Sunday, January 20, 2019

Chutzpah On Stilts

Rep. Tlaib Requests Taxpayers Fund Her Anti-Semitism

Former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Shuns the D.C. "Women's March"

Even DWS draws the line at linking arms with Farrakhan apologists who claim to reject antisemitism but who ooze Zion-hate.

Wow, Zion-Loathers. That's, Er, Really Catchy

This year's annual anti-Israel campus hate-a-thon (a.k.a. Israeli Apartheid Week) has come up with an especially saucy Marxist slogan: "Stop Arming Colonialism."

Doesn't exactly fall trippingly off the tongue, does it?

As if Jews living in their ancient, ancestral homeland, alone of all peoples living in their ancient, ancestral homes, do not have the right of abode, having cruelly armed themselves and "colonized" the local Arabs (members of a people who, it must be emphasized, claim ownership of 22--yes, 22!--lands). 

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Song For Rashida

With apologies--and a hello!--to Elvis Costello:
Oh, it's so awful to be seein' you bein' sworn in, girl,
'Cuz with your potty mouth and lefty views 
You'll be a big success.
And now I'm hearin' from a friend of mine
You're into BDS.
It's all gonna get too "intersectional"
As they crow that Dems are justified.
But even as you're speakin' "truth to power"
You're advocating genocide. 

Oh, "Palestine,"
That ain't fake news...
Comedian Relabels Israel As ‘Palestine’ On Map In Rashida Tlaib’s Office by the Forward

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A Question for the New Year

What's crazier--the belief that anyone who acts out jihadi-style must be in the grip of a mental illness, or the Western refusal to understand the precepts of jihad embedded in Islam's holy texts that give rise to (and that validate) the "nutty" behavior?

Update: Equally bonkers--those who challenge the jihad imperative, thereby failing to uphold Canada's "diversity-is-our-strength" bollocks, can be branded "anti-Muslim."

Update: Do you know which media outlet most definitely isn't "anti-Muslim" (but which does have a distinctly anti-Zionist vibe)? No surprise, it's the New York Times.