Monday, April 30, 2012

"Why Obama Owns Osama"

Anyone else have the sense that the real reason why Obama gave the go-ahead to ice bin Laden was so he could use it as a talking point in his re-election campaign?

Montreal Student Pacifists Renounce Montreal Student Vandals--Good Luck With That!

A rift has opened up between Montreal's young aggrieved--much to the dismay of the larger faction:
MONTREAL — A division has emerged at the student protest marches being held nightly in Montreal, with a peaceful majority denouncing a smaller group intent on committing acts of vandalism.

Scenes from the rowdy marches are stamping out the notion of Quebec's student movement as some monolith, united around identical ideals and leaders. Goals and tactics differ widely, a fact made evident in weekend confrontations over vandalism.

In recent days, the pacifists have made it known the vandals aren't welcome -- through pronouncements on social media, verbal chastising during the marches, and sometimes even by force.

"They take us hostage for their own little fun of breaking stuff," said Guillaume Lefebvre, a regular participant in the evening rallies and a geography student at a Montreal college.
He blames the violence and smashed windows on a small number of radical protesters, who have prompted what he calls an excessively aggressive reaction from police.

"The city is so big.. go somewhere else and do your own protest," Lefebvre said of the vandals.

It was clear from the chatter inside recent protests that the Quebec events now encompass a movement broader than just opposition to $325-a-year tuition hikes.
No kidding.

Silly pacifists. Don't they know that once you cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war it's awfully hard to, well, pacify them and get them to go back in their kennels?

To the Media, an Israeli Slugger is Much Worse (and Much Worthier of Their Attention) Than a Muslim Butcher

An Israeli soldier is provoked into slugging an annoying Danish Zion-loather protester, and the media freak out en masse. Muslims butcher--yes, butcher--at least 16 Christians in Nigeria and there are yawns, blank stares and crickets.

Mayday! Mayday!

Just in time for tomorrow's day of protest against wicked, heartless capitalism comes this vid courtesy one of my favourite lunatic fringe groups, No One Is a Beagle.

So cute: That's "99," the protest mascot ;)

Whassup With the Doom and Gloom of Eco-Alarmists?

French intellectual Pascal Bruckner has a go at explaining it:
Over the last half-century, leftist intellectuals have identified two great scapegoats for the world’s woes. First, Marxism designated capitalism as responsible for human misery. Second, “Third World” ideology, disappointed by the bourgeois indulgences of the working class, targeted the West, supposedly the inventor of slavery, colonialism, and imperialism. The guilty party that environmentalism now accuses—mankind itself, in its will to dominate the planet—is essentially a composite of the previous two, a capitalism invented by a West that oppresses peoples and destroys the earth. Indeed, environmentalism sees itself as the fulfillment of all earlier critiques. “There are only two solutions,” Bolivian president Evo Morales declared in 2009. “Either capitalism dies, or Mother Earth dies.” 
So the planet has become the new proletariat that must be saved from exploitation—if necessary, by reducing the number of human beings, as oceanographer Jacques Cousteau said in 1991. The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, a group of people who have decided not to reproduce, has announced: “Each time another one of us decides to not add another one of us to the burgeoning billions already squatting on this ravaged planet, another ray of hope shines through the gloom. When every human chooses to stop breeding, Earth’s biosphere will be allowed to return to its former glory.” The British environmentalist James Lovelock, a chemist by training, regards Earth as a living organism and human beings as an infection within it, proliferating at the expense of the whole, which tries to reject and expel them. Journalist Alan Weisman’s 2007 book The World Without Us envisions in detail a planet from which humanity has disappeared...
Lovelock--isn't he the dude who just 'fessed up that his "alarmism" may have been wee bit over the top? Another sign that eco-alarmism may be on the wane, and the anti-capitalists will have to cook up some new and improved sort of existential danger to scare people about such that they'll allow the alarmists to "fix" it (because they alone possess the "brains" to do so).

Writing Poetry in Kabul

Like Reading Lolita in Tehran, it's an act of defiance that can get a chick killed.

Gotta love that sharia!

