Friday, February 28, 2014

AIPAC "Chastened"? Feh!

No one on the right could think like this--defeated, embarrassed and taking masochistic delight in being "chastened":
This year’s annual Aipac conference, running from March 2-4 in Washington DC, will differ from usual. Most years the conference is an exercise in celebration and display of power - but this year, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is both institutionally chastened and at an inflection point in the US-Israel relationship. 
Arguably America’s foremost lobbying group of the past half century, Aipac has rarely lost a political battle. This year’s conference comes after a year in which its smaller rival, JStreet, won cautious gains and Aipac suffered two political defeats: its failed push for increased sanctions on Iran and its fruitless call for US military intervention in Syria.  
With Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu charting a rightward course that alienates not only much of the world and the Obama government, but also the American Jewish community, Aipac faces a major challenge as Secretary of State John Kerry conducts his peace diplomacy. 
Despite these anxieties, the conference will welcome up to 14,000 participants to hear Mr Kerry on Monday and Mr Netanyahu on Tuesday. Senior Jewish members of the two major parties will speak: Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew, as well as grandees such as Joe Lieberman and John McCain...
Something tells me that Cantor, at least, won't be nearly as "chastened" as the author of these spineless, spiteful remarks would like him to be. 

As for John Kerry's "peace diplomacy"--I wouldn't give you so much as a plugged shekel for it (or, for that matter, for much of America's "alienated" and pathologically leftist Jewry).

Buh Bye Gaza Smuggling Tunnels; See Ya Later Tasty Chicken

Egypt has put Hamas on notice that they'll have to get their KFC take out some other way.

Ho to the Hum: Amnesty International Smears Israel--Again

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the most effective way of dealing with Zionhass is by delegitimizing the delegitimizers. That is, by exposing who these loathers are and what's behind their loathing. This article on the Algemeiner site shows how it's done:
As Amnesty International published an anonymous 85-page report condemning Israel on Thursday, NGO Monitor, the Jerusalem-based charity watchdog, highlighted the backgrounds of Amnesty’s researchers, several of whom were full-time anti-Israel activists before joining the human rights group. 
Anne Herzberg, NGO Monitor’s international legal counsel, told The Algemeiner on Thursday, “We are not sure who wrote the report because Amnesty doesn’t say — in violation of NGO fact-finding guidelines established by the International Bar Association.” 
The only name associated with the report, on its press release, was Philip Luther, Middle East and North Africa Director at Amnesty International, who has managed to leave few footprints anywhere online; even Luther’s public LinkedIn profile provides little clue to his experience or credentials. 
The cover photography from the report was courtesy of Haim Schwarczenberg, who describes himself as a “photographer and activist in Israel” on the anti-Israel blog Mondoweiss, to which he contributed a report last year. Schwarczenberg’s Facebook account features a stream of hundreds of photos showing Arabs igniting tires to hurl at soldiers, aiming slingshots, and, of course, throwing rocks at the Israel Defense Forces.
Herzberg said that what NGO Monitor has been able to confirm is that “the Israel researcher based in London, Deborah Hyams, was a human shield in Beit Jala; the Amnesty US Israel researcher, Edith Garwood, used to be a member of the International Solidarity Movement. Also, another one of the researchers, Rasha Abdul-Rahim, describes herself as ‘a ranty Palestinian activist‘ on Twitter.” 
“Again, I don’t know if any of these people worked on the report, but their hiring certainly shows that Amnesty doesn’t care about objectivity or the credibility of its reporting,” Herzberg said...
True enough. That's because what Amnesty really cares about is the Palestinian victimhood narrative. And if "Zionist" Israel must ultimately disappear because of it, that's okey-dokey with Amnesty.

Melanie Phillips Takes Aim at That "Settled Science"

A "denier" who is not yet being sued by hockey stick graphologist Michael Mann writes:
AGW [Anthropogenic Global Warming--a.k.a. da humans gone and done it!] is a scam. There is no credible scientific evidence to show any change in the global pattern of normal climate fluctuation over the centuries, and nothing to tie this non-existent change to increases in carbon dioxide. The global climate has been flat-lining for more than a decade while carbon dioxide levels have continued to rise. 
Contrary to the myth-makers, there are many hundreds of eminent scientists who say the AGW theory is wholly without foundation. The so-called ‘evidence’ for AGW, some of which has been shown to be an outright fraud, has been mostly produced by dodgy computer modelling based on dodgy data producing dodgy predictions which are an affront to science. It is produced by researchers who are either ideological zealots for whom the actual evidence of declining global temperatures has to be hidden; who know that grant-funding or professional advancement is conditional upon their ‘research’ producing conclusions that support AGW theory; or who are third-rate minds who go along with either or both of the above without even realising what’s happening...
Now, that's what I call an effective slapshot. (She shoots; she scores!)

The Permanently Affronted Latch Onto a New Target--Katy Perry

It's not that she kissed a girl and liked it: oh, no. It's that, in her latest video, if you look really, really closely, she--an infidelle--is wearing a ring with an Islamic symbol on it in. The Toronto Sun's Farzana Hassan comments on the "offence":
The online petition to have the video removed from Youtube is now garnering support all over the world. 
It calls on people from inside and outside Islam to condemn the video and have it discredited as blasphemous. 
I endured Perry’s video several times without even seeing the piece of jewelry that is supposed to be offensive to Muslims. 
But, of course, I am a moderate Muslim and thus needed to look again … and again...
I'm sure plenty of the affronted have endured repeat viewings, too--the better to fuel their outrage such that it leads to that endorphin rush of uncontrolled hysteria. And the better to cow us--and try to control us.

