Friday, October 31, 2014

School Daze

ISIS open the "Osama bin Laden School" in Syria.

The newly-opened Osama bin Laden school:
looks like what you might call a "fixer-upper."

Why Are Ottawa Cops Engaged in Frantic "Outreach" With Pro-Sharia Muslims?

The cops thinks their "outreach" can persuade Muslim Brotherhood-linked community leaders to help clamp down on the "radicalization" of local "yutes".

The cops are dreaming in Technicolor.

"Do You Know About Jian?"

Apparently, a lot of people in what is after all a very tiny pond have known all about Ghomeshi's disreputable habits for a very long time.

The L.A.Times Plugs a "Satire" on Iraqi TV Even Though Its' Jew-Hate Is Obvious and Revolting

Stop me if you've heard this one, a real-knee slapper, before:
So Satan marries a Jewish woman in Iraq. She lays an egg, which hatches and pops out a wild-eyed, bearded madman the proud couple names the "ISIS-ling." 
Their son becomes known as "Beheader." He lops off heads with a bloody sword, shoots people dead and blows up everything in his path with homemade bombs. For exercise, he lifts barbells made of human skulls. 
This is Iraq under a future Islamic state, as imagined in "State of Superstition," a hit comedy on state-run Al Iraqiya TV. The half-hour show turns a deadly serious subject — the reign of terror imposed by the extremist group Islamic State in parts of Iraq and Syria — into fodder for spoof and satire.
Laugh? I thought I'd die.

Here's how the see-no-Jew-hate Times interprets the "comical" canoodling of Satan and the Jewess:
And, yes, there's the promiscuous Jewish woman wearing an oversized Star of David necklace who couples with the Satan character dressed in a red suit, complete with pitchfork. The Jewish character could be interpreted as satirizing widespread anti-Semitism in the Arab world. But her portrayal may also reflect widely held prejudices in a country where people spread conspiracy theories that Israel, with U.S. help, secretly created and funded Islamic State in a plot to destroy Iraq.
Or it could reflect the raw Jew-hate that suffuses the Koran, the kind that's been internalized by ISIS and ISIS-spoofers alike.

The Siren Call of Jihad Lures an "Unprecedented" 15,000 Foreigners to Fight With ISIS

You've heard of the Peace Corps? This is the War Corps.

The Holy War Corps.

In other foreign jihadi news, a "scant" 80% of London Muslims support ISIS.

With Zion-Loathers in the White House, Roger L. Simon Feels Like a Jew in Berlin Circa 1937

"Chickenshitgate" and other bad stuff have given him the deja vu willies:
Now they have called Israel’s prime minister a “chickensh*t,” a “coward”  and who knows what else, using adjectives for Benjamin Netanyahu they don’t employ with Kim Jung-un, Vladimir Putin, Hassan Nasrallah, Bashar Assad or even the murderous Islamic State’s al-Baghdadi, not to mention — and this is probably crucial — the potentially most homicidal of all, Ayatollah Khamenei of the Islamic State of Iran. (One of the more sinister aspects of Jeff Goldberg’s article that generated this controversy was that one of his  leakers bragged they had scared cowardly Netanyahu into not attacking Iran’s nuclear installations, as if this were a good thing, the implication being that the administration can now look good for making an Iran deal — that would ultimately give the mullahs the bomb.)  It’s as if Netanyahu, not the aforementioned maniacs, were the administration’s worst enemy. 
Meanwhile, the attempts to make nice to the Israelis over the vicious personal slurs from the article, which apparently came from two high and thus far unpunished administration officials, have been perfunctory, so perfunctory that you know they are not meant to be taken seriously, quite the contrary.  In fact, an attempted terrorist assassination of a prominent American-Israeli in Jerusalem yesterday that caused the Israeli government to put the Temple Mount on lockdown has already generated more chastisement of the Israelis from our secretary of State.  All this against an unprecedented, at least since World War II, rise in global anti-Semitism. 
The administration claims  to be making these “constructive” criticisms for Israel’s sake, but the Jewish state has better allies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia than they do in an Obama administration that seems to prefer Islamofascist Qatar — those same oil sheiks that bankroll Hamas, the terror organization whose charter exhorts all Muslims to kill every Jew hiding behind a tree anywhere in the world. 
And you wonder why I feel like I’m living in Berlin in 1937. 
Well, I do.
It's rather how I felt several years ago when I and two of my blogging buddies were the only pro-Israel infidels around during the Ayatollah's annual Zionhass-a-palooza at Queen's Park. Every time the mob chanted "Allahu Akbar" it may as well have been shouting "Sieg heil!" And that was happening in the country that has the most pro-Israel government in the world.

Sweden Sucks

That's all there is to it.

Update: Due to its evident Stockholm Syndrome, Haaretz sucks, too. Big time.

More "Pleasurable Pain": Steyn Sings "Cat Scratch Fever"

Don't tell Jian Ghomeshi. He might be tempted to add it to his 50 Shades of Grey playbook.

Ghomeshi Dropped By Navigator

You know you're up a creek without your 50 Shades of Grey paddle, the one you use to administer "pleasurable" pain, when the fancy P.R./crisis management firm you hired to get out in front of the scandal summarily drops you.
Speaking of 50 Shades, it appears that in the Ghomeshi version of the tale there are only two shades: black and blue.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Did Jian Ghomeshi's "Q" Radio Show Appeal to the Young and Hip?

