Saturday, March 31, 2012

Obama Mambo Jumbo

The LCBO has been running ads on the radio featuring a Rosemary Clooney sound-alike (or it may be Rosie herself--it's hard to tell) singing "Mambo Italiano"--so you can blame this one on the liquor peddlers:

Hey, mambo!
Mambo Barack Obam', oh,
Hey, mambo!
Mambo Barack Obam', oh.
No, no, no, don't win another one, no!
Second term is a non-starter
Like it was for Jimmy Carter.
Hey, mambo, he act kinda demagogic
Hey, mambo, he don't have a lotta logic.
Hey, mambo! Mambo Barack Obam', oh.
Bibi N. he cannot stand, oh,
He no heed B.O.'s commandments.
But that Erdogan--
Now, he's Obama's kind of man.
The kind of guy he cannot resist, see,
He's Islamist-y.
(Wanna know B.O.'s MO?
You shaft your friends and hug your foe...)

Britain's Shame: Gawdawful Galloway is Back in the MP's Saddle Again

A further sign of the Brits' decline.

The Harperites "Hidden Agenda" Revealed

They want Canada to become infested with termites and airplanes to drop from the skies. No, really:

Wahhabis Go on a Witch Hunt--a Real One

From Middle East Voices:
Saudi Arabia this week announced it will step up its efforts to combat sorcery in the kingdom. To that end, the government has created an elite unit to go out into the field and round up “sorcerers and charlatans in all parts of the Kingdom.” The Saudi Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (CPVPV), or religious police, says sorcery is on the rise. Nearly 600 cases have been reported in recent years. Sheikh Abdul Latif Al Shaikh, who heads the Commission, said those who are arrested will be referred to specialized authorities, who will apply “God’s punishment” to end the practitioners’ “harmful deeds against Muslims.” In Saudi Arabia, many people charged with sorcery have been put to death by beheading.
Last December, Amina bint Abdulhalim Nassar, was arrested in the Saudi city of Qurayat on charges of “witchcraft and sorcery.” The Saudi press gave few details about the case. However, according to the American ABC News network, a source close to the Saudi government told the Arabic-language Al Hayat newspaper that in searching the woman’s home, authorities found a book on witchcraft, women’s veils and bottles of “an unknown liquid used for sorcery.” According to this report, authorities said Nassar claimed to be a healer and would sell three bottles of the liquid for 1500 riyals (about $400).
Three months earlier, the Saudi Gazette reported that a migrant worker from Sudan had been beheaded in the city of Medina. Amnesty International had earlier intervened on his behalf, calling on Saudi authorities to halt this and future executions. The rights group says that Abdul Hamid Bin Hussain Bin Moustafa al-Fakki had been arrested on 8 December 2005, accused of casting a spell designed to reconcile a divorced couple.
Saudi law does not clearly outlaw sorcery, but the country’s legal system is based on a strict interpretation of Islamic law. According to the Understanding Islam website, belief in magic is integral to the Islamic tradition. Christoph Wilcke, Senior Researcher for the Middle East and North Africa Division at Human Rights Watch, tells Middle East Voices that many Saudis to whom he has spoken say the belief in sorcery, in jinn [supernatural creatures] and evil spirits is an integral part of Islam, and anyone who denies their existence is not a true believer...
I'm no expert, of course, but I think their fear of "witches" is but another aspect of a misogyny borne of a desire to control chicks coupled with an irrational fear of female sexuality and what is seen as its potentially supernatural/demonic power.

Um, Methinks You Have It Bass-Ackwards, Freep

This snippet appears in a Winnipeg Free Press summary of the just-unveiled budget:
The troubled finances of Canada's newest national museum won't be bailed out by the federal government. That's the bad news. The good news is the museum isn't being asked to bear any of the weight of the $5.2 billion cuts across government departments.
Actually, when it comes to a misbegotten money pit devoted to an ideal that in our time has been twisted, perverted and hijacked by bad guys, there is no good news. Not as long as it remains up and running, that is.

There are Two "Buffet Rules"--Obama's and Mine

Obama's: make rich folks the bad guy and shake them down in order to gin up class strife and sail to re-election.

Mine: don't visit the All-U-Can-Eat buffet more than twice during a meal unless you want to put on a ton of weight.

Mine makes a lot more sense, don't you think?

More Problematic Books Found for Sale at Local Islamic Book Store

Don't worry though. I'm sure the author was referring to the nice jihad--that personal, internal struggle to be a good person--and not the naughty one--the imperative to seek total global dominance:
TORONTO - An Islamic bookstore in east Toronto is selling books that urge Muslims to usurp the Western world and install an Islamic State in its place.
The books, written by deceased Islamic scholar Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi – are available at the Islamic Circle of North America bookstore in Scarborough.
“Islam wishes to destroy all States and Governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam regardless of the country or the Nation that rules it,” Maududi wrote in Jihad in Islam. “Islam requires the earth – not just a portion – but the whole planet.”
Maududi was an influential Pakistani journalist, theologian and Muslim revivalist leader who wrote more than 120 books and pamphlets and lived from 1903 to 1979.
He is described in the preface of one of the books as an author who “provided the present-day revival of Islam with its intellectual foundations.”
Maududi’s books carry a common theme of Islam as a revolutionary “ideology and program which seeks to alter the social order of the whole world and rebuild it in conformity with its own tenets and ideals.”
“Jihad,” which he refers to in at least one book as a war against non-Muslims, is in fact “undertaken for the collective well-being of mankind” to establish “God’s order” in the world and create a “just and equitable social order among human beings,” he wrote.
Terrorism expert David Harris calls such material — antiquated or not — incredibly “problematic” to National security, but goes on to say that because of Canada’s freedom of expression legislation, police and the courts, in many cases, can’t do much about it.
“This is highly problematic,” said Harris, adding that with Canada’s ever expanding immigration of people from Middle Eastern countries - such as Egypt — the chances of importing people with radical ideologies also increases. “What we’re seeing now is not even a hint of what we will be living ... We’re going to see an expanding of these tendencies.” 
A request for the Islamic Society of Toronto to speak about the books was not immediately returned...
Let me take a stab at explaining it a la a Maududian: "You kafirs are paranoid Islamophobes. You have taken these words out of context. You can't understand what's being said unless you can read the holy Koran in the original Arabic. The highest form of jihad is an internal struggle to follow where Allah leads. Allow me to direct your attention to this passage in the Jews' Leviticus: now, that stuff is really disturbing."

