Thursday, August 31, 2017

Really Dumb Idea: A Remake of "Lord of the Flies"--With Girls

The whole point of the book/movie is how, left to their own devices on a deserted island, little boys from a civilized society will revert to a primitive, bestial state.

Whereas girls in the same situation would probably--what? Try to tidy the place up? Braid each other's hair?

Me? I'm waiting for the RuPaul version--Lord of the Flies: Island Drag Race.

Linda Sarsour Reaps the Whirlwind (Literally)

The opportunistic activist is using the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Harvey to fundraise--but not for the victims.

"Iran Is Stronger and Bolder Than Ever"

Thanks, Obama!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


That's the best word I can think of for this sort of thing (h/t: MW).

Unwraveling the Trudopian Approach to UNRWA

The approach? In a nutshell, it's to fund the Hamas-aiders/abettors up the wazoo, and to delude oneself that all is well with this eliminationist body.

Here's how one of Justin's bafflegab-spouting factotums unpacks it:
Responding to CJN queries, Louis Belanger, director of communications for the Minister of International Development, said, “The Government of Canada does not tolerate any misuse or diversion of assistance to support terrorism. Accountability and safeguards are central to the management of Canada’s development and humanitarian assistance in the West Bank and Gaza. 
“Canada is aware that UNRWA has faced criticism and allegations on controversial issues – some are based on fact, while others are unfounded. UNRWA schools use the textbooks of the jurisdiction in which they educate because students in UNRWA schools sit for local exams…UNRWA closely monitors and reviews the curriculum in its schools to ensure consistency with the values of the United Nations and with UNRWA’s expectations. When problematic issues are identified by UNRWA in the local curriculum, they provide enrichment materials and alternatives to give further context and represent UN values.”
UNRWA in sync with "UN values," eh? What say you to that, Mr. N.?:
However, Hillel Neuer, executive-director of UN Watch, a Geneva-based watchdog group, said “UN Watch is gravely concerned that Canada is yet again handing UNRWA millions of taxpayer dollars to fund teachers who endorse Hitler and advocate the murder of Jews. 
“Despite a detailed report that I presented at Parliament in April, identifying 60 more UNRWA employees who preach anti-Semitism and jihadi terrorism, neither the Trudeau government nor UNRWA has informed us of a single UNRWA teacher who has been fired as a result. This calls into question Canada’s claim, when it announced its original $25-million funding in November, that UNRWA has a policy of ‘zero tolerance.’ 
“The government’s new announcement that UNRWA will be hiring a ‘neutrality co-ordinator’ is of little use so long as UNRWA sends the message that preachers of anti-Semitic hate and terror are welcome to teach before classrooms of vulnerable children.”
"Zero tolerance" for the reality and continuation of a Jewish Israel: that's merely one of the sacred "UN values" that our Liberal government (along with Trump's) upholds by continuing to fund UNRWA.

Update: My amiga LRC has some thoughts on the matter.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"Can Europe Be Saved?"


Is a Belief In the Primacy of Islamic Law a Mental Illness?

The question that occurred to me upon reading this.

Official Jew Not Yet Up To Speed on the New Normal Re "Hate Speech" In Ontario

Time was when Jews could count on state authorities to crack down on "hate speech" expressed by some pissant Nazi/white supremacist.

That was then. This is now:
A new petition calls on Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi to respond to the Jewish community’s complaints and concerns about hate crime and hate speech. 
The petition, launched Friday by the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies (FSWC), says no charges were laid in relation to Al Quds Day held outside Queen’s Park on June 24 where speakers expressed anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, as well as spoke in favour of the annihilation of the Jewish people and Israel. 
FSWC also wanted action against Your Ward News — a publication deemed so “highly offensive” by the federal government that it ordered Canada Post to stop delivering it. 
“Over the last couple of years, FSWC has filed a number of hate crime-related complaints with police and with the Attorney General’s office. We have expressed our concern over hateful rallies at Queens Park like ‘Al Quds Day’ and hateful publications like ‘Your Ward News,’” Avi Benlolo, President and CEO of FSWC, said in a statement. “Unfortunately, the response has been inadequate and this seems to have only emboldened both white supremacist groups and Islamic groups who have both called for our annihilation.”
Silly Avi. Doesn't he know that in today's "diversity"-crazed Trudeaupia, only one sort of "hate speech" is strictly verboten?:
In July, Naqvi gave his consent for police to proceed with a charge of willful promotion of hatred against Kevin Johnston, author of The Freedom Report. 
The charge, unproven in court, was laid after Johnston, according to media reports, posted a YouTube video offering $1,000 for recordings of Muslim students praying in Peel Region schools. 
“This is a responsibility that the Attorney General takes extremely seriously in every case,” Smith said about hate crimes in general. “Where charges are laid, Ontario prosecutes these cases vigorously.”
There's a certain grim irony in all of this. For decades, Jews have counted on "hate speech" provisions (in the Criminal Code and "human rights" legislation) to  protect them from vocal Jew-haters. Sadly, they failed to see where their failure to defend free speech--even the nasty, revolting kind--would ultimately lead: to a time when, not only would state authorities not silence the Jews' enemies, but when only one form of "hate speech" would be deemed worthy of state attention/intervention.