Not so much, really. According to an article in the Financial Post,
Contrary to popular belief, Q isn't attracting a younger audience to public radio, at least not in the U.S. ...more than half of Q's audience on Public Radio International is older than 55, a figure that's comparable with public radio audiences in general.
That said, in light of the latest revelations, I think Ghomeshi's P.R. strategy--claim it was all consensual and nothing more than good dirty fun--is all wrong. If he still wants to have a career, he should admit he has some issues (engendered his own feelings of worthlessness and because he was treated like an outsider during his teenage years because he was born in Iran; you can read about it here) and check himself into a rehab program for sexual addiction and anger management. Some time after that, sufficiently contrite (or at least pretending to be), he can come back and pick up where he left off.

Isn't that how it's done in the U.S.?

Update: The slapping, punching, choking and biting--that's not the creepiest part of the story. This is:
Two of the women who allege they were physically assaulted also say that before the alleged assaults in his home he introduced them to Big Ears Teddy, a stuffed bear, and he turned the bear around just before he slapped or choked them, saying that “Big Ears Teddy shouldn’t see this.”
If these chicks had had their wits about them--which, under the circumstances, may be too much to expect--they should have retorted, "If Big Ears Teddy can't see it, then I'm outta here."

Update: I'm kind of with Tarek Fatah on this one:
At times, my fellow Canadians alarm me. 
When three anonymous women allegedly have kinky sex with radio celebrity Jian Ghomeshi and are allegedly physically and/or verbally assaulted by him, the country goes into a tizzy. 
However, when three anonymous Toronto girls are recruited by Islamic State to marry ISIS fighters overseas who are warring against Canada, and are subsequently rescued by our security agencies and released back into the community, Canada yawns. 
While Canadians were distracted by the Ghomeshi affair, the Senate Security Committee heard from RCMP and CSIS officials about the threats we face at the hands of homegrown jihadists.
Unless Big Ears Teddy is into jihad, I think the stuffie and his owner are a prurient sideshow at best (or at worst).

Update: My favorite line about the scandal (so far): "In Beijing, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said she is stunned by the allegations."

New Word Du Jour: "Islamysteria"

Which kind of makes it sound like Islam is mysterious instead of what it's supposed to mean, i.e. that the infidels (specifically the ones in Australia) are rather freaked out by all the beheadings and other incidents of pro-active jihad.

Shouldn't it be "Islamhysteria?" For the sake of clarity, why drop the "h"?

The Fallout From "Chickenshitgate"

Can't we call it "Chickenshitaquiddick"?


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Coo Coo Ca Choo!

Former conservative Jonathan Kay, who helped whip wee Justin Trudeau's memoirs into shape, is taking over as the editor of egregiously smug leftist rag, The Walrus.

May 2014

November 2013

September 2013

May 2012

I think this selection of covers provides insight into The Walrus's big picture.

Update: Jon Kay sings:

I am me as you can see 'cuz you aren't me
As now I reposition.
See me in flight from my time on the right,

Watch how I soar:
I'm flying.

Sitting at the Ceeb now waitin' for my cheques to come.
Freelanced Justin's memoirs,

(Stupid bloody Ezra.
Man you been a haughty boy. You let your mouth run off.)
I was the NatPo, I was the NatPo.
I'm at The Walrus,

Coo coo ca choo!...

Well, Duh!

"Democracy is for infidels." (Hat tip: MH)

The "Chickenshit" Hits the Fan

U.S. officials and Jewish Democrats are rushing en masse to try to distance themselves from that "Bibi-is-a-chickenshit" comment.

Jewish Democrats and Obama factotums
have chickenshit for brains

It's For the Chillllddddrrrennnn!

Malala Youknowwho is donating $50,000 to rebuild UN(RWA) schools in Gaza.

Or, to put it another way: Nobel Peace Prize winner succumbs to pressure from twittering idjits and blows her money to assist Hamas to blow up Jews.

I had expected better of Malala, but I guess I shouldn't have.

What's the Best Way to Get an Uppity Infidel Who Has the Effrontery to Speak Some Unpleasant Truths About Islam to Shut the Hell Up?

Step one: mount your high steed. Step two: summon up your highest dudgeon. Step three: frame your desire to punish the sassy one's blasphemy as being a matter of "free speech, not hate speech."

Step four: enjoy the resounding silence as your semi-disguised sharia carries the day.

Why Do Lefties Dismiss/Discount/Downplay the Jihad?

Long story short: It's because of Leftist guilt/masochism/useful idiocy:
Liberals cannot understand so much hate against us. So liberals sympathize. Liberals help find the answer. They join in. To justify the hate. 
By hating ourselves.
One more reason: they're narcissists who have to be seen to be sympathizing with the "less fortunate" so that everyone will view them as paragons of virtue, an amalgam of, say, Mother Theresa, Gandhi and the Dalai Lama (or maybe Oprah and Deepak Chopra).

When in fact they're huge narcissists with an ego the size of the Islamic State.

I Prefer to Think of Them as "Pro-Active Jihadis"

Are "lone wolf" terrorists just criminals?

Word to the Wise: Don't Buy Bargain Basement Soviet-Era Rocket Engines

Sure, you'll save a few bucks up front, but you could see your investment flame out in a spectacular way.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Senior Official In Obama Regime Calls Netanyahu a "Chickenshit"

Charming, no?

FYI: the word is defined as "a worthless or contemptible person."

