giant Leap for the Magic Kingdom?

Breaking news from the Magic Kingdom: It looks like the Wahhabis have been shamed into giving chicks the vote. Here's the Beeb's account of this momentous event:
Women in Saudi Arabia are to be given the right to vote and run in municipal elections, the Gulf Kingdom's King Abdullah has announced.

He said they would also have the right to be appointed to the consultative Shura Council.
The news will be welcomed by activists who have long called for greater rights for women in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

The changes will take effect from next year, the king said.

King Abdullah announced the move in a speech at the opening of the new term of the Shura Council.

"Because we refuse to marginalise women in society in all roles that comply with sharia, we have decided, after deliberation with our senior ulama [clerics] and others... to involve women in the Shura Council as members, starting from next term," he said.

"Women will be able to run as candidates in the municipal election and will even have a right to vote."

The BBC's world affairs correspondent Emily Buchanan says it is an extraordinary development for women in Saudi Arabia, who are not allowed to drive or leave the country unaccompanied.

She says there has been a big debate about the role of women in the country and, although not everyone will welcome the decision, such a reform will ease some of the tension that has been growing over the issue.
Careful, Wahhabis. You let chicks vote in a local election and next thing you know they'll want to drive automobiles, and go to the mall without their father or brother to chaperone them, and throw off their all-encompassing sharia fun sacks.

Then again, you let chicks vote in a local election (to get folks off your back) and then maybe you never have to let them do any of the other stuff.

Just Teach the Kids to Read and Write, 'Kay?, and Knock It Off With the "One World" Indoctrination

A teacher I know was complaining about the Toronto District School Board's CD of "O, Canada." It seems every day at this teacher's school, they play a different version of the song, of which there are 16. The problem is that, while some of the versions aren't bad, or at least, aren't awful, others--including a reggae and a country and western version--are downright silly. As such, they do not convey the proper impression to the kids--i.e. that this is the national song of a country that is "strong and free," and therefore worthy of their respect.

But it seems the CD is the least of it. Poking around on the Web, I learn that it's but a small part of a much larger effort that I had never heard of before. It's called the One World Youth Project, and appears to be some cockamamie, jargon-laden scheme that "links schools around the world to build mutual respect and understanding among students and provide the global life skills needed for success in the interconnected 21st century." Further, it envisions "a just world built through the actions of empowered, discerning and empathetic generations of global citizens!"


What sort of "global life skills" are students supposed to need?
Students must: Develop expert thinking as well as complex communication and collaboration skills to succeed in a globalized 21st century, where they will be called upon to:
1) Investigate the world beyond their immediate environment.
2) Recognize and articulate varied perspectives thoughtfully and respectfully.
3) Communicate ideas effectively with diverse audiences.
4) Act as discerning participants in a global marketplace and society, viewing themselves as actors in the world.
As for teachers, they apparently want their students to have access to
1) Facilitated peer-to-peer global conversations.
2) Customized global-learning curriculum that also meets local educational standards.
3) Well-managed service-learning.
4) Mentors.
Otherwise--and this part is really alarming in a "if we don't stop climate change now we're all gonna die" kind of way (the bolds are in the original)--
If youth are not introduced to global life skills in formal education, as adults they may not be prepared for success in the 21st century society and economy.
Ooo, scary. Fail to prepare them for success 21st century-style, and how will they ever be able to shmooze convivially at shmancy international conferences and UN-convened "anti-racism" get-togethers?

And should kids fail to be indoctrinated, er, sorry, educated in this "global" way? The One Worlders paint a grim picture of their possible fate. The uneducated could:
1) Have limited access to living wage employment opportunities and be less qualified for executive positions. 
2) Be less likely to pursue higher education.
3) Contribute to xenophobia and experience less social inclusion.
4) Continue to passively perpetuate global injustices rather than work to create a better, shared future.
Yes, that would be horrid.

