Thursday, May 31, 2012

Coming Soon to Toronto's Beit Zatoun--Anti-Israel "Propaganda in the Guise of Children's Art"

The traveling exhibit "A Child's View of Gaza" will be shown at Toronto's Beit Zatoun from June 7-24. You can read about it here. And after you've read that, take a look at this, which describes the crayon Zionhass in all its glory.

Mega-Creepy Porn Actor/ Karla Homolka Date/(Alleged) Necrophiliac Murderer-Dismemberer Was Once a "fab" Boy

"fab" is the Toronto sister publication of gay rag Xtra. A "fab" boy is the equivalent of the Sunshine Girl--the tabloid pin-up/object of lust. Back in 2005, the suspect in the gruesome crime was a "fab" boy. Calling himself  "Jimmy," he was described thus:
This 22-year-old soccer fan was born in Russia and currently lives in Toronto. He hopes to train to become a police officer. "I don't want to do traffic tickets. I am thinking vice or homicide." Jimmy likes men and women in uniforms. He says his best attribute is "my package. I got a mean dick. Me and my friends made a few videos." Jimmy has also been a model for Sears, sporting "pyjamas, jeans, sweaters." When it come to pizza, he prefers Greek style with feta cheese and juicy black olives." His email is
For some strange reason, I find the bit about his favorite pizza to be the most disturbing part of that blurb.

Sort of Like Giving the Order of Canada to Harpoon Siddiqui

Obama gives the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a Marxist "community organizer."

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Have Sharia, Will Travel

That should be Anjem Chouday's calling card:
British Muslim radical Anjem Choudary is one of the people behind the Sharia4Holland group and was present at Friday’s press conference in Amsterdam, the Parool reported on Tuesday.
Choudary, a former solicitor, runs the militant group Islam4UK which has been banned in Britain and has been involved in efforts to set up ‘sharia areas’ in parts of Britain.
He spoke briefly at the gathering in front of the war memorial on Dam square but did not say anything controversial, according to the AT5 coverage.
Sharia4Holland spokesman Abu Qasam was later arrested at his home in Woerden for making threats against MP and anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders. He was released but will face charges.
Justice minister Ivo Opstelten said on Tuesday there is a risk that supporters of the organisation, which is thought to have just a handful of members, could use violence...
Gee, ya think?

Quebec Court of Appeal (a Real Court) Overturns Nutty "Human Rights" Court Ruling

From the Montreal Gazette:
MONTREAL - A Filipino-Canadian family that was awarded $17,000 because they said their 7-year-old son was discriminated against at school for the way in which he ate spaghetti have had their decision overturned.

Quebec’s Court of Appeal this month invalidated the decision by the province’s Human Rights Tribunal rendered in 2010, arguing the tribunal went beyond its jurisdiction in punishing acts that Quebec’s Human Rights Commission had earlier ruled were not discriminatory. It also found that the tribunal’s award of $17,000 was “without basis.”

The events, which gained international attention, stem back to April 2006, when Luc Cagadoc said he was eating his spaghetti with a fork and spoon in typical Filipino fashion, when he was reprimanded by a school hall monitor at the École Lalande in Pierrefonds-Roxboro. When his mother, Maria-Thérésa Gallardo, complained, she said she was told by the monitor that her son “ate like a pig,” and by the principal that he should “eat like a Canadian,” allegations the school officials denied. They said Luc was being reprimanded for clowning around repeatedly, not for the culturally distinct way in which he ate.

Gallardo filed a complaint against the Marguerite Bourgeoys School Board, the principal and the hall monitor with the Quebec Human Rights Commission in April 2006, which investigates alleged human rights violations and decides if there are grounds to bring them to the tribunal. The commission rejected the complaint in October 2008, on the grounds there was not enough proof. But Quebec law allows certain complainants to take their cases to the Human Rights Tribunal even if rejected by the commission. Which Gallardo did, and won. Six years after the initial events, that victory was mostly taken away by the appeal court’s ruling. It maintained a fine of $2,000 against the school board and hall monitor Martine Bertrand because she asked Luc, in front of his friends: “In your country, do people wash their hands?”

In a statement, the school board said it welcomed the ruling, and noted that its 50,000 students come from 183 different countries, giving it the most diverse student population in Quebec...
And as we all know, "diversity" rocks and rolls, as does our "human rights" racket. Which is why you can expect more kooky "human rights" complaints--and more court rulings overturnng them--as long as these laws stay on the books. (Think of all the time and money that would be saved if, once and for all, these laws and "human rights" bodies were eliminated.)

Obama Says He Probably Knows More About Judaism Than Any Other POTUS

Of course he does. He's not only smarter than the average POTUS, he's the smartest president evah!

Update: John Podhoretz lambastes Obama's "absurd" boast.

Simon and Garfriedman?

Paul Simon is friends with Thomas L. Friedman? How awful!

Update: The best antidote to that dreadful news I can think of is this.

Why Obama's "Skeletons" Don't Count

Ezra Levant doesn't really care whether or not a young Barack Obama was a paid-up member of the pot-smoking "Choom Gang." What irks him is the stark contrast between how the media approaches Obama's past--call it laissez-faire--and how it deals with politicians on the right--i.e. gung ho all the way:
But basic facts about Obama remain willfully unreported. Do you even know how many brothers and sisters Obama has? Seven siblings by his polygamous father. Who already had a wife in Kenya when he married Obama’s mother.

In the months ahead, do you think you will hear more or less about Obama’s polygamous father, or some Mormon ancestor of Mitt Romney who was polygamous?

Do you think you will hear more or less about Romney’s religion than you have heard about Obama’s religion — under Sharia law, he is Muslim, just like his father and stepfather were.