For a more, ahem, nuanced view, here's a Western chick writing on the HuffPo site who's a "Doctoral Candidate, Middle Eastern Studies "--so you know she's super smart. She says we shouldn't rely on the testimony of "native informants"--her term--such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Irshad Manji and Mona Eltahawy. Apparently, it is "emotional and sensationalist" and does "little to deepen our understanding of the contexts and conditions shaping women's oppression in Arab countries today."

Ah, yes--the contexts. They are so much more crucial than those over-emotional and untrustworthy "native informants" (a notion which, in another context, might be deemed both sexist and racist).

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Can an Aboriginal Get Justice Fron a Non-Aboriginal Jury?

I say yes. Some others aren't too sure. From the Ceeb:
The makeup of juries in Ontario goes on trial this week as two convicted killers fight their guilty verdicts in a case that goes to the heart of the justice system.

At issue before the province's top court is whether the aboriginal men were treated shabbily because on-reserve First Nations people were excluded from the juries that convicted them.

"Our society has proven to be very efficient at charging First Nations and jailing First Nations," said defence lawyer Julian Falconer.

"We don't seem so good at constructively involving First Nations in the justice system, such as their participation in the jury system."

Last summer, the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld a manslaughter conviction against Clifford Kokopenace as reasonable.

However, in an unusual twist, the court put the ruling on hold in light of the constitutional challenge sparked by the jury-representation issue.

A non-aboriginal jury in Kenora, Ont., convicted Kokopenace in 2008 of stabbing a friend to death on the Grassy Narrows reserve.

Also involved in the Appeal Court hearing is Clare Spiers, an aboriginal with a long record of violent crime. He was convicted of first-degree murder in 2007 in Barrie, Ont., for kidnapping a woman and slitting her throat...
So you mean had an aboriginal or two been on the jury, they might have judged the evidence differently?

Sort of in the same way that that jury in California handled the original O.J. Simpson murder case?

Isn't that nothing more than the soft bigotry of low expectations?

TIME Magazine Scribbler Claims Romney Is "The Wrong Kind of Rich"

Some doofus named David Furtelle writes:
Mitt Romney’s problem isn’t that he’s rich; it’s that, to a lot of Americans, he’s the wrong kind of rich. He’s Winklevoss rich.
See, "a lot of Americans" only like the kind of rich that's Zuckerberg rich. Or Obama rich. Or limousine liberal rich.

I say anyone who thinks there's a wrong kind of rich, and that Romney exemplifies it, is ipso facto a "richist" (a term I just made up; feel free to borrow it if you'd like).

Guess What Our Shameless "Friend" Barry Has Done Now

He's gone over Congress's head (metaphorically speaking) and shipped a whole lotta moolah Abbas's way even though his PA has reneged on every single promise it has made. Then he had one of his spinmeisters lie about it.

He has also told Iran that it can go ahead an enrich a little bit of uranium (which actually amounts to 2/3rds that's required for nuke-making), provided it allows the UN to have a period look-see at its enrichment facilities. This marks a drastic change from previous policy, which allowed for no enriching whatsoever, and is seen as a ploy--a most cynical and selfish one, if you ask me and John R. Bolton (who spoke about it on Fox News this morning)--to prevent Israel from taking any action against Iran, at least until after the November election.

Hey, TDSB--Where's Your "Jewish Heritage Month" Celebration?

As you may or may not know, May has been officially declared Jewish Heritage Month in Ontario.

Since the Toronto District School Board is delighted to celebrate Islamic History Month--
As we learn more about the history and achievements of the diverse peoples who live in our country and in our world, we take this opportunity to become more informed about aspects of Islamic cultures in order to address stereotypes related to Islamophobia.
--and International Roma Day
Forty secondary school students of Roma heritage will participate in this important event focusing on overcoming the challenges they and their parents face while attempting to adapt to our school system.
I was sure there would be some mention of Ontario's very first Jewish Heritage Month, and some event that would address stereotypes related to Judeophobia/Zionhass (many of which are perpetrated, go figure, by the targets of "Islamophobia"), on the TDSB site. But so far there's nada.