Today In the Proper Performance of Kinky Sex...

This (from the NatPo) gave me a giggle:
To its practitioners, BDSM “heavy play” — consensual couples choking each other, verbally abusing one another and even striking each other — is not considered abusive, hateful or even anti-feminist when done correctly.
Being completely averse to pain (I can't even bear to get my legs waxed) there's no way I could ever get into the head space of someone who, er, wanted such things done to them "correctly." But, hey, if that's what you're into, might I suggest you head to Costco for giant-sized versions of products to deal with all your post-"heavy play" needs--bandages, disinfectant, Polysporin, heavy-duty makeup to hide contusions, etc.

Later on in the article we learn:
“Breathplay” involves covering up the mouth and nose, but due to the risk of brain damage or heart attack if done incorrectly, it is not done without detailed pre-planning and safeguards.
Good to know. I think Coldplay, while admittedly a lot less exciting, is a much safer option:

NatPo Letter of the Day: "ISIS Must Give Us Back Our Faith"

Abdullah Ahmad of Hamilton, Ontario (the hometown of Corp. Nathan Cirillo, who will be buried with full honours today) writes:
Whoever had a hand in trying to bring Martin Rouleau towards Islam forgot to inform him of the true Islamic teachings. What Mr. Rouleau did was something that I unequivocally condemn, and so do the rest of the Muslims in Canada. Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, and education. Mr. Martin’s actions did not reflect Islam in any way, shape or form. In reality, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was closer to Islam then any member or promoter of ISIS could ever hope to be. 
The crimes in Ottawa committed by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau were also unacceptable in the eyes of Islam. Corporal Nathan Cirillo was an innocent man, and killing the innocent is contrary to basic human decency. I just hope and pray that all efforts made towards condemning ISIS and all other terrorist organizations succeed. ISIS must give us back our faith.
My response:
I applaud letter-writer Abdullah Ahmad for his unequivocal condemnation of killers Martin Rouleau and Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, and I have little doubt that had the two converts learned a version of Islam that was full of "peace, tolerance and education," they and their victims would still be alive. Alas, the Islam that appealed to them was the sort that commands the faithful to wage war on infidels until such time as Islam is triumphant. Which is to say the Islam that's articulated in the many verses of violence that one can find without too much difficulty in any copy of the Koran.
It is thus more than a little disingenuous of Mr. Ahmad to insist that these converts' understanding of their newfound faith "did not reflect Islam in any way, shape or form." In fact, that idea, well-intended though it may be, is a big part of the problem: If "moderate" Muslims are unwilling to cop to the violence written into their holy texts, and repudiate that unequivocally, how can they ever hope to persuade the disgruntled and the lost to shun the siren call of jihad?  
As for Mr. Ahmad's cri de coeur that "ISIS must give us back our faith," it is clear ISIS will never do any such thing. If Muslims do indeed want their faith back, they are going to have to put forth the effort and take it back themselves.
In other words, it's a DIY undertaking, and will pose quite a challenge given that Islam is said to be perfect as is, verses of violence and all.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Oh No, Not That. Anything But That

Hamas official: Israel "hurt the feelings of the Palestinian people"

You know what "hurts my feelings," Hamas spokes-hater? Your racket's Charter, which articulates your genocidal goals re Israel and Jewry and justifies them on Islamic grounds.

Steyn's Scary Song of the Week

With Halloween coming up later this week, Mark Steyn takes a look at that way-cool song "Witchcraft." In honour of which I'm reposting this: 

Those 'splosives down their pants.
Those heated imam rants
Those "Allahu Akbar" chants--
It's jee-had.

And there is no defense for it.
When P.C. spin commences it
Drives out all common sense PDQ.

'Cuz  it's jee-had.
Yes, it's jee-had.
And although some go,

"It's strictly taboo."

When you arouse a need precise--
A need to shtup in Paradise--
We'll bleed;

Indeed, that's what we will do.

It's a Medieval trope.
Can we escape it?

No hope that it's all over soon.

"What Is It About Islam That Attracts These People?"

Roger L. Simon asks the right question (the one infidel authorities, with their "workplace violence" and "lone wolf" euphemisms, are loath to pose).

R.I.P., Infidel!

In other words, "Peace According to Radical Islam."

Radical Chic and the "Lone Wolf"

Max Boot says Islam(ism) has succeeded anarchism and Communism and become the latest fashionable "ism" that appeals to young malcontents looking for a way out of their miserable existence:
One of the striking aspects of the history of terrorism, as I noted in my book Invisible Armies, is that radical groups tend to follow intellectual fads. Some of the first modern terrorists were motivated to hurl bombs in the 19th century because of their allegiance to Nihilism or anarchism. Those ideas were edged into irrelevance by the rise of Communism as the dominant ideology of the revolutionary set. In the 1960s-70s another wave of terrorists were motivated by admiration for the likes of Ho Chi Minh and Mao Zedong. These were the “radical chic” revolutionaries such as the Baader-Meinhof Gang, the Red Army Faction, the Weather Underground, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Their decline by the 1980s can be traced to the general loss of appeal of Communism. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was not easy anymore to find anyone willing to fight and die for proletarian ideals. 
But by then another new ideology–Islamism–was already on the rise, offering the appeal of earthly paradise for troubled and disgruntled individuals eager to rebel against their society. Like these previous “isms,” Islamism offers the possibility of a meaningful and even heroic existence to young men otherwise doomed to live out their lives as nonentities. So potent is the appeal of this radical ideology that it even has some appeal to non-Muslims who convert simply so they can become terrorists or at least fellow travelers of terrorists. Oddly enough one of these converts is Carlos the Jackal, the Venezuelan Marxist revolutionary who once committed terrorism in the name of Palestine and then converted to Islam while sitting in a French prison. 
History suggests that the appeal of Islamist ideology for adventurers and malcontents will only dim once it is definitively exposed to be as bankrupt a governing philosophy as anarchism or Communism. Unfortunately that will not happen anytime in the near future...

