Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Two Zero One One!

Wishing all my readers and all my friends in the Zionist cabal (you know who you are) a happy, healthy and kafiriffic new year.

Joke's On You Wacky Wahhabis, Crazy Shias

Remember that old joke about Hashem leading the Chosen People to the only part of the Middle East devoid of oil? It's N/A. The discovery of "a massive natural gas reserve" off Israeli shores is giving Israel the last laugh and may well be a game-changer for the entire region.

Who Was That Masked Lady, Er, Man?

Hijab-wearing man robs west-side Ottawa bank

He Does Not Like Green Eggs and Ham. He Does Not Like Them Mo I Am.

A High School student in Spain has been traumatized by his teacher's mentioning in class that the Spanish climate is conducive to the curing of you-know-what. (H/T MH).

If Spain has to give up the pork in its national cuisine, there's going to be a gaping hole in restaurant menus--and in Spanish bellies.

The Unintended Consequence of Izzy's Museum Dream--Other Victim Groups Resent "Inequity" of Holocaust Taking Up So Much Room

Writing in the Ottawa Citizen, Lubomyr Luciuk is mega-upset because the Jews' Holocaust is getting the lion's share of space in the Winnipeg Mausoleum. Oh, he has no problemo with the mausoleum concept per se. It's just that he can think of many worthy events that will be overlooked should the current Shoah-heavy emphasis remain as is:
There is no principled reason for opposing a Human Rights museum. But why not create truly unique galleries by allocating, for example, an entire floor to Canada's internment operations, which afflicted not only Ukrainians and other Europeans in 1914-1920 but Japanese, Italian, and German Canadians in the Second World War and the Quebecois in 1970? Explaining the baneful consequences of the War Measures Act upon several different Canadian communities during the course of the 20th century highlights the need for vigilance in defence of civil liberties in times of domestic and international crisis. University of Saskatchewan scholars such as Bill Waiser and Bohdan Kordan have already pioneered that approach. Instead Canada's first national internment operations got only a minor reference, placing it on par with "the alleged slaughter of Inuit sled dogs in the High Arctic" or hoaxes like the one about "thousands of Nazi war criminals hiding in Canada."

A thematic gallery comparing the many genocides that befouled human history, not just in Europe but in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and not only in the 20th century but before and since, would have genuine pedagogical value. Placing the Shoah in context, as Timothy Snyder does in his much-applauded volume, Bloodlands, would remind us that while the word "genocide" was invented just after the Second World War, the act itself is neither modern nor, sadly, unlikely to reoccur.

And how to explain that the victims of Communism weren't mentioned? Stalin and his satraps murdered millions more than Hitler, a point underscored in Stanford University professor Norman Naimark's outstanding new book, Stalin's Genocides, yet that Soviet dictator is not named, not once. Nor are Mao Tse Tung's atrocities included even though the Chinese Communists slaughtered about the same number as Hitler and Stalin did, combined. And what about Imperial Japanese barbarities, such as the infamous "Rape of Nanjing"? It's left out, as it is in most Japanese textbooks, even as the Holodomor is currently being cut out of Ukraine's.

Being inclusive and equitable takes nothing away from hallowing victims of the Shoah...
Two thoughts: First, how dare a museum that pretends to be devoted to human rights ignore the untold multi-millions of victims of Communism? Such an oversight says it all, I think, about the mausoleum's skewed (i.e. Leftist) perspective, but I suppose we should be grateful there's no "Dr. Norman Bethune: Canadian Human Rights Hero" exhibit. (At least, I assume there's none.)

Also--poor Izzy Asper, God rest his weary mausoleum-boosting soul. Here he wanted to put up a museum that would place the Holocaust front and centre in the minds of his fellow Canadians as "the" example of man's inhumanity to man. Instead, his dream is devolving into one big kvetch-fest, as one after another victim group complains about the Jews being accorded numero uno victim status, and demanding what might best be described as "victimhood equity" (what a concept!).

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Who Is Barosco Porco?

Sure beats the heck out of me. But someone with that name and a freaky looking mask avatar shows up as a friend on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights facebook page. Variations of the same avatar show up under various (obviously fake) names--Heman Von Rompuy, Herman Rompuy Von,  Barosco Corleone--on the Federation of Internation Human Rights Museums facebook page. And guess what? All these freaky mask dudes (or dudettes) "like" WikiLeaks and list WikiLeaks' Julian Assange as a friend on their facebook pages.

Now that I'm thoroughly creeped out, I think I'll go watch something mindless on TV to try to drive all those freaky masks out of my head.

Update: Just in time for New Year's Eve--a whole buncha freaky Guy Fawkes masks.

Islamophobia Is a Big Problem in the U.S.

And by "Islamophobia" the clueless lefty who cobbled this one together is really referring not to an unfounded, irrational fear of/prejudice toward Muslims, but to the efforts of those who are wise to the sharia agenda and who are doing their utmost to try to stop it dead in its tracks (even at the cost of being labeled bigots by clueless lefties).

Not So Riveting After All

The news that Geraldine Hoff Doyle, said to have inspired the iconic WW2 poster of Rosie the Riveter, has died prompted me to dip into the vault for a favorite parody, from October '09:

Captivated swooners think he’s just Divine.
He’s the brightest guy with the smoothest line.
He’s makin’ history.
He’s such a mystery.
Barry (brrr) the riveting.

Won himself a coveted Nobel Peace Prize
Given out by virtuous Norwegian guys.
Makin’ a speech again.
Moments to teach again.
Barry (brrr) the riveting.

Barry’s middle name is Hussein.
(Shhh! Don’t say it too loud.)
Likes to keep it on the q.t.
'Cept in Muslim places where he says it proud.

America exceptional? Don’t you be absurd.
All the hopeychangers hang on ev’ry word.
Changin’ America
Into Eurabia.
Barry (brrr) the riveting.

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Extreme Poetic License

An obit of Agathe von Trapp, the eldest daughter--though not the eldest child--of Captain Georg von Trapp of Sound of Music fame, sets the record straight about the musical mishpacha:
...She wanted people to know that her father, Capt. Georg von Trapp, a widowed Austrian aristocrat who was played by Christopher Plummer in the film and Theodore Bikel on Broadway, was not cold, unfeeling and distant. She insisted he was a kind and loving father.

