Wednesday, February 28, 2018

This Year's "Israeli Apartheid Week" Is Vastly Expanded

This year it isn't a week as much as it is almost three freakin' months long. Which makes sense when you consider how much the Israel-hate has grown since ISW first got going (on the campus of the University of Toronto) 14 years ago.

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The Ethnic Costume I'd Most Like to See Justin Trudeau Wearing

It's this one:

Image result for costume

Until he has a yen (sorry) to go Sumo, though, we'll have to make do with these get-ups.

"It's Fiscal Insanity"

Justin Trudeau's cockamamie "social justice" budget uses the excuse of "gender" to spend us into the poorhouse.

More proof (not that any is needed) that, given the chance, leftists will ruin everything.

Update: Pander much, Justin?

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Great Melanie Phillips Tackles Media Bias

Be the first on your block to see her recent Toronto lecture--on video.

What They Really Mean When They Say "End the Occupation!"

They mean end the occupation of Israel--all of it--by Jews--all of 'em.

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Doggerel Bites Woman

The following, a clerihew, was inspired by Ruth Wisse's superb essay about Hannah Arendt in Commentary. Arendt, an obsession of mine, was a highly assimilated German Jew, and an insufferable intellectual snob, who had inculcated German antipathy toward "inferior" Jewry. That antipathy was on full display in Eichmann In Jerusalem, her poison pen letter to the upstart--the parvenu--Jewish state that had the temerity to capture a Nazi and put him on trial. Anyway, here's my poem:

Hannah Arendt

Felt the need to vendt.
By harping on Eichmann's so-called "banality"
She tried--and failed--to fudge Germany's moral crimes in their totality.

Image result for eichmann in jerusalem

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Pyeongchang Olympics NK "Cheerleading" Revealed To Been Even Creepier Than It Appeared On TV

Apparently, members of the overly-ecstatic cheerleading squad are being forced into sexual servitude:
North Korean cheerleaders who performed at the Olympics in Pyongyang are reportedly being forced into sex slavery, according to a military musician who defected from the country in 2008.

Lee So-yeon, who fled to South Korea, told Bloomberg that members of the 229-person, all-female cheer squad have to perform sexual acts for the top politicians.

“It might seem like a fancy show on the outside,” So-yeon told Bloomberg. “However, they also have to go to parties and provide sexual services, that sort of pain also follows. They go to the central Politburo party’s events, and have to sleep with people there, even if they don’t want to.”...
You see, in Krazy Kim's North Korea there is lots of phony cheering but no #MeToo movement.

Not that you'll hear about it from any of the outraged Hollywood chicks attending next week's Oscars. 

A Few Selections From "Justin and the Amazing Multiculti Dream Socks"

1. Those Harper Years (to the tune of "Those Canaan Days")

Do you remember the good days in Canada?
When UNRWA was sidelined for once.
A PM who never played dress up
And wasn't a dolt or a dunce.

Now the UN's all the rage.
Maggie's son is on the stage.
Et c'est dommage--the Justin Age.

Those Harper years we used to praise
Before those socks and "sunny ways."
Eh bien, let's give three cheers
To those Harper years.

Image result for justin trudeau socks cartoon

2. Trudeau Calypso (to the tune of "Benjamin Calypso")

Oh, no! No he!
How he got elected is a mystery.
Watch out! Beware!
Justin is as clever as a bag of hair.

We see him get an easy ride.
The media, you see, are on his side.
We hear the voice of the CBC
Kvelling that he's all that he can be.

Oh, no! No he!
How he got elected is a mystery.
Oh, merde! Not good.
Justin acts as if he were in Bollywood.

3. One More Trudeau in Office (to the tune of "One More Angel in Heaven")

People, I've something to tell you. 
This story makes me sob.
A tragic, ridiculous tale
Of a guy who's not up to the job.
You know 'bout Pierre's eldest fil?
Well, now he is the chief.
So feel your sorrow, go and grieve
'Cause it defies belief.

There's one more Trudeau in office.
There's one more Lib in their hearts.
Except for the shrewdness and smarts.
There's one more lefty in charge now.
There's one more leader sans skill.
The country's adrift and at sea, folks,
Because of that fool on the Hill.

Friday, February 23, 2018

#MeToo In Mecca?

Muslim women are complaining about the sexual harassment they've experienced during haj.

German Figure Skater Jumps, Glides and Spins to Music From the Score of...Schindler's List?!?

I suppose we should be grateful that she wasn't wearing red.

Image result for schindler's list little girl in the red coat

Virtue Signaling and the Veil

Guilio Meotti unpacks the connection/useful idiocy here:
While the march for women's rights in Washington this year took place under the banner of #MeToo against sexual harassment, in Iran dozens of women were taking to the streets to protest against theocracy and compulsory wearing of the hijab. The Iranian women waved white flags to fight against the mullahs' obligation to veil. But the white flag was not a surrender; it was apparently a symbol of Western feminists. As the Australian Rita Panahi wrote, "while the brave Iranian women protested against hijab laws, Western feminists celebrated hijab".