Did I leave anything out?

Update: Coren show regular Marianne Meed Ward walks like a Maududian (via vladtepes).

Obamacare Bill a 2,700 Page Behemoth of Legalisms That Should Be D.O.A.

As the highest court in the land weighs its constitutionality, with the fate of the nation resting in the hands of one undecided Supreme Court justice, Mark Steyn writes re the Smartest President Ever's signal piece of legistlation:
The United States is the only Western nation in which our rulers invoke the Constitution for the purpose of overriding it – or, at any rate, torturing its language beyond repair.
Thus, in this week's debate on whether Obamacare is merely the latest harmless evolution of the interstate commerce clause, the most learned and highly remunerated jurists in the land chewed over the matter of whether a person, simply by virtue of being born, was participating in a "market."
Had George III shown up at the Constitutional Convention to advance that argument with a straight face, the framers would have tossed aside the quill feathers and reached for their muskets.
A land of laws decays almost imperceptibly into a land of legalisms, which is why America has 50 percent of the world's lawyers. Like most of his colleagues, lifetime legislator John Conyers (a congressman for 47 years) didn't bother reading the 2,700-page health care bill he voted for. As he said with disarming honesty, he wouldn't understand it even if he did:
"They get up and say, 'Read the bill.' What good is reading the bill if it's a thousand pages and you don't have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?"
George III? Mad as he was, George III was a pushover compared to the statists who seek to encrust every aspect of life with the barnacles, snails and zebra mussels of their legalisms such that a freeborn human being cannot make a move without a retinue of lawyers and judges to sign off on it.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Barack and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Contentions has all the awful details.

Good Vibrations: Sex Toy to be Included in Juno Awards Swag Bag

No doubt Canada's musical elite is all a-tingle at the prospect of the free thrill.

The We-Vibe 3, a sex toy produced by Ottawa’s Standard Innovations Corporation, will be among the swag handed out at the Juno Awards lounge at the ARC hotel.
The We-Vibe 3--a colourful addition to Juno swag bags

Oh, the Exquisite Anguish of It All (Not): A Hopeychanger's Stab in the Back is Bound to Draw Blood

Melanie Phillips can barely her contain her disgust at Obama's latest possible feat of perfidy--the accusation that he or his minions leaked info intended to sabotage an Israeli strike on Iran. She writes:
Sabotaging an ally’s defences in this manner goes much further than Obama’s previous known position in trying to stop an Israeli attack on Iran. This actively assists Iran, and thus potentially places the lives of millions at risk from that regime’s deranged belligerency. Is this what Obama meant when he tried to reassure American Jews recently that
‘...when the chips are down, I have Israel’s back’?
And since Iran does not merely threaten Israel but is already at war with America and the west it has pledged to destroy, is this not in fact a knife in the back of the west itself?
When the chips are down, (or when the going gets tough, or when the chickens come home to roost, or when the swallows fly back to Capistrano, or whatever the cliche du jour is) Obama is far more interesting in covering his own arse than he is in protecting Israel's back. Heck, he doesn't much care for its front--and it's obvious he can't stand its front man, the "obnoxious" Bibi. Given that, I have felt from the get-go that Obama's "back" blather is as shallow and insincere as the man himself.

See the Arabs and the Other Rejectionists on Their Hellish Annual "Land Day"--They Got the Moves Like Jagger

It's that annual event--think a mini-Altamount, with jihadists--during which the Zion-rejectionists get to go wild and channel their inner Mick by singing/shrieking this one:

Hey, Jews, get off of "my" land.
Hey, Jews, get off of "my" land.
Don't hang around 'cause two
Can't stand on "my" land, Bibi!

Update: In case you were wondering what the POTUS's former mentor and Zion-loather the Rev. Jeremiah Wright was up to, he's up to no damn good. (H/t: VF) 

Update: Violence mars Palestinian Land Day protest. "Mars"? I rather thought the violence was the whole point of it.

"Sha Shtil"? No Way, Jose!

Sassy posts "Sha Shtil" (Yiddish for "shut yo' mouth and don't make waves," more or less), a video about the challenges confronting Jews in this, the best of all possible multiculti Trudeaupias. Since I come from a long line of folks for whom "Sha Shtil" (the MO, not the movie) is anathema, I, for one, refuse to do so. And, thankfully, there are plenty of other Sha Shtil-refuseniks out there (like Sassy) to make waves a-plenty.

Update: The Sha Shtil-ers' theme song:

Chis Selley Goes All Queen Victoria Re "Nativeborn" Omar Khadr. How Camp!

NatPo scribbler Chris Selley is not amused--no, not at all--at the "ilk" (yes, that's what he calls us) who dared to have fun at the expense of a mega-serious subject which Chris assures us is not at all amusing--no, not in the least. He's referring to the matter of Gitmo denizen Omar Khadr (or as one member of the ilk cabal--that would be me--likes to call him, our homie Omie) and his long-delayed "homecoming" (Chris's word). Here's  Chris, doing his best I-refuse-to-crack-a-smile Queen Vicky impression:
I would argue that Mr. Levant [author of The Enemy Within] and his ilk deserve some of the blame, too: By gleefully pretending, for more than a decade, that there was some way to avoid his eventual repatriation. Indeed, The Enemy Within concludes with a far-fetched, last-ditch plan to keep him out. It won't work; it was never going to work. He's coming home, and we made sure it was under the worst, most dangerous possible circumstances.
Oh, but it was fun, wasn't it? All those super talk radio ideas: Strip a nativeborn Canadian's citizenship, deport him to Pakistan, have him live in Jack Layton's basement. Oh, ho ho. And all those arguments about who is and who isn't a child soldier? Good times.
Indeed. I for one have always resorted to a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants to keep the horror re the Khadrs at bay. My bad.  Queen Chrissy wants you to know that laughter in these circumstances is completely inappropriate, and, even worse, like, really immature. "A grown-up country would have done what the grown-up countries did, " he writes, "and vigorously pursued its long-term security. We just had fun hating the Khadrs. At least Mr. Levant got a book out of it."