In that sense at least (and only in that sense), Muslims are, yes, the new Jews.

How long will it take Avi Benlolo and the rest to finally figure that out?

Today's Staggeringly Idiotic/Pointless Statement of the Obvious

It can be found here, in an article about Omar Khadr's devout sis (with whom he is keen to reconnect):
The sister was last in the news in 2016 when she was briefly imprisoned in Turkey. According to Omar’s affidavit, the detention was over an expired visa. He says she then moved with her current husband to Malaysia, gave birth in Egypt and now lives in Sudan, a country ruled by a hard-line Islmist government. She is planning to visit Canada in the near future, he said. 
Her last marriage was to Joshua Boyle, the son of a tax-court judge who reportedly shared her anti-abortion sentiments. Boyle remarried after their divorce, went back-packing with his pregnant American wife in Afghanistan, and for the last five years has been held hostage by the Taliban-linked Haqqani network, by all accounts a terrifying ordeal.
A terrifying ordeal you say?

Who'd've thunk it?

But then, any Westerner dumb enough to go backpacking in Afghanistan, of all places, is pretty much asking to be terrified by the locals.

Update: Mark Bonokowski thinks it's a good idea to keep Khadr's "bad apple" sister away from him.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Flying Piggy Moment

Shockingly, it has finally happened: I find myself in synch with the thinking of Peter Beinart, whose writings, on the whole, usually disgust/anger/nauseate me.

Jared Kushner's Seinfeldian "Peace" Push

In essence, it's much ado about nuthin'.

Meet the "New" State Dep't Blindness. Same As the Old State Dep't Blindness

I know the Always Trumpers are determined to stick with their hero no matter what, including, it seems, the fact that there's now very little difference between how Obama saw and how the current POTUS sees (or rather, refuses to see) the Islam in Islamic terrorism/supremacism.

As proof I offer the following--Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's thoughts (ones he uttered to Chris Wallace) re Sebatian Gokra's parting shot about "radical Islam" (my bolds):

WALLACE: Sebastian Gorka, one of the president’s spokesmen on foreign policy, was fired on Friday -- this following the firing of Steve Bannon. And some folks are saying that this is -- particularly on the right, further to the right, I should say -- are saying that this is a victory of the globalists, and they include you in that group, over the so-called America Firsters.

Sebastian Gorka in his resignation letter wrote this about the Afghanistan speech: The fact that those who drafted and approved the speech remove any mention of radical Islam or radical Islamic terrorism proves that a crucial element of the presidential campaign has been lost.

Is Gorka right?

TILLERSON: I think he’s completely wrong, Chris. And I think it shows a lack of understanding of the president's broader policy when it comes to protecting Americans at home and abroad from all acts of terrorism. Terrorism, as we've said, manifests itself in many types of organization.

The president has charged us to develop policies and tactics both diplomatically and militarily to attack terrorism in as many forms, wherever it exists in the world and wherever it might present a threat to the homeland or to Americans anywhere. This means that we have to develop techniques that are global in their nature. All we want is to ensure that terrorists do not have the capability to organize and carry out attacks.

WALLACE: So, what you make of this division between America Firsters and so-called globalists?

TILLERSON: I don't see any division, Chris. I think it's a question of tactics and how you achieve those objectives. I think the president has been clear in his speech in Afghanistan that we are not undertaking nation-building.