Just Call Him "Justin Tee"

The Liberal leader has never met a preachy T-shirt he didn't like:

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Here's one I doubt he'll be wearing any time soon:

"It's Systematic, Institutionized Misogyny"

Here's the trailer for a new doc about "honor" and the crimes that are engendered when a society's "honor"--all of it--is situated between the legs of its women:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Best Header of the Day (So Far)

"Cow sex" Pervert Judge Orders Youtube to Remove "Innocence of Muslims" trailer

New Study About Women in Canada Who Wear the Niqab Claims to "Shatter" Myths

The "myths" it supposedly shatters are that chicks wear the veil because they're forced to and/or because they're uneducated. In fact, says the report, neither is the case.

What I found most interesting--and most disturbing--about the study (it would have been my lede, had I been the CTV reporter): it reveals that most of these women did not wear the face covering back in their home countries but took up the veil only after arriving in Canada. In other words, they became more devout, and more visibly Muslim, in a democracy where chicks and men are equal under the law.

Call it the melting pot in reverse (which, when you think about it, is what multiculturalism is really all about).

Update: Lynda Clarke, er, sorry, Dr. Lynda Clarke, is a professor in the Department of Religion at Concordia U. Here's a bit of info about her which might help explain what appears to be a pro-niqab bias:
Dr. Clarke has also worked with Muslim activists and the Ontario Law Society to produce a Muslim Marriage Contract Kit (2010, available in French as Trousse de Contrat de mariage musulman) designed to address issues with the private use of Islamic law in the West, and she continues to consult and hold workshops for women's groups across the country on this subject.
I'm shocked--shocked!--that a woman who believes in the sharia way of marriage would have positive things to say about wearing the niqab. 

Just kidding. Actually, I would have been shocked had she been able to keep her apparent biases out of the report.

FYI, the Canadian Council of Muslim Women press release makes no mention of "my" lede, but it does point out that we, the Ontario taxpayers, paid for the niqab study via the province's Trillium Foundation.

Update: The Trillium website reveals that the CCMW received
$191,000 over two years to conduct research with Muslim women who wear the hijab or niqab to increase understanding of why Canadian Muslim women choose to wear the veil and what that means in a Canadian context in order to support civic engagement and better inform service provision.

The Oscars Genuflect to the Eco-Gods (But the Only Thing That's "Sustainable" in Hollywood is the Collective Santimony and the Humungous Egos)

Prepare to titter:
The Oscars have gone green, – not green with envy – but rather “eco-green.” The largest, star-studded event in Hollywood has an environmental conscience. 
It all began in 2007 when late producer Laura Zislin partnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to find ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the infamous awards show. 
“It was really the right time to green the Oscars. Certainly with Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth being nominated [in 2007]. It was great. He won an Oscar before he won the Nobel Peace Prize, so the effect of the message of environmental sustainability that came out of the Oscars was huge! I mean, there’s Leonardo DiCaprio showing up in a hybrid. All that affected the American consciousness. Suddenly, it became cool to be green,” said actor and environmental advocate Ed Begley Jr. in a discussion with Gale Anne Hurd, CEO and producer of Valhalla Entertainment. 
That same year, Leonardo DiCaprio - an NRDC trustee and nominee for Best Actor – said that “For the first time in the history of the Oscars, environmentally intelligent practices have been thoughtfully integrated into the planning of tonight’s event to make our world healthier and help combat the threat of global warming.” 
Joining the conversation with Hurd and Begley Jr., senior scientist at the NRDC Allen Hershkowitz says that he remembers “the first year we changed the toilet paper. And we had these little framed FSC [Forest Stewardship Council] statements in the bathrooms. I stood there watching Jack Nicholson washing his hands and reading our sign.” 
Begley, says that everything at the Oscars is sustainable: “[t}here is nothing that is disposable—from the cloth napkins and tablecloths to the plates and cutlery. I’m vegan, and [eating’s] never been a problem for me. It’s one of the greenest galas I’ve ever been to.”...
Now, if only they could find a way to harness all the hot air in room, they'd have a "green" fuel source that would last as long as there's a Hollywood.

"We Oppose Israeli Apartheid Week Because..."

Top 10 reasons.

All Joking Aside: Heather Mallick Carries--and Spills--Justin's Water

We learn via the NatPo's Chris Selley that Heather Mallick, for one (and she may be the only one), didn't think Justin Trudeau was endeavoring to be witty (always a bad move for him) with his Russia-Ukraine-hockey quip. Mallick, who says she's a Trudeau "partisan" and finds him "sophisticated" (now, that's funny!) insists, in all seriousness, that what he was doing was assessing the situation on the ground:
“It isn’t even that Trudeau made a joke that went wrong, it’s that it wasn’t a joke or even a witticism, it was such a general statement that it scarcely qualified as a remark,” she writes. “Trudeau meant that Yanukovych was in trouble … , the Russians had indeed been desperate for their $60-billion Sochi ghost town to produce hockey medals, that status-anxiety makes them brutal.”
Re that partisan pretzel-twisting masquerading as logic, Selley comments:
What absolute twaddle. That’s empirically not what Trudeau was saying. We know that not from his subsequent mea culpa, but because mere seconds after he said it, he described it as “an attempt to bring a light view of [the] situation” (our italics).
Well, he did succeed in doing that. People are laughing like crazy--at yet another Trudeau faux pas. 

You can, however, exclude NatPo deep thinker Andrew Coyne from that throng. In what is perhaps the biggest joke of all, Coyne sees a Liberal leader who "is in total control."

Wishful thinking much, Andrew?