Do my sensitive antennae detect a soupcon of jealousy there? Could that be at least partly what's behind Chris's unintentionally hilarious solemnity?

Ezra got a book out of it (a great read, BTW; I highly recommend it). I, on the other hand, got a song:

Welcome back!
Jihad was your ticket out.
Welcome back
To that same old land
Your dad laughed about.

Well, your family is waitin' with open arms.
And the Ceeb is extolling
Your many charms.
Chillin' down in Gitmo
(Chillin' down in Gitmo)
You didn't wanna sit mo'
(Didn't wanna sit mo').

Well, we'll try to be mature
'Cuz you're comin' "home" for sure,
Welcome ba-a-ack!
(Welcome back, welcome back,
Welcome back!)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ole and Oy Vey

Brisket tacos for Pesach?

TDSB Chief Chris Spence, the Guy Who Signed Off on "Accommodating" Gender Apartheid in the Mosqueteria, Gets a Prize for His "Vision" Thing

From Marketwire:
DAREarts announced today that the recipient of the 2012 DAREarts Cultural Award is Dr. Christopher Spence, Director of Education for the Toronto District School Board. This award will be presented on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at the 10th annual DAREarts Leadership Awards gala, hosted by Jeanne Beker, host of CTV's Fashion Television, as the first public event in the newly renovated Arcadian Court in Toronto.
DAREarts is a Canadian, not-for-profit charity whose alternative arts education programs empower at-risk youth to become leaders and ignite positive change in high priority communities. Each year, DAREarts presents a Cultural Award to an individual who has advanced Canadian culture in youth. At the DAREarts Leadership Awards, six teens whose lives have been forever changed by DAREarts will also be honoured with leadership awards for igniting positive change in their communities.
Dr. Spence is an ideal recipient of the DAREarts Cultural Award. He is a community leader, organizer, visionary and educational innovator and is committed to helping parents and teaching staff give TDSB students the tools they need to succeed. He leads the largest Board of Education in Canada and the fourth largest in North America. Dr. Spence is an advocate for all students and taught in one of the at-risk communities where DAREarts runs its programs. "Dr. Spence is an ideal recipient of the 2012 DAREarts Cultural Award," says Marilyn Field, DAREarts Founder & President. "His values in life and education parallel those of DAREarts, as they both empower vulnerable youth to ignite change in their lives and communities...
"I'm truly honoured to receive this award," said Dr. Spence. "We have to believe in our students so they believe in themselves. One of the best ways to inspire that confidence is by giving children new and exciting opportunities to participate in programs exactly like what DAREArts provides to our school communities."...
One of those "new and exciting opportunites"--though not the one he got this prize for--was believing in and empowering Muslim kids to pray, Saudi-style, without ever having to leave school property.

Great "values," you've got there, Chris. Way. To. Go!

Taliban Unveil the Latest Fashion in Jihad Against American Troops


Taliban militants, who were arrested by Afghan intelligence forces, are presented to the media at the Afghan intelligence department in Mehterlam, Laghman province, east of Kabul

The Art Is Gorgeous. The History That Goes Along With It...Not So Much. No Wonder the Met Tries So Hard to Blur It

There's a brand new wing of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted entirely to a wide array of stunning Islamic art. The shapes, the colours, the intricate and infinitely inventive patterns--all are dizzying, and dazzlingly beautiful. Why, one would have to be an utter churl--say, like this chap--to cavil about it:
Antiquity washes away the immediacy of historical pain and injustice. Our ability to feel suffering is indexed directly to its epoch: the more remote, the more detached we are. Museums play on this—pander to this—and to our forgetfulness. History is softened, elided, or erased. Reality is too harsh; beauty numbs our compassion and critical mind
The beauty of things is amply displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's recently opened "New Galleries for the Art of the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, and Later South Asia," a massive remodeling of the museum's former Islamic art galleries; but the realities of history are carefully disguised.

The engine of Islam was Arab imperialism. Indeed, the new galleries bear the name of the conquerors—"Arab" lands—and identifies the conquered only by their locations. The first exhibit makes the point clearly, if unintentionally: It is a display of Qur'ans, announcing the putative unity of Islam and its (capitalized) Prophet. If not quite treated as divine revelation, Islam is depicted as appearing out of nowhere. Only a visitor coming straight from the neighboring Ancient Near Eastern galleries will have a sense of Islam's historical origins.

Exhibit labels in the Arab Lands galleries say Islamic power "arose" in the former Roman and Byzantine empires. Countries "came under the rule" of Islamic governors. Islamic dynasties "established themselves" or "took control" of various places. Sometimes Islamic forces "ousted" or "wrested control" from one another. The euphemisms deliberately mask the nature of Islam's spread. Islamic sources themselves more forthrightly call it conquest.

The nameless inhabitants of these worlds are Muslim. There is no mention of the multitudes of cultures destroyed, subsumed, and reduced to minority status. Mamluks are described as "elite soldiers of slave origins"—obscuring the fact that slaves, taken as prisoners or given up as children, formed the backbone of most Muslim armies. The Islamic conquest of India, in which millions of Hindus perished, is described as "the arrival of the Muslim rulers." The word "Christian" appears perhaps six times in the exhibition halls.

The word "Jew" appears once, and "Jewish" three times—all, predictably, in connection with Spain...