"Agathe von Trapp cried when she saw the show at its Broadway opening in 1959. She would have been just as enchanted as the rest of the audience had the characters' last name been Miller. But this was her family's name, and it was not her family's story," the 2003 Sun story said.

Among other changes, the children's first names and sexes had been changed. In real life, Agathe von Trapp had an older brother, but in the musical the eldest child was a girl, Liesl.
As the eldest daughter, Agathe von Trapp had assumed that was her. But as a teenager she never had a boyfriend, much less a telegram-delivering Nazi.
"In those days, people didn't date like they do here, and teenage boys didn't deliver telegrams," she explained in 2003.

Agathe von Trapp said the nun (played by Mary Martin and later Julie Andrews) who became her stepmother was not a governess. She was a tutor for one of the von Trapp sisters, who was too weak from scarlet fever to make a 45-minute trek to school. And the children were quite well-versed in music by the time they met Maria, who went by the nickname Gustl.

Agathe von Trapp said the family did not cross the Alps to escape Austria. They crossed the street and boarded a train...
Next you'll be telling me Maria did not make the kids ugly play clothes out of hideous drapes and that they never put on a marionette goat show for papa and the countess.

Is nothing sacred? ;)

On Lauren Booth's To-Do List

First, "revert". Second, declare bankruptcy.

You Can't Have It Both Ways (Especially When You Get It Wrong Both Times)

There goes Canada's most prominent Jewish lobby group, helping devise an anti-hate program for schoolkids that basically ignores those factors that made the Holocaust singular (i.e. obsessive, irrational Jew-hate that had been percolating for many hundreds of centuries; Hitler's insane notion that the destruction of Jewry would somehow "redeem" the world) and collapsing it into the broader category of genocide (because, well, that's the friendly, multicultural way to approach it, and because to mention the Islamic tenor of today's Judenhass is strictly taboo). And, oh, look, there's one of the group's mouthpieces, insisting that the Holocaust is indeed singular, but for all the wrong reasons (i.e. because it supposedly gave rise to the UN and the modern concept of "human rights"--feh). To which a member of an ethnic group that has had its own innings with genocide responds (in a letter to the National Post):

Re: Comparing Genocides: A Losing Pro­position, Wendy Lampert, Dec. 27.

I was astonished to read that “the Holocaust was the first time the world witnessed such a deeply calculated, bureaucratic and highly mechanized approach to state-sponsored genocide.” Surely Wendy Lampert is describing the Ukrainian famine (Holodomor) orchestrated by Joseph Stalin which preceded the Holocaust by some 10 years.

Carol-Faye Petricko, Toronto.
No, indeedee, she's not, Carol-Faye. And don't call her Surely.

Update: Mark Steyn has it right when he points out this dreadful irony--"...the people who have most successfully leveraged Holocaust guilt have turned out to be Muslims..."

Hasta La Vista, Dave

Zion-loathing York U. professor David Noble has kicked it, and, boy, is the Canadian Arab Federation ever going to miss him (he being their favorite type of Jew and all).

Don't worry, Arab Zion-loathers. There are plenty more like him--lots of them Jewish--still left in academia (alas).

Here Comes the Jackpot Question in Advance

When the shouts die down and the party ends
And the "rights" types stop their arse-kissing
Will Israel be extant or will it be among the missing?

Maybe it's 'cause that Jew state's still around.
Try and they might to run it to the ground.
Why are you doin' Durban, Durban III?

Wonder how nuts it's gonna be this time.
Experience says we'll see the same old slime.
Why are you doin' Durban, Durban III?

Maybe we're crazy to suppose
We'd never be the one you chose
To target and libel as
A wicked land.

Ooo, but it's clear the we don't stand a chance.
Here come jackasses with their hateful rants.
Why are you doin' Durban, Durban III.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Leftoid Wishful Thinking

Jesus was a Marxist.

Uh, Because He's Really Rich and Famous?

A Telegraph article explains why a 24-year-old bimbo would want to marry Viagra-primed octogenarian Hugh Hefner.

Ten Great Ideas Whose Time Will Likely Never Come

Mark Tapson comes up with 10 Ways to Make Islam Respectable. But, really, were Muslims to follow his suggestions (treat chicks as equals, knock it off with the 'toon stuff already, update your penal code from Medieval times, etc.) Islam would no longer be Islam--and that would never do.

High Societies

Writes Diana West:
The U.N. believes about 1 million Afghans between the ages of 15 and 64 - roughly 8 percent of the population -- are addicted to drugs. The publication Development Asia estimates 2 million Afghan addicts.

Depending on whose figures you read next, some staggering number of these same addicts ends up in the Afghan National Police (ANP). Fully "half of the latest batch" of police recruits tested positive for narcotics, the Independent reported in March, drawing on Foreign Office Papers from late 2009. Also in March 2010, the Government Accounting Office (GAO) reported, depending on the province, 12 to 41 percent of Afghan police recruits tested positive. The GAO added: "A State official noted that this percentage likely understates the number of opium users because opiates leave the system quickly; many recruits who tested negative for drugs have shown opium withdrawal symptoms later in their training." The problem was dire enough, the report continues, to place under consideration "the establishment of dedicated rehabilitation clinics at the regional police training centers."

Pederasty, misogyny and corruption aside: This drug-addled ANP is part of the Afghan National Security Forces that the U.S. government fully expects -- no, completely relies on -- to secure Afghanistan against "extremist networks" and is spending $350 million per day in Afghanistan until that happens.
My question: Who's high here? Illiterate Afghans on drugs, or educated Americans on fantasy?...
Both, obviously.