Obama’s birth certificate says he was born in Hawaii. But a 1991 brochure published by a literary agency representing Obama claimed he was born in Kenya — a biography Obama surely approved, likely to give him more street cred as an African American, rather than a half-white rich kid from Hawaii.

Youthful pot smoking, or weird family trees isn’t the point here.

The point is the Media Party covered for their favourite candidate in 2008. And they’re about to again.
The point is that no matter how many skeletons Obama has rattling around in his closet--and, clearly, he has a lot; far more than we're ever likely to know about--the media don't and won't care because he's their kind of guy.

A Choom Gang-era Barry sparks up a doobie

Update: A Beatles' song for the Obama-besotted media:

When we find our guy in scads of trouble
Avert our eyes so we won't see.
Want to boost his fortunes.
Let it be.
And when we hear Rev. Wright
Defame "Amerikkka" with asperity.
We'll let our guy dismiss it.
Let it be.

Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be.
It has no importance,
Let it be.

And when the latest revelation
Pops up with alacrity
We'll all but ignore it.
Let it be.
For though it's pretty shocking
It's a scandal--not--we all agree.
We have reached consensus:
Let it be.


We've blown smoke for four years now;
We will blow it for eternity.
Our guy is the bestest,
Let it be.
But did you know that Romney's people
Once practised polygamy?
Since he's on the right won't
Let it be...

Update: Michelle does damage control (not that it's needed)--and flogs her new cookbook--on The Daily Show.

Obama's Syria Scheme: Mad, Bad and Dangerous

Barry Rubin, who wrote a book about Syria, says Obama's response to the problems there isn't only bone-headed, it is dangerously bone-headed:
Now the administration has unveiled a new and equally terrible policy. I’ll let the New York Times’ reporters explain it:
“President Obama will push for the departure of President Bashar al-Assad under a plan that calls for a negotiated political settlement that would satisfy Syrian opposition groups but that could leave remnants of Assad’s government in place. The success of the plan hinges on Russia, one of Assad’s staunchest allies, which has strongly opposed his removal. Obama, administration officials said, will press the proposal with President Putin of Russia at their meeting next month. Obama’s national security adviser raised the plan with Putin in Moscow three weeks ago.”
Good grief! There are four different acts of strategic insanity involved in this paragraph...
He goes on to itemize them, and concludes that
the Obama policy shows three characteristics that have wider implications for the president’s strategies. It favors Islamist enemies; it “leads from behind” by giving the initiative to those who wish America no good; and it shows no interest in helping genuinely pro-American moderates who are fighting for their lives.
And that, friends, is why I spend so much time bashing Obama’s Middle East policy, because it is so very bad and dangerous.
Mad, too, making it the Byronic trifecta.

Going Through the Looking Glass to Discover a Lefty Simulacrum of Reality

Andrew Klavan is describing the New York Times here, but he could just as easily be talking about Canada's state broadcaster, the Ceeb:
For me, the New York Times has now become an organ of leftist disinformation. It scrambles teams of reporters at any trace of scandal on the right, and ignores solid evidence of scandal on the left. It races to cover any sign of global warming, but drags its feet when warming alarmists are revealed to have fudged the facts. It plays down acts of violence and incivility by leftists while allowing columnists to imagine them in rightists. It assigns left-wing reviewers to review conservative books and movies — and assigns left-wing reviewers to review left-wing books and movies as well. It publishes Paul Krugman, who admits he has a lousy record of predicting economic outcomes but never ceases to be certain his exploded theories are correct, who blames violence on right-wing incivility without proof and indulges in left wing incivility also without proof, who claims Europe’s economy is doing great except that it’s failing because of “austerity” (there’s a laugh!), and who all in all will say anything whether it makes sense or not in order to support the death-dealing dead letter of socialism...
The NYT, at least, is a private company, which people choose (or choose not to) support. Unlike the Ceeb, which hoovers up the taxpayers' hard-earned shekels whether they like it or not.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Egypt Headed Off Muslim Brotherhood Cliff

Look out below!

Severed Human Foot Sent as a Message of Some Sort to Conservative Party HQ

Now, that's just gross (and reminiscent of The Godfather and/or The Sopranos).

If the Wake of Assad's Most Recent Butchery, Ottawa Expels Syrian Diplomats

Good on the Harper government for once again taking the lead and showing some cojones.

Update: The U.S. has expelled 'em too.

Why Did Bernie Speak at the '07 ISNA Canada Convention?

This is an addendum to yesterday's post: I was trying to remember what was happening five years ago that would have spurred the then-Grand Poobah of Jewry to make an appearance at an ISNA convention. And then I remembered. Back then Bernie was still angling to get the province to pony up funding for private religious schools, and was making nicey-nicey with Muslims in the hopes that they would link arms with Jews and they could all march to/pressure Queen's Park to cough up the dough.

How well did that work out? Well, let's just say that, five years on, the Ontario Conservative leader who was persuaded to run with that toxic football is no longer in politics, and the Jewish outfit that Bernie helmed, the 90+-year-old Canadian Jewish Congress, is no longer in existence.

The Islamists, on the other hand, are still going strong.

Melanie Phillips on Zionhass

She doesn't call it that, but that's what it is:
The anti-Zionist madness of our time is thus far more pernicious even than hatred of Israel, pathologically obsessive and malevolent as that is in itself. Bad enough that for so many people in Britain and the west, Israel has been successfully demonised as a pariah state on the basis of a unique systematic campaign of falsehoods, distortions and libels about its history and behaviour, untruths which have nevertheless become the unchallenged basis for public discussion. 
But far worse even than this is the assumption underlying this lazy defamation, that Zionism is a creed that is itself a particularly aggressive kind of racism or colonialism. This vicious prejudice has turned truth, reason and decency inside out. The right of the Jews to their own historic national homeland has been recast, entirely falsely, as a usurpation of the ‘right’ to that land of ‘Palestinians’ – who never actually existed as a discrete people in the first place. Those Jews who are Zionists now find themselves as a result cast as racists and social pariahs – merely for asserting the right of the Jewish people to self-determination in their own historic homeland.