Yes, and Dachau Was Noted for Its Pleasant Accommodations and Gourmet Cuisine

Anyone desiring insight into the Arab rejectionist mindset might want to dip into From Empathy to Denial: Arab Responses to the Holocaust. Sure, you'll probably want to take a shower after every few pages--it is that chock-full of filthy Zionhass--but there is the occasional (dark, bitter, accidental) laugh along the way. For example, there is this:
[Syrian author/history distorter] Nasr Shimali takes the true fact that Auschwitz also served for slave labor to create a fictitious story of the Holocaust as a whole. Accordingly, the Germans were "obliged" to transfer the Jews to concentration camps after the Warsaw Ghetto rebelled against German rule, thereby endangering the German war effort. Shimali, who did not indicate the reason for the rebellion, added that Auschwitz was a peaceful, pleasant working camp with vocational training courses for the prisoners...
So that's what was up with that "Arbeit Macht Frei" sign.

Where's the Feminist Outrage Over Pakistan's Misogyny?

Funny how spoiled, self-absorbed Western feminists have conniptions over the "Republican war on women" but never seem to say boo about stuff like this (from the Globe and Mail):
Pakistani acid attack victim Fakhra Younus had endured more than three dozen surgeries over more than a decade to repair her severely damaged face and body when she finally decided life was no longer worth living.

The 33-year-old former dancing girl – who was allegedly attacked by her then-husband, an ex-lawmaker and son of a political powerhouse – jumped from the sixth floor of a building in Rome, where she had been living and receiving treatment.

Her March 17 suicide and the return of her body to Pakistan on Sunday reignited furor over the case, which received significant international attention at the time of the attack. Her death came less than a month after a Pakistani filmmaker won the country’s first Oscar for a documentary about acid attack victims.

Ms. Younus’ story highlights the horrible mistreatment many women face in Pakistan’s conservative, male-dominated culture and is a reminder that the country’s rich and powerful often appear to operate with impunity. Ms. Younus’ ex-husband, Bilal Khar, was eventually acquitted, but many believe he used his connections to escape the law’s grip – a common occurrence in Pakistan.

More than 8,500 acid attacks, forced marriages and other forms of violence against women were reported in Pakistan in 2011, according to The Aurat Foundation, a women’s rights organization. Because the group relied mostly on media reports, the figure is likely an undercount.
Kind of puts the collective hissy fit over limits to state-funded contraception into perspective, no?

Latest Mad Man Episode Drives Toronto Star Columnist Heather Mallick Right Over the Edge

Not that she needed much of a push, but the sight of all those chicks forced to wear unforgivingly snug 60s frocks (also the loose ones) has pretty much completely unhinged her, poor thing:
Wow, 1966 was so different, I’m supposed to think. Sorry, it looks vaguely familiar to me. Four years ago I’d walk into Zara and feel I was in Sharon Tate’s closet. “She was stabbed in this!” I’d tell an uncomprehending sales assistant. Now I’m being turned into Megan Draper, in constricting sheath dresses and pumps, and about to descend into muumuus, A-line dresses and Lilly Pulitzer florals. “Now I look like Edie Beale!” I say to a 20-year-old who of course has never seen Grey Gardens.
I wish she could have recorded the 20-year-old's reaction. She probably thought poor Heather was menopausal and off her rocker.

Pravda's Over-the-Top Anti-Romney Rant

That open mic incident--and Mitt Romney's subsequent comments about it--would explain why the official Russian government paper would opt for the Groveler-in-Chief over Republican Romney (or any Republican), but it's somewhat harder to account for this:
 So, in an op-ed today posted on Pravda's website, the infamous former Soviet newspaper writes, "Electing Mitt Romney as the next President of the United States of America would be like appointing a serial paedophile as a kindergarten teacher, a rapist as a janitor at a girls' dormitory or a psychopath with a fixation on knives as a kitchen hand. His comments on Russia are a puerile attempt at making the grand stage and boy, did he blow it..."
But tell us, Pravda, how do you really feel about him?

Eve Ensler, Playwright Who Gave Voice to Loquacious Vajayjays, Speaks to the Fluke Controversy

From CNN:
If anyone is comfortable speaking openly and boldly about women's bodies, it's Eve Ensler. The playwright and activist behind "The Vagina Monologues" has been at it for years.
So when she watches American politics of late -- especially the conversations swirling around women's reproductive rights -- she feels both amused and vindicated.
"The vagina has become so real, so present, so powerful that people are going after it directly," she said. "It's evidence that we're winning."
Were a man to reduce a women to nothing more than her sexual bits, it would be considered the height of sexism. When Ensler does it, it may not be sexist, but it is gross and creepy (albeit unintentionally funny, as is the CNN headline: "Vagina enters stage left--or is it right?"; in CNN's kooky lefty world, vaginas not only talk, they can walk).

THE NEW Voice Company (NVC) is staging a one-night benefit performance of Eve Ensler’s award-winning play, The Vagina Monologues. In this e-mail interview, NVC founder and stage actor Monique Wilson explains why pieces such as “Reclaiming Cunt” and “My Vagina Was My Village” are still relevant today.
What, no "Twat's What?" or "How Green Was My Vagina"? These chicks really need to get a life (a whole one, and not just a body part).

The Irony of Israeli Pacifists Love Bombing Iran--They are Full of Self-Loathing and a Threat to Peace

Hundreds of Israelis caught up in the heady "We love you, Iran" campaign, a social media sensation, marched in Tel Aviv last Saturday to proclaim their warm feelings for the enemy and to condemn their prime minister's "war-mongering." Contentions' Leo Sapir comments:
Saturday’s demonstration is most remarkable for its curious intellectual undercurrent. The protesters seemed to have expressed a remarkable sense of inflated self-importance that stems from the fallacy that all of the Middle East’s problems are the result of the Israeli-Arab conflict. Contrary to this myth, Israel doesn’t hold the key to regional stability and peace. The blind faith that a little less bellicosity from Israel will solve everything is based on a premise that treats Iranian domestic politics, American interests in Iraq, the destabilization of Syria, the rise of Sunni neo-Ottomanism on Iran’s western front, and Iran’s paranoia over its disgruntled non-Persian minorities as if they were problems that can all be resolved by a wave of the Jewish magic wand.
Beyond the pure naiveté of assuming that taking the military option off the table will somehow turn down the political temperature of an increasingly heated Middle East, the demonstration exposed beliefs underpinning much of the discourse on the Israeli Left: beliefs in Israel’s ability to control the trajectory of current affairs.
Such assumptions are not only factually unfounded, they are also downright dangerous to peace.
To say the Jewish state pulls the levers of conflict and resolution at its own convenience is to believe the other sides involved in any of the region’s conflict have little, if any, responsibility for how events transpire. The image of Jews having absolute control over international politics (especially in the Middle East) has equally plagued much (though not all) of the criticism toward AIPAC, America’s largest and most influential pro-Israel lobby. Not surprisingly, AIPAC also came under attack on Saturday in the Tel Aviv demonstration, with one malicious sign reading “AIPAC Damn You” surrounded by pictures of skulls.
I think fear of impending nuclear annihilation can do terrible things to the human psyche. That's my explanation for the madness of this particular crowd.