Palestinians' Ace in the Hole--Playing the Victim Card

Victor Davis Hanson asks:
How did authoritarian and Islamist Palestinian groups become reinvented into traditional Western victimized minorities — analogous to women, gays, and minorities? Hamas, for example, is not known for free speech, gender equity, tolerance of homosexuality, or equality of the races (cf. the past West Bank newspaper cartoons of Sec. Condoleezza Rice). Visit any campus free speech area, and the PA or pro-Hamas literature is handed out right next to the Latino, black, gay, Native American, or feminist booths. Go to the Voice of Aztlan website, and the pro-Palestinian anti-Semitic rants appear cheek by jowl with Alta California chauvinism. How did such an intolerant illiberal movement piggy-back onto self-proclaimed progressive agendas? Multiculturalism? Anti-Semitism? Oil interests? Fear of terror? I suppose the transmogrification of a tiny outnumbered Israel of 1966 into a surrogate United States — its seven-million population now supposedly lording its “excessive” power over 400 million Arabs in the Middle East — explains a lot too.
So does the fact that Israel--like America--stands in the way of the Islamists' and Leftists' Utopia (really, a hell on earth), and must therefore be extirpated for the greater good of all. (Oddly enough, the "progressives" have failed to notice, or have chosen to ignore, that this echoes Hitler's ideas about "the Jews"--that they had to be wiped out in order for the world to flourish.)

Blooming (Useful) Idiot

If a triumphalist mosque does indeed rise in the Ground Zero neighbourhood, don't blame honey-tongued Imam and Rauf and his Missus. Blame bone-headed Mayor Mike Bloomy. From the New York Post:
(I)t turns out that Team Bloomberg was heavily involved in operating the political machinery needed to ensure that various regulatory agencies approved the controversial project -- which has rightly drawn the ire of many 9/11 survivors and victims' families.

Even to the point of pressing Community Board 1 to cast an approving vote -- so that the chairman of the Landmarks Preservation Commission could be given the "political cover" he so urgently sought before his agency denied landmark status to the existing building.

That not only raises First Amendment questions -- it also provides serious doubts about the legitimacy of the LPC vote, which appears to have been dictated far more by politics than by any consideration of the building's architectural and historical merit.

Bloomberg's community affairs commissioner even ghost-wrote a letter to CB1 on behalf of Daisy Khan, wife of mosque promoter Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Meanwhile, officials intervened to obtain permits so that prayers could be conducted at the site.

Bloomberg's office maintains that the mayor's staff did nothing out of the ordinary on behalf of the mosque.
Nothing that any clueless dhimmi with his head up his buttski wouldn't do, that is.

This one should be required reading at Bloomy's City Hall

Update: He isn't much good at managing the aftereffects of a blizzard, either. (You figure that a billionaire must have some "smarts," but Bloomy seems determined to keep his hidden.)

TSA to Flying Public: Watch Out For 'Sploding Thermoses (Thermi?)

The latest item to appear on the TSA's radar--insulated coffee mugs:
Passengers may observe additional security measures related to insulated beverage containers. TSA is carefully monitoring information related to terrorist tactics and working with our international partners to share information and security best practices.
The possible tactics terrorists might use include the concealment of explosives inside insulated beverage containers, so in the coming days, passengers flying within and to the U.S. may notice additional security measures related to insulated beverage containers. While such items are not being banned from travel, TSA Officers have been trained to detect a variety of threats including the concealment of explosives in common items.

TSA will continue to deploy risk-based security measures and work with our international, federal, state, local and private sector partners to protect the traveling public.

As always, the safety and security of the American people is our highest priority and we ask the public to remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious activity to their local authorities.
Still targeting things instead of people. Now that's a real mug's game.

Thanks, AP. That's Really, Um, Informative

At the tail end of a report about a buncha jihadis from various Muslim lands (two Tunisians, a Lebanese and an Iraqi) who were plotting to blow up the offices of Jyllands-Posten, publisher of the "controversial" Danish Motoons, AP supplies this "helpful" info:
Islamic law generally opposes any depiction of the prophet, even favorable, for fear it could lead to idolatry.
Really? You really think these nutjobs wanted to blow up the newspaper because they feared "idolatry"? Forgive me if I venture that that's a heaping load of poopy. You don't 'splode kafirs because you fear idolatry. You 'splode them because you want to intimidate them into silence so that sharia can insert itself sans opposition into their lands.

Why must AP always--always--purvey the Islamic spin, no questions asked?

Holocaust Remembrance a Bust?

Little Jenny Peto and her anti-Zionist ilk may kvetch like crazy about how Holocaust memorialization/education is helping prop up eee-ville Israel but, writes Sam Schulman in the Western Standard, the wailin' Jennys of the world have it all wrong. Not only has Holocaust remembrance proven to be an abject failure. It may, in fact, be doing the Jewish state more harm than good:
Holocaust remembrance and education is one of those ideas which really has been tried. If students learn any history at all, it is the history of the Holocaust. Genocide Studies has become an academic specialty and a fundraising bonanza, with professional organizations and prizes. Great books have been written and beautiful museums have been built​—​all in the conviction that they will prevent the production of future mass murderers and their willing executioners. Of course, people are only human and thus have produced versions of Holocaust study that are vulgar, distorted, oversimplified, inhumane, and unintentionally comic and undignified. But even shallow and trashy expressions of “Holocaust awareness” are not lacking in genuine piety and concern, and share the belief that they are engaged in a virtuous struggle against hate.

The Jews and the state of Israel were not much of a concern for the movement’s founders. It did not occur to anyone that anti-Semitism would reemerge, except among a few Holocaust-deniers. And as for Israel, its future was to be secured by the Oslo peace process, which was put on track by the same president who opened the U.S. Holocaust Museum in the same year of 1993, and shared some of the easy confidence of that decade.