Those who are driven by a vicious and bigoted hatred have thus been allowed to cast the victims of their hatred as themselves hateful people. Zionist Jews are thus defamed and victimised many times over – and by those who have the gall to claim the moral high ground in doing so, from luvvies Emma Thompson and Ken Loach to the boycotters and thugs who harass and bully Zionist Jews on campus.

This is a truly chilling situation, reminiscent of the mass brainwashing and hijacking of thought that took place in the Soviet Union – not surprising when you consider the Soviet-Arab axis that back in the seventies set out to destroy Israel by capturing and subverting the western mind...

"Gain Peace"--But at What Price?

An outfit called Gain Peace Canada is hosting a panel discussion on the topic "Message of Peace - Countering Islamophobia" at the University of Toronto on June 16th. The National Post's Jonathan Kay, along with several peace-minded Muslims, is among the panelists. But since the event is being sponsored by ICNA Canada (the northern branch of an outfit with known ties to terrorism) and the Muslim Student's Association (a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot), you can be all but certain that the sort of "peace" they would really like to see--the only sort that's acceptable for such true believers--is the peace that will be in place globally once Islam is well and truly in charge.

But I'm sure Mr. Kay must be aware of that, or else he wouldn't have agreed to be part of this event.

Update: "Gain Peace works under the umbella" of ICNA.

Update: From a report last month on The Investigative Project site:
The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is leading a pro-Sharia public relations campaign, aimed at persuading Americans that these beliefs aren't something to fear or leading to domination. 
As it does this, however, it continues to guide followers toward texts that go in a starkly contrasting direction. It has pushed underground a series of curricula detailing its adult radicalization program, but more extremist materials pop up in youth events, the group's bookstore, and elsewhere.

ICNA has long been involved in the radicalization of its members, with an indoctrination process into South Asian and Muslim Brotherhood extremist texts. Many of those titles disappeared from ICNA and the ICNA Sisters' web pages after a series of articles by the Investigative Project on Terrorism. 
That doesn't mean that ICNA has changed its tune. A recent investigation by the Toronto Sun revealed that the organization has marketed pro-violence and pro-Islamist texts, particularly by South Asian extremist Sayyid Abu 'Ala Maududi, through its Canadian bookstore. These texts, according to Canadian Muslim moderate Tarek Fatah, have a profound effect on the Muslim youth.

"This sort of literature lays the seeds into their minds that the West is the enemy, and they are the troopers who have to fight that enemy," Fatah told the Sun.

"Maududi, in his books, is asking for young Muslim men to wage war."

Required reading of some of Maududi's books is also still part of ICNA's membership process, especially for youth. This year's annual "Quiz Competition on Islamic Knowledge and Skills" tested 11th and 12th graders throughout the country on their knowledge of one of his masterpieces, Towards Understanding Islam.

"The greatest sacrifice made in the way of God is jihad. In it man sacrifices not only his own life and belongings, but destroys those of others as well," Maududi teaches in the text, which is posted on ICNA's youth website...
I reiterate: for ICNA and like-minded true believers, "peace"=Islam calling the shots.

Update: BCF points out that Kay's co-panelist Dr. Jamal Badawi was a "person of interest" in the Holy Land terrorism conspiracy trial. Wouldn't it be great if that's how he was introduced on the 16th?

Monday, May 28, 2012

An ISNA Canada Scholarship, Winners to Be Selected by Saudis

Education is sooo important these days. In recognition of that unassailable fact, the Islamic Development Bank, under the auspices of Muslim Brotherhood front ISNA Canada, is offering a scholarship for Muslim Canadians entering their first year of university. Successful applicants will receive a "stipend" that maxes out at 7Gs. And who, pray tell, will select the lucky applicants?
The final selection will be made at the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Bernie's "Bullies" Beef

Quick now, who's the biggest bully in the province of Ontario? I contend that it's chief "human rights" commissar Barbara Hall, who loves to micro-manage the hoi polloi, fore'er trying to perfect us (and fore'er failing, because, as we should have learnt from the examples of Mao and Uncle Joe, and from the works of George Orwell, human being are not--and never will be--perfect, and efforts to make them so can and often do end catastrophically).

And runner-up in the biggest bully category? Why it's the chief commissar-in-waiting Bernie Farber, the former Official Jew who bullies folks in the name of "human rights" and its little poseur buddies, "tolerance" and "civility." Today, Bernie beats up on "bully bloggers" who, in the political scheme of things, have no power, but who have the unalloyed chutzpah to criticize the motives and M.O. of wonderful him, a paragon of "tolerance," a "human rights activist" non pareil. (H/T BCF)

Bernie's problem is that he wants to be worshipped by us, all the little people. And when the uppity few refuse to get with his veneration program, he lashes out and labels them "bullies" (which, with the possible exception of being "racist," is the worst thing one can be these days).

How sad. And how terribly--how pathetically--petty.