On February 1, many of these Iranian women were arrested for not wearing a hijab. On that very day, the World Hijab Day was celebrated in the West, and Western appeasers celebrated the veil. Even British PM Theresa May backed the claim that women should be "free" to wear hijab. A few days after that, the American department store Macy's decided to sell the hijab as an item of fashion clothing. Unfortunately, in some Islamic countries, women are not "free" to wear the veil; they are obliged to wear the veil, as the arrests in Iran show us.
Image result for hijab prison

Today's Limerick

Justin Trudeau, his kids and the Missus,
Went to India, and blew lots of kisses.
And for reasons quite hazy
They dressed up like crazy.

Fave Headline Du Jour

Would-be assassin has longtime ties to Liberals

Prince Charles's Jewish Problem

Nobody would consider him a raving anti-Semite. Then again, his recently unearthed take on Israel and the Jews who comprise it is in line with some of the wackier notions of the late, unlamented Edward Said.

Prince Charles donned traditional attire for the Ardah Prince Charles enjoys playing ethnic dress up just as much as Justin Trudeau does.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Justin Trudeau's India Visit Deemed a "Slow-Moving Train Wreck"

Oh, well.  At least Justin, accompanied by his fantastically telegenic wife 'n' kids, got to do something he loves: play ethnic dress up. (Oddly enough, when others of his privileged, pale-skinned ilk do it, it's considered--and decried as--"cultural appropriation".)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau along with his wife Sophie Gregoire pay their respects at the Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar on February 21, 2018.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous--But Tinsel Town Loves Him!

Hollywood's New Matinee Idol: Karl Marx

communism and socialism - Legal Bites

Update: NYT movie reviewer A.O. Scott says the film is "both intellectually serious and engagingly free-spirited." Unlike, say, Communism and the brutal totalitarian regimes it spawned.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

FEH! P&G Olympics TV Ad Sentimentalizes the Hijab

Because the victimhood narrative is bound to appeal to a wide swathe of viewers, and because it's really, really hard to sentimentalize other symbols of female oppression--say, like "honour" crimes and FGM.

Today's Limerick Goes Out To the "Peace In Our Time" In Our Time Process...

On Tuesday, alack and alas,
The UN was (dis)graced by Abbas.
He shrieked, "Occupation!"
And evinced detestation,
And was the usual pain in the ass.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Fifty Shades, The Musical? Sounds Painful

This one made me chuckle:
Rita Ora wants to provide the sex noises for a 'Fifty Shades' musical.

The 27-year-old singer plays the part of Mia, Christian Grey's sister, in the film trilogy and has admitted she'd be keen to play a very unusual role if talk of a 'Fifty Shades' musical ever comes to fruition.

Asked about the prospect of a theatre production, Rita replied: ''I wonder what songs Christian and Ana would sing while they're having sex. The music in that musical would just be like [moans like she's having sex]. I'd definitely give some sex noises.''...
What songs would they sing?

The First Cut Is the Deepest?

Whip It?

Hurts So Good?

You Always Hurt the One You Love?

Okay. I'll stop now. 

Update: Cruel To Be Kind?

HBO's New "Progressive" Stinkeroo Should Be Buried You Know Where

As described by Variety's TV reviewer, the new series, starring Holly Hunter and Tim Robbins, sounds ghastly:
A HBO series featuring Holly Hunter and Tim Robbins should be cause for celebration. Unfortunately, the new Alan Ball family drama “Here and Now” strands its cast in episodes that are as undercooked as they are interminable.

In “Here and Now,” Hunter and Robbins play the well-meaning, progressive parents of four children of different races (the three oldest were adopted; the youngest, a high schooler, is their biological child). The show tries to be a few different things: A meditation on the state of political and interpersonal discourse in a polarized America; a sprawling story of two families in Portland who become linked; and an exploration of mental illness, the efficacies of self-help philosophies and the possibilities of mystical intuition.

If only these thematic strands didn’t involve people who are mostly insufferable...
Alan Ball is responsible for Six Feet Under, one of the best TV dramas about a family--and, arguably, the most disturbing one--ever broadcast. Here and Now, on the other hand, sounds like it was aiming to be the next This Is Us, but decided to take a supernatural detour.

Sort of like a This Is Us as rendered by Rod Serling.

Friday, February 9, 2018

#MeToo--It's Not Just For Chicks

A California Assemblywoman active in the anti-sexual harassment movement has been accused by two male underlings of buttocks-grabbing and crotch-groping. (She's still in her job, though, which would not be the case were she a man.)

OMG: "Jihadi Jack" Want to Come "Home" to Canada

I say we secure the borders and cue the Ray Charles.

Update: The Brits have a different, less Trudeaupian approach. They strip the bastards of their citizenship.