Why Glenn Greenwald's "Blame Canada" (for Homegrown Terrorists) Trope Is Bollocks

Re Greenwald's pseudo-profundities, Robert M. Cutler writes:
Besides projecting onto Canada the post-9/11 American question, “Why do they hate us?” Greenwald tried to assert that the attacks surprised Canadians because Canadians have been unaware of Canada’s participation in what used to be called the “war on terror.” This assertion is not credible. 
Public opinion polls over the last decade have shown Canadians to be skeptical about the possibility of victory, for example, over the Taliban, yet they also showed us to be proud of our soldiers’ valour. But even skepticism about victory signifies awareness of the fight. 
Perhaps the worst myth Greenwald continued to propagate was the American myth that terrorist violence in our midst is the result of our own misdeeds. It is easy to see why anyone would wish to believe this. If we blame ourselves, we gain the illusion of control: if we change, then circumstances will change. 
Self-blame also matches the Canadian national character, one that is perhaps more open to self-criticism than any other, and seeks to give others the benefit of the doubt. After all, we apologize when someone else steps on our feet in a public place.
But in fact, some Muslims have been killing infidels and other Muslims for religious and political reasons long before Western interference, indeed since the dispute over the succession to Muhammad, which is at the origin of the Sunni/Shiite divide.  

The Epitome of Chutzpah: Displaying Pro-Israel Stuff at Islamabad U

Uppity Jews--you gotta love 'em:
A pro-Israel stall featuring photos and examples of Israeli life and culture has raised an uproar at the International Islamic University of Islamabad, the local The News Tribe website reported Sunday. 
A banner declaring “WELCOME TO THE LAND OF PEACE AND PROSPERITY,” over photos of Israeli sites, including the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem’s Temple Mount compound, was set up along with a table in a hall situated in the city’s Faisal Mosque, according to the site. 
The display was apparently part of a standard “Model UN Debate,” event, organized by the women’s department of “The Faculty of Management Sciences.” 
The table was apparently one of several featuring several nations. It is unclear if Palestinian supporters also had a table at the display. 
The legal adviser of the University confirmed the presence of stall, but said it was arranged without permission...

Bad Date

On the CBC G. was on Q.
As a host he knew just what to do.
But his bedroom C.V.--
S&M; B&D--

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Theresa Kerry's Foundation Serves Up Zionhass Along With Tasty Palestinian Eats

John Kerry's moneybags Missus gives bucks to a Palestinian who serves his yummy food in wrapping printed with anti-Israel rants.

Thanks, Tah-ray-zah!

When You Add Up Every "Lone Wolf" You Get Quite an Extensive Pack

Andrew McCarthy is fed up with the "lone wolf" canard (as am I; as is Mr. Steyn):
In addition to Americans, Europeans, and Australians, the Islamic State lists the “infidels” of Canada among its enemy “tyrants.” [NYC hatchet man Zale] Thompson’s “lone wolf” jihad followed hard upon two separate “lone wolf” attacks in Canada this week. First, Martin Couture-Rouleau plowed a car into two soldiers, killing Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent. Then, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau shot Corporal Nathan Cirillo to death at the National War Memorial in Ottawa before spraying bullets inside Parliament (but fortunately killing no one else). Each “lone wolf” was killed in the aftermath, and each was reportedly a “recent convert to Islam.”
These latest atrocities follow last month’s decapitation of a woman at an Oklahoma food-distribution center by Alton Nolen, another “recent convert to Islam” whose Facebook page was a shrine to Osama bin Laden and the Islamic State. At the time, Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro noted that the Oklahoma attack was the latest of seven in the last few years by Muslim men acting alone. The count rises to eight if one accepts the Obama administration’s “workplace violence” rendition of the Fort Hood massacre, to wit: jihadist Nidal Hassan was a “lone wolf” — and therefore somehow not a terrorist — despite both his motive to prevent the U.S. soldiers he killed from fighting Taliban terrorists and his string of pre-massacre consultations with al-Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki (the imam who had ministered to the wolf-pack known as the 9/11 suicide-hijackers). At any rate, there are now so many “lone” jihadists we should probably start saying “clone wolf” instead.
Nah. Let's just call 'em jihadis and be done with it.

Update: The legend of the lone-wolf terrorist

FYI, here's my favorite "lone-wolf" song (by a band with an Egyptian-sounding name):

Foiling BDS? There's an App for That

It's called "Am Yisrael Buy."

Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Cuba, Algeria, Venezuela...

...have, hilariously and appallingly, all been elected to sit on the body that acts as the global arbiter of "human rights."

Actually, Mr. 'Toonist, You ARE Missing Something

Cartoon in the Toronto Sun (I can't seem to find it online, so permit me to describe it to you): The caption reads: "HOMEGROWN TERRORISM 101" The 'toon shows four men sitting cross-legged on the ground as a dude in Islamic dress--a recruiter of some sort--explains: "NO loud music, dancing or drinking!...You kill people and then you blow yourself up."