Zion-Loather Has a Hissy Fit When UCLA Students Vote Down BDS Scheme

The indoctrinated one (she's never been "so f**kin' disappointed"--an English lit major, eh?) needs a strong tranquillizer, stat.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Leftist Baffled By Dalai Lama Reaching Out to "Right-Wing" Think Tank

Why would the DL, an icon of the left, want to hang out with the rich knuckle-draggers of the American Enterprise Institute? That's a question that David Rose, writing on the Vanity Fair site, has an awfully hard time figuring out:
[P]erhaps the most surprising thing about the Dalai Lama’s sojourn at the A.E.I., which took place at its downtown 17th Street headquarters on February 19 and 20, was that the relationship between spiritual leader and think tank began at his behest, not A.E.I.’s. In the very days last autumn, as Congressional Republicans were charging down the political blind alley of the government shutdown, Pletka and A.E.I.’s president, Arthur Brooks, were meditating with His Holiness at his base in Dharmsala, India, in the Himalayas. They were there at his invitation, which had been conveyed through mutual contacts at Radio Free Asia, the U.S.-government-funded broadcaster.
There was something, it seemed, about the A.E.I.’s message under Brooks’s leadership that had prompted the Dalai Lama to reach out. Part of it, I later learned, was Brooks’s assertion that the ultimate goal of public policy should be to maximize human happiness, not material wealth. Indeed, the title of one of Brooks’s books, published in 2008, is Gross National Happiness—a phrase that is also employed as the official metric of prosperity espoused by the rulers of the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan.
Meanwhile, Brooks has been spending a lot of time trying to develop what George W. Bush once termed “compassionate conservatism.” Brooks believes that the only way the American right can regain both moral stature and political energy is to prove itself more effective at eliminating poverty than the left has been. Conservatives, he says, need to be able to go to bed each night knowing they did something that day to help the poor.
It need hardly be said that compassion has always been the human quality preached most insistently by His Holiness. It extends even to the people of China, which has occupied his country, often brutally, since 1951. To illustrate the point, he likes to recall a conversation he had with a monk who had been a political prisoner in a Chinese labor camp for 18 years, and told how this had exposed him to danger—not physical peril, but “the danger of losing my compassion for the Chinese.”
“Strictly speaking, I am socialist,” he told me in our interview, “so I am leftist. Some people say, this organization [the A.E.I.], is more rightist.” But that did not preclude a dialogue: “I have a very good impression [of Brooks], so therefore I accept his invitation. I felt, rightist also human being . . . Their main purpose is how to build happy society. So it doesn’t matter.”
Nor did he plan to try to convert A.E.I. and its wealthy business donors—some of whom were attending the A.E.I. event—to socialism: “No, no, no. They have own way of thinking. Their own way of belief. The important thing is, I am Buddhist, but I should never restrict my talking to Buddhists: totally wrong. So you have your own view, your own way of thinking: O.K., then that way you make a contribution.
“I have many friends among both parties, from Republicans and from Democrats . . . The most important thing is oneness of humanity. America is [the] leading nation of free world. American principles, democracy, liberty: right now these things [are] very important.”...
Wow. It's truly shocking to consider that the Dalai Lama, an avowed socialist, "gets" the American ethos of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness far better than most Democrats--including Barack Obama--do.

Once Again Academia Leads the Way in Contemporary Forms of Jew-Hate

Back in the dark old days of fascist Nazism, Martin Heidegger and his confreres boarded the crazy train. Today, most of animus comes from the left, and its target isn't Jewry per se; it's the Jewish state:
It’s no accident that “Israel Apartheid Week,” an annual two-week extravaganza that began this week, focuses on Western college campuses. It’s not just because that’s where young, impressionable future leaders can be found. It’s also because, as a new study reveals, the educated mainstream is the mainstay of good old-fashioned anti-Semitism in today’s West. That counterintuitive finding explains why college campuses are such fertile ground for attacks on the Jewish state. 
Prof. Monika Schwarz-Friesel of the Technical University of Berlin reached this conclusion after studying 10 years’ worth of hate mail–14,000 letters, emails, and faxes in all–sent to the Central Council of Jews in Germany and the Israeli embassy in Berlin. In an interview published in Haaretz yesterday, she said she fully expected to discover that most of it came from right-wing extremists. But in fact, right-wing extremists accounted for a mere 3 percent, while over 60 percent came from educated members of “the social mainstream – professors, Ph.Ds, lawyers, priests, university and high-school students,” she said. Nor were there any significant differences between right-wing extremists’ letters and those of the educated mainstream, Schwarz-Friesel said: “The difference is only in the style and the rhetoric, but the ideas are the same.”...
Ineed. And today's youth have been indoctrinated to believe that climate change "deniers" and Zionists are the alpha and omega of global eeeville while ObamaCare is the apex of goodliness.

Toronto Star Reporter is Wildly Enthusiastic About Toronto's "Africentric" High School Program, Says Students are Thriving

All, um, 19--count 'em, 19--of them.

Justin Trudeau Needn't Worry About Selling the Steak 'Cuz His Sizzle is Off the Charts

That's the less-than-meaty take-away from this, by Globe and Mail opiner Lawrence Martin:
Justin Trudeau has to do something about his sense of humour. Though he made clear he was just kibbitzing, the spat over his hockey joke about Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine created a commotion he didn’t need. It took away from his showing at the Liberal Party convention which was given high grades from media pundits and other observers. Where he scored was not on policy but rather on style and tone.
In contrast to the adolescent partisanship of his governing rivals, Mr. Trudeau came across as seasoned and good-natured. He toyed with his opponents, joking about how he drives them “nutty.” At another point he reached out to Conservative voters, suggesting that they are good people who, in contrast to their leader, don’t like seeing politics reduced to smears and non-stop attack ads.
His biggest applause line was not about policy, but character. “Negativity,” Mr. Trudeau asserted, “cannot be this this country’s lifeblood.”...
It can't? That being so, I guess there will be no profane "negativity" from "stylish" Justin any more.