Update: In his HuffPo piece, Bernie waxes faux-folksily about a old shtetl tale.
My tradition is rich in stories that tell us of the importance of guarding our tongues. We are told that the tongue is so powerful that it requires two gates (the lips and teeth) to restrain.
There is an old Hasidic tale that tells of a man who spoke ill of his neighbour. Realizing his mistake he went to a rabbi and asked forgiveness. The rabbi said he would be forgiven but first he must take a feather pillow to the centre of town, rip it open and spread the feathers to the wind. The villager did as the rabbi asked. When he returned he told the rabbi his job was completed and asked for forgiveness. "Now," said the rabbi, "go and collect each of those feathers."
"But that's impossible" said the man.
"Precisely," the rabbi answered, "and while you may sincerely regret the damage you have done, it's as impossible to undo it as it is to recover all the feathers."
My tradition (Orwell, Menken, Hitchens, Steyn, etc.) is rich in satire, invective and vitriol; in the faux-folksy dep't, I got nada--and certainly nothing bromidic about feathers as a justification for self-censorship. Well, except for my update of the rabbi in Fidder on the Roof's blessing for the Czar: "May God  bless and keep sharia...far away from us."

Not sure if Bernie would go for it, though, since he was one of the many august speakers (including some big time Islamists) on the roster at the 2007 ISNA Canada Convention.

Update: Speaking of the above-mentioned convention, Bernie and two others gabbed on this topic:

Interfaith Collaboration: beyond dialogue
The recognition of universal common values and peaceful co-existence are grounded in principles such as equality and justice, as articulated in the holy Qur'an. These principles enjoin human beings to unite in their civic duty to uphold concern for the moral and social well being of all. This session will discuss how, far from diluting one's commitment to his or her faith tradition, interfaith dialogue and action can be seen as an opportunity for Muslims and non-Muslims to live these values, and deepen that commitment by becoming a catalyst for personal, social and cultural transformation
Er, Bernie was aware when he agreed to speak on this subject that ISNA Canada is a Muslim Brotherhood front that uses interfaith/da'wa/leftist "social justice" spin as a means of advancing its agenda, wasn't he?

UN Gives Props to Zany Zimbabwean Robert Mugabe as a "Leader for Tourism"

Claudia Rossett has the revolting details.

Shoot the Whistle Blower and Pass the Tasty Samosas

Four interfaithy types--a clueless Jewess and three Muslims--decry the whistle blower(s) who squealed about the Jew-hate being taught under the auspices of local Khomeinists Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Toronto (ISIJ) at the East End Madrassah:
Were we in the ISIJ's shoes, we would surely have expected a more reasonable process than the one that has played out to date. We might question the motives of an accuser who goes straight to the media and police with a complaint rather than referring their concerns first to the source - and who then demands the shaming and casting out of the source even before the investigations are complete. If the goal of the investigation is truly to "put a plan in place to ensure no group is ever targeted as the Jewish community has been," as Avi Benlolo of the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre has stated; then the strategy pursued by the complainants is counterproductive, at best.
Yeah, because it's far more, ahem, productive to ignore the hate and share delicious ethnic foods at convivial gatherings. (Just don't mention that pesky Jew state, 'kay?)

Update: Earlier this month, two of the four ("Barbara Landau and Shahid Akhtar, co-chairs, Canadian Association of Jews and Muslims") weren't quite as condemnatory of the whistle blower. In a letter to the National Post they wrote that
Using ancient texts for the purpose of promoting hatred in todays (sic) society is unacceptable. In many religions, ancient writings contain words of violence and exclusion. Inflammatory excerpts from such texts should not be used to perpetuate stereotyping or sow seeds of intolerance between faith groups.
However, we should be vigilant that unfortunate incidents like this are not turned into a campaign to single out the Muslim community.
If similar websites are brought to light, the police, the media, school authorities and the community at large should react with similar outrage. We must show respect to all religions and adhere to the highest standards of acceptance and diversity.
Indeed. But what of "ancient writings" that are literally taken literally today and that justify, oh, off the top of my head, violent jihad and the superiority of Muslims over non-Muslims and Islam uber alles? To ignore the lack of "acceptance and diversity" in those writings, and to succumb to delusional interfaithy reveries, may be good for those purveying the "there can be no true peace and justice sans Islam" line, but is not so good--is, in fact, suicidal--for the rest of us.

Update: BCF detects taqiyyah galore courtesy the Khomeinists.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The 100 Greatest Summer Songs


Today's Egregiously Obvious Observation--The Ongoing Conflict in Afghanistan Is Having a Negative Impact on Tourism

No kidding. Who wants to vacation in a Taliban war zone?

Palestine House Cut Loose By the Feds? You'd Never Know It By Looking at the PH Site

The feds announced they had cut funding for Palestine House--it had been receiving nearly a million dollars a year for its "settlement services and language programs [for] newcomers"--back in January. So why on its website is PH (whose logo is an Arafat be-chequered map of Israel plus the territories) still claiming to have an association with the government? Surely it's had enough time by now to update the page to reflect its new status.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Iran Said to Have Enough Enriched Uranium to Make 5 Bombs

Five bombs, eh? To quote a well-known book title (well known in Canada, anyway), none is too many.

You Say "Forced." I Say "Strongly Encouraged With No Other Option"

Ontario's chief "human rights" commissar  clears up an, ahem, false impression "Re: White Liberal Guilt":
Letters to the Editor
The Toronto Sun
Tarek Fatah is wrong to suggest I or anyone else “forced” Toronto Police to allow Khalsa Sikhs to wear kirpans in courtrooms. Acting Deputy Chief Jeff McGuire said the police were “pleased to have worked cooperatively to arrive at a procedure which recognizes the needs and rights of the Sikh community and the obligation to provide a safe, secure and accessible courthouse environment." The settlement (NOT an “OHRC decision” as the caption to the article says) respects the religious rights of Khalsa Sikhs and the need to have security at courthouses.
Yours truly,
Barbara Hall, B.A., LL.B, Ph.D (hon.)
Chief Commissioner
Acting Deputy Chief Jeff McGuire, whose force has been seriously compromised because of compulsory cooperation with Babsy's "human rights" racket, sounds like someone has put words into his mouth.