The two potential recruits closest to the speaker look at him in rapt attention. The other two men sitting further away look at each other as one asks," I missing something?"

Er, yes. The "something" that's been left out (by the recruiter and the 'toonist) is Allah's call for true believers to become mujahids and to be martyred while battling the infidel--the highest calling in Islam--as well as the promised payoff for the martyrdom, of which I'm certain you're well aware.

That's "Homegrown Terrorism 101." Without it, the 'toon (by Dewar of the QMI Agency) makes no sense at all.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Noted Apologist for Islam Karen Armstrong Explains That ISIS is Motivated By a Quest for Power, Not By Religion

It would have been nice if the NatPo, where the interview with Armstrong appears, had mentioned that she's an inveterate apologist for Islam instead of wasting readers' time and squandering their own column inches with her manifold absurdities. (Motivated by the quest for power--well, yes. But then, wasn't that what motivated Islam's founder and his successors? Isn't the whole point of Islam, a supremacist religion, to use jihad as the means to both attain and assert its power?)

Ausma Malik: Victim of Malicious "Islamophobia" or Hoist on Her Own Zionhass Petard?

Ausma Malik, who is running for election as school board trustee, says she's been the victim of an "Islamophobic" smear campaign:
TDSB Ward 10 trustee candidate Ausma Malik appears to be the target of an anonymous co-ordinated attack. In addition to being heckled at a candidates’ debate, her campaign office says that thousands of flyers were distributed throughout the ward this week which, among other things, accuse Malik of being a supporter of the Toronto 18 terrorist cell and a proponent of Sharia law. One flyer even has a photo of Malik superimposed over a yellow and green Hezbollah flag. 
“The accusations are incredibly mean-spirited and they’re lies,” Malik says. “I’m doing this because I believe in public education, I believe in our community, and I believe that an inclusive, equitable and progressive public education system is possible — and especially in light of this, absolutely necessary.”
Re the accusations being mean-spirited and unfounded, I would direct your attention to this Sept. 27th article by Sue-Ann Levy
  • In 2006, at a time when Hezbo rockets were raining down on Israel, Ausma, then a University of Toronto student, was front and center at an "anti-war rally" outside the American consulate. During the "protest," she called Israel's response to Hezbo's provocations "state-sanctioned murder" and instructed Prime Minister Stephen Harper to "get a backbone" (i.e. to stop supporting Israel and start supporting its enemy in the war).
  • Her words went over particularly well with all the Hezbo supporters--and there were many of them--who had thought to bring their yellow Hezbo flags to the rally.
  • "Pictures from that day show [Ausma], wearing a headscarf...and speaking beside Ali Mallah, a well-known pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas activist and CUPE official."
Does it constitute "lies" and a "smear" to point this out? How so?

Mark Steyn on the Senselessness of Obama's Calling the Ottawa Jihad Attack "Senseless"

For those who've read the Koran and who know how its verses of violence inspire ISIS, who in turn inspire vicious creeps like Martin Rouleau and Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, it all makes perfect sense.
Which is to say, it makes sense to those who, unlike Obama, aren't in a permanent and near-catatonic state of jihad-denial.

Opportunism Knocks as Focus on ISIS Allows Obama to Serve as the Ayatollah's Catamite

"Catamite"--great word, eh? I first read it years ago, in Anthony Burgess's Earthly Powers, where it jumps out at you in the novel's very first line:
"It was the afternoon of my eighty-first birthday, and I was in bed with my catamite when Ali announced that the archbishop had come to see me."
I have reread that book at least five times over the years, and it has given me immense pleasure each time. Rather than contemplate Obama's treachery/betrayal--which makes me want to vomit--I think I'll take the Burgess down from the book shelf (I know exactly where to find it) and give it another read.

Obama's treachery/betrayal will give
the Grandiose Ayatollah all the earthly
powers he has even dreamed of.

The Most Odious, Pathetic People Around are Those Who Package their Vile Zionhass in "Social Justice" Tropes

People like this, for example, who placed a pig's head in the kosher section of a Cape Town Woolworth's to symbolize how the Jews have the blood of Palestinian children on their hands, or something like that.

Incoherence in a Toronto Star "Lone Wolf" Article

The Star's "National Security Reporter" writes:
Last month, an ISIS spokesperson issued a rambling 42-minute speech calling for attacks wherever, whenever, if adherents of the group could not travel abroad: “If you can kill a disbelieving American or European — especially the spiteful and filthy French — or an Australian, or a Canadian . . . kill him in any manner or way however it may be,” he said. 
There is no evidence to show the attacks this week were inspired by these words, but both men were hoping to go to Syria, and frustrated by their difficulty in travelling.
They had jihad stuff on their Facebook pages. They killed Canadian soldiers not long after ISIS issued its marching order for jihadis stuck in infidel lands. They were hoping to run off to Syria to join the jihad but were thwarted when authorities denied them a passport.

How much more "evidence" do you need, honey?

Update: Here's a bit of incoherence in the Globe from, of all people, Margaret Wente (who's usually sharper than this):
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was right when he said these attacks [on Canadian soldiers this past week] were criminal acts, not religious ones. The trouble is that both the killers and the [jihad] fanboys believed otherwise.
The killers and the fanboys are right. Justin and Margaret are wrong.