Blazing Korans!--NOT a Mel Brooks Movie

They torched some blazing Korans.
They torched 'em thoughtlessly.
They torched some blazing Korans
The "Muslim street" freaked instantly.

They spread much fear
And they spread much hate.
A bait and switch
That would conflagrate.
They made those blazing Korans
A tool to make kafirs pay...

All He Is Sayin' Is Give an Unrepentant Jihadi/Kafir-Killer a Chance

This clueless letter appears in the National Post:
Re: If Omar Khadr Sat Down Beside You On A Flight -, letter to the editor, March 23.

Letter-writer Douglas Bland's fear of Canadian-born, former child-soldier Omar Khadr is puzzling. He speculates that if returned and released in Canada, Omar Khadr would pose a violent threat to our community.

Why? Khadr was involved in a conflict in Afghanistan, not Smith Falls, Ont. Surprisingly given his circumstances, I haven't read any reports that he has uttered threats against Canada or Canadian citizens.

However, like Maher Arar, I wouldn't be surprised that he feels betrayed by Canada. I would expect that he feels resentment as the Harper government ignored international laws and its treaty obligations and left him to languish in solitary confinement at Guantanamo Bay prison.

As with Mr. Arar, I would expect Khadr, upon release, to quietly seek restitution, and then to carry on with his fractured life and education in a typical Canadian fashion. Just maybe if we show some compassion, he might demonstrate that the cup is half full.

D.B. Wilson, Port Moody, B.C .
I'd like to respond to the compassionate D.B.--via rhyme:

Hug a jihadi today.
It is the Canadian way. 
If "Allahu Akbar!" he'll scream
Buy him a cup of ice cream
And tell him that it's okay.

D.B.'s cup runneth over with unfounded compassion

Update: The Americans are ready to ship him home, but the Canadian government seems in no great haste to accept him. The Ceeb, which is full of compassion for little Omie, of course, says Khadr is "frustrated," and, furthermore,
...patience is wearing thin.
"We've been patient enough," [Khadr's Pentagon-appointed lawyer, Lt.-Col. Jon] Jackson said. "If he's not back by the end of May, I think there are going to be serious problems."
More than anything, another source said, Khadr wants to be reunited with his mother and other family members in Toronto.
"The most important thing for Omar is family — to be with (his) mom, to be with his grandma," the source said.
It's so touching. I think I'll go cry into my pillow now.

Omie's mishpacha (shown in '08) can hardly wait for his return

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Religion Was Not Mohamed Merah's Problem; Nor Was Politics," Says "Swiss Muslim Thinker" Tariq Ramadan

His problem, clearly, was pathological Jew-hate, but smooth, crypto-Salafist Tariq wants you to think he wuz depraved on account of he was deprived.

Update: Re religion not being Mohamed's problem...:
Rachid Merah said his brother Mohamed last visited him in April 2010, and that he was seeking to learn more about Islam and to find a wife.
"He was disappointed because he did not want to join a zaouia. He was a man of action, a Salafi," the 35-year-old said.
Zaouias are traditional orders of mystical Sufi Islam that are anathema to conservative Salafi Islamists, followers of a puritanical interpretation of Islamism.
"I spent five days with him. He had a strange look, with hair painted yellow," he said. "He was very pious, fasting several days a week, a genuine Muslim."

There are None So Blind as Self-Absorbed American Lefty Women at a Chicks' Confab

Christian Hoff Summers went to this year's "Women in the World Summit"-- so you didn't have to. She writes:
But when House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi spoke, she had nothing to say about the plight of women in the developing world except that their example could inspire American women in our struggle against oppression. “This is our moment,” said an impassioned Pelosi. The “moment” in question was created by congressional Republicans who are opposed to the federal government’s requiring religious organizations to fund birth control, and by Rush Limbaugh’s vulgar tirade against Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University reproductive-rights activist. Pelosi urged her American sisters to “have the courage of the suffragists and all that they did . . . and of the women who took part in the Arab Spring.” Expect the worst, she warned. “Whatever the arena is, it is stacked against us.” Her interviewer, journalist Pat Mitchell, concurred and described the current environment in the United States as a “nightmare.”
Over and over again, the conference morphed into a super-charged political rally for the reelection of Barack Obama. Prominent American Democrats stole the show from the valiant unknowns battling violent oppression of women in far-off lands. Beside Pelosi, speakers included Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, former secretary of state Madeleine Albright, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, U.S. ambassador on global women’s issues Melanne Verveer, State Department chief of staff Cheryl Mills, and former Democratic congresswoman Jane Harman, now president of the Woodrow Wilson Center. Harman quipped that that there is no glass ceiling — “just a thick layer of men.” The image so delighted the audience that she said it again the next day.

Marriage Guide Sold On ISNA Canada Website MUCH More "Lenient" Than That Other One

According to The Muslim Marriage Guide, available for purchase on the ISNA Canada site, husbands are advised that
Put together, all these sources [from the Koran and hadith] suggest that beating, if it has to be done at all, should be a last resort to punish a wife for some major sin, such as adultery. It is the final manifestation of the husband's authority, not the first; a deterrent aimed at holding the marriage together.
So a "beating" is the way to hold a bad marriage together? Good to know. Here in Kafirland the "last resort" usually consists of heading off to a marriage counselor. But, hey, maybe a "last resort" beating is more effective--and less expensive.