The question to ask after wading through this leftist, Utopian sludge is: Why are kids being marinated in this "One World"  propaganda, and are parents even aware of what's going on?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The One--the ONLY--Essential Holocaust Memorial

Writing in The Spectator, Tanya Gold slams the hypocrisy--the wickedness--of Europeans who prosecute drunken old queens and put up monument after monument to dead Jews (to assuage their guilty conscious) even as they do their utmost to undermine living Jews--and Jews living--in Israel. And the sick joke of it is the Continentals don't think that that's Judenhass:
But this is how Europe battles anti-Semitism in 2011. It may seek to delegitimise Israel, deny her defensible borders, smirk with piety as the Israeli flag is torn from its embassy in Egypt — those Jews must learn! — but they do get the mad pirate guy. There are other cosmetic obeisances. There are constant memorials and memorial days to the horror; all too little, too late. The only memorial the Holocaust needs is a Jewish state.
I couldn't have said it better myself.

Harpoon's "Clever" Tactic

Earlier this week Harpoon Siddiqui regaled Toronto Star readers with all the "clever tactics" "Islamophobes" deploy in the course of their "Islamophobic" activity. The Canadian Islamic Congress thought so much of the piece that it posted it in its Friday Magazine. Whilst reading it, one can't help but observe that it's Harpoon who's the "clever" one. Cleverly, he smears those who dare to criticize any aspect of Islam (something which, he doesn't tell readers, contravenes Islamic law) as well as those who do horrible things in its name and those who wish to establish sharia's primacy without resorting to violence, in the hopes that no one will listen to them because they've been branded as "bigots".

Too "clever" by half, I'd say.

Obama's "Genius" Idea No Prize Winner

Obama thinks "education reform" is the key to economic recovery? It is? How would that work exactly? Did he get the idea from John Maynard Keyes or John Kenneth Galbraith, or some other lefty economist with a triple-barrelled name, or is it something he came up with all by himself?

The Smartest President Ever™ may have won a Nobel Peace Prize (without doing anything in particular to earn it), but he isn't winning any Nobels in economics for that one.

"Irony" in the National Post

Rex Murphy writes:
Ahmadinejad is just the latest vessel of the oldest hate. How strange it is that he was speaking to a forum of the United Nations, the one institution built to dam-up for all time the baneful furies released by the Second World War, of which murderous anti-Semitism was the principal. Irony is far too feeble a term for this ominous charade.
George Jonas writes:
A few years ago I used the word "ironic" to describe the absence of a Palestinian state. A reader wrote a rather testy letter to ask me what was ironic about it. I'm not sure what he thought "ironic" meant. Anyway, one dictionary definition is "an incongruous gap between the expected and the actual."
If there's a person on Earth who thinks the Palestinians should not have a state, I haven't heard of him or her yet. I've heard of many people, though, who think there should be no Jewish state. My own father had reservations about it. Yet, in spite of this, there's no Palestinian state, while the Jewish state has existed for over 60 years. For a highly disputed state to exist while a completely undisputed state doesn't is about as ironic as it gets.
And here's more irony, of the kind that doesn't employ the actual word--a letter from a chick claiming that the "law of the Koran liberates women":
Re: Islamism's War On Women, editorial, Sept. 21.
It is sad that the actions of certain Muslims has given Islam a bad name. Although it can be said that "Islamism" has waged a war on women, we cannot say that Islam or shariah has done so. Shariah is an Islamic term referring to the law of the Koran. The horrific practices in certain Muslim countries are not based on the Koran. In reality, the law of the Koran came to liberate women from the cruelties inflicted on them by mainstream society. Islam gave women legal rights of inheritance and rights within marriage, something the "whites" adopted centuries later. It was Islam that abolished female infanticide and instituted the veil - not to confine and degrade women, but to prevent molestation.
Mansoora Rauf, Toronto
Yeah, if only those repressing women in Islam's name could go back to what's written in the Koran, everything would be perfect. (Ironically, smart women like Mansoora--any relation to the Rauf who spearheaded the Ground Zero mosque?--have always fallen for this tripe. A lot of us "whites," however, especially ones who are familiar with the Koran's contents, don't buy it. Also--if you need to encase yourself in an all-encompassing shroud to avoid "molestation," maybe it's the menfolk who should be so clothed--to make it more difficult for them to act on what is apparently an uncontrollable impulse.)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Palestine, That Topplin' State

Pal-iss-tine, Pal-iss-tine,
That topplin' state.
Pal-iss-tine, Pal-iss-tine,
A state based on hate.
Bet your bottom shekel they all want Al Quds
In Pal-iss-tine, Pal-iss-tine.
The state that sealed Israelis' fate.