So, we will be shifting our diplomatic and aid and development programs as well to coincide with the president’s view that the Afghan government and that Afghan people must own their form of government. And they must come to some reconciliation with all ethnic groups, including the Taliban, as to how they can secure their country, as a peaceful country, one that does not support terrorism, does not provide safe havens for terrorists and does not align itself with any terrorist organizations or countries that do. That's what winning looks like.
That's what winning looks like?

I don't think so.

That's what burying your noggin in the sand such that you can pretend that the Taliban--the Taliban!--is merely one of many Afghani "ethnic groups" (and let's ixnay any mention of the ihad-jay) looks like.

What an Obama-esque thing to do!

And, as should be abundantly clear from the previous administration's failed approach, that's what losing--big time--looks like.

Update: Tillerson isn't the only clueless/Obamaesque member of Trump's cabinet. As Mark Steyn notes, one of Trump's generals is equally deaf, dumb and blind re the jihad (my bolds):
It's what? ten? no, eleven days since the attacks in Spain that left 14 people dead in Barcelona plus one woman in the nearby seaside town of Cambrils. For once there wasn't even the pretense that this was a "lone wolf" terrorist. It was an extremely large cell, organized by an imam called Abdelbaki es Satty, who prematurely self-detonated the night before when he and his conspirators accidentally blew up the house they'd filled with TATP. 
I thought these novel aspects might hold the attention of the media. The imam/cell leader would seem to belie the view of the US National Security Advisor H R McMaster that Muslim terrorists who commit terror in the name of Islam do so out of "ignorance" of their faith - a view so fiercely held by Mr McMaster that it has resulted in the systematic cleansing from the White House of all those who dissent therefrom. And had Imam es Satty managed to get the TATP into the back of the van the death toll would have been many times higher. 
But he didn't, so it wasn't. And fifteen dead on a glamorous and glittering European boulevard at the height of the tourist season now barely rates a #JeSuisWhatever hashtag, never mind an all-star pop concert with an audience of sorrowful, tilty-headed locals promising that no matter how often you blow us up we won't change - by, say, adopting a less tilty-headed and sorrowful expression...
Here's the truth: the Trump factotums who are determined to give Islam a jihadectomy are bone ignorant, and therefore no better--and perhaps even worse--than those lame-brains who served Obama.

Update: This one ties all of the above into a nice, neat bow (hat tip--MW).

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Swiss Hotel Orders Jewish Guests (and Only Jewish Guests) to Shower Before Swimming

An establishment well worth avoiding--and maybe even boycotting--no?

A Funny Line About the Charlottesville White Power Boys

This one made me chuckle:
There are many shades of white, and Mom’s-basement white is the least popular crayon in the box.
I think we should call 'em IBBs--Immature Basement Boys.


Update: As for Trump, how does one account for stuff like this?:
In between, the president turned to Twitter to complain that his delayed repudiation of hate groups hadn’t met with more acclaim by the media, or, as he described them, “truly bad people,” a harsher descriptor than used to describe KKK or neo-Nazis: “Made additional remarks on Charlottesville and realize once again that the #Fake News Media will never be satisfied…truly bad people!” 
On Tuesday morning, Trump retweeted then deleted, a cartoon of a train mowing down a person with a CNN logo placed over their face, under the line: “Nothing can stop the Trump train!!” Three days after a car believed to be driven by a neo-Nazi, Trump supporter killed one and injured more than a dozen counter-protestors, the message was crystal clear: the president of the United States condoned the prospect of a CNN journalist trammelled by the “Trump train.”
My explanation (and the only one I think make any sense): Trump is really an ALF--an Alien Life Form. He was sent from a galaxy far, far away not to Make America Great Again, but to wreak havoc on planet Earth. In case you were wondering, TRUMP is an acronym for Truly Ridiculous Unearthly Malign Presence. And barring the semi-foreseen (i.e. serious health issues and/or impeachment), this extra-terrestrial will remain in the White House (an edifice that he, the owner/resident of many a mega-swanky building, disingenuously tweeted was "very special") at least until 2020.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

'Unite the Right' Judenhass in Action

A leader of that odious movement is condemning Donald Trump (scroll down)--for letting his daughter marry a Jude.