Update: This BeliefNet reviewer gives the book two thumbs-up, calling its author "the John Gray of the Muslim world." Funny, I don't remember that part of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus where the Martians are advised to thrash the Venetians (but only as a "last resort").

Unintended Consequence of Osama Gotcha--Pakistanis Shun Polio Inoculation Fearing It's a CIA Conspiracy

That's rational, isn't it?

And when they end up getting polio--no doubt that too will be seen as a CIA (or a Jooooish) conspiracy.

Whassup With Obama's Desire to Emulate the European Paradigm of Unsustainability?

Mark Helprin takes a stab at explaining it:
Both in his re-election campaign and as the core principle of his presidency, Barack Obama asks America to cast off reliance on the free market—because, in his characterization, the free market "doesn't work"—in favor of the European model of ever-tightening, ever-regulating, ever-expanding governance. This he does, astonishingly, at the very moment of the European model's long-predictable crisis, collapse, bankruptcy, and devolution.
With his trademark certainty he proposes—indeed, at times commands—that we follow him over the Niagara to which his back is turned. The writer Henry James cautioned that, "It's a complex fate, being an American, & one of the responsibilities it entails is fighting against a superstitious valuation of Europe." Promiscuous endorsement of things European, inveterate in the president's academic coterie, has long been characteristic of American snobs. As Harvard once dispatched missionaries to better the savages, it now sends students abroad so they might better us. To be wrong on both counts requires congenital blindness to the facts, which suggest that despite our own grievous failings Europe is hardly worthy of imitation.
Snobbery, congenital blindness, the malign influence of academia: that pretty much covers it, I'd say.

America hurtles over the falls with Europhile Obama--without a barrel

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Daughter?

Barack Obama looks to Turkey's Islamist prime minister for helpful hints on raising girls:
President Barack Obama and Turkey’s controversial Islamist prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan have become such bosom buddies that Erdogan is giving Obama advice on raising his American daughters.
Obama, who met with Erdogan March 25 at the nuclear summit in South Korea, has already met with Erdogan numerous times. He touted their relationship as a “friendship” in a January interview that was hyped by Erdogan’s press allies.
The two met in South Korea on Sunday, Eastern Time, to discuss Syria’s civil war and Iran’s nuclear weapons program, but they also talked about the president’s two daughters, Malia and Sasha, Obama said during a press conference, according to a White House statement.
“The bottom line is that we find ourselves in frequent agreement upon a wide range of issues… [and] because he has two daughters that are a little older than mine — they’ve turned out very well, so I’m always interested in his perspective on raising girls,” Obama said.
One of Erdogan’s two daughters, Sumeyye, is entering Turkish politics via her father’s Islamist party, according to the Turkish press.
She wears Islamist-style clothes that obscure her hair and shape...
Pop blowhard Bono bows to a well-raised daughter

Sick, Sick, Sick: Toulouse Carnage Done Up a la an MTV Music Video

The ultimate in pathological Jew-hate: the footage shot by the Toulouse Jew-killer as he went about his bloody deed has been edited in a snazzy way to include music and pertinent quotes from the Koran.

If there was a Nobel Prize for Zionhass, it would win hands down.

Sudden Jihadophobia Syndrome?

A JetBlue plane en route to Las Vegas was forced to make an emergency landing when the pilot suddenly went off his nut and started ranting about al Qaeda, hidden bombs and such.

Global News Downplays Muslim Wife-Beating Manual By Citing Passage in the Jewish Bible

It would have been far more appropriate to cite the Koran and Hadiths, no?

Update: Andrew Bostom (who wrote the book on historical Islamic Jew-hatred) writes:
Touted as the definitive Muslim primer on “how to run the institution of marriage successfully,” Gift For Muslim Couple was written by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (d. 1943)—known as “Sage of the Ummah”—a prolific (pre-partition) Indian scholar of Islam’s foundational texts (i.e., Koran and hadith), and Islamic jurisprudence. Upon reading this Muslim guide to matrimonial bliss, penned by a mainstream Muslim legist widely recognized for the profundity of his understanding of Islamic doctrine, one learns, from a Daily Telegraph report,
“rights of the husband” include his wife’s inability to leave “his house without his permission.” She must then “fulfill his desires” and “not allow herself to be untidy … but should beautify herself for him.”…[T]he book advises men that they should scold their wives…[T]hey may also “beat [the wife] by hand or stick, withhold money from her or pull (her) by the ears.” It the adds that men should “refrain from beating her excessively.”
Indeed, Thanwi’s guide—as per its billing—is entirely consistent with Islam’s most important canonical sources, the Koran (along with its most important interpretative commentaries), and hadith (i.e., the words and actions of Muhammad, Islam’s prophet, as recorded by his earliest pious Muslim companions).

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

German Court Embraces Sharia in Resolving Civil Case

Who needs sharia courts when kafirs are perfectly willing to use the flawless law on their own volition?
A court in Germany decided to resolve a dowry dispute between two Turkish families in accordance with the rules of Islam, Anatolia news agency reported.
The family of the groom, who had passed 12,000 euros worth of gold onto the bride, sued the bride's family to take the money back after the couple got a divorce two months after the wedding. The court ruled against the groom's family, stating that the money given to the bride was to provide financial security for life according to the laws of Islam.
Post-marriage protection for a divorced woman is compatible with the German constitution, a spokesman for the court said, but would not say whether the same ruling would have been made if both families were non-Muslims.
Not today, maybe, but give it a few years.

One of Those Annoying Twisty Eco-Light Bulbs Almost Started a Fire at My House

I had the ceiling light on in my bedroom while getting dressed this morning when I saw a flash, followed by a puff of smoke, followed by the noxious smell of burning electrical matter. After opening the window to air out the room, I gingerly removed the twisty bulb--which had a distinct burn mark at the part that screwed into the socket--knowing that as long as it hadn't burst, thereby spewing hazardous crap all over my bedspread, I was probably safe and didn't have to resort to Haz-Mat mode.

Away to the Camptown Races: Imam Rockwell Disses Jooos, Deedat, Deedat...