The theory of Holocaust education, I think all except Jennifer Peto will agree, has been one of the great failures of our time. But it’s important to know how it has failed​—​and even more, to understand that our sentimental attachment to Holocaust memorialization can fail us with greater consequence in the future, as can our sentimental horror at those villains who deny the reality of the Holocaust. What happened as we learned about the Holocaust? Generally, nothing at all. Those politicians who speechified at the Holocaust Museum in the ’90s looked the other way, just as their predecessors in the 1930s did, as mass murders continued to take place. On the anti-Semitism front, the Maginot line of Holocaust education, human nature has not only refused to improve, but seems to have gotten worse. In one European country after another, observers​—​non-Jewish observers​—​remark levels of anti-Semitism unprecedented since 1945, despite Europe’s generous application of the Holocaust-memorial carrots and Holocaust-denial sticks. Jewish populations in Sweden are leaving entire cities; the retired chief of Holland’s major conservative party last month advised Jews who are “identifiably Jewish” to leave the country, because the Dutch state cannot protect them from anti-Semitic violence. It’s not Holocaust-deniers who commit attacks on individual Jews in Dutch cities; far from it. The Amsterdammers who jostle and taunt Rabbi Raphael Evers on streetcars are well informed, shouting “Joden aan het gas”​—​Jews to the gas chambers.
Holocaust education may have done more than fail. It might also have produced an unintended, but measurable effect that is even worse. One thinks of the little girl who objected to being taught the Ten Commandments in Sunday School: “They don’t tell me what I should do and they just give me ideas.” The current generation of university students​—​Holocaust-educated from the nursery on​—​have been given ideas. And on campuses around the world, not just in Protestant Europe, it is fair to say that the more the current student generation have been taught about the evil of the Holocaust, the more Israel seems to them to resemble Nazi Germany rather than itself. Even if we resist the false suggestion that Israel is conducting a genocide of Palestinians, our Holocaust-instruction has left us all with an equally false notion: that Israel was created by Europeans in the Middle East in order to make amends to European Jews for a European Holocaust...
Memo to Wiesenthal and others: maybe it's time to stop assuming that Holocaust remembrance will inoculate the world against another Shoah (a demonstrably false premise) and focus instead on trying to save Israel.

Just a suggestion.

The Web Jihad

In its bid to turn back the clock and have the entire world hew to Allah's Draconian law, the Muslim Brotherhood is taking full advantage of the Internet's social media. From the Daily Beast:
For the last 10 years, the Brotherhood, whose goal is to spread conservative Muslim values into Egyptian society, has transformed from a shadowy social organization with power bases in mosques and charities, to a media and tech-savvy machine. In Egypt’s political wasteland, the strongest opposition to the secular regime not only owns the street—today, they dominate the Web.
And though the Egyptian regime accuses the Brotherhood of trying to overthrow the government and frequently cracks down on the organization, Al-Sharnouby’s site employs a full-time team of 30 and a freelance network of 45—a fairly big staff in the world of small start-ups. They work around the clock to promote the Brotherhood in cyberspace, with a contingency plan for what to do if the government raids their headquarters.

Ikhwanonline is just one of many cyberfronts maintained by the organization—among them is an English-language website that aggregates Western reporting on the group; an Islamic Facebook called Ikhwanbook; Ikhwanwtube, and Ikhwanwiki. (Ikhwan means Brotherhood in Arabic.) In real time, Brothers tweet through multiple feeds and post countless Facebook pages.

“Out of all the political groupings in Egypt, the Brotherhood has been one of the most aggressive in terms of… using the Internet as a platform to get their views across,” says Shadi Hamid, research director of Brookings Doha Center who studies the group.
“The Brotherhood has always been paranoid about how people view it. It’s an organization that’s very sensitive to outside criticism … And they’ll use any means possible to try to shift public opinion more in their direction,” Hamid said...
Update: In other tech-savvy jihad news, an Abu Dhabi-based site issued a whopping 350,000 fatwas this past year.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas Osama Gave to Me...

...a sackful of T.N.T.

Who Is Bojidar Zahariev and Why Does Someone Want Him Dead?

Here's a bit of a head-scratcher--why would somebody repeatedly firebomb the home (this time destroying it) of a respectable Toronto businessman? Could there be a clue here (in a Toronto Sun report)?
The home is listed under Bojidar Zahariev, an executive with California-based The American Catechin Research Institute, a skin care company that has offices in Toronto.

According to California media reports, in 1999, a 39-year-old man by the same name was picked up in an FBI organized crime sweep on charges of using interstate commerce to carry out a murder for hire and possession of illegal silencers and parts used to illegally convert firearms to machine guns.

While it remained unclear Monday what happened to those charges, United States Court of Appeals records show Zahariev — a native of Bulgaria and citizen of Canada — lost his bid to stay in the U.S. in 2004.

The documents show Zahariev had failed to demonstrate that the U.S. government had created a “special relationship” with him through his cooperation with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department “or that he faced any danger upon his removal to Canada.”
Looks like old Bojidar may have been telling the truth. I wonder what his "special relationship" with the U.S. government could have entailed--snitching on other, um, illegal gun devotees with Muslim-sounding last names, perhaps?

Update: Hold on a mo'. Is that former Liberal cabinet minister "Pass Me the Tequila" Sheila Copps I see endorsing the Catechin Research Institute on its website? Why, yes; yes it it. And doesn't her skin look all soft and dewy from using its products? (I ask you.)

The New Totalitarians

Same as the old totalitarians, only more "human rights"-y.

L.A. Vows to Fight Fictitious Spectre

From the Los Angeles Daily News (H/T Women Against Sharia):
WITHOUT serious debate or examination, the Los Angeles City Council recently passed a resolution that opposes "Islamophobia" and "repudiates" random acts of violence against Muslims.
This admittedly ceremonial resolution apparently accepts the premise that residents of the city commit acts of hate against Muslims so often that it warrants an official resolution from city leaders condemning and repudiating these acts. Is this really the case?

According to the latest hate crime report from the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations, 88 percent of all religiously based hate crimes in 2009 were against Jews. Hate crimes that targeted Muslims (3 percent) ranked slightly above those directed at Scientologists (1 percent). In fact, the commission found that attacks against Christians (8 percent) outnumbered attacks against Muslims.

In any case, the actual number of reported hate crimes based on religion is quite small. In a county that has more than 10 million highly diverse residents, only a total of 131 crimes based on religion took place in all of 2009. Of course, this in no way takes away from the emotional or physical harm that each and every one of these attacks causes.

Since only 3 percent of 131 hate crimes during 2009 was directed against Muslims, it's difficult to understand why city leaders would pass a resolution that zeroes in on the category that has the next-to-lowest numbers recorded by the County's Human Relations Commission...
Not so "difficult," really. You can attribute it to a combination of dhimmitude and lefty cluelessness (which are often one and the same, something the Islamists have figured out and are obviously counting on).

Enter If You Dare!