Maybe it's too early (since May is still two days away), or maybe the board thinks it can ignore the month since it just "marked Yom Hashoah," a day of Holocaust remembrance which reminds us that
Everyday is a day in which we should commit ourselves to education about the impacts of hate, racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, and ableism — not just in history, but in present day.
What, no global climate change?

That one "everyday is a day" line ("everyday" should be two words--every day--no?) tells you pretty much all you need to know about our kooky, indoctrination-minded, mosqueteria-sanctioning school board.

April Is By No Means the Cruelest Month. It Is, Alas, a Typical One

Thanks to Leo Rennert on the American Thinker site for compiling a list--it is not comprehensive--of events that the NYT and the WaPo, rabid fans of the Palestinian narrative, chose to ignore in the month now ending:
April 1-Hamas official urges Palestinian women to blow themselves up "for the sake of Jerusalem."
April 2-PA arrests woman for criticizing Abbas on Facebook, cracks down on journalists.
April 3-Palestinian revisionism - Moses was a Muslim who led Muslims in exodus from Egypt.
April 3-Medieval blood libel of Jews gaining in popularity in Jordan.
April 4-Rocket explosions in Eilat - one rocket hits near apartment building.
April 5-Arab League boycotts Adidas for sponsoring Jerusalem marathon.
April 8-Two rockets fired from Gaza explode in southern Israel.
April 9-Muslims reject shared prayer areas at Tomb of Patriarchs, aim for exclusive use.
April 10-Abbas' cabinet minister: Palestinian unity needed to destroy Israel.
April 12-Heavily armed Palestinian nabbed on way to Passover terror attack.
April 18-Terrorists freed in Shalit deal return to terrorism.
April 19-Egypt's Grand Mufti prays at Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, triggers firestorm for legitimizing Israel.
April 19-Barghouti, who led second intifada, confesses Arafat gave OK.
April 19-Arabs stab young Jews in Jerusalem on Holocaust Remembrance Day.
April 20-Hamas' No. 2 says won't honor any peace treaty with Israel.
April 21-Two Palestinians, with arsenal of weapons, explosives nabbed in West Bank.
April 23-Abbas' PA TV airs poem for children, "Our enemy Zion is Satan with a tail."
April 24-Abbas blocks websites that criticize him.
April 26-Arabs attack Jews in heart of Jerusalem, injure 3 members of Jewish family.
April 28-IDF arrests Palestinian carrying two bombs at security checkpoint near Nablus.
File the above under "sins of omission." (For further reading on these papers' past history of sinful avoidance of an existential crisis involving Jewry, please locate a copy of Deborah Lipstadt's Beyond Belief: The American Press and the Coming of the Holocaust, 1933-1945.)

Just Call Her Hillary Dangerfield 'Cuz She Don't Get No Respect

This was Obama's "humorous" swipe at his Secretary of State at the White House correspondents' do:
"Four years ago, I was in a brutal primary battle with Hillary Clinton," Obama said. "Four years later, she won't stop drunk texting me from Cartagena," a reference to the city where Secret Service agents allegedly consorted with prostitutes.
Quel rib-tickler, eh? Not that I'm such a Hillary fan, but somehow I don't think the woman who's endured the countless dalliances of her horndog hubby and who's served at the whim of this lame-ass POTUS is guffawing over that one.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why Has Occupy Toronto Commandeered a Shia Website?

I happened to go on this Toronto Shiite website, and clicked on a link to an interview with Sheikh Jehad Ismail. It opened--for a second--whereupon it was immediately replaced by a link to Occupy Toronto, and an invitation to take part in its "May 1st Day of Action."

Kind of weird, no?

I wonder--was this done with the Shias' knowledge, or has Occupy Toronto occupied their site without permission?

Songs For Swingin' Necros

Song #1:
All the necrophiliacs cheer
When hearing about the new edict:
"Go and shtup the dead (way to go!),"
Say Islamists (tho' it's really sick).
All the chicks with a pulse
Are repulsed. So what?
They don't get to speak their minds.
Necrophiliacs (there they go!)
Can do all their icky bumps and grinds.
Salafists with their quirky twists say,
"You go, necro!"
Shtup like an Egyptian...