Question: would this doofus be satisfied if, say, Trump got Ivanka to wear one of those Nazi Jewish identity stars?

A Fine Bromance

India's Modi and Israel's Netanyahu have a good thing going.

American Neo-Nazis' Favorite Arab Strongman

Apparently (and sickeningly), they're hot for Syrian slaughterer Bashar Al-Assad.

Shades of Weimar Germany--and Civil War-Era Spain

Word Du Jour: Shambolic

Maclean's makes exemplary use of it here:
Canada’s shambolic immigration and refugee system, with all its false boasts of orderly righteousness and its make-believe coherence, will continue to trundle along in its mostly unintelligible, sometimes brazenly corrupt and ordinarily nonsensical fashion.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Much Better

‘Racism is evil – and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists.'

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Says It All Re "Progressive" Uniformity

"What a Revolting Day In America"

Indeed. And what made it even more revolting was Donald Trump's tepid condemnation of it all, especially compared to his full-throated denunciation of the terror unleashed on attendees of Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hint: Starts With "I", Ends With "El"

Which Country is Missing From Terror List on Australia’s #1 News Site?

Social Justin Warriors

A Google employee describes what it's like to work for the company (which has just purged an employee who dared to express an opposing viewpoint):
A lot of social justice activists essentially spend all day fighting the culture war, and get nothing done. The company has made it a point to hire more people like this. The diversity gospel has been woven into nearly everything the company does, to the point where senior leaders focus on diversity first and technology second. The companywide “Google Insider” emails used to talk about cool new tech, but now they’re entirely about social justice initiatives. Likewise, the weekly all-hands “TGIF” meetings used to focus on tech, but now they’re split about 50/50 between tech and identity politics signaling.
Wow. Sounds a lot like the Trudeau government to me.

Update: The National Post's "Limericking" feature takes the company's side:

At Google, executives hired
A fellow who, as it transpired,
Wrote long memoranda
With absolute candor
Re: why he deserved to be fired.

My response:

Google worships diversity.
It's a "god" that demands unity.
When a Google minion
Dares to have an opinion
It's a crime! Quelle horreur! Blasphemy!

Update: The Google Archipelago

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Podcast About Churchill, Zionism and the Jews

Well worth a listen.

"For Security Reasons, Venue Location Will Be Sent to Those Who Register"

Those who register for what, you may ask.

For this (h/t BS):
M-103: Islamophobia Cure or Sharia Trap?
A simulcast public live event featuring stimulating speakers, panelists, and small breakout panel sessions engaged in assessing the politics of implementing federal government motion M103-- criminalizing genuine criticism. This is a civil discussion and agitators or racists are not welcome. Every attendee gets a free mobilization advocacy package and the chance to rub shoulders with other freedom of speech advocates who love this country and want one rule of law for all of us. Doors open to the public at 12:30 PM. Attendees who are not civil, or cause disruption, or who otherwise interfere with the program's peaceful and civil character will be asked to leave, and/or will be subject to citizen arrest by a trained security official, and/or turned over to the police who will have been called on the incident.
In other words, in Canada's largest city (local slogan: "Diversity our strength"), it is so dangerous to express an opinion that collides with sharia-compliant thinking on Islam that an event devoted to discussing the issue must, for "security reasons," be held in a secure, undisclosed location.

Sort of reminds me of how things used to roll in the Soviet Union, no?

As for our city motto: "diversity" is strength--but only for a select few.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hamas Summer Camp Motto: "Marching On Jerusalem"

I've written the camp song (to the tune of the Stars and Stripes Forever, and inspired by an old Canadian Young Judea camp song):

We seethe as we're marching along,
Marching as young Hamasniks.
Our jihadis are loyal and strong
And "Allahu Akbar!" is our cry.
However shortened our young lives may be
It's worth it if we can become martyrs.
Jerusalem (Al Quds) will be ours!
Oh, Camp Hamas,

Oh, Camp Hamas,
Hope all the Jews fry!

Kind of Makes You Glad He Wasn't POTUS During the Cuban Missile Crisis

Trump warns N.Korea will be met with "fire and fury" if threatens U.S.