What with Ukrainians and others making waves about what should--and should not--be on display in Canada's "human rights" mausoleum, I thought now might be a good time to put in my own two shekels worth. My suggestion: how about an entire room devoted to the outrageous machinations of Canada's zany "human rights" system--a "Human Rights" Chamber of Horrors, if you will? Exhibits could include:
  • Queen Censor Jennifer Lynch's capacious dossier containing the rude, crude, impudent and politically unacceptable words of Canadians who balk at state censorship (contents redacted, of course, a la the Stasi);
  • The logbook showing the many hundred of hours logged by intrepid CHRC investigators who keep tabs on Canada's "dangerous" bloggers (like BCF);
  • The invoice for $167,000 submitted to the CHRC by PR firm Hill & Knowlton; the company was hired by la Lynch to try to polish her outfit's tarnished image;
  • A copy of the Moon Report calling for an end to Section 13, the censorship provision of Canada's "human rights" statues; for added effect, the report could be covered in cobwebs and dust and placed in a dark corner to symbolize how it has been ignored by the country's legislators;
  • A tuning fork used to evaluate Mark Steyn's "tone" during the Maclean's magazine show trial in a British Columbia kangaroo court;
  • The chair Ezra Levant sat in when he was interrogated by an Alberta "human rights" commissioner; the chair could be accompanied by the "human rights" complaint scrawled in barely-literate English and citing sharia law composed by cuddly Islamist Syed Soharwardy, who was upset that kafir Levant had dared to publish the Danish Mohammad cartoons;
  • The pickle extracted from the backside of Barbara Hall, the Ontario "Human Rights" Commission's Bossyboots-in-Chief.

You've Come a Long Way, (Taqiyyah-Spouting) Baby?

A good news/bad news story in the New York Times: The good news is that American Muslim gals are making great strides by taking on leadership roles.

The bad news is that the chicks in question are "revert" Ingrid Mattson, head of Muslim Bro offshoot ISNA, and Soumaya Khalifa, who insists that the role women are assigned in Islamic law is not only okey-dokey, but amounts to a kind of  "superiority" over men.

The Muslim Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton they ain't.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Archbishop of Canterbury a Marxist?

Well, that's one possible conclusion to draw from his seasonal address, as per this by Melanie Phillips:
As predictable as the bells pealing out the ­arrival of Christmas, the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has once again managed to mark the festive ­season by a display of painful moral confusion.

First, he used his sermon at Canterbury Cathedral to rebuke the most prosperous for having yet to ­shoulder their load in the economic downturn.

And then in an article for yesterday’s Mail on Sunday he wrote that the poor should be absolved of any responsibility for their own circumstances.

True, he acknowledged that there were doubtless ‘some who make the most out of the benefits ­culture’ — although even here he couldn’t resist a swipe at ‘some who have made the most out of other kinds of perks available to bankers or MPs’.

But he warned: ‘The Victorian distinction between the deserving poor and the rest is very seductive.’

And he added: ‘Even if there are those who are where they are because of their own bad or foolish choices in the past, that doesn’t mean they are any less in need in the present. And it can’t be said often enough that most people in poverty — and we should be thinking of children in particular — haven’t chosen it.’

This was an extraordinary thing to say. It means that even if poor people are dishonest or irresponsible, the rest of society must regard them as just as deserving of society’s largesse as the honest poor.

But the notion that those who have behaved immorally or irresponsibly should be treated in exactly the same way as those whose behaviour has been irreproachable is itself profoundly amoral.

Of course, no one chooses to be poor. But some people do choose lifestyles that cause them to become poor — such as choosing not to work, or deciding to bring up children on their own.

And what was so disturbing about Dr Williams’s observation was that he seemed to be negating the importance of such choices.

Indeed, by demonising the better-off while investing the poor with a halo, he came close to suggesting that wealth — however honestly or arduously earned — is intrinsically evil, while poverty is a holy state...

Snowed Under

Amazing time lapse photography of the blizzard in NYC.

Toronto Star Rehashes Old Pro-Muslim News

This rave review of modern Islamic architecture (as if modernism in municipal construction betokens a modernist mindset) appeared in the New York Times a month ago, and in the Toronto Star's "The New York Times Section" (one of the rag's two Sunday NYT sections), um, yesterday.

Worst 'Apology' of 2010?

BCF thinks so, and I tend to agree.

Same Old Hatred, Brand New Get-Up

In the era of resurgent jihad and UN "human rights" madness, the Jewliminationist wolf makes sure to tart itself up in fleecy "humanitarian" clothing. From FOX News:
Israel is reportedly tracking an Asian aid ship docked in Syria and has announced plans to sail to the Gaza Strip to break the sea blockade over the Palestinian territory.

The Jerusalem Post, citing press reports, said the Asia 1 ship, which is carrying roughly 160 activists, is awaiting approval from the Egyptian government to sail to the port of El Arish en route to Gaza. The ship is reportedly carrying $1 million worth of supplies, including a sizable medical donation from the Iranian Red Crescent.

The group met last week with Hamas' Damascus-based leader Khaled Mashal, and was informed that the Palestinians were "fighting for a real state without any occupation and with Jerusalem as its capital," the Post reports...

Size Matters

According to Mahmoud Abbas's PA TV, "Palestine" does not consist solely of two territorities (one controlled by Fatah, the other by Hamas). It is as "big" as--and includes--all of Israel.

If you want to know how big that is, all you have to do is scroll down to bottom of this link and look at the Arafat keffiyeh-chequered logo of Canada's taxpayer-funded (for now?) Palestine House.

And if you can't be bothered to do that, imagine this map bechequered:

Yes, Yes, a Thousand Times Yes!

Roger L. Simon asks if now (before another Durban "human rights"/Zionhass fiesta can take place) is a good time to defund the UN.

"The Ultimate 'Evil White Man' Guilt Trip"

More kooky UN "human rights" hijinks.

A Clueless Ceejer Explains Why Our Genocide 'Wins'

Has anything good, anything of value, come out of the Holocaust? Being a glass-is-half-empty sort of person, I'd have to say that aside from providing yet another object lesson in the constant of Judenhass and the particular peril posed to Jewry by those who would harness it for political ends, the answer must be no.

But, hey, that's just me.