The Problem at the CDC That Diminishes Its Effectiveness

It's awash in "social justice" ideology/jibberish.

Should Play on a Double Bill With "The Death of Klinghoffer"

Latvian musical celebrates life of Nazi commander

"Sharia Justice" In Iran

A woman who killed her rapist in self defense is executed for her "crime".

Justin Trudeau: He's "Sweet," But He's No Leader

That's not me speaking. That's the Globe's Lysiane Gagnon who, unlike more that a few of her confreres in the old-fangled media, has the ability to see the real Justin Trudeau:
In his new autobiography, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau takes pain to distance himself from his father. He really didn’t have to do this, though – it’s always been obvious that he is everything Trudeau Père was not. 
Mr. Trudeau is warm and nice and fuzzy. He doesn’t have an intellectual bone in his body. He’s somewhere between flower power and New Age. He’s often at a loss for words
When he lets loose, he says things like the situation in Ukraine is “even more worrying now that Russia lost at hockey.” Or he professes his admiration for China because “their basic dictatorship is allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.” Or he cracks juvenile jokes about those “whipping out our CF-18s to show how big they are” – as Canada considered whether to join the military coalition in Iraq. 
Mr. Trudeau was practically absent from that discussion himself, although it was arguably the country’s most important debate of the year. He subcontracted the job of explaining the Liberal position to MP Marc Garneau, while Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Official Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair of the New Democrats were at the forefront, making strong and rational arguments. 
Is Mr. Trudeau a born leader? Certainly not. If he became prime minister, could he grow in the function of leader? Unfortunately, leadership is something he doesn’t much value. “I am a teacher,” he told The Globe and Mail recently. “I believe in sort of sharing in a discussion and coming out with insights on both sides.”
How well do you think his ideas about  "sharing" and "coming out with insights" would work with the like of Putin and the Grandiose Ayatollah? About as well as that unfortunate encounter between Bambi and Godzilla, I'd say.

Obama's disastrous run in the U.S. is a cautionary of what happens when someone with a wafer thin C.V. whose greatest strength is in "community organizing" is elevated to a position that's way beyond his capacity to function with anything but the teensiest degree of competence--and that's being charitable. Justin Trudeau's resume is markedly thinner and less impressive--no Ivy League universities; no experience out on the hustings of community organizing. At most, a stint as a part-time drama teacher (a job for which he happened to be exceptionally well-suited, considering his oft-displayed propensity for over-the-top theatrics). And no intellectual heft to speak of--his noggin is filled with the "insights" one gleans from Star Wars movies and the oeuvre of Stephen King, two of his pop culture faves.

He's the touchy-feely candidate. The Kumbaya candidate. The pass-the-tasty-samosas-imam candidate. He will tell you that, in his desire to connect with people and lead by consensus, he's as far away from the Harper style of leadership as it's possible to be--a statement that may play well with his besotted and often poorly informed base, but that, when you consider the way he clamped down on all opposition to abortion in his caucus, points to his having a taste and a facility for the very authoritarianism he claims to disdain.

Harpers' purported authoritarianism has been hyped to the skies by a media with a distinct left-wing bias and a Harper Derangement Syndrome that charts on a continuum from "mild" to "apoplectic". But it seems clear that Trudeau fils's authoritarianism is something to take note of, because it's something he learned from his old Papa, whose leadership style was top-down, arrogant, and authoritarian verging on the totalitarian. For all of Justin's fuzzy-wuzziness--the gift of his ditzy Mama--one can't help but detect glimmers of the old man in the young whippersnapper. And that should give us all at least as much pause about "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau" as all that flaccid flower power stuff.

Justin gets his authoritarian streak from Dad...

...and his flower power bent from Mom.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Give Us a Freaking Break, Bruce!

In the wake of Wednesday's events in Ottawa, Glib & Mewl scribbler Bruce Anderson detects steel in wee Justin's spine when it's obvious there's none to be found:
Justin Trudeau has faced considerable criticism that his position on the Islamic State is riskily pacifistic. He could have used the moment to reset and tack a line closer to that of the government when it comes to combatting any possible terror risk. In choosing not to do that, he showed mettle, a commitment to his world view, whether you agree with it or not.
You mean to say that in the face of a jihadi attacking Parliament Hill and the murder of two Canadian soldiers in the space of three days Justin chose to stick to his jihad-denial default setting?


Bruce calls that's "mettle."

I call it mental.

The Most Mealy-Mouthed Euphemism Since "Workplace Violence"

And the winner is...:
Much has been made about the unimaginably incompetent and incoherent management of Foggy Bottom’s communications under spokeswomen Marie Harf and Jen Psaki. But it’s too easy–and not totally accurate–to dismiss Harf and Psaki as misplaced campaign attack hacks. They are out of place at State, but they are there for a reason. And the culture of the diplomatic corps more broadly also resembles the same spiteful ignorance routinely displayed by the president and his secretary of state. The latest example is the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem’s memo to employees referring to Wednesday’s terror attack, in which a Palestinian murdered a Jewish baby, as a “traffic incident.”