R.I.P. Barbara Cook

Cook, who has died aged 89, was the original Marion the Librarian in the 1950s Broadway musical The Music Man--and had the voice of an angel. Just listen to this, for example:

The Lesson of Zundel

Former Official Jew Bernie Farber spent a good chunk of his life battling bad guy Nazi Ernst Zundel, as Joe Warmington reminds us today in the Toronto Sun:
He spent a quarter of a century battling Ernst Zundel, but Bernie Farber could not bring himself to do the same when it came to commenting on the death of the infamous Holocaust denier. 
“Jewish tradition demands that we do not defame the dead,” said Farber, who worked with the Canadian Jewish Congress and fought Zundel’s campaign of Holocaust denial. 
Farber chose to keep it civil, on the high road and on the facts. 
“Ernst Zundel denied the genocide of six million Jewish men, women and children,” said Farber. “He brought terrible anguish to those few who survived the evil of the Shoah.” 
And despite being jailed, deported and having his house firebombed, Zundel was still very much doing that until his death Saturday age 78...
Yes, but he was not doing it in Canada. That's because, when it comes to genocidal Jew-hate and those who purvey it, Canadian authorities are willing to give the likes of Zundel, an unrepentant Nazi and unabashed Hitler-lover,  the old heave-ho. When it comes to genocidal Jew-haters of the Islamic variety, however, the same standards do not apply.

Hence the case of Salman Hossein, a Bangladeshi Canadian who spewed Zundel-esque hate speech galore, but who authorities allowed to slip out of the country so that they wouldn't have to deal with him: Hossein has been hiding in plain sight in Bangladesh for the past seven years.

Seven years ago, the same Mr. Farber had this to say about the Hossein situation:
“We have for a number of years pointed to the fact that Salman Hossain was a dangerous, hateful man,” said Bernie Farber, CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress. “We are very relieved to see that international policing have placed a high priority on his capture.”
Words that, were the free-as-a-bird Hossein to read them today, would likely elicit much chortling and guffawing.

And isn't that, in essence, the lesson of Zundel--that Ernst wasn't smart enough to "revert" to Islam years ago? Had he done so, you can be certain that authorities would not have pursued him with anywhere near the same zeal, or at least, would have "gone after" him in the same half-hearted, laggardly manner that allowed Hossein to sneak out of the country before being hauled in front of a Canadian court to answer for his hate crimes.

Update: Here's another Muslim hate-purveyor who is free as a bird--and will remain so.

Lena Dunham Should Work for Google

After all, they have so much in common.

Time to Build a Wall and Make the US Pay For It

Trudeau's lost all control of our border crisis

Monday, August 7, 2017

Haven't Heard That One In a While


I had no idea that the handy term--which was all the rage some years ago (see, for example, here)--was the creation of Tim Blair, that cheeky Aussie.

UK Zion-Loather Gets Standing Ovation For One Woman Show In Which She Kvetches That "Holocast Memorial Day" Isn't Nearly Diverse Enough

This is leftist Zion-hate at its most pernicious (because it hides behind a mask of "social justice"):
Regarding the Holocaust, Walker’s character charged that it is wrong to mark the genocide of the Jews alone, asking, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Holocaust Memorial Day could be opened to all people. What a terrible thing… People say it is open to everybody. Others say, no it doesn’t include the terrible things that went on before the Nazis, things in the Belgian Congo when they killed 12 million …none of that is in Holocaust Memorial Day.”

Disturbing--and Downright Silly--White House Concern Du Jour

White House says bill cutting PA funding must not harm peace efforts

I feel the need here to state the obvious: any "peace efforts" are pointless at this time, and Jared "The Son-In-Law-Also-Rises" Kushner should go with his gut and kibosh the whole thing before it even gets started.

Leaving Israel Behind

Two potential Democratic candidates for president have fallen in line with the far left's thinking re--and antipathy to--Israel. Jonathan S. Tobin sums it up like this:
The message [Cory] Booker and [Kirsten] Gillibrand are sending out is clear: If abandoning Israel is part of the price of victory in 2020, they are very willing to pay it.

Oh, Well. At Least They Gave It a Shot

Baltimore's "No-Kill" weekend ends up being a blast--and a bust.