As for the notion that Harper and Co. are "nutty" and "adolescent": what Martin is doing is projecting Justin's obvious jejunosity onto the sober-sided grownups (who have much meat but little sizzle). "A" for effort there, Larry. 

Martin is right about one thing, though. Callow Justin is all sizzle--and that's what the Liberals are selling.

Hey, it worked for Obama, right?

"Would You Hand Over Half of Britain to Someone Who Keeps On Killing You?"

Good point.

A Moment in Globe and Mail Antipathy Toward Israel--Patrick White Blames Hamas Suicide Bombings on...Baruch Goldstein?

Just in time for Israeli Apartheid Week, the Globe and Mail's Patrick White pens this caption for his paper's "Moment in Time" photo (which appeared on page 2 of Tuesday's newsprint version; h/t FK):
Moment in time: Feb. 25, 1994 -- Mass killing of Palestinians at prayer in Hebron
It wasn't unusual for Israeli physician Baruch Goldstein to pray at the Tomb of Abraham in the West Bank town of Hebron, and it was normal for a settler like him to carry his submachine gun. So Israeli guards didn't bat an eye when Goldstein strode past them. Muslims that day were marking the holy month of their mosque next to the tomb, while Israelis in the adjacent room celebrated the feast of Purim, which recalls Jews escaping a death sentence in ancient Persia. Goldstein was on a Purim mission of his own. A disciple of the anti-Arab rabbi Meir Kahane, he opened fire on the Muslims kneeling before him, killing 29 and wounding dozens before being beaten to death by survivors. Forty days later, Hamas retaliated with its first suicide bombing, killing eight Israelis in Afula. The peace process has never recovered. -- Patrick White
Actually, the "process" recovered just fine. It's been going like gangbusters ever since. Notice, though, how easy it is for the Zion-loathing to pin the blame for the paucity of peace--as well as for Hamas's explosive martyrdom practices--on the Jews and not on, say, the Koran/the Muslim Brotherhood/the jihad imperative, etc.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Husband Dons a Burka to "Honour" Kill His Wife

In a case of cross-dressing that not even "human rights" cretin Barbara Hall could condone, a man disguised himself in a burka so his wife, who had announced her intention to get a divorce and who had already left him, would let down her guard and open her door. He then proceeded to savagely murder her.

Re the get up, Tarek Fatah notes that the burka
has become an attire of choice for various crimes, terrorists, and now this is the first time the burka has been used as an instrument to a murder.  
 What a, um, versatile garment.

Ronald Reagan and Justin Trudeau Two "Dim" Peas in a Pod?

That's what Liberal polemicist/true believer Warren Kinsella contends.

Let's compare and contrast, shall we? Ronald Reagan wrote his own speeches, thought his own thoughts, and spoke like this:

Justin Trudeau, on the other hand, is an idiot:

Sorry, Warren, they're about as alike as chalk and cheddar.

Letter in NatPo Berates Justin Trudeau Critics: Liberal Convention "Was Not Held to Impress You..."

In that case, mission accomplished!

Monday, February 24, 2014

"Human Rightsy," "Hate-Speech"-Hatin' Wiesenthal Lawyers See Much of Value in Richard Warman's "Discussion"

Prominent Canadian human rights lawyer Richard Warman provided a dynamic presentation on the topic of hate speech in Canada as the guest speaker at an exclusive Lawyers4Wiesenthal luncheon hosted by Steve Kelman, Partner, Aird & Berlis LLP earlier this month. 
The Ottawa-based lawyer shared personal anecdotes about his own experiences dealing with disseminators of hate propaganda and provided a definition of the "hallmarks of hate," - the perimeters within the national criminal code and civil law surrounding the dissemination of hate speech, as well as the complaint process with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. 
Warman's work has predominantly focused on the worst offenders of the white supremacist and neo-Nazi movements, whose internet forums pose a powerful menace to society in their calls for ethnic cleansing or genocide. "It's the danger of what can come from them and how they are poisoning our communal wells," he explained.
Since 2001, Warman has been the successful complainant in 15 consecutive Internet hate cases, but cautioned: "As with combating all forms of bigotry and defending human rights the world over, the struggle continues."
"Richard Warman's discussion on the legal control of hate speech in Canada was both informative and interesting," noted Mr. Kelman. "He presented material which I find valuable as a professional, and I look forward to future Lawyers4Wiesenthal events."
Silly lawyers. These days our "communal wells" are being poisoned by Zion-loathers of the leftist and Islamist persuasion, and, for reasons of fear and political correctness, no one in the "human rights"/victimist industry is going to protect Jewry from them. Indeed, if you dare point out that, in the words of scholar David Nirenberg, "The Koran is extensively structured as a polemic against the Jews," and that that poses a contemporary threat to Jews-in-the-age-of-Israel that has nothing to do with Nazis, you are apt to be decried--and marginalized--for being "Islamophobic," the "human rights" no-no of our time.

But, hey, if you're still concerned about scary Nazis coming back to ship you eastward in cattlecars; if you fret that "It's springtime for Hitler" is more than a song lyric; if you think that the real threat to Jewry is posed by a handful of crackpots nostalgic for WW2 and not by krazy Twelver Khomeinists intent on pulling a Hiroshima on Tel Aviv and environs (which comprises pretty much all of Israel), then Richard Warman and his infallible Third Reich GPS is the man for you!

Be Afwaid. Be Vewy, Vewy Afrwaid

Terrorists could weaponize "rabbit fever" (the cuddliest plague ever?).

Your Loss (Big Time)

10 brands you'll have to give up if you're boycotting Israel

Update: Pro-Israel Groups Offer These Tips to Combat ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ Coming to Campuses on Monday

Apartheid As a Power Play

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan wants African-Americans to set up their own separate justice system. Moreover, he wants his "soldiers" to take over the disaster that's Detroit (and turn it into Detroitistan?).