Song #2
I could while away the seconds
Whene'er my wife's corpse beckons.
Tho' some may be revusled.
But I have permish to do her
And to even try to woo her
If she doesn't have a pulse...

Song #3
Every kiss that she'll dread
Won't upset her 'cuz she's dead.
It's getting to be a habit with you.
Let her stay, she won't scold,
Even as she's growing cold.
It's getting to be a habit with you....

Song #4
A kiss on a corpse may be quite de-gen-are-ate
But necro is a guy's best bet.
A kiss may be sick to the chick who can't share it
But there's fatwa cred
For those who like to screw the dead.
Gals alive quell your sex drive,
And the dead ones do not get upset. 
So wait for post mortem
That's when to escort 'em.
Necro is a guy's best bet...

Let's Stop Calling Them "Honour" Crimes and Call Them What They Really Are: Ownership Crimes

Those who see Obama in the White House for another four years are waging a war against Republicans by claiming that Republicans are waging a war on women. The basis of this claim hinges on the refusal of Catholic institutions to pay for contraception and abortions, moves which are in direct violation of Catholic religion doctrine and are therefore supposed to have Constitutional protections. For those who despise both religion and non-leftist, that is an unforgivable, even an abhorrent, "crime" against freeborn women and their right to control their own bodies and destinies. But that pseudo crime (which is no crime at all) pales beside a genuine crime that Sandra Fluke, the poster gal for Catholic-bashers, and her ilk would never dare to bring up lest it offend the communities from whence it springs. I refer, of course, to what have been dubbed "honour" crimes, an appellation that makes many uncomfortable because, despite these crimes being predicated on reclaiming a family's "honor" via the murder of the female family member who supposedly defiled it, civilized people can see that there is nothing in the least honourable about such barbarism. For that reason--and because the using the adjective "honour" in describing these crimes cannot help but convey the false impression that, in a way, the uppity chick had it coming (and, in Fluke/Steinem/Rebick-speak, who are we, guilt-riden white oppressors/exquisitely sensitive multicultists to judge?), I propose we do away with the "h" word and replace it with something else, something that does not dignify the crime, even if it's unintentional, via the use of the word "honour." Let's instead call them "ownership crimes," that is, crimes that are perpetrated specifically because a young woman has had the audacity to demand a say in her own future, and to claim ownership of her own person, including her own body, including her own vagina. That in direct defiance of the men in her immediate family who, for reasons of culture and/or religion, insist ownership of a woman's body and destiny is theirs alone.

I'm not persuaded that, even with the name change, the Sandra Flukes of the world would necessarily turn their attention to these crimes. (Is there a loquacious Muslim vajayjay--one, say, that's been subjected to the misogynistic, desexualizing horrors of FGM--in Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues? If there isn't, there damn well should be!) But maybe, just maybe, it would make others become sufficiently angry such that they'd be willing to put aside considerations of political correctness and do something about "ownership" crimes; crimes that are both disgusting and anathema in that they amount to the indentured servitude of women in 2012.

One has the feeling that, even then, we will have a long wait for the flukey Sandras, blinkered narcissists obsessed wth the supposed assault on their freedom, to muster the wit and awareness to be up in arms about a minority women's problem.

60 Minutes With Zionhass

This past Thursday, Israel's Independence Day, I caught a screening of the film Israel Inside: How A Small Nation Makes a Big Difference. In emphasizing Israel's creativity/diversity/manifold accomplishments, it did a pretty good job, even if was a tad too "tikkun olam-y" for my taste. One thing that really bugged me though was that it incorporated a clip from CBS's 60 Minutes. The reason it bugged me is that I knew that the show had just done another of its trademark hatchet jobs on Israel--this one a Bob Simon blood libel about how Israel (yes, Israel!) is primarily responsible for the Christian exodus from the Middle East--and that Michael Oren, Israel's ambassador to the U.S., was embroiled in the controversy. Robert Fulford describes the kerfuffle here:
It was clearly a most serious offence against the gods of journalism. It was a "You went over my head! You called my boss!" crime, the kind of thing that makes self-important TV stars jump onto high horses in their eagerness to prove they are more important and have more inalienable rights than anyone they write or talk about. Journalists hate it when their own bosses are called, but never hesitate to use the same strategy when roles are reversed.