I hope the Oakley Show will post the audio of the, ahem, lively discussion this morning between Ezra Levant and Imam Steve "The Splenetic" Rockwell. It was quite possibly the funniest and most flagrantly anti-Semitic hour of broadcasting I've ever heard. The imam was there to answer questions about that Muslim marriage guide which counselled mild to moderate wife beating. He did so by: claiming such words aren't part of Islam, but are "tribal"; quoting a Jewish prayer recited by men thanking the Almighty for making them men; insisting that whatever was in that book was borrowed from Jewish teachings/part of (surprise, surprise!) a larger Jewish conspiracy. The imam also gave thumbs up to polygamy in Canada, and claimed that Canada's Constitution is--I kid you not--based on sharia.

In other words, same old Imam Rockwell.

If and when the audio becomes available, I'll post it. Until then, hearken back to another time (nearly a year ago) when Ezra and the imam had a bit of a dust up--on that occasion over some "provocative" 'toons:

TORONTO - “Why doesn’t he show his Jewish cousins being fried by the Nazis?” — Imam Steve Rockwell.
Ezra Levant said the first time he published the controversial Danish cartoons it was because they were “news.” This time it was for “freedom.” Levant didn’t apologize either time.
And there is more calling it as he sees it to come.

“This is a free country and I am prepared to show them everyday if that helps people understand that,” he said in an interview just after his new show, The Source, debuted on the Sun News Network Monday. He displayed the 12 controversial Muhammad cartoons.
When he ran the Jyllands-Posten drawings that some Muslims felt were disrespectful to the prophet Muhammad in his Western Standard Magazine five years ago, he was “prosecuted” by the Alberta Human Rights Commission which deemed his actions as hate.
When he showed them on his inaugural show, Levant, a columnist, lawyer and broadcaster, drew the ire of prominent Toronto Imam Steve Rockwell of the Downtown Mosque known as the Deedat Centre.
“If he wants freedom of speech why doesn’t he go up to a black man and use the N-word?” asked an angry Rockwell who found Levant’s actions disrespectful. “There is no absolute free speech. With freedom of speech there are rules.”

And Rockwell, who hosts The Call of the Minaret on Vision TV — and will appear Wednesday with Florida Koran-burning Pastor Terry Jones on the John Oakley Show on AM 640 Wednesday — said there are “consequences” for breaking them.
Saying Levant was being discourteous and impertinent to the faith of more than 1 billion people, Rockwell — to make a point — took more shots at Levant’s Jewish roots.

“If he were to show 100 Jews in flames with soap coming out of the other end he would not have a job the next day!” said Rockwell.

But Levant countered the difference between anti-Semitic cartoons and these ones.

“Anti-Semitic cartoons run in newspapers around the world all the time,” he said. “If they were the cause of riots and 200 people dying you are darn right I would run them.”

He joked he would put down his “smoke meat sandwich and cover it in a second.”
I think that gives you a good  idea of the tone and tenor of today's broadcast.

Update: What Steve's mentor, Sheikh Deedat (whose name adorns his mentee's mosque) taught him, and I quote: "Convert them to Islam and the job is done permanently."

Update: FYI, here's the entire Imam Rockwell song:

Imam Rockwell disses Joooos,
Deedat, Deedat.
Ezra L. he tried to bruise
On Oakley today.
Ezra L. he holds his own,
Deedat, Deedat.
Imam Rockwell starts to moan,
Oh, Deedat day.
G'wine to rant and rave.
G'wine to scream and rail.
He'll bet his money on the shari'ah.
That law'll soon prevail.

Harvard's Anal Sex Seminar a Big Pain in the Butt (Rimshot)

It's but one of many events taking place during that august institution's "Sex Week." (Essential for undergrads who would otherwise be at a loss in the absence of such instruction/encouragement?)  Roger Kimball has immense fun with the whole thing, including this:
The real pièce de la résistance of tomorrow’s program, however, is undoubtedly “What What (In the Butt): Anal Pleasure 101” which you can experience tomorrow at 4PM, Ticknor Lounge.
Come learn everything about anal sex from the expert, Tristan Taormino, author of two books and director of six sex ed films on the subject! Tristan will dispel myths about anal sex and give you insight into why people do it and how to do it well. She’ll cover a wide variety of topics, including: anal anatomy and the potential for pleasure for men and women; how to talk about it with a partner; basic preparation and hygiene; lubes, anal toys, and safer sex; anal penetration for beginners, and much more! Learn the facts about this exciting yet often misunderstood form of pleasure, find out the common mistakes people make, and get all your questions answered!
Many other important innovative, scholastic, thought-provoking, and interdisciplinary subjects will be bruited later in the week, including “Asexuality and Queering Intimacy,” “Can Porn Be Ethical?,” and, not to be missed, the “8th Annual Female Orgasm Seminar.”
Batteries included, presumably.

"Unveiled," a One Woman Show in Chicago, Castigates Americans for their Unfounded "Islamophobia"

Proving yet again that the best defence is a good offence--one which slanders an entire nation of kafirs, thereby obviating any need to address the problematic aspects of Islam that engender terrorism, tyranny and megalomania. From onislam:
CAIRO – Depicting a decade of negative portrayal of American Muslims in the post-9/11 era, a new play will go on stage on Friday, March 30, to draw real-life Muslim experiences.
“After 9/11, when I got together with Sikhs or Hindus and other peoples of culture, everyone seemed to have a story to tell,” Rohina Malik, who is of Indo-Pakistani heritage, told The Record on Tuesday, March 27.
Tired of the negative portrayals of Muslims in the media post 9/11, Malik was prompted to write a play reflecting this experience.
In her one-woman show, Unveiled, she creates the character of a Pakistani seamstress to tell the story.
The 35-year-old Chicago-based playwright and actress said the concept of the play comes from an expression in the Qur’an, which asks people to remove the veil from their heart...
Remove it from their they can put it on chicks' heads? No doubt she'll find a receptive crowd of guilt-ridden lefties for her cockamamie message in this most leftist of cities.

"Toronto the Good" No Longer as City Considers Setting Up a Red Light District

An official one, that is.

What with legal brothels and Premier McSpendy's gambling plans, it's time to change our name to Pottersville, no?