It's the "Khilafa," Stupid

This image was posted on Martin Rouleau's Facebook page:

Time to Put On Your Somber Face and Revive Your "Bring Back Our Girls" Hashtag

Boko Haram kidnaps another 25 Nigerian girls

I Believe the Latter. Barack Obama and His Ilk Believe the Former

I have taken it upon myself to answer Brian Lilley's second question:
A group called Islamic State says kill infidels in the name of Islam, to please Allah. Another group says there is no connection between Islam and terror and this week we have two Canadian soldiers dead at the hands of people who carried out their attacks in the name of Allah. 
So what to believe? Do you believe the people, including some of our politicians, who say there is no connection between these crimes, this violence and Islam, or do you believe the guys who run over soldiers or shoot them down and say they did it for their religion? 
It's the difference between describing jihad as jihad and calling it "workplace place violence" or some other mealy-mouthed euphemism.

Anti-Israel Mob Harasses Israeli Food Vendors at Paris Trade Fair

Zionhass in not-so-gay Paree.

"Slut" or "Patriot"?

An Czech woman has been posthumously honoured for gaining revenge on Nazis by sleeping with soldiers to infect them with sexually transmitted diseases.
After a campaign by retired lawyer Karel Friml, who lives in the woman's former home, she has been commemorated with honorary plaque which was placed on the outside of her house. 
The memorial is dedicated to a "Trebon girl who had a special form of resistance against the German occupiers, and paid with her life." 
Nazi soldiers raped the unnamed nurse after invading the central Czech town of Trebon in 1938, infecting her with an STI, but she retaliated after being ordered to care for injured German soldiers. 
The Gestapo eventually found out what the woman was doing and executed her, but not before the town, which initially branded her a "whore", had acknowledged her bravery.
Mr Friml, 79, called her "a hero", saying that he was "really sorry that she died anonymously". 
He went on to say: "This was her resistance and vengeance for the rape of her country and her personal rape. She had many German lovers, maybe six, maybe ten, maybe more. People say that all disappeared after the affair with her." 
However, Trebon Museum curator and author Jirina Psikova said that opinion was still divided among townspeople. She said: "Some say she was a slut… others say she was a real patriot."


That's the mot juste Robert Spencer employs to describe the police practice of sucking up to local Muslims whenever there's an incident of jihad:
Speaking of mental illness, in the wake of the Ottawa shootings, the police chiefs of Toronto and Ottawa wrote to local Muslim leaders, assuring them of their good will and urging Muslims to contact them in case of a “backlash.” These politically correct police chiefs seem to have imbibed the lesson well: after every jihad attack, Muslims are the victims, and need special reassurances. Of course, there should be no “backlash” against any innocent people and almost certainly won’t be, but this endless pandering is grotesque. Who is reassuring non-Muslims about keeping them safe from jihad attacks? Who is calling upon Muslim leaders in Canada or anywhere else to back up their condemnations of jihad terror with real action against it, including programs to teach young Muslims to reject that understanding of Islam?
You can hardly blame Muslim leaders for their backlashophobia when the cops suffer from an even worse case of the baseless fear.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

You Knew It Was Coming

Canadian Muslim groups fear a backlash in the wake of the Ottawa terror attack.

Hmmm. An unfounded fear that rarely if ever materializes. Dare one call it "backlashophobia"?

McGill U Poli-Sci Prof Sees "Multiculturalism" as Salvation for "Radicalization"

McGill prof Rex Brynen says "Jihadism is a high-profile brand" that appeals "to certain people who are angry with the world." And he thinks he knows the best way to fight it:
Brynen said intercultural dialogue is key to fighting radicalization because groups that feel included and valued are more likely to report deviant behaviour to the authorities. 
“Multiculturalism has been very, very helpful in reducing the risk of terrorism,” he said.
Thing is, it has also helped stoke it by engendering ghettoized communities from problematic places (like, say, Pakistan and Iran). Not that the professor seems terribly worried about any of that:
He added that while radicalization is cause for concern, the issue should not be overblown, noting that the risks of being run over for jaywalking or being hit by lightening are far greater than the likelihood of being a victim of homegrown terrorism.
True enough, but as yesterday's events in Ottawa show, one lone jihadi can tie up and terrorize an entire city--one that, by, no co-incidence, happens to be Canada's capital. But for the lightening-quick reflexes and judgment of Kevin Vickers, Parliament's Sergeant-at-Arms, the "issue" would have been far from overblown. It would have quickly escalated into a bloodbath on an epic scale.

Update: Bryden may have an excuse for downplaying the threat of "radicalization"--he made the above statements before yesterday's events in Ottawa had taken place. The same can't be said for the NatPo's Jonathan Kay, who "tweeted" this post-attack:
Please get a grip, folks. This is not "war." It's one Islamist-inspired lunatic killing one guy and then getting killed in a famous building
Only one Islamist. Whose Dad is off waging jihad in Libya. Who killed a Canadian soldier standing on guard at Canada's National War Memorial (two days after another Canadian soldier was killed and another injured by a jihadi). Who then could have unleashed a bloodbath on Canadian lawmakers in Canada's seat of government.

Yeah, that's just sooooo ho hum--so un-symbolic--that it could almost make one nod off due to a killer combo of sang-froid, boredom and terminal ennui.