Memo to Canadians: Fight the Fright

I was thinking about Justin Trudeau's "fear" message, his promise to banish our "fear" and replace it with--stop me if you've heard this before--H-O-P-E.

I don't know about you, but at the moment the only thing I really fear is that callow, foolish Justin Trudeau will become our next prime minister. Or, to put it another way: The only thing we have to fear is the fear of Justin himself.

Update: Justin's current message is that Canadians of differing political stripes should strive to be kind and nice to each other. That certainly marks a change from his previous parliamentary M.O., for instance referring to a Conservative cabinet minister as a "piece of sh*t."

New York Times 'Toon Suggests a "Clever" Way to Deal With Climate Change "Denial"

Ain't mass murder a hoot?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

John Kerry Says His Discovery of His Jewish Roots Has Had a Profound Impact on His Feelings for Israel

Sheesh, can you imagine how much more awful he'd be had his roots remained hidden?

Spotted in Dubai

Top U.S. Imam: There's No Justice Here Because of (Wait for It) Da Jooos!

What a charmer!:
The September 11 attacks in the United States were used by the US government as a “pretext” to “declare open warfare on Islam and Muslims,” an American activist says.

“It’s totally illegal what the government is doing,” said Abdul Alim Musa, the director of Masjid Al-Islam in Washington, D.C., criticizing a federal judge’s dismissal of a lawsuit alleging the New York City Police Department illegally spied on Muslim Americans in New Jersey.

On Thursday, the court in Newark in the state of New Jersey ruled that the plaintiffs had failed to show that the NYPD's intelligence unit had discriminated against Muslims by spying on mosques and other locations in the state.

The 2012 lawsuit was the first to challenge the NYPD's spying operations against Muslim groups and individuals in the US. It had accused the police of spying on Muslims at several mosques, restaurants and schools since 2002.

“My belief is it’s a waste of time for Muslims to use all of their energy seeking justice in the United States courts,” Musa told Press TV on Saturday. “The United States court system is totally controlled by American Zionism and they’re not going to allow Muslims to gain any justice in that court system.”...
Spoken like a latter-day Haj Amin al-Husseini, Imam.

Not surprisingly, the Imam merits his own entry in Discover the Networks, which details his very busy life here:
Imam Abdul Alim Musa is the founder and director of the As-Sabiqun movement, which aims to “enable Islam to take complete control of … the lives of all human beings on Earth.” He serves as director of Masjid Al-Islam in Washington, DC, and is a senior member of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT) -- a pro-Iranian, pro-Hezbollah, Islamist think tank. Musa also sits on the governing body of the Muslim Alliance of North America, which is headed by Siraj Wahhaj. In addition, Musa is a frequent speaker on American college campuses, often at the invitation of the Muslim Student Union and chapters of the Muslim Students Association. In 2004 the San Francisco Bay View described Musa as “one of the highest-ranking Islamic leaders in the Black community, nationwide and specifically in the Islamic movement.”

Born in Arkansas as Clarence Reams, Musa was raised in Oakland, California during the 1960s, when he embraced the ideology of the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam. According to his As-Sabiqun biography, Musa at that time became a “leading cocaine-exporter in Colombia” and he met exiled Black Panther leaders such as Eldridge Cleaver and Pete O'Neal in Algeria. After returning to the U.S., Musa surrendered to law-enforcement authorities and served some time in prison. While incarcerated, he converted to Islam and took his present name.

During the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, Musa announced his support for Ayatollah Khomeini. Since the early 1980s, Musa has made a number of visits to Iran as a representative of Muslims in the United States and has declared his support for Iran’s “Islamic revival.”...

Speak Softly and Carry a Twig

Niall Ferguson on America's not-so-well-hung global retreat.

Musical Long Shot--Andrew Lloyd Webber's Take on the Profumo Affair Fails to Wow 'Em in London

Unless there's an immediate turnaround, the show--who knew there even was one?--will likely close.

What next--a musical version of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (I ask you)? ;)

Justin Trudeau Tells the Liberal Faithful That He "Can Make Change Happen"

That's exactly what we non-"progressives" are afraid of, Justin: That, by playing ("HOPE!") on the emotions of voters ("CHANGE!") a la a certain "transformational" hard-leftist to the south, you'll be able to "change" the joint by spending tons more dough and moving away from support for Israel (in other words, change things back to the Liberals' default setting).

Friday, February 21, 2014

Shiite Imam's Tweet a Message to Area Jooos Standing in the Way of His Mosque's Humongous Muslims-Only Condo Development?

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that Rizvi's tweet has something to do with this.

My response to his seeming non sequitur of an observation: That was then, Iman. Despite the purported brilliance of that long-ago era in Spain (which some of the impudent, the iconoclastic and the saucy continue to rebuke), and as appealing as the idea may sound to you, most of today's Jews would prefer not to live under Islam's yoke.

We're kind of funny that way.

Odious UN "Human Rights" Zion-Loather Dickie Falk Delivers the Edward Said Lecture at Princeton--How Perfect is That?!