Yes, Yes, a Thousand Times Yes

Is the UN making the Palestinian refugee problem worse?

Thomas L. Friedman Says It's Easy-Peasy for Bibi to Make Peace

What follows reminds me of all the smartypantses (TLF among them) who claimed that once Israel made Gaza Judenrein everything would be okey-dokey:
In an essay in this newspaper on April 24, Ayalon and two colleagues argued that Israel should first declare its willingness to return to negotiations anytime and that it has no claims of sovereignty on any West Bank lands east of its security barrier. It should then end all settlement construction east of that barrier and in Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem and establish an attractive housing and relocation plan to help the 100,000 Jewish settlers who live east of the barrier to relocate within Israel’s recognized borders. The Israeli Army would remain in the West Bank until the conflict was resolved with a final-status agreement. And Israel would not physically force any citizens to leave until an agreement was reached, even though relocations could begin well before then. Such an initiative would radically change Israel’s image in the world, dramatically increase Palestinian incentives to negotiate and create a pathway for securing Israel as a Jewish democracy. And Bibi could initiate it tomorrow.       
Sounds like a plan to me. An idiotic plan that makes no allowance for Arab rejectionism--as always, the largest pothole along the road to peace--but a plan nonetheless.

You Call It "Greenprovement." I Call It Petty Larceny

How forking over five cents each time you want your purchases to go in a plastic bag "improves" anything except the bottom line of the establishment collecting the tax is anybody's guess.

UN's LOST Is All Wet

Michelle Malkin sheds light on another desperate and relentless attempt by the UN to steal our wealth and sovereignty.

Update: Brian Lilley spotlights another UN highway robbery scheme--Agenda 21.

We Have "the Facebook Revolution." They Have the Sharia "Revolution." They Win

Only Mark Steyn could take two distinct news events--the Egyptian elections and Facebook going public--and blend them in such a brilliant and mordant way. He writes that we cannot expect our civilization to prevail if all we bring to the table is the amusing-ourselves-to-death Facebook ethos:
One of the basic defects of the Bush administration's designation of a "war on terror" was that it emphasized symptoms (bombs and bombers) over causes (the underlying ideology). In the war of ideas, the West has chosen not to compete, under the erroneous assumption that the ever more refined delivery systems for its sensual distractions are a Big Idea in and of themselves. They're not. If you know your Tocqueville, they sound awfully like his prediction of a world in which "an innumerable crowd of like and equal men ...revolve on themselves without repose," a phrase which nicely distills the unending busyness of our gaudy novelties.
Don't get me wrong; I like goofy pet photos. But can these gizmos do anything else? Yes, in theory. But, in practice, is a culture that "revolves on itself without repose" likely to be that effective at communicating real ideas to the wider world? Ideas on liberty, free speech, property rights, women's rights and all the other things conspicuous by their absence in the philosophies of Egypt's new political class. In the end, a revolution cannot be Tweeted. Whatever their defects, the unlovely forces running the new Egypt understand the difference between actually mutilating a young girl's genitals to deny her the possibility of sexual pleasure, and merely "following" your local clitoridectomist on his Twitter feed.
Meanwhile over in Quebec, the young'uns are fighting another "revolution."  That one, too, tends to shun ideas on liberty and free speech, but is drunk on stuff like "fairness," "equality" and "social justice" and fueled by hard-leftist organizations and union bosses. But make no mistake--that "revolution" is every bit as dangerous as the Islamist one--and is happening now, in our own backyard. (One could say of anarcho-thugs the Black Bloc that they understand the difference between shattering shop windows and other private property in an orgy of destruction, and merely "following" the "protests" on their Twitter feed.)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hardball Host Has a Meltdown When Asked About His Infamous "Tingle"

His skin is so thin it's a wonder it can contain his innerds.

Obama's Faux-Genteel Scatalogical Dig at Romney

Obama says that Romney's assertion about the massive debt he's racked up is, and I quote, "a cow pie of distortion."

A cow pie? Really?

That in itself is an absurd turd if I've ever smelt, er, seen one.

Mark "Nostradamus" Steyn's Prediction Comes True as Horndog Bill Clinton Consorts With Porno Chicks in Monaco

In conversation with Hugh Hewitt yesterday, Steyn comments re this risible sight:
MS: Right, you know, what I find odd about this is that the year of Monica, which was what, 1998, 1999 now? I wrote in the Telegraph in London, I thought let’s, I said pitch it on ten years down the road. Bill Clinton’s in retirement, or he’s had a midlife career change, and he’s running a porno house in Amsterdam showing, I don’t know whether it was Farm Girls Gone Bad or whatever. But what astonishes me, and which often happens, by the way with the left, is that you make a casual joke about them like that, and ten years later, it comes true.
HH: (laughing) Yeah.
MS: (laughing) Bill Clinton is living my throwaway gag from 1998.
And loving it!

Deplorin' Warren

(Via FFF)

A lefty named Warren Kinsella
Fits Glenn Beck under the "Jew-hater" umbrella.
As for Section 13--
He thinks that that's keen.

What a funny, discombobulated fella!