Why in the world, Simon wanted to know, would Israel express concern about an item that hadn't yet been aired? By Simon's account, no one, not even he, could guess the final shape of the story, even when the interview with Oren was being recorded.

Surely the Israeli government couldn't imagine that CBS journalists would know the slant of a story even before the reporting and editing were done?

Perhaps Michael Oren, being a historian, remembered a few things in the past, such as the last 15 or 20 stories about Israel that 60 Minutes had produced.

And as it turned out, his experience-based prediction was precisely accurate.
Based on experience, 60 Minutes did not deserve to be in a movie about Israel's achievements, even if its filmmakers thought that including a clip from that show would give their film extra "cred" with certain viewers.

Steyn's Latest Inspires a Doggie Double Dactyl

Barack Obama when
Younger tucked into some
Nice doggie stew.

The reason we know that:
"Clever" Obama wonks
Tried to roast Romney--a
Ruse they now rue.

That He's a False Friend? That He's, at Best, a Lukewarm Friend? That He's No Friend At All?

What do Israelis know about Obama that American Jews are missing?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Peggy Noonan Calls Obama "A Bush League President"

However, the "b" in the league she's referring to is in lower case.

"Omar Khadr Is Like Any Other "First Time Offender"

That, apparently, is what this Canadian legal eagle, an associate professor at, of all places, Canadian Forces College, believes. It's part of her larger argument about why it's time to bring Omie home. (How scary nice that these are the sorts of people who are "educating" those will comprise our future military.)

Obama and the MuBros: You Won't Believe How Tight They Are

Then again, given what you know about both of 'em, maybe you will believe it.

Update: Hugh and Mark poke fun at Obama's big stick.

Well, That's as Clear as Mud: The OHRC's "Streamlined" Process for Resolving Competing (and Incompatible) Rights

Here it is (on p. 44) in the "human rights" busybodies' just dropped doc. If you can figure it out, you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din. (By the way, I've combed through the doc and found nary a mention of the mosqueteria or Muslim landlords, alone of all Ontarians, having the right to exclude non-Muslims from their rental units. Which rather torpedoes the reports assertion, stated on more than one occasion, that there is no hieracrchy of rights in this province.

Update: And then my head exploded--K. Mock and L. Rudner in the same OHRC tweet:

Robbers in Philly Using Burqas; Muslims Cry Foul, Fearing the Disguise Will Make the Sharia Fun Sack Look Bad

From onIslam:
PHILADELPHIA – A new series of crimes involving men dressed in Muslim full face veil is sending shock waves among Philadelphia Muslim minority, resulting in increasing concerns of rising Islamophobia and stigmatizing of the religious minority in the US Northeastern County.

"It just makes me sad that they would portray our religion in this manner," Keziah Ridgeway, a teacher at the Al-Aqsa Academy in Philadelphia, told NewsWorks on Friday, April 27.

"You can't see the face and so you don't know who's coming into your store. It's really just going to make it hard for Muslim women, whether you cover your face or you cover your head," Ridgeway said.

"It's just going to be something wherein people, when they see someone who looks like me, or they see another Muslim woman, they're going to think negative thoughts."...
Here's an idea: liberate yourselves from the shroud and its in-your-face Islamism. That sort of apparal, which erases a woman's public persona and transforms her into a nullity, a blank, a void, may be de rigeur in Saudi Arabia, but it does not belong in America (or Canada), where men and women expose their faces and are equal in the eyes of the law.

Leave the burqa to the robbers and I promise you Islam will be instantly de-stigmatized.

G'head. Give it a try.