And his words were every bit as ghastly as you might expect:
Richard Falk, a professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University and the United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, is no stranger to controversy. 
On the same day he released his final report to the United Nations that accused Israel of inhuman acts and apartheid, Falk told a crowd at Princeton University’s McCosh Hall that Palestinian nationalism is the “great symbolic struggle of our time.” 
Falk was at Princeton Tuesday as the keynote speaker in the annual Edward W. Said Memorial lecture series, which honors the memory of the late Palestinian scholar and political activist. 
Throughout the lecture, Falk drew comparisons between alleged Israeli abuses of human rights in the Palestinian territories with South African apartheid. Falk continued the narrative by comparing Said with lauded human rights advocate and South African President Nelson Mandela, as both believed that neither pure violence nor peaceful passiveness would result in a just solution. 
“Said accepted the existence of Israel as a reality that Palestinians should not challenge,” said Falk, adding that Palestinians offered territorial concessions in 1988. 
Falk outlined the evolution of Israel-Palestinian conflict from Said’s point of view. Said believed that while Palestinians should offer some concessions to Israel, the concessions should not be so trusting that an agreement sacrifices Palestinians’ right to self-determination. 
He added that Said and many Palestinians became progressively more disillusioned over Palestine’s long struggle for statehood, because Israel allegedly refused to recognize Palestinian rights and accelerated violations of international law. 
“However barbaric the Holocaust, it did not excuse the failing of justice for the Palestinian people, who were fully entitled to live on the land of historic Palestine,” Falk said...
So let me get this straight, Dick. Palestinians should not challenge Israel's reality, yet they are fully entitled to live in "historic Palestine," i.e. Israel. How does that work, exactly?

We have come to expect such "subtle" and "nuanced" thinking--lies, more lies, old-fangled blood libels married to modern-day calumnies re "apartheid"--from the likes of Falk and Said (of whom the best that can be said is that he's dead). Even so, it doesn't make them any easier to take.

Alan Borovy, the Last of a Dying Breed?

Behold, a life form that is all but extinct: a leftist who still believes in free speech (even as he deplores some of his strange and ugly bedfellows), and who understands what's at stake in the fight to preserve it.

Euphemism Du Jour: "Implementation Gap"

What's that? John Ivison defines it in today's NatPo:
Back in 2006, a former adviser to Mr. Trudeau’s father, Tom Axworthy, was charged with the Liberal renewal process, after the election loss to the Harper Conservatives. His conclusion was that there is an “implementation gap” between what Liberals promise and deliver. “Liberalism’s dirty secret (and it’s not so secret these days) is that government doesn’t seem to work well much of the time,” he said.
You call it an "implementation gap." I call it "promising the moon--hope 'n' change and all the rest of that marshmallow fluff--so you'll get elected." 

Granted, mine isn't quite as succinct, but it does describe "Liberalism's dirty secret"--for gaining power. The fact that, once securely installed in the driver's seat, these folks can't come through on their promises isn't a function of "government" not working. It's indicative of the left's fundamentally unsound way of thinking, the way it perceives--or rather, misperceives--what government can and should do.

"Microaggression": The Way Today's University Students Sweat the Small Stuff

The Calgary Herald's Naomi Lakritz writes:
According to the National Post, microaggression “is an increasingly common term on university campuses ...” When I was in university, students were concerned with a “macroaggression” that was going on at the time — the Vietnam War — and Patty Hearst was running around with her urban guerrilla comrades shouting “Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the life of the people.” Patty Hearst is now a 60-year-old widow, by the way, and the mood is quite different on campus. It’s scarier. Instead of protesting big, important stuff like war, today’s unbelievably prissy students are tattling to the authorities because their feelings have been hurt by others’ perfectly innocuous behavior. 
Thus McGill University student Brian Farnan got rapped on the knuckles for the sin of microaggression because he reposted a video from the Tonight Show featuring, among other doctored video, President Barack Obama kicking a door open as he left a news conference. It was all part of a joke Farnan was making about mid-term exams, and of the 22,000 people who saw Farnan’s posting, just one complained. However, as a brand new member of the church of Our Lady of Perpetual Offence, Farnan could only achieve absolution by agreeing to subject himself to sensitivity training and issuing an apology because he had “unknowingly perpetuated” the “living legacy” of “people of colour ... being portrayed as violent in contemporary culture.” In fact, the Post reported that Farnan is now busy planning his own ritual bludgeoning, oops, I mean sensitivity training.
The aggression may be "micro" but its effect on the "macro" is dire. To wit: a dearth of common sense and the death of freedom (a good working definition of totalitarianism, no?)

Patty Hearst in her SLA days: Macroaggressive to the max.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hey, Pete: I Don't Think You Lefty Jews are "Naive"

I think you're delusional.

Saudi "Virtue" Enforcers/Sharia Cops Crack Down on "Immorality" Enabled by Social Media

Arab News reports that
[t]he Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, commonly known as Haia, has tracked down 735 accounts in the Kingdom on various popular social networking sites including Twitter, Whoshere and Palringo for indulging in immoral activities and violating decent and ethical behavior. 
The commission’s IT manager Hassan Ali Al Asiri told local media that it has identified 735 users and has been trying to ascertain their identities with the cooperation of the authorities concerned. The commission, he said, was also monitoring other social media sites as well.
He said that after identifying the users, the commission will guide them on the right path to promote virtue but if they fail to do so, it will block their accounts. And if they keep continue further, it will then refer the cases to the authorities concerned for necessary punitive action. 
Hassan Ali Al Asiri said several users of popular social media sites were indulging in blasphemy, promotion of sale of wine, homosexuality, human trafficking, and spreading immorality in the society which needs to be curbed. 
Salman Al Qaitani, expert in digital evidence in criminal law, opined that smart phones and close interaction with social networking sites do lead to negative impact on the youth...

The Vamp in the Veil

This one is so far-fetched it deserves to be a reality TV show.

"Omar is tracked down by Israeli undercover agents, who hang him naked by the hands from a prison wall, beat him and burn him with cigarettes..."

Of course he is, because Omar is the titular character of Omar, the Palestinian flick that may get Hollywood's nod for Best Foreign Film at the upcoming Oscars.
Whether or not it really is the best among those nominated, at the very least it should get some prize for best anti-Israel propaganda.
Is Omar the Jew Suss of our time? In a way. Then again, that flick never garnered an Oscar nomination.