Quel Shockeroo--Ceeb Ombudsman Fails to See Animus in Innaccurate "Tweet" About Israel

The Ceeb's Neil Macdonald has never been a fan of Israel; quite the reverse, in fact. So when he tweeted this back in January--"I lived in Israel, the most gun-owning population per capita on earth. Israelis seldom shoot one another. (Let’s not go down the other path)"--someone complained about the inaccuracy of the statement and its inherent animus toward Israel. Long story short, Ceeb Ombudsman Kirk LaPointe agreed that the information re the gun ownership stats was false. However, he
did not share the complainant’s view that the Tweet reflected a larger, negative characterization of Israel or Israelis. The correspondent has a track record of accomplished Middle East journalism.
If anything, the context of this and other Tweets suggested (albeit without ideal data) that high levels of gun ownership did not necessarily correlate with high levels of crime. (In later asserting online there had been violence against Palestinians by settlers, Macdonald was reflecting widely reported events.) I did not conclude the inaccurate Tweet was anything more.
And I conclude that the Ceeb Ombudsman would refuse to acknowledge an in-bred animus toward Israel if it stood up on its hind legs and began to sing "Hello, My Baby" because that's how blind, deaf and dumb he is.

"Why Do People Hate Jews?"

That's a real question on a religious studies exam written by 14-16 year olds in the U.K.

ISNA Canada Convention Adopts a "Green" Theme

From onislam:
TORONTO – Environment preservation has dominated the annual convention of a major Islamic group in Canada in an effort to raise environmental awareness in the Muslim community.
“This theme was chosen to provide an opportunity to reflect on the dramatic changes which took place at ISNA Canada, in Muslim countries and all over the world,” Mohammed Bekkari, President of Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Canada, told
“These changes reflect a new way of thinking and behaving.”
Themed “A New Era Unfolds: Rising to the Challenge”, ISNA held its 38th Annual Convention in Mississauga, Ontario, last week.
 The group incorporated a green theme, "Green for ISNA, Green for the Environment," in the convention to raise environmental awareness among participants...
"Green for Sharia," more like, but you can understand why they didn't go with that one.

Manitoba Leads the Way in "Human Rights" Nuttiness

From the Ceeb:
Manitoba is expanding its human rights code to cover gender identity, homelessness and the poor.
Justice Minister Andrew Swan introduced a bill Wednesday that would prevent people from discrimination on the basis of gender identity and "social disadvantage" — a broad category that includes low-income earners, the homeless and people with little education.
"If somebody is looking for an apartment and they can show they can pay the rent, but because they've been unemployed for a period of time, the landlord simply decides on that basis alone they're not going to rent to them, that could be something the [human rights] commission could consider," Swan said.
The same protection would apply to a homeless person who is turned away by a taxi driver, as long as the person shows they can pay their fare...
How thoughtful/comprehensive of Manitoba to enshrine the rights of a category of humanity that does not--and will likely never--exist: homeless people who take cabs.

Let's say for the sake of argument that the person in the back of this cab is homeless. What about the right of the taxi driver to not have his vehicle (which, after all, is his livelihood) filled with the lingering odors/aromas of indigence?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Amnesty International Slams Canada for Failing to Arrest "War Criminal" Dubya When He Visited B.C.

I realize that AI jumped the shark some time ago, but that one, I must say, is mega-kooky even for these "rights" rats.

Zafar Bangash Craps on "Democracy"

For you and me, democracy is the best possible system of governance because it's the only one predicated on and dedicated to the individual's freedom. For local Khomeinist Zafar Bangash, however, democracy, not to put too fine a point on it, sucks. He writes:
Democracy is a much used and abused term. It is essentially a tool in the hands of the rich and powerful to legitimize their ill-gotten gains.
In the West, democracy is used as a tool to create the illusion that the masses have a say in who should govern them to administer their affairs. A further illusion is that people are “free” to choose their leaders — when the options offered have already been pre-determined. The masses are essentially treated no better than mice and told they can choose between a black or white cat to “protect” them...
Yeah, Zaffy, democracy is vile. The sharia, though--now there's a grand old modus operandi that engenders a much better way of life.
There can be a fine line between Karl Marx and the Ayatollah Khomeini, and here Zaffy, loather of kafir democracy, has erased it. How lucky we Canadians are to have the likes of him in our free (for now, anyway) land!

Locals Plan Rally in Scarborough to Protest Khadr's Return to the Neighbourhood

From the Toronto Sun:
TORONTO - Some Scarborough residents are planning a town hall meeting to rally the community and prevent terrorist Omar Khadr from returning to his east-end home.
A number of Scarborough residents were meeting on Wednesday to plan against Khadr’s return to Canada in months after spending a decade in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for terrorism offences.

“We need to have our voices heard,” said activist Shobie Kapoor, who has created an online petition calling for Khadr to stay away from Canada. “We are trying to find out what our options are when he (Khadr) returns to the community.”

Kapoor said at least 20 area residents, and a number of groups, have banned together to keep Khadr out of Scarborough, where he was born. No date has been set for a town hall meeting.

Her group plans to post flyers near homes where Khadr will be staying with family members. Members of the Canadian Hindu Advocacy have twice posted flyers near Khadr grandfather’s home on Khartoum Ave.

The group has formed Canadian Patriots Unite Against Terrorist Omar Khadr to help with the fight...
There's a Khartoum Avenue in Scarborough?! How...appropriate.

Pakistan Tells the U.S. to "Respect"--Yes, Respect--It's Decision to Imprison the Pakistani Who Helped the U.S. Off Osama

Rather an odd request, no? Why the hell should the U.S. "respect" it--or, for that matter, a regime that would such actions?

The Empiricist's New Clothes

"How Obama’s embrace of empiricism could swing the 2012 race"

"Empiricism"--is that what they're calling socialism these days?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Can Congress Remove an Impediment to Peace--the Vastly Inflated Number of Palestinian Refugees--With the Stroke of a Pen?