Wendy Lampert, a Ceej functionary, sees things entirely differently. For her, the Holocaust may have been undeniably horrific and singularly awful, but it gave rise to a whole gamut of wonderful stuff, which she itemizes in the National Post:
The Holocaust embedded the concept of genocide into the world's collective conscience. From its ashes rose the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on Genocide--the foundation of contemporary human rights advocacy. All subsequent international human rights developments must be viewed through this lens. The CMHR understands this irrefutable link.

Equally important is the Holocaust's impact on Canadian society. Lester B. Pearson was a key player in the creation of the United Nations, and there is a direct link between post-Holocaust international human rights initiatives and Canadian human rights structures. Equality, elimination of racism and discrimination, respect for diversity, and minority community rights protection have become enshrined in Canadian legal structures. Not surprisingly, many Canadian Holocaust survivors were among the creators of our federal and provincial human rights codes, anti-hate legislation and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Holocaust has also fostered a culture of openness and outreach among the myriad of cultural, faith and ethnic groups that are such a rich element of Canadian society...
In other words, we have the Holocaust to thank for the UN's whacked-out version of "human rights" (the one that does nothing to stop genocides but that obsessively trashes Israel) as well as our gloriously misguided Trudeaupia, the one that enshrines a pecking order of victimhood and substitutes fake rights--the "right" to shower in the chicks' locker room if you're transgendered; the "right" to spark up a "medical" doobie and blow your "medicinal" fumes in a restaurant, etc--for genuine, crucial rights, including the most valuable one of all, the right to free speech.

And the bitter joke of it is Wendy actually thinks it's something to brag about and the argument for why the Holocaust should be genocide numero uno in Canada's mausoleum for "human rights".

I say we mothball the sucker and use the money to teach Canadians about freedom and liberty, concepts now being drowned in half-full glasses of Islamism and political correctness.

Update: I am delighted to report that Wendy has it all wrong re the Holocaust being directly responsible for "human rights" in the contemporary UN sense (as quoted by FFF):
The contemporary human-rights movement is demonstrably not the product of a revulsion against the worst crimes of Nazism. For one thing, the Holocaust did not figure in the deliberations that led up to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN in 1948.

As Moyn notes, “In real time, across weeks of debate around the Universal Declaration in the UN General Assembly, the genocide of the Jews went unmentioned in spite of the frequent invocation of other dimensions of Nazi barbarity.” (...)

Contrary to received history, the rise of human rights had very little to do with the worst crime against humanity ever committed.
Maybe so, but it had a lot to do with the kind of thinking that gave rise to Canada's cockamamie "human rights" system and oppressive state censorship laws, a heavy enough burden for us Jews to have to bear.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dastardly Jews, Americans Strike Again

They're preventing those nice Hamas people from "rebuilding Gaza."

More Insane Airport Security Theatrics

Thanks, TSA, for keeping the flying public safe from post-menopausal rape victims who have pacemakers in their chests and Jewy-sounding last names. You never know where those chicks might be hiding a bomb.

Folks, You Can't Make This Stuff Up

"Jihad Muhammad explains the principles of Kwaanza while lighting a candle on the Kinara at United Urban Network Inc./Steel City Renaissance 'Christmas for the Children: A tribute to Michael Jackson.'"

Mausoleum to Ukrainians--You're In!

Ukrainian-Canadians were understandably peeved to learn that the Holodomor, their mass starvation at the hands of Communist Russians, had been left out of the Canadian Museum for Victimhood "Human Rights." However, that oversight will soon be corrected, as per this CMHR media release (written in deliciously ghastly "human rights"-speak):

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, December 21, 2010 - Stuart Murray, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR), met Saturday December 18, 2010 with members of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and the Canadian Ethnocultural Council to address their concerns and any misunderstandings about the CMHR.
This discussion reaffirmed the Museum’s commitment to ongoing engagement with Canadians as it works to enhance the public’s understanding of human rights, promote respect for others, and equip visitors to take a stand for human rights.

“The Canadian Museum for Human Rights will continue to engage with Canadians throughout the development of the Museum’s inaugural exhibits, and beyond,” said Stuart Murray, President and CEO of the CMHR. “We were glad to meet with representatives from the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and the Canadian Ethnocultural Council, and pleased we were able to address many of the issues brought forward concerning the Museum.”

The content of the Museum is still in development. “It is important to note that the Content Advisory Committee (CAC) final report makes recommendations to the CMHR for consideration and while important, it is not the only source of advice to the Museum,” said Murray. “As noted in my letter released with the CAC report on September 17, 2010, the CAC Report captures the reflections of the committee and reminds us that there are voices that still need to be heard. The Report is one of many sources being considered as we develop our content.”

The Holodomor and the internment of Ukrainian Canadians during World War I are particular stories that the UCC wanted to ensure were visible within the CMHR and the Museum confirmed that these stories have always been identified as part of the content planning process.

The CMHR was also able to re-affirm that numerous mass atrocities, genocides, and crimes against humanity will be featured in one of the permanent zones of the Museum. Canada’s War Internment Operations, which affected Ukrainian, Japanese, Italian, German, and other communities, will also be explored within the permanent zone dedicated to Canada’s human rights culture. The role of the CMHR is not to memorialize human rights atrocities, but allow visitors to examine them through a human rights lens, to be able to recognize human rights violations, and to be empowered to take a stand against them...
Yeah, because "memorializing" such atrocities and examining them through a (shudder) "human rights lens" are two entirely different potages, right?

Me? I wish Canadians felt more empowered to "take a stand" against the kooky modern spin on "human rights" (as exemplified by this most behemothic of money pits).

The Latest Re Rauf

The old "interfaith" huckster imam is heading out on a whirlwind national tour to try to sell folks on his triumphalist "Abrahamic" structure, something which, as it turns out, Mayor Bloomberg's City Hall has been only too keen to help out with.

It Depends on What the Meaning of 'Rape-Rape' Is

Ezra Levant lambastes those feminists (Naomi Wolfe, Heather Mallick, Whoopi Goldberg et al) who are quick to defend accused rapists providing they're also liberal icons (WikiLeaks leaker Julian Assange et al):
We’ve seen this woman-on-woman cannibalism before. Wolf and other feminists took the 1990s off when Bill Clinton was in the White House. Despite a parade of victims from Paula Jones to Monica Lewinsky, America’s feminists decided they’d forgive a sexual predator as president if he was a Democrat — the same way they did for Teddy Kennedy ever since Chappaquiddick.