In Ramallah they holler, "Our state's in the bag."
They all think Israel's a big drag.
They want a state, and want the Jews gone,
I saw a man; man, he carried on
'Bout Pal-iss-tine, his kind of state.

Wasilla Megillah

Bruce Bawer does something tres droll with Joe McGinness's hatchet job on Sarah Palin:
When I called the real-estate lady in Wasilla and explained what I needed, she breathed a deep sigh.

“I wish I could help you out, honey,” she said in a folksy, down-home voice. “I understand what you want to do, and I must say I’d love to see you do a tell-all takedown about that horrible woman’s day-to-day life. After all, she gave my brother-in-law herpes and poisoned my dog. I’d love to see her get what she deserves! But I’m afraid there’s absolutely nothing available.”

“Surely there must be something,” I said. “This is for an important cause. You know, the truth and stuff.”

“Believe me, I’m totally with you,” she replied, “and I wish I could help you out. Let’s face it, this is the woman who had all the books from our library taken down off the shelves, piled in a dumpster, and thrown in the ocean, and then had them replaced with old copies of People and Glamour and Field and Stream. This is the woman who used to take baby birds out of the nest outside her kitchen window, wrap them in duct tape, then crush them under the heels of her Manolo Blahniks while cackling gleefully. This is the woman who used to hang out behind the Gulf station downtown on Sunday mornings after church in a plum-colored latex body stocking and provide satisfaction, shall we say, to any truck driver who stopped to take a whizz on his way from Anchorage to Fairbanks. Or vice-versa. Not to put too fine a point on it, son, but she’s the devil incarnate and needs to be exposed — for the good of the world, the good of America, and the good of this poor, long-suffering little town! But I’m afraid there’s not a single empty unit remotely close to her house.”

I looked at the Google Maps image on my computer screen. “What about that little house next door to her?”

“Sorry, there’s a guy living there who’s doing a piece for the New York Times Magazine. Nice fella, though he was pretty upset when he found out that there weren’t any French restaurants in town, and for a couple of weeks there he had trouble wrapping his mind around the idea of drinking tap water. But he cheered up a mite when I told him all about how she used to hire black men to work in her yard, then pay them extra to let her take them into her garage and beat them with a stick while screaming racial epithets.”...

New Victim Group Rears Its Head--Adult Breast Milk Consumers

A sad, sad, tale, from the Toronto Star:
A father who launched a breast-milk diet and wrote about it online has pulled his blog after four days following a wave of negative reaction. 
The man, identified only as “Curtis,” became something of an Internet sensation after launching his blog, “Don’t have a cow, man,” where he and his wife were chronicling the progress of his experiment to see how long he their freezer full of breast milk could sustain him.  
But the couple quickly became online targets, fuelled by grossed-out gawkers and those proclaiming outrage that they didn’t instead donate the milk to another mother. The story swept across Twitter, as well as news and parenting websites, even though Curtis provided no full name or location to verify his existence. 
By Friday, the blog had been removed.

Breastfeeding advocate Emma Kwasnica said the response was “a shame” and reveals the distorted view that still prevails about breast milk and a mother’s right to choose what to do with it...
On second thought, this sound like one of those Internet hustles--like that young Syrian Lesbian (Syrbian?) blogger who turned out to be a 40-year-old British infidel guy.

It's the Batty/Scary Shia Eschatology, Stupid!

If you left out all the Allah and Mahdi crap, A-jad's speech, replete as it was with mentions of the "imperialist," "colonialist" and "hegemonistic," might have been mistaken for something uttered by, say, Howard Zinn or Noam Chomsky. But put all the Allah and Mahdi stuff back in, and what have you got? Something the media at large hasn't a clue about, and has thus failed to report, says Joel C. Rosenberg in The Corner:
...Ahmadinejad isn’t hiding what he believes. He denied the Holocaust. He blasted the U.S. for bringing Osama bin Laden to justice. He blamed the terrorist attacks of 9/11 on the U.S. government. He insisted that his so-called messiah known as “Imam al-Mahdi” or the Twelfth Imam is coming soon. He insisted that Jesus Christ will come with the Mahdi to take over the world. He called for “the shared and collective management of the world.”