Coming Soon to the DC Superior Court: It's a Marshmallow World!

It's a marshmallow world in the courtroom
When Mike Mann comes to punish Mark Steyn.
'Cuz he dared to laugh
At Mike's hockey graph
And crossed over some "libelous" line.

It's a SLAPP-happy day at the court house
And for that Dr. Mann must be "thanked."
Should you diss his stick
He'll repeat the trick
'Cuz he thinks that his stick's sacrosanct.

The climate is changing--see how it goes:
Polar bears float on melting ice floes.
The climate is changing--raise the alarm!
It's man that's doin' the harm.

It's a marshmallow time in the U.S.
'Cuz free speech is for them, not for you.
And if you deny
Any climate guy
You will have to recant PDQ.

The science is settled,
Just so you know.
Suzuki has spoken;
Al Gore says it's so.
The science is settled,
The experts agree.
"Accede!," is what they decree.

It's a marshmallow world in the courtroom
When Mike Mann comes to punish Mark Steyn.
And if you dare diss
Mike's old hockey stick
You, too, may cross a "libelous" line.


Chicks Helping Wage Jihad in Syria

Women's lib, holy war-style.

Since, unlike the guys, they don't get any afterlife sexy time should they end up becoming "martyrs," that--the ability to fight alongside the menfolk for the sake of Allah--must be what a wannabe shaheeda sees as her payoff.

Word of the Day: "Microaggression"

Here, I'll put it in a sentence: At McGill University, someone who dared poke fun at Obama was declared guilty of "microaggression" and forced to issue a lengthy and abject mea culpa.

In other words, pointing to "microaggression" is one method that campus thought police/micro-managers use to beat down those foolish enough to believe there's still such a thing as free speech.

NYC's Jewish Museum Plays Host to Notorious Zion-Loather Judith Butler

Well, she is planning to talk about Franz Kafka, so on that basis her appearance there is apropos.

Say Hello to the "New and Improved" Pravda-ized American Newsroom

In the latest feat of bureaucratic overreach, the Federal Communications Commission not only wants to set the agenda for the American media (more "social justice" crap, if you please), it wants to place a little FCC overseer in the newsroom to make sure its diktats are being enforced. 

The FCC has picked an opportune time to advance this idea. During the Obama presidency, the media have become so supine, so lackadaisical, that they barely have a pulse. They are thus unlikely to raise much of a fuss over this latest outrage.

And, after all, isn't it better (better for Obama and his control freaks/enforcers, that is) to stress "social justice" issues--stories about victim groups and the like--instead of digging into the manifold disasters of the Obama regime (Benghazi, O-Care, the IRS, the NSA, foreign policy chaos, etc., etc., etc.)?

To paraphrase the poet: This is the way free speech ends, not with a bang but an overseer.

Update: This bit, from Thomas Sowell's magisterial Intellectuals and Society, is worth quoting here. It is the beginning of Chapter 10, "Filtering Reality":
The preservation of the vision of the anointed [i.e. the vision of the left; the way it perceives itself and its "mission"] has led many among the intelligentsia to vigorous and even desperate expedients, including the filtering out of facts, the redefinition of words and--for some intellectuals--challenging the very idea of truth itself. Many among the intelligentsia create their own reality--whether deliberately or not--by filtering out information contrary to their conception of how the world is or ought to be.
Some have gone even further. J.A. Shumpeter said that the first thing a man will do for his ideals is lie. It is not necessary to lie, however, in order to deceive, when filtering will accomplish the same purpose. This can take the form of reporting selective and atypical samples, suppressing some of the facts altogether, or filtering out the inconvenient meanings or connotations of words.
Doesn't that describe the Obama M.O.--hello, "man-caused disasters"--to a T?

Of course, Obama is so confident that the media will continue to carry his water no matter what that he's quite willing and able to lie, too.

Update: Why the FCC should keep its nose out of TV newsrooms

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Israeli Apartheid Week 2014: More Nauseating Than Ever on Its 10th Anniversary

New Lego Movie Features Morgan Freeman Voicing Lego Moses

In this movie trailer, Freeman even reads from what looks like a Lego tablet (the Ten Commandments kind, not the computer kind). Given the awful kerfuffle about some Danish 'toons, I guess the Lego folks figured it was safer to go with the Jew. ;)

Not coming soon: Jews rioting in the streets over "insult" to our prophet.

Can't We Just Name It "Rob Ford" and Be Done With It?

Here's what passes for controversy in these parts when Rob Ford isn't making the headlines--a "scandale" about a wee polar bear's name:
There are few fuzzier, more zoo-friendly public relations ventures than holding a naming contest for a polar bear cub.  
That is, unless the shortlist of names includes a purportedly Inuit word that is not really an Inuit word at all. Then it becomes a small public relations disaster.  
The contest, typically a feel-good exercise, descended into controversy late last week when Piita Irniq, former commissioner of Nunavut, detected something amiss with one of the prospective names for the Toronto Zoo’s three-month-old crowd-pleaser. 
Searik, included among a half-dozen possibilities, was defined on the zoo’s website as “Inuit for beautiful.”  
This left Irniq scratching his head because, as he told the Star, “There’s no meaning, absolutely no meaning to the name.” 
“I put it on Facebook and . . . nobody understood what it meant either,” he said. “None of the Inuit who read the post understood what it means.”  
Things got worse when Iqaluit-based Nunatsiaq News reported Friday on the zoo’s initial response to the apparent blunder. A spokeswoman told the newspaper the zoo had done research “to confirm the meaning was correct,” and referenced a Wiki Answers page.  
“There are lots of knowledgeable Inuit to ask . . . (why) then would a reputable organization like the Toronto Zoo use Wiki Answers as an authoritative source?” one Nunatsiaq commenter wondered.  
Others maintained the whole concept of naming a polar bear is out of touch with Inuit culture.  
As Minnie Napartuk, an Inuktitut translator at Avataq Cultural Institute, explained, “I don’t think you should name an animal unless they are pets.”...
How do you say "idiotic" in Inuit?