And then there’s Roman Polanski, the Hollywood filmmaker. Polanski drugged and repeatedly raped a 13-year-old girl at Jack Nicholson’s house in the 1970s. The girl testified that she repeatedly begged Polanski to stop, and was afraid of him, but that he forced himself on her. As he raped her again and again, she continued to say “no,” but he didn’t give a damn.

But Polanski makes movies, and he’s an impeccable liberal. So feminists rush to his rescue, too. Whoopi Goldberg told America “it wasn’t ‘rape-rape’. It was something else.” Got it? A 13-year-old girl who is drugged and repeatedly raped isn’t really raped if it’s a great artist doing the raping.

A philandering president who preys on secretaries and interns isn’t a bully or a sexual harasser, if he’s a liberal...
No, then he's an incorrigible charmer/revered elder statesman.

Update: Feminism explained

Reagan Bio Tops Obama's Holiday Reading List

Could it be? Is the "progressive" Hopeychanger trying to get some pointers from the "progressives'" bĂȘte noire, the Gipper?

Obscurity Becomes Them

After turning nobodies like David Ahenakew and Salman Hossain into somebodies by harping on their hate speech and the need to censor it (a done deal in the former case; a work in progress--to say the least--in the latter, as the hater, being Muslim, was allowed to flee the Trudeaupia and has now set up shop on a Swiss Internet server), a censorship buff finally gets a glimmer of a scintilla of a clue--sort of:
“He [Hossain has] never had any concern for the warrant hanging over his head. He is thumbing his nose at Canadian police and at Interpol. The site is up and gotten even more vile,” said Bernie Farber, chief executive officer of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

“It speaks to the ineffectiveness of the law in terms of trying to deal with modern technology. A lot of the law dealing with hate crimes is based on the fact that people are living in Western countries where the law applies. But Salman Hossain left and is clearly living in a place where Western law and Western mores have no meaning and so he is basically free to post whatever he wants.

“I do believe the law will eventually catch up to him. The more attention we pay to him the larger his legend becomes and really, it’s not worth it. He’s a nobody.”
Exactly. And if he's a nobody, there's really no need to "eventually catch up to him" (unless he commits a real crime, not a virtual one, I mean). Far better to let him lapse into well-deserved obscurity instead of gearing up for another frenzy of censoriousness that harnesses dangerous government mechanisms ("human rights" bodies, FCC Internet regulations, etc.) which can constrain our essential freedoms.

Come Mr. Taliban, Tally Me Banana

Caught this one in my hotel room yesterday--the CNN doc about the journalist who "embedded" with a Taliban group for a while (before another group decided to take him hostage and demand a humongous ransom for him). I learned from the doc that the Taliban:
  • are oh so human, same as you 'n' me;
  • have adorable, doe-eyed moppets who, alas, often get killed by nasty American kafirs;
  • are driven and relentless;
  • like to toss around large rocks in their spare time (of which they apparently have scads); while they have a seemingly inexhaustible supply of machine guns, they appear to be woefully low on soccer balls and other sports equipment (go figure).

The TSA Glee Club

I read yesterday in the Mayan Riviera edition of USA Today that the TSA at Los Angeles airport was singing to holiday travellers (an attempt to have passengers look kindly upon the probe 'n' gropers and all that they do). I'm pretty sure the following bluesy number was not in its repertoire:

Jihad, jihad the whole day long
Just an old hate song
Keeps jihad on their mind.
Talkin' 'bout jihad,
It's a jihad,
They have a bomb.
Come to terrify as mujaheeds throughout time.
Other explanations do--
They're so "poor," misread what's "true".
Still in peaceful dreams review
The contents of your shoes.
It's a jihad, jihad,
No peace, no peace we'll find.
Just an old hate song
Keeps jihad forever on their mind.

Update (so to speak): Also in yesterday's old-news-USA-Today-for-MR-vacationers--two senescent anti-Zionist buttinskies make yet another plea for "peace" between Israelis and Palestinians.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Taking a Breather

FYI, I will be away from the old laptop at least until the 28th. Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends and readers, and to all a good woof.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Batman and...Abdul?

Batman gets a Muslim sidekick.

Obama's Messed Up Foreign Policy

"Empower" Muslims in the U.K.; smite 'em via unmanned drones in Pakistan.

Capo Capers

Meet the Israel-loathing Israeli Jew who's helping Julian and Co. do their dirty work.

How the Warped Ideology of "Human Rights" is Helping Pave the Way to the West's Oblivion

Melanie Phillips writes:
Because of the dominant belief in victim culture and minority rights, self-designated victim groups — those without power — can never do wrong while majority groups can never do right. And Jews are not considered a minority because – in the hateful discourse of today – Jews are held to be all-powerful as they ‘control’ the media, Wall Street and America.
So the Muslim world cannot be held responsible for blowing people up as they are the third world victims of the west; so any atrocities they commit must be the fault of their victims; and so the US had it coming to it on 9/11. And in similar fashion, Israel can never be the victim of the Arab world; the murder of Israelis by the Arab world must be Israel’s own fault.

This inversion of reality and morality echoes the Islamic narrative. This holds that, because Islam is considered perfect, its adherents can never do wrong. All their aggression is therefore represented as self-defence, while western/Israeli self-defence is said to be aggression. So justice and injustice, oppression and freedom, truth and lies are reversed.

Instead of attacking Arabs and Muslims for such irrationality and falsehoods, it’s the defenders of Israel whom the western intelligentsia accuse of lies and even insanity. Instead of backing Israel against genocidal violence, the British took to the streets, while Hezbollah rockets were raining down on Israel’s northern towns in 2006, with placards declaring ‘We are all Hezbollah now’.

Israel’s perceived ‘oppression’ of the Palestinians, its ‘disproportionate’ attacks on them and its supposed violations of international law are actually the very opposite of the truth. This is behaviour of which it is the victim, not the perpetrator.