Memo to Americans: If You Want Your Economy to Perk Up, Vote Boring

CBS asks whether Romney "can make boring sexy." Which I think is exactly the wrong thing to ask. The question is not whether "boring" can be "sexy"? The question is:  would you rather have good, steady-as-she-goes leadership (as we have here in Canada with "boring," decidedly un-sexy, un-charismatic Stephen Harper), or whether you'd prefer to have a "cool," sexy, charisma-laden guy, who doesn't have a clue, and who has rocketed your debt into the stratosphere, at the helm?

Your choice.

Aborting Female Fetuses BECAUSE They're Female Not "Extreme"? If You Say So, Harpoon

I do so love it when H. Siddiqui's incoherence achieves heady heights (as it does more often than not). In his most recent peroration, for example, the die-hard multicultist proclaims that, while "extremism" (of the Rick Santorum variety) is the order of the day in America, it will always fail to gain traction in Canada. At some point, the column makes a dizzying segue from slamming American "extremism" into becoming an impassioned argument for the "right" of "certain ethnic communities" to abort female fetuses:
Some immigrants to Canada from those countries have imported the practice. Six Toronto area hospitals now refuse to divulge the gender of the fetus following ultrasound.
This raises several questions about the equal application of the law.
Women have a right to abortion. Pro-lifers do not like it. But that’s the law. So, on what basis do we say women cannot abort female fetuses? Or, are we saying that Canadian women from certain ethnic communities have only a partial right to abortion?
I think what we're saying, Harpoon, is that certain ethnic communities should not be aborting female fetuses because they'd prefer to have male babies; I think we're saying that such misogyny (which is also manifested in such extreme ethnic practices as "honour killings," FGM and gender segregation in public school mosqueterias) is best left in the old country, and has no place here in Canada.

Hate to break it to you, Harpoon, but Santorum is out, Obama and his minions are still in charge, and yours is the extreme position here.

"Confused, Incoherent and Incompetent"

John R. Bolton (who is none of the above) weighs in on Obama's "foreign policy."

A Movie Featuring "Almost Every Song Ever Written by Van Morrison"?

I'm in, if only for the tunes.

"Can we fight climate change and create jobs simultaneously?"

Former Toronto mayor David Miller says yes, we can! (Now, where have I heard that one before?)

Is George Galloway a Secret Muslim "Revert"?

Jemima Khan says he "reverted" ages ago; he denied it (while tucking into a delicious halal meal).

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Funny Misogyny Over at OnIsam

Arab News posts some high-larious quotations about marriage--all of them uttered by kafirs (including, heaven help us, Henny "Take My Wife--Please" Youngman). I thought this 'toon, included on the same page, spoke volumes about the barely-disguised misogyny inherent in these "funny" lines:

Quel knee-slapper, eh?

"Israel's 64th Birthday is a Party That All Freedom Loving People Must Celebrate"

Happy Birthday to a land that is riven by internal contradictions which would likely cause most other nations to fold their tents and quietly disappear; a country which, though fractious, contentious, confounding and lingering under the perpetual threat of annihilation, has somehow managed to rededicate itself to freedom and become what is arguably the most creative, productive and inspiring nation in the entire free world.

Celebrate? Absolutely! For every year it adds to its life in an egregiously hostile world is a tremendous--a stupendous--victory, for humanity as well as for the Jews.

He's Barry the Sailor Man

He's strong to the finich 'cuz he's pushin' spinach...

Disgruntled Winnipegger Grumbles About Those Who Would Impede that Quintessence of Fabulousness, Our "Human Rights" Mausoleum

This, found on Democratic Underground, made me chuckle:
Sometimes I like my city and sometimes I truly Loathe it.

On one hand, more development is happening than has been in more than thirty years with downtown residential, private investment and enthusiasm not seen in many years.

On the other, one of the foundations of this enthusiasm, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, has encountered increasing delays, funding stoppage from the Harper government 9after he no longer needed the publicity to get his coveted majority), questionable management from its board and attack after attack after attack from the right wing press (mostly our local fishwrap, the Winnipeg Sun), critics of the Aspers (one of our prominent Jewish families and a (declining) local media empire whose patriarch envisioned this thing) and our usual slew of cheapskates, xenophobes and seeming bumpkins.