Trudeau Warns Facebook: Fix That "Fake News" Problem--Or Else

As always with those of Justin's political persuasion, the "or else" involves imposing regulations, thereby "fixing" one problem but creating another, even larger one (i.e. the virtual totalitarianism of "fake news"-vetting government bureaucrats).

Thursday, February 8, 2018

What's Wrong With Justin Trudeau?

The Toronto Star's Vinay Menon thinks the problem is that the PM's mouth runneth over--constantly. Menon offers up the following advice:
Zip it, Prime Minister. Put an R2-D2 sock in it. Knock it off with this pathological need to sidle up to the nearest microphone to gab, yak, chat, hold court, shoot the breeze, riff or push platitudes like a guest speaker at a kindergarten class while hopped up on ecstasy: “Children, there is no ‘I’ in love. But there is a ‘U’ in ‘Justin’ and in ‘Trudeau.’ I am you. You are me. We are love. Now pick up your crayons and let’s draw a gender-neutral sun.”

Forget climate change, terrorism, potential war or a volatile stock market.

The biggest threat to Canada right now? It is our leader’s mouth.
Indeed. And if you thought Justin's "peoplekind" comment was the silliest thing he said last week, think again:

In the same town hall in which he made the peoplekind joke, Trudeau coldly told an ex-soldier who lost a leg in Afghanistan that the federal government is in court fighting over benefits because veterans groups are “asking for more than we’re able to give.” He also bizarrely answered a question about the possible integration of ex-Daesh fighters into Canadian cities by riffing on discrimination faced by European immigrants who came here after the Second World War...
Pace Vinay, it should be obvious by now that Justin's biggest problem isn't his mouth.

It's his brainpower, and the decided lack thereof. 

Or the decided lack thereof.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Go Figure

As MPs look for Islamophobia, mosques continue promoting intolerance

"Shirley Temper" Sighting on CBC Radio

Ceeb radio host Anna Maria T. is about to talk to some youngish Israelis and Palestinians. (That's a photo of "Shirley," with the wavy blonde locks, next to Anna Maria).

I predict it'll be pretty much unlistenable for anyone who doesn't see the world through the CBC's Trudeaupian lens.

Update: The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Serving Canada or Serving Islamists?

Serving Canadian Islamists.


Justin Trudeau's Latest Assholery

Justin Trudeau--he of the much-mocked "peoplekind" comment--is about to sell a whack of combat helicopters to the Phillippines, a nation led by a strongman who deals with illicit drug use in the most Draconian manner possible (i.e. by executing the drug-user).

One wonders how such a move benefits "peoplekind" in any way. But maybe Justin, to paraphrase that great thinker, Linus Van Pelt, loves "peoplekind"; it's man he can't stand.

Deadly Domesticity

So nice of Al Qaeda to create a magazine especially for the wives of jihadi warriors.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Justin Trudeau's Extreme (and Knuckleheaded) "Inclusivity"

Sayeth the virtue-signaler extraordinaire: “We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind, because it’s more inclusive.”

Um, p


Literally no one--except Justin--would want to use such a silly, made up word.

Le mot juste here would be "humankind," but one would have to be half-way literate (and not a halfwit) to think of it.  

Update: Everyone sing:
"Peoplekind" means people.
The most inclusive people in the land.
He's a person,
One very clueless person
Who is punching above his weight.
That has become his fate.
It's because of his name
And his cuteness.

Are very special people.
The most inclusive people in the land.
With one Trudeau,
One socks-a-rific Trudeau,
A man who's convinced that he's good,
Comes up with new ideas like "peoplehood."
He hasn't the chops for the job,
But, sob, he's a person who cons people--
"Peoplehood" and people.
The most gullible people in the land.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Meet "Shirley Temper," the New Face of the Palestinian "Resistance"

The CBC's Derek Stoffel strives for even-handedness in this report about the Zion-loathing 17-year-old chick with the wavy blonde locks. Nonetheless, his fondness for the narrative's "underdog" is glaringly apparent. (The best thing you can say about the new face of Palestinian eliminationism: it's a lot easier on the eyes than the old face.)

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"--In Yiddish


Fashion Victims

Intersectionality Is Making Teen Vogue's Editors Stupid;
Teen Vogue adds anti-Israel advocacy to its arsenal of hard-Left positions

On the Occasion of the Islamic Revolution's 40th Anniversary, Local Khomeinist Zafar Bangash Touts Iran's Awesomeness

According to Bangash, Iran's daft and deranged theocrats (including the current Shia-in-chief) are doing a fantabulous job:
The Islamic Revolution that occurred 40 years ago this month (February) overthrew a Western-imposed regime in Iran. The Islamic Revolution did more: it drove a nail in the coffin of the Western crafted political order that was imposed after the Second World War. The imperialists and Zionists — beneficiaries of the imposed order — saw the Islamic Revolution as a threat to their vested interests, hence their hostility.
The "Islamic Revolution" (so called) and Iran's impending status as a nuclear powerhouse is a threat to the civilized world and humankind as a whole.


End of story.