Swiss Supermarket Aplogizes for "Unforgivable Blunder" of Putting Photos of Hitler and Mussolini on Coffee Cream Containers

'Twas a "mistake," a failure of quality control, claims the company, and should not be construed as, you know, an endorsement of fascist dictators:
A leading Swiss supermarket chain is apologizing for what it calls an "unforgivable blunder": distributing mini-containers of coffee cream bearing portraits of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. 
Migros, which also sells electronics and household goods, says it is immediately withdrawing boxes containing hundreds of the coffee cream containers and is breaking all ties with Karo-Versand, the small Swiss company that designed the collectible series of 55 different motifs — including likenesses of the German and Italian fascist dictators.
In a statement Wednesday, Migros described the incident as an internal failure and vowed to "tighten our controls for these products drastically" to ensure no more such mistakes. 
It says Migros subsidiary Elsa-Mifroma never should have delivered the boxes with the items to restaurants and cafes.
No kidding.

Hitler on Migros coffee cream containers?

Michael Z-B: Jihadi, Son of a Jihadi?

He's being called "a recent convert" to Islam, but it seems that, "pre-conversion,  jihad wasn't exactly a foreign concept to him:
Zehaf-Bibeau grew up in Ottawa and Montreal, and had spent time in Libya before moving to Western Canada to become a miner and laborer, said [his friend, Dave] Bathurst, who met the gunman in a Vancouver-area mosque about three years ago. 
Bathurst said Zehaf-Bibeau told him six weeks ago at a British Columbia mosque that he wanted to go to Libya to study Islam and Arabic. But reports from Canada say  Zehaf-Bibeau was blocked from traveling by government officials who have been monitoring extremists to prevent them from joining the Islamic State. 
Had Zehaf-Bibeau taken his apparent jihad plans abroad, he would have been following in the footsteps of his father, believed to be Belgasem Zahef, who was quoted by the Washington Times in 2011, speaking from the Libya, where he had travelled to join the rebellion against Col. Moammar Qaddafi.
The "rebellion": That would be the one conducted by the jihadis.

Like father, like son, no?

Update: Z-B's mother, Susan Bibeau, is "the deputy chairperson of a division of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board."

You know, the body that lets lots and lots of refugees from Islamic lands into the country?

I wonder if that's how Belgasem Zahef--she divorced him in 1999--got in.

Commenting on the Bibeau-Zahef union, Daniel Greenfield writes:
The irony of that marriage is obvious. And its product is the story of the death of the West.
Update: Blogger Sweetness & Light speculates that Belgasem could have been one of the jihadis who attacked the American consulate in Benghazi.

Oddly Enough, Some Criminally-Minded Losers Find Islam's Severe Punishments Extremely Appealing

According to reports, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the dead Ottawa gunmen and a recent "revert" to Islam, had his innings with the criminal justice system. On the IVP site you can read about another (alleged) criminal, also jihadi, and this info affords us a window into the disturbed and disturbing way such blokes think:
Meanwhile, a Seattle man, Ali Muhammad Brown, repeatedly invoked his Muslim faith while being interrogated by detectives in connection with four murders from Washington to New Jersey. Each victim was shot repeatedly. 
"My life is based on living in the cause of Allah," Brown said. "Living in the cause of Allah. To live for Allah, to die for Allah." 
While some details of that interrogation have been described in court papers, the Investigative Project on Terrorism obtained a copy of the full one hour and 44 minute conversation. 
Brown expressed disdain for gay people – two of his victims are believed to have been gay – describing homosexuality as "completely against nature" but stating the government allows "this evil to fester." 
He repeatedly invoked the idea that an Islamic Caliphate, or Islamic rule, is the only way to restore order to American society. Brown also is suspected in armed robberies in New Jersey. He told detectives he thought about leaving America to "go to the land where God the almighty, Allah, is established and implemented." 
Muslims, Brown said, cannot practice their religion in America, "because jihad is a part of our religion." 
But Islamic law, governed by a Caliphate, can cure America of its social ills, he said, citing brutal punishment for those caught breaking the law. Prison doesn't work. In Islam, however, "you cut the hand in public for everyone to see. You alleviate all your thieves right there ... You behead someone right there in public, in the streets? You alleviate all the problems like that."
Hey, if you want to, ahem, alleviate problems, you gotta shed a little--or quite a lot of--blood, right?

No joke: what do you call a first-time thief in the Caliphate? Answer: Lefty.

The Entity Formerly Known as CAIR-CAN Condemns Yestday's Attack in Ottawa While Touting Its Own Joke of an Anti-Radicalization Handbook

In a statement condemning yesterday's feat of jihad (my description), the one that resulted in yet another Canadian soldier being murdered on home soil and that could have (but thankfully didn't) seen a bloodbath unleashed on Parliament Hill, NCCM Executive Director Ihsaan Gardee made a point of mentioning that handbook:
More recently, the Islamic Social Services Association, in conjunction with the NCCM, launched the handbook United Against Terrorism which is designed to give communities information and tools to counter radicalization towards violent extremism and build civic engagement.
As if anything in that document, which itself incorporates a radical perspective and engages in egregious jihad-denial, can help prevent incidents of jihad from erupting here in Canada.

It's all Islamist smoke and mirrors, my friends, designed to gull us and lull us into a false sense of security about what's really in the Koran and how it's inspiring today's jihad freaks.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

If True, This One Takes the Cake

Could it be true that at the time shots were ringing out in Ottawa, the RCMP and local cops were taking a class in "multiculturalism and outreach"?

Dead Ottawa Gunman Identified

He's Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.

Supposedly, there's "no known motivation at this time," but since the dead guy is said to look like this

View image on Twitter
I don't think it would be out of line to assume that he's someone connected to the jihad. FYI, this photo was tweeted by none other than IS, the Islamic State.

Update: He's reportedly "of Algerian descent."