Hitler-Adorer Ernst Zundel Dies, Aged 78

The death of the author of The Hitler We Loved and Why gives me an excuse to trot out the Zundel clerihew I wrote some years ago:
Ernst Zundel
Made a bundel
Sieging heil
For a while.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

CBC Radio Does Its Utmost to Muddy the Waters Re Jihad (Again)

CBC radio's Sunday Edition replays an interview with a chap who insists that dudes who join gangs in Toronto's notorious Jane and Finch neighbourhood are just like dudes who turn to "terrorism" in the notorious Molenbeek neighbourhood of Brussels, Belgium.

One word that doesn't pass the lips of interviewer or interviewee: jihad.

Al Gore Thinks He Won Florida in 2000

Even with all his ensuing climate change fame and wealth--neither of which he would not have garnered had he become POTUS instead of George W. Bush--the old dog cannot drop that bone.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Time to Move On, Dude

Mohamed Fayed 'spends 300 days a year sat silently beside Dodi's body and keeps his Mayfair flat as a time capsule tribute to his son and Princess Diana 20 years after their deaths'

Zombie Time: Old Coot Bernie Sanders Pens a "YA" Book About an Undead Phenomenon (i.e. Socialism)

The book launch, in NYC, is being sponsored by Harper's Magazine. Here are the deets:
Join Harper's Magazine in welcoming Senator Bernie Sanders to The Riverside Church on Monday, August 28, 2017 from 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Doors will open at 6:00 PM. Senator Sanders will discuss his new young adult book, the Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution

Tickets are available starting Monday, July 10, 2017 - $25 for General Admission and $20 for Students. Ticket includes admission, a copy of the Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution, and a one-year subscription to Harper’s Magazine. (Current subscribers will receive a one-year extension.)
Sounds like a huge snoozeroo to me, but no doubt lots of young'uns'll show up and make a night of it.

Update: Here's a lookie-loo at the contents (and they're exactly what you'd expect them to be--charmless, careless and clueless).

Buried Treasure

Mark Steyn salutes the late Sam Shepard, actor and playwright, and recalls/reviews with impressive precision the Gary Sinise production of Buried Child that Steyn caught more than two decades ago.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Famous Last Words?

Feds, province confident they can handle influx of asylum seekers in Quebec

Jared Kusher a Smart, Shrewd Truth-Teller? Who Knew?

Son-in-law Kushner, whose talents as a senior White House advisor have, up till now, been the definition of "underwhelming," is casting doubt on his ability to bring about the whole peace-in-our-time-in-our-time scenario:
In the “off-the-record” discussion, which was recorded and leaked to Wired, Kushner offers a rare glimpse into his efforts to solve the Middle East conflict. 
“This is one of the ones I was asked to take on, and I did with this something that I do with every problem set you get, which is you try to study the historical context to understand how something got to where it is, who was successful, and who wasn’t successful,” Kushner said. 
“What I’ve determined from looking at it is that not a whole lot has been accomplished over the last 40 or 50 years we’ve been doing this,” he added. 
After speaking at length regarding recent efforts to quell the Temple Mount crisis, Kushner questioned whether or not the Trump administration would have anything “unique” to add to solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 
“So, what do we offer that's unique? I don’t know…I’m sure everyone that’s tried this has been unique in some ways, but again we’re trying to follow very logically,” Kushner said. 
Kushner added that the U.S. is trying to work with the various parties in the conflict, but admitted that “there may be no solution,” before conceding the Trump administration will continue to “focus on it and try to come to the right conclusion in the near future.”
I must admit that I've never been particularly impressed by Kusher, and I have certainly scoffed at the notion that he'll be the one to finally effect a lasting "peace" between Israel and the Palestinians. I have to say, though, that these "off-the-record" thoughts show that I may well have underestimated him.

Thing is--who knows if he has the stones and the character to stand up to his raging bull of a father-in-law.