Maybe not, but it can sure give it that old school try:
Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) is trying to get a handle on the real number of Palestinian refugees in the Middle East -- a move that could result in a change of status for millions of Palestinians. His proposed language for the 2013 foreign appropriations bill would require the U.S. government to confirm just how many Palestinians currently served by the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) -- the body taskedwith providing assistance, protection, and advocacy for Palestinian refugees -- are actually refugees. The bill, slated for markup on May 22, would challenge the status of the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Palestinian refugees -- a great many of whom claim to be refugees despite the fact that they were never personally displaced in the 1948 and 1967 Arab-Israeli wars. 
The aim of this proposed legislation, Kirk's office explains, is not to deprive Palestinians who live in poverty of essential services, but to tackle one of the thorniest issues of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict: the "right of return." The dominant Palestinian narrative is that all of the refugees of the Israeli-Palestinian wars have a right to go back, and that this right is not negotiable. But here's the rub: By UNRWA's own count, the number of Palestinians who describe themselves as refugees has skyrocketed from 750,000 in 1950 to 5 million today. As a result, the refugee issue has been an immovable obstacle in round after round of negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians...
Actually, the downsize would be a great start, but it will do nothing to tackle the biggest obstacle in the way of peace: Arab rejectionism based on old time Islamic dogma/doctrine.

A Song for Our "Homie" Omie

It's in "honour" of this, and sung to the tune of our national anthem (sing it loud; sing it proud):

Mar Khadr.
Our homie through and through.
Back from Gitmo.
Oh, what's a lad to do?
He could lead a life
Of obscurity
With his Ma and Sis and Bro.
But the Holy War still flows
Through his veins--
The only war he knows.
Mar Khadr.
True jihadi.
Mar Khadr
Keep him away from me!
Mar Khadr
Keep him away from me!

Why the London Olympics Must Honour Those Who Were Murdered at the Munich Olympics

It must; it should; but I predict it won't.

Thanks, But I Think I'll Pass

The Importance of Inter-Religious Dialogue in Present-day Europe

Meet the Terrorist Group That's Running the Syrian "Revolution"

Also ruining it.

That's My Last Nekkid Tory Painted Upon the Wall

Painting of Prime Minister Stephen Harper done up a la a Manet odalisque sells for 5 Gs. No doubt all the free publicity helped.

I prefer the vrai Manet

Phooey on You, WFP. It Would Be Idiotic and Irresponsible for the Government to Adopt a Hands-Off Approach to the "Human Rights" Mausoluem

An editorial in the Winnipeg Free Press claims that the Minister of Heritage voicing disapproval over the contents of a sex exhibit at Ottawa's Museum of Science and Technology is "out of line" and bodes ill for the "human rights" mausoleum:
Such a trend does not bode well for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, which will be dealing with much more controversial matters on a regular basis. An advisory committee even recommended it be governed independent of the government so its work could not be corrupted by short-term political considerations.
National museums are capable of handling controversy and protest on their own, without any help from the prying hands on Parliament Hill.
One shudders to think of the "controversial matters" that will be on display at the shrine to victimhood. If there's any "corruption" to be seen--and I have long contended that there is--it is not due to any government interference but is inherent to and evident in the mausoleum's farcically ill-conceived mission.

BCF Responds to G&M Scribbler Who Disses Bloggers For Failing to do Original Reporting

You read the wrong blogs, buster.

Beware of Interfaithy Types Bearing Platitudes and Platters of Tasty Samosas

The following e-mail was just forwarded to me:
Good Afternoon to all, 
I am writing to you on behalf of Imam Syed Badiuddin Soharwardy, Chairman Islamic Supreme Council of Canada. 
We are planning to organize our First Interfaith Dialogue with the Christian and Jews Leadership on Wednesday June 27th 2012 at 7:00 pm at 6680 Campobello Road, Mississauga. 
I will appreciate if you can kindly confirm your availability on this date if it is suitable.  
If not, kindly advice another suitable date and time, preferrably on a Tuesday or Wednesday. 
It would be greatly appreciated if you can bring 10 to 15 members from your institution to participate in the dialogue. 
Please find attached invitation for more details. 
Best regards,
And what, pray tell, will the gathered be chit-chatting about with the founder of the Calgary-based Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (a name, yes, but also a fond desire)? As the ISCC 'splains,
 the purpose of these dialogues is to discuss: 
o The religious and secular fundamentalism and extremism in Canada.
o The role of religion in the Canadian society.
o The impact of international events on interfaith / communities relationships in Canada.
o The perceived threat of Shari’a law.
o Canadian values vs. religious values.
o Judaic Christian values vs. Islamic values.
o Freedom of speech / the freedom of religion in Canada and the around the world.
o Improvements in interfaith relationships in Canada.
The perceived threat of sharia? That alone tells you where this chap is really at, and why we would be wise to shun his interfaithy/da'wa overtures.

VDH on the Tyranny and Double Standard of "Cool"

It boils down to this: if you're a conservative, you can never be cool, and behaviour permitted to those on the left by virtue of their being on the left (and their therefore being cool) will set off alarms, calumnies and hoots of derision should uncool, right-wing you dare to indulge in it.