You Are Cordially Invited...

Flyer-poster jpg

City of Vaughan Puts the Brakes (For Now) on Khomeinists' Muslims-Only Condo Development

A task force is going to "study" the sucker:
The city is striking a special community working group to address concerns about a contentious Muslim condominium complex in Thornhill Woods.                              
The unusual move by council Tuesday afternoon to establish a working group for this proposed development comes nearly two weeks after hundreds of residents descended on city hall for a public hearing.
They came to air concern about, or voice support for, the Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Toronto's proposal to build two 17-storey residential towers, 61 townhouses and retail space on its 11- hectare property at 9000 Bathurst St., south of Rutherford Road. 
The new Islamic community would be built around the Jaffari Community Centre...
Let's hope the task force takes this into consideration (although I doubt it will).

Obama's Foreign Policy Blunders are NOT a Function of His Inexperience and Stupidity: Bruce Bawer

What they are, says Bawer, are cogent and purposeful, a manifestation of the POTUS's skewed worldview:
These foreign policy blunders [Russia, Syria, Iran] and numerous others––especially the loss of critical ally Egypt–– reflect ideological delusions that go beyond Obama. The notion that aggressors can be tamed and managed with diplomatic engagement has long been a convenient cover for a political unwillingness to take military action with all its dangers and risks. Crypto-pacifist Democrats are particularly fond of the magical thinking that international organizations, summits, “shuttle diplomacy,” conferences, and other photogenic confabs can substitute for force. 
But progressive talk of “multilateralism” and “diplomatic engagement” hides something else: the Oliver Stone/Howard Zinn/Noam Chomsky/Richard Falk self-loathing narrative that the United States is a force of evil in the world, a neo-colonialist, neo-imperialist, predatory capitalist oppressor responsible for the misery and tyranny afflicting the globe. Given that America’s power is corrupt, we need a foreign policy of withdrawal, retreat, and apologetic humility, with our national sovereignty subjected to transnational institutions like the U.N., the International Court of Justice, and the European Court of Human Rights ––exactly the program that Obama has been working on for the last 5 years. Given the damage such policies are serially inflicting on our security and interests, it starts to make sense that inexperience or stupidity is not as cogent an explanation as enemy action...
In other words, these Pogo "progressives" have met the enemy and it is (the) U.S.

A Ghastly Israel-Trasher Returns to the Obama Fold

It was bound to happen sooner or later:
Back in 2008 when Barack Obama first ran for president, one of the many signals he sent to Jewish groups to reassure them of his good will toward Israel and his foreign-policy bona fides was to sever ties with Robert Malley. Malley, a Clinton-era National Security Council staffer, is best known for his stand blaming Israel rather than Yasir Arafat for the collapse of the 2000 Camp David peace summit. His position as an informal advisor to the Obama campaign was a major liability for a candidate desperate to reassure Jewish Democrats that he could be relied upon to maintain the alliance with Israel. But when it became known in May of 2008 that Malley had met with Hamas terrorists, the Obama campaign severed ties with Malley. 
It turned out that those who worried that Malley’s presence in the Obama foreign-policy shop was a sign of future trouble with the Jewish state were right. Despite his campaign promises and the fact that he failed to give an inveterate Israel-basher like Malley a job in his administration, President Obama spent most of his first term picking fights with the State of Israel before a reelection-year charm offensive. But now well into his second term, the president is finally rewarding Malley for falling on his sword for him during his first campaign. This afternoon it was announced that Malley is heading back to the White House to serve as a senior director at the National Security Council where he will be tasked with managing relations between the U.S. and its Persian Gulf allies. While we are told the administration is making an effort to bolster its traditional ties to the region, Malley’s appointment sends a very different signal, especially to Israel...
And the message it sends: Malley is right up Obama's alley.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's a Mann's World (And We Just Live in It)

There's the Michael Mann of Hollywood fame.
There's the Michael Mann who plays Cathy's game.
And last but not least in the MM line
There's the Michael Mann who is suing Steyn.

How Low Can You Go? Pretty Damn Low

Unintentionally hilarious line of the day:
Iran and world powers convened nuclear negotiations in Vienna, with both sides trying to lower expectations of an accord coming out of their meeting this week.
I for one have faith that these cretins will be able to go down, down, down, without much exertion. Heck, they may even end up winning one of those Nobel peace thingies for their efforts.

Update: Iran's the Problem--even if Obama and Kerry refuse to admit the obvious.

Is It Discriminatory to Hold Foreign-Born Engineers (and Other Professionals) to the Same Standards as Canadians?

Risibly--and outrageously--the Alberta "human rights" kangaroos have ruled that foreigners should not be held to the same standards. As might be expected, Ezra Levant, who has had his own run in with that province's ridiculous 'roos, has some thoughts on the issue.

New Slogan, New Logo, Same Old Palestine House

"Palestine Brings Us Together." That's the new slogan on the redesigned Palestine House website. (I guess they decided not to go with the more appropriate and heartfelt "Eliminate Israel--Now!")
It's interesting that PH has changed its logo. It used to be a flag of Israel plus Gaza plus the West Bank, all covered in Arafatian checkers, thereby making its eliminationist mindset plain for all to see.
It now looks like this. No checks, but with a jaunty maple leaf to show how "Canadian" it is:

I think I preferred the old look. It was a lot more honest.