As said by another poster years ago, this die-hard resistance seems to crop up with everything done in this city.
Speaking as one of the "cheapskates, xenophobes and seeming bumpkins," all I can say is how sucky for you that not everyone can see the manifest merits of your money-hoovering shrine to victimhood.

Barb's Bonkers New "Human Rights" Doc

I was all a-tingle when I heard that Barb's brigade was set to launch a spanking new diktat--Policy on Competing Human Rights. As I observed to my fellow cabal member, BCF (who informed me that the doc was set to drop), I guess the commish is establishing the official pecking order of victim groups, i.e. in any conflict between, say, Muslims and gays, or Muslims and Jews, Muslims come first; gays rate as the number one victim group so long as no Muslims are involved. Nevertheless, I continued, seeing it written down in black and white should be good for a laugh and a shudder.

Well, don't I feel the fool, since the policy turn out to have nada to do with any of that--no siree, Barb:
The policy is designed to help organizations and individuals deal with everyday situations of competing rights, and try to avoid the time and expense of bringing a legal challenge before a court or human rights tribunal.
Conflicts sometimes arise when an individual or group tries to enjoy or exercise a legally-protected right that conflicts with another’s human right. For example, how do you resolve a situation where a marriage commissioner refuses to perform a marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple because it is contrary to her religious beliefs? Or where a woman wants to testify at a criminal trial wearing a niqab but the accused argues that this would interfere with his Charter right to make a full defence? Or, where a professor’s guide dog could cause a student to have a severe allergic reaction?
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Ontario Human Rights Code and the courts state that no right is absolute and no one right is more important than another. The law also recognizes that rights have limits in some situations where they substantially interfere with the rights of others. The Charter and the Code require we give all rights equal consideration, on a case-by-case basis.
“Reconciling human rights can be extremely challenging,” commented Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall. “Searching for solutions can be controversial and sometimes dissatisfying to one side or the other. But it is a shared responsibility made easier when we try to understand each other’s rights and obligations and demonstrate mutual respect during the process.”...
So what I said re the pecking order of victim groups holds true--even if it remains unofficial government policy, and even as Barb and Co. continue to pay lip service to the concept of "equality" and see it as being enshrined in the Charter and the Code (an idea which is so not true as to be both risible and cringe-inducing--so at least I got the laugh and shudder part right).

Egyptian Necrophiliacs Rejoice!

The fatwa of your dreams is coming your way.

Update: In potentially related news, a Florida doctor says he has located the e'er elusive G Spot--in the cadaver of an 83-year-old woman. On the one hand, that could well be a boon to those who enjoy having sex with dead chicks. On the other hand, it could engender a demand for a brand new surgical procedure in Egypt (which, generally speaking, is a clitoris-free zone): G Spot-ectomies.

Update: Song for swingin' necrophiles (h/t RH):

Today In It Isn't Islam's Fault...

An Atlantic scribbler ignores the cognitive dissonance blaring in his brain and finds a way to blame deep-seated Arab chick-hate on--wait for it--the West.

Hey, wasn't that a Jackson 5 number?:

Don't blame it on the Koran,
Don't blame it on the Islam,
Blame it on the kafir...

America's "Emperor": Buck Nekkid and Usefully Idiotic

David Meir-Levi writes:
When the vain and delusional emperor walked naked through the streets of his capital to show off his new clothes, so light and so finely woven that they could not be seen or felt, it was only an innocent little child, ingénue, who told the world that the emperor was naked. The rest went along with the charade, and collaborated with the emperor and his dishonest clothiers in order to avoid imperial ire.

Recent events and disclosures at the highest levels of our government demonstrate that our own rulers, like the naked emperor, have through folly and dishonesty exposed themselves as “useful idiots” or worse, liars and functionaries whose loyalties may well be to other than the United States....

Ontario "Human Rights" Tribunal Rules Gender Is a Matter of Choice, Not Anatomy

Here in Ontario, an important "human rights" ruling has liberated people from being narrowly defined by their genitals. So to speak. In honour of the occasion, I