Rizvi's "Straight Goods" on Rizvi

Re the East End Madrassah imbroglio, a guy with the same last name as a notable Toronto Shia cleric downplays the Jew-hate and dons the cozy mantle of victimhood:
The word "Islam" means "peace" in the Arabic language. Judaism, Christianity and all other religions brought the same message of peace, love and equality at different times in different lands, urging followers to build a civilized global society, free from prejudice based on caste, colour or creed. Unfortunately, what religions preach honestly, many followers don't practice sincerely.
The real challenge ahead for multicultural societies is where and how to draw a line between hate and history. As Jonathan Kay noted in a Globe and Mail article, "Like the Bible, Muslim scripture contains a lot of material that by modern standards would be considered sexist, homophobic or even anti-Semitic".
The Bible, Qur'an and other ancient religious texts are taken as the word of God by their followers, even though modern standards are much more accepting of differences. Even the faithful hesitate to edit their scriptures, much less allow outsiders to do so.
On the other hand our libraries and websites have a vast literature written by western scholars that condemn Islam, the Qur'an, its laws, and the socio-cultural norms preached and practiced by Muslims. Are archival materials spreading hatred? Or is that material not used by our students and researchers?
History is full of conflicts and contradictions. Although ancient religious texts can't be edited and we can't stop teaching history in classrooms, we do need to remember that history is written by the victors.
It is up to believers to build bridges of understanding. The path to progress and prosperity lies through peaceful co-existence. But creating understanding is a two way process that ought to be reciprocated with friendly gestures and mutual respect, by all segments of society.
I'm going to have to give him an "F" on this paper because:
  •  Islam does not mean "peace"; it means "submission";
  • Mr. Kay made his tu quoque argument in the National Post, not the Globe and Mail;
  • in a free society, one is allowed to examine and criticize Islam and every religion/belief system. To do so is not an act of hate, but amounts to a desire to gain understanding. It's only in sharia-ridden and other unfree societies that such explorations are deemed hateful and/or blasphemous; and, finally,
  • what's the point of "building bridges" and "creating understanding" with those who lull you with smiles and samosas even as they are teaching/preaching the ugliest, most pernicious Jew-hate behind closed doors?

Democracy in Egypt! Democracy in Egypt!

As the passé press get the vapours and foam at the mouth over DEMOCRACY IN EGYPT!!!, a Front Pager--the spoilsport!--thows cold water on 'em all.

"Moog" Rhymes With "Vogue"

Google honours the musical synthesizer and its inventor (the aforementioned Mr. Moog) with a playable google doodle.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

QuAIA's Appearance at Pride Parade Puts Pride Grant in Limbo

Here we go again.

Not a Shekel. Not a Plugged Nickel. Not a Red Cent

That's my response to the poster folks for useful idiocy who want to "compensate" an unrepentant jihadi for his suffering down in Gitmo:
OTTAWA - Canadian left-wing activists are going international in their bid to pressure Public Safety Minister Vic Toews to bring terrorist Omar Khadr to Canada.
Amnesty International and Lawyers Rights Watch Canada (LRWC) are among 11 groups banding together in hearings by the UN Committee Against Torture this week.
In its submission, LRWC demands Khadr's immediate return to Canada along with compensation from taxpayers for the 'torture' he endured at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
"While Canada has a general fund for compensation of victims, it is clearly insufficient for such serious breaches," the group said in a statement, suggesting a Royal Commission could come up with a big enough cash payment...
I suggest AI and the "human rights" lawyers dig into their own pockets if they want Omie to get some coin because, trust me, there's no way he's going to pull a Maher Arar on Canadian taxpayers.

"Let it be heard loud and clear to Canadians everywhere: Toronto’s East End Madrassah is an institute of peace and tolerance"

A volunteer teacher at the Shia school is shocked--shocked, says she!--that the plug that been pulled, and defends her beleagured institution. So, too, does this guy, another volunteer at the school. (Did the joint have no full-timers?)

"When Dealing With Hitler, Any Agreement Counts as Progress"

Er, sorry. Did I say "Hitler?" As per this imbecilic G&M header, I meant to type "Iran."

Peace In Our Time, anyone?

All About Anti-Israel Khomeinist Propaganda

Just in time for "Nakba Day, " this Press TV video ("Remembering Palestine") has everything including the bloodhounds nipping at their rear ends. (The Khomeinists may wax lachrymose about "Palestine," but those are the saltiest of crocodile tears. Should a nuke ever hit its bull's eye in the Zionist entity, the purported objects of Shia affection will be known by another name: collateral damage.)

In a Bid to Evade His Criminal Past, "Hooky" Hamza Changes His Name

From now on he wants to be known as Barack Hussein Obama. ;)

Brave Writer Refuses to Be Dragged Into Breivik Prosecutors' Show Trial

There is no doubt, writes Bruce Bawer, a resident and critic of Norway, that Anders Breivik is guilty of mass murder. But along with trying the killer, prosecutors are putting thought itself on trial, and one local thinker has put authorities on notice that she, for one, refuses to participate in the "circus":
For the objective here is not just to try Breivik for his actions, but to try him for his thoughts as well. The climax of the trial will come in June, when several writers who have written about Islam – myself included – will be hauled into court as unwilling witnesses for the defense. As I wrote here last month, “the goal of the defense – and of the defendant, who apparently made up the list of witnesses himself – is utterly identical with the goal of the country’s leftist cultural elite: namely, to implicate all of us writers in Breivik’s actions. Of course, Breivik wants to do this in order to mitigate his own guilt in the eyes of the court and the country; the cultural elite wants to do it in order to discredit forever the criticism of Islam.”
Among the other writers on the list of defense witnesses is Hanne Nabintu Herland, a historian of religion who’s been an outspoken critic of Western feminism, the social-democratic welfare state, “reverse racism,” Norwegian anti-Semitism, and the Norwegian cult of mediocrity. She’s also written – and this is why she’s been summoned to testify in the Breivik case – about the importance of integrating immigrants and of preserving traditional European cultural values. But she’s not having it. On Monday, she made a major announcement in an op-ed for Aftenposten: she’s informed the authorities that she won’t be obeying her summons. She simply refuses to be a part of “this twisted murderer’s show….I refuse to be dragged around the circus ring like another clown in the perpetrator’s bizarre delusions.” She asserts that “the obligation to testify is being abused. I was not in Norway on July 22. My testimony has no bearing on the question of guilt or sanity.”
Good for her.