Dear President Trump: Justin Trudeau is NOT Spectacular--and Neither Is Our "Points-Based" Immigration System

In crafting his legal immigration policy, Donald Trump, who has used the "s" word in referring to Justin's performance, is supposedly taking his cues from the Canadian approach:
The administration is citing its northern neighbour as an inspiration for an immigration reform that contains definite traces of Canadian influence — but to find them, you'd need to squint past major aspects of the plan. 
The point of commonality is a points-based system in which applicants with high skills get favoured in Canada and Australia, a program pioneered a half-century ago in the Great White North which the U.S. says it now wants to emulate. 
Such a move would revolutionize an American system that has historically relied on employers and families sponsoring newcomers, in favour of just letting people apply and get a points grade based on skills and education. 
"The points-based system that Canada has, has a lot to recommend it," said Stephen Miller, a presidential adviser.
That's fine and dandy, but it doesn't take into account the fact that Canada opens its doors to untold thousands of refugees who, because of their unique victimhood status, are often as unskilled and uneducated as can be. And all they have to do is get past the Immigration and Refugee Board, a bunch of gatekeepers who tend to be highly receptive to refugee claimants from Muslim lands (or so a close relative, who has spent decades dealing with this particular government bureaucracy, has told me).

How to Keep Hating Netanyahu No Matter What

P. David Hornik has some handy pointers for the We Hate Bibi crowd.

Yes, Yes, a Thousand Times Yes!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

It That an "Allahu Akbar"--Or Maybe a "Banzai"?

In a Guardian piece about the trial of a quartet of jihadis, one comes across this deliciously deranged passage:
The men were arrested on 26 August 2016 after a bag of weapons, including a pipe bomb, an air pistol and a meat cleaver with the word kafir (unbeliever) scratched on it, were found under the driver’s seat of Ali’s car. In Aziz’s car they found a samurai sword bought from a sex shop in Stoke for £20.
A samurai sword sold by a Stoke sex store salesperson, eh?

What was the name of the place--Love Hurts?

So Much For "Intersectionality"

A new study has found that, rather than fostering an "all for one and one for all" mentality (i.e. the above-mentioned concept of "intersectionality"), the existence of various victims groups can often "foster intergroup conflict"/"competitive victimhood" as each group fights to be acknowledged as the numero uno victim (victimhood having immense status in "progressive" quarters).

Update: The Canadian Museum for Competitive Victimhood is what I would rename Canada's "human rights" mausoleum.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Gag Moi

The Swedish model is a true source of inspiration: Macron

Mother Goose for the Mooch

Icarus, dicarus, Trump,
The Mooch is in the dump.
All his foul-mouthed attacks
Up and melted his wax.
Icarus, dicarus, Trump.

Ding dong dell,
The Mooch is gone; oh, well.
Who invited him?
It wasn't Steve or Jim.
Who kicked him out?

The Gen., without a doubt.
What a naughty boy was he
To try to be Trump's Mini Me.

The Mooch wasn't nimble; 
The Mooch wasn't clean;
The Mooch was blue
And quite obscene.

Update: Word is that bully boy Scaramucci has invested his shekels in an "anti-bullying musical" (news which, I have to say, sort of makes my day).

The CBC's Neil Macdonald Has a Go At Explaining the "Mob's" Antipathy to Justin (A.K.A. "Trudeau Derangement Syndrome")

And, oddly enough, he kind of gets it right:
Their near-crazed hatred of Trudeau — far more muscular than what they directed at Paul Martin or Jean Chr├ętien — is a bit puzzling. Because, after all, while Trudeau is a good-looking, amicable fellow, married to a lovely woman with whom he fathers lovely children, he's really nothing more than a garden-variety liberal. 
He's devoted to wealth redistribution, and taxing (and borrowing) and spending, without much discipline. Just ask the experts who study fiscal discipline. 
He promised to reform the electoral system and failed. He may or may not legalize marijuana nationwide. He sells war ordnance to Saudi Arabia, which of course uses it to kill people, and then his government pronounces itself concerned. 
He's tossed money at Indigenous people, which they deserve, and the emcee at his swearing-in intoned the new catechism about how everyone was standing on the unceded land of the such-and-such a tribe (although I noticed there was no mention of giving Rideau Hall back).
Wealth redistribution; taxing us up the wazoo; sucking up--big time--to the Indigenous: yup, that's exactly what we have against him.

That and his less than impressive IQ and oratorical skills (he always sounds like he's a drama student reading out lines in class), and his propensity to play ethnic dress up (the better to pander to certain voters).

However, I would not characterize it as "hatred"--that's far too strong a word.

I reserve my "hatred" for the likes of ISIS, Hamas and Iran's Grandiose Ayatollah.

What I feel toward Justin--and this is about as heated as it gets--is..."meh."

And sometimes--for example, when he summarily rewards a terrorist with oodles of loot--"feh."