Consider this excerpt:
This movement is certainly on its rightful path of creation, ensuring a promising future for humanity. A future that will be built when humanity initiates to [tread] the path of the divine prophets and the righteous under the leadership of Imam al-Mahdi, the Ultimate Savior of mankind and the inheritor to all divine messengers and leaders and to the pure generation of our great Prophet. The creation of a supreme and ideal society with the arrival of a perfect human being who is a true and sincere lover of all human beings, is the guaranteed promise of Allah. He will come alongside with Jesus Christ to lead the freedom and justice lovers to eradicate tyranny and discrimination, and promote knowledge, peace, justice, freedom and love across the world. He will present to every single individual all the beauties of the world and all good things which bring happiness for humankind.
Though most world leaders do not appear to understand what Ahmadinejad is really saying, students of Shia Islamic eschatology, or end-times theology, do. The Iranian leader believes the end of the world as we have known it is increasingly close at hand. He believes the time for establishing an Islamic caliphate, or global government ruled by the Mahdi, is rapidly approaching. What’s more, he believes that the way to hasten the coming of the Twelfth Imam is to acquire nuclear weapons and use them to annihilate the United States, which he calls the “Great Satan,” and Israel, which he calls the “Little Satan.”

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu understands what Ahmadinejad means. So do some of his top military advisers. That’s why they believe Iran is in the eye of a gathering storm in the Middle East, and the chance of a major war is growing...

France's Veiled Threat

France's Nicolas Sarkozy won't have to face Dominique Strauss-Kahn in the election--DSK having crashed and burned and all. But he will have to face Kenza Drider, who looks like this:

It's great to see a Muslim woman taking advantage of the freedoms available in a Western nation. Too bad she's doing it in order to set back the cause of chicks and for the sake of religious repression.

A Big Oopsy for the "Human Rights" Mausoleum?

Looks like it. From the Winnipeg Sun (hat tip: Al the Fish):
WINNIPEG - Winnipeg's Canadian Museum for Human Rights is using elevators from a company whose history includes weapons manufacturing for Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

And the interesting, if not potentially controversial, twist in the development of the national museum has prompted a Winnipeg human rights advocate to question whether its planners are sufficiently looking into the backgrounds of its contractors...

Museum spokeswoman Angela Cassie confirmed that the Canadian elevator branch of ThyssenKrupp - a conglomerate resulting from the 1999 merger of the Thyssen AG and Krupp steel companies - was selected for the project through a public tendering.

Cassie said that when concerns arise about "current" practices of contractors or suppliers "that might violate human rights," the museum has an external consultant review the firms.

In the case of the elevators, however, she said that might not have occurred...
FYI, you can read all about Krupp in this book.

Update: Lit'ler Hitler at the UN; big Hitler high-fived by a NDPer, the "human rights" mausoleum and, here, by a Wahhabi: it seems to be shaping up as an all-Hitler, all-the-time sort of day.

Can You Tell Me How to Get to 'Judenrein' Street? Why, Yes--You Take a Left Turn On Wilson

In light of what's going on at the UN, this event--Temple Sinai's three-day J Street extravaganza--seems particularly--egregiously--tone deaf, bone-headed and ill-timed.

"Quartet" to the Rescue!

A-jad giving his annual deranged Zionhass speech to the G.A.? Abbas bloviating away, demanding his "rights"?

No problemo. The ever-lovin' Quartet has a plan:
Diplomats at the United Nations are already looking to limit the fallout from the Palestinian statehood application.
The Security Council could delay action on Abbas' request, giving the mediating "Quartet" -- the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations — more time to craft a declaration that could coax the two sides back to the table.
Or maybe not:
But the Quartet, whose envoys met for several hours Thursday, may be unable to agree on a statement that could satisfy both Israel and the Palestinians.
Yeah, that is a bit of stumbling block. I know--maybe they can convince the Jews to disavow sovereigty. Aside from that, I can't think of anything that will fly with the Naqba crowd.