The treatment of Israel is a spectacular example of the phenomenon of ‘psychological projection’ – when people ascribe their own bad behaviour to others who are innocent of it and are even its victims — through which the west is mirroring the murderously warped thinking of the Islamic world.

However, the animus against Israel can only be understood if it is set in a far wider context. It is part of a wholesale denigration of and onslaught upon the west and its values by the media, progressive intelligentsia and political class.
"Progressive" in the regressive, totalitarian, Utopian sense, that is.

"From Marx to Keyes to Hayek"

The New York Post notes the Hopeychanger's "commendable progress."

More Saudi-Funded Campus Zionhass Hijinks

With the recent launch of the first faculty devoted entirely to "Palestinian studies," "our friends" the Wahhabis (who, among other things, are funding al Qaeda and are behind much of the "twinning" madness) have ensured that Zionhass will be a going (and growing) concern at Columbia U.--and beyond--for some time to come. (H/T MK)

Sunnis and Shiites Need Israel

Their mutual enmity for the Jewish state is the only thing that's keeping them from finishing each other off once and for all.

Talk About Trying to Close the Barn Door After the Trojan Horse Has Already 'Sloded It--Or Something Like That

Sweden Democrats urge Islam debate after blast

Moon Shot

In a piece in "Canadian Diversity" (in the runninng for "least appealing publication name ever," no?), "human rights" attorney Richard Moon reaffirms the conclusion of his CHRC-commissioned report--i.e. that, pace the well-intentioned/well-intentioned Jewish mucky-mucks who want to do away with "hate speech," state censorship won't expunge Jew-hate and bring about societal perfection:
However, an egalitarian society will not be achieved simply because the state has successfully banned the public expression of prejudice (an impossible task, in any event). Prejudiced views, although impeded, will survive in private life and so must be addressed. But more importantly, a social commitment to equality that will stand against the winds of change must rest on a judgment that all persons are deserving of basic respect and on a conscious rejection of prejudiced views. As I have already argued, it may sometimes be necessary to censor speech. When speech is extreme and occurs in a context in which it is unlikely to be examined critically, we should not take the risk that it may effectively encourage its audience to take extreme action. This is not the same, however, as attempting to expunge all instances of prejudiced expression from public discourse in order to advance a broad-based commitment to equality.
Would that he had gone further and noted that the "human rights" apparatus in and of itself is having a dire impact on our ability to retain our freedom (said Alexis de Tocqueville: "I know nothing so miserable as a democracy without liberty").  But I suppose under the circumstances (those being the limited scope of Moon's investigation and his desire to retain his bona fides with his peeps, the "human rights" crowd) that's expecting more than a wee bit too much.

Snuggies and Doggles and Slinkies, Oh My!

Silly products that caught the public's fancy and cashed in--big time.

Arar Derides Rushdie, Ali Hirsi, Free Speech on Huffington Site

A "victim" named Maher Arar
Decided that he could go far
If he got in on the curses
Of The Satanic Verses.
The birth of a Huff 'n' Puff star! (H/T BCF)

Update: The Canadian Islamic Congress thinks enough of the thing to make it article numero uno in its Friday rag.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mel Gibson's 'Affectionate' Term for Jooos


Aren't You Glad We "Freed" Iraq... it could persecute Christians?

Talk about your really crappy unintended consequences.

This I Tell You Brother You Can't Have One Without the Other

A jihadi terrorist attack/plot followed, inevitably, by reports about fears re a "backlash"? Why, they go together like love & marriage, a horse & carriage, jihad & sharia. From the Telegraph:
...Meanwhile a close friend of the family who has spoken to [Stockholm 'sploder Taimur] Abdulwahab’s father, Thamer, said: “The family are absolutely devastated by what has happened. They are thinking about leaving Sweden because they don't feel they can stay here now.
“Taimur's older sister Tamara has not dared go back to work and his 16-year-old sister Tara has stayed home from school.

“They are worried there might be a backlash from right wing extremists.”
Of course they are. And, of course, they don't appear at all concerned about the 'sploder's helper(s), who police believe are still at large.

"Honest to God, you could take any three letters of the alphabet, put them in any order that you want to, and you'll get some Ontario government agency, board or commission that you've never heard of but you're paying millions of dollars a year to sustain."

Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak mocks the lunacy of our alphabet soup of bureaucracies run amok.

The One Question That Could Obviate the Need For All the Feckless TSA Security Theatrics

"Are you a terrorist"?

Buyers' 'Messiah' Remorse

Toronto Star columnist Thomas Walkom writes re an all-too-human and fallible Hopeychanger:
There are no messiahs. If the humbling of Barack Obama demonstrates anything, it is this.
Canadians, who just two short years ago yearned for an Obama of their own, would do well to keep that in mind.

Obama is not the only political idol revealed to have clay feet. Nonetheless, his case is instructive — particularly for the many in this country who once worshipped him.

When he burst onto the scene, Obama seemed too good to be true. He was young and articulate. His oratory was inspiring. And in a nation scarred by centuries of racial strife, he was black.

Some grumps (including this one) noted that his rhetoric lacked content — that he spoke eloquently of change without specifying what would be different.

The more level-headed reporters covering his campaign pointed out that Obama’s history was that of a typical Chicago pol — that he had succeeded through a combination of ruthlessness and compromise, without ever being too bothered by principle.

If Obama’s supporters had accepted him as he was, they might have been less disappointed. But they wanted Jesus Christ and, in the new president, thought they had found him...
If Obama's supporters had accepted him as he was, he would never have gotten to be president.

Key Words: Israel, Palestine, Holocaust, Apartheid, Whiteness, Jewish Identity, Anti-Racism, Zionism

And there you have it--the gist of Jenny Peto's master's thesis, thereby sparing you the unpleasantness of wading through her muck.

Speaking of which, the OISE harridan's brother, who lives in Texas and is very "frum," responds to Jenny's using their grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, to justify her Zionhass.

Update: What is it with these lefty chicks playing the granny card?

Update: The appropriate song--revised for OISE chicks:

Grandma got run over by a thesis.
Crackpot Marxist bollocks did the trick.
You may think "white" Jews "misuse" the Shoah.
And if you do, my dear, you're really sick...