Is France Safe for Jews?

In a word: non.

Montreal Rocker a Good Eco-"Sam"aritan

Did you know there's an e-zine called Samaritanmag devoted to the good deeds of celebrities and others? I just happened upon it--and this:
"If David Suzuki could hold a tune, I'm sure they would've asked him," Montreal rocker Sam Roberts quips in an interview with Samaritanmag about his recent appointment by the Canadian Academy of Recordings Arts & Sciences as the Juno Awards first-ever Sustainability Ambassador.
"I think that's gonna be my quote for the rest of this. If you hear it again, it's because that's gonna be my catch phrase," he laughs.
In all seriously (sic), the Juno Award-winning singer-guitarist is a perfect candidate for the title and its obligations. He was first informed of environmentally-friendly practices by his roommate in university and found living that lifestyle was "very simple. It doesn't really take much." All these years later, he continues to implement them, and more.
"There are so many things - from the most small mundane details like the cleaning products and detergent that you use and washing your clothes with cold water and using phosphate-free hand soap and dishwasher detergent, to not flushing the toilet every time we go pee to composting to try to recycle as efficiently as we possibly can," says Roberts.
Canada's biggest music awards show — which takes place in Ottawa this year over two nights, one a private untelevised gala dinner March 31 and one a more concert-like two-hour televised event April 1 — will be using the Canadian Standards Association's event sustainability management standard, CSA Z2010, to guide the design and delivery of the awards and associated Juno events...
In all seriously, I think I just tossed my Bran Buds.

Now We Know Why the Toulouse Jew-Killer Filmed His Crimes--So He Could Sent the Footage to al Jazeera

Supposedly, the Arab CNN (as if!) hasn't decided whether or not to air it.

Update: A-J won't air it.

Ceeb's Little Mosque Shill-Com (Now In Its Final Year of Production) Employed Muslim Brotherhood Advisors to Keep It In Line

At least, that's what Tarek Fatah told Michael Coren yesterday. So sad that, after all those years of service advising the show's producers and writers re which lines must not be crossed (i.e., do not mention honour crimes, the sacredness and efficacy of wife-beating in marriage, and/or Islam founder's child bride, etc.) these helpful Islamists won't be collecting taxpayer shekels any more.

At Long Last, Israel Severs Ties With the UN's Grotesquely Misnamed "Human Rights" Body

Since the UN's "human rights" council is Gound Zero for internationist Zionhass (hello, Durbans I, II and III!), and since that racket is presided over such "human rights" paragons as China, Cuba and Saudi Arabia, my one question for Israel is: what took you so long?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Coming Soon--The Best Little Whorehouse in...Mississauga?

In light of this, I don't see why not.

Damn You, Mad Men Ear Worm

Watched the show last night (back after a 17 month absence) and now I can't get this one out of my head:

You'll Never Guess What the White House Calls Obamacare

"The Affordable Care Act"

Affordable for whom?

As deranged euphemisms go, that one's right up there with "the religion of peace."

The 16 Worst Countries in the World in Which to Be a Member of a Religious Minority

In alphabetical order they are: Burma, China, Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, (north) Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

While various religious minorities are persecuted in these lands, there is one religious group that is oppressed in every single one of them: Christians.

"Earth Hour" a Chance for Kooky TDSB to Display Its "Green" Bona Fides

Personally, I bristle at compulsory exercises in illusory virtue such as Earth Hour. But, hey, that's just me. The Toronto District School Board, which has "green" up the wazoo and the ying-yang, is ga-ga for it, and has found a way to take part even though it occurs outside school hours:
On March 30, the TDSB will celebrate its own Earth Hour from 2 to 3 p.m. at all schools and offices. The official global Earth Hour is on Saturday, March 31 between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. 
Earth Hour is a very inclusive event—even the youngest child can take part!

Again this year, schools and offices will use as little electricity as possible between 2 and 3 p.m. on Earth Hour Friday. Many schools go well beyond the single hour, and even start “warming up” by holding an Earth Hour once a week. Some schools focus indoors and seek out every possible way to unplug (with permission) — teachers manage regular classes without electricity-powered aids, administrative staff leave their computers and turn to organizing their files. Others go outside for student-run schoolground activities or neighourhood walks — using the Earth and the sun as free “teaching resources” that connect students’ learning to the world outside the classroom!
Earth Hour is an especially good candidate for a student-run environmental campaign about energy conservation and slowing climate change. Its sharp focus allows schools to undertake as little or as much awareness and action building as they are ready for...

"If I Had a Son He'd Look Like Trayvon"

 It's always--always--about you, isn't it Barry? Daniel Greenfield writes re the POTUS who is manifestly narcissistic and egotistical such that he can never pass up an opportunity to insert himself into a media sensation:
To Obama, the significance of the whole event was that Trayvon Martin looked like his hypothetical son, which presumably Allen Coon ["a thirteen-year-old boy (who) was set on fire by two black teenagers who told him, “You get what you deserve, white boy""] did not. The insufferable egotism of that statement suggests that shooting victims only matter if they look anything like the head cheese. It’s racial feudalism and personal politics at its ugliest even as it once again confronts us with Obama’s inability to talk about anything without shining it through the narcissistic lens of the self.
Even Trayvon Martin only matters because he is in some hypothetical sense linked to Obama, and every trending topic from Jeremy Lin to the million hoodie march must be commented on by him in some way to demonstrate his own relevance in the mobius strip of fame. There can be no 2012 election without the race card, and so Martin was posthumously drafted into the Obama family portrait that appears on campaign ads to remind the rest of the country that they still need to feel guilty and vote the left’s ticket.
“All of us have to do some soul searching,” Obama urged, as somehow a local shooting had become a national matter and then a burden of guilt staining the souls of an entire nation. With the dexterous agility of the practiced race huckster, a Hispanic man shooting a black man had become another reminder of our endless burden of racial guilt. A burden that only our pope of the race card could briefly lift from us in a climactic moment of electoral hope and change.

Update: VDH rightly pegs Obama's self-insertion into media sensations as "demagoguery."