Reverse Racism Revealed in a Thousand Words (or Less)

A National Post letter to the editor claims that this photo is, well, revelatory:
Re: Photo with A Problem For Everyone, Armine Yalnizyan, Sept. 21.
What a perfect photo (shown below) to illustrate this column about income inequality. The beautiful young victim of the abusive husband droops artistically over the handwritten sign detailing her plight. She is seated on the steps of some grand institution probably a bank, while the young white man dressed in a business suit, shirt and silk tie strides cruelly past, completely ignoring her.
What an image.
Jean Lawrence L'Esperance, Ottawa.
A picture may indeed, as the old cliche goes, be worth a thousand words. But not here. How does Jean know that "the beautiful young victim of the abusive husband" is legit and isn't some scam artist (like, say, Toronto's infamous "shaky lady")? How does she know that the "young white man dressed in a business suit" has a tie made of silk, or that he's "cruel"? She knows nothing at all about him, save that he's wearing a suit and appears to be Caucasian. For all she knows, he could be on his way to work at an NGO that assists street people, or the starving in Africa.

We know nothing for certain about the people in the photo. From her letter, though, we do know a great deal about Jean. For one thing, she likes to make sweeping conclusions about people based on their skin colour. For another, she isn't too fond of capitalism and its "grand" (but heartless) institutions.

Mightn't we say that, in this case, a brief letter-to-the-ed is worth a thousand words--re the letter-writer and her (or his, if the "Jean" is French) prejudices?

Did Iran Free the American Hikers So One of Them Could Bad-Mouth America?

Maybe not. Maybe he's just suffering from a bad case of "Tehranholm" Syndrome.

Liberals Detect "Jew-Hate," Demand "Hater" Be Punished for His "Hatefulness"

None of Ontario's political parties had any comment about the fire-breathing Zionhass that was on display on the Ayatollah's Al Quds Day, celebrated with Hezbo flags and age-old blood libels on the hallowed grounds of Ontario's legislature; to opine on such an event would require both courage and savvy, neither of which are generally manifested by our province's milquetoasty, mealy-mouthed political class. (Have you heard even one of them criticize the public school mosqueteria? Of course not.) But some NDP putz utters the word "Nazi" in a podcast, and don't the hyper-sensitive antennae suddenly perk up, and doesn't it elicit much sturm und drang as the Liberals, mustering their highest dudgeon (which is pretty damned high), demand that the NDP leader (a "Naziism-minimizer," according to a Liberal spinmeister) axe the alleged "hater"?

The funny thing is that the podcasts do reveal the candidate to have it in for an all-too popular scapegoat--but not the one you think:
The NDP questioned the Liberal strategy of trying to paint their candidate as a Nazi defender with out-of-context quotes. But the Liberals continued highlighting more quotes from Mr. Marco’s podcast, though they didn't specify if they were suggesting they found them offensive, too:
  • “I went to Catholic church. I was even an altar boy for a long period of time and I’m proud to say was never been molested once.”
  • “I’m probably unabashedly atheist for the most part.”
  • “If you choose to have your faith in God ... or you choose to have your faith in aliens from outer space, whatever, so be it. Just don’t cut me off while I’m driving, don’t try to take advantage of me and screw me over with some sort of bizarre sort of financial Ponzi scheme.”
One quote from Mr. Marco’s book-burning podcast rant the Liberals have not taken issue with is his last line, where he sets his sights on Canadian pop star Justin Bieber’s autobiography.

“If you want something to burn and feel good about it, burn Bieber’s book.”  
Burn the Biebs? Shame on you, Mr. Marco.  For that you should be canned.

A-jad's Nutty Speech'll 'Doolittle' to Advance His Cause

We've grown accustomed to his face,
We've seen him speak at the UN.
We've grown accustomed to his rants,
His crazy song and dance,
His frowns, his sneers,
We've seen them all for years,
Are second nature to us now.
As is the UN's Zionhass.
We could all cuss and scream about it
And how ludicrous it is
To give this git a forum to conduct his zany biz.
We've grown accustomed to his weird,
Accustomed to his words,
Accustomed to his face.

Update: Israeli student meets A-jad, gets delightful parting gift.

Update: Latma entertain you (with a parody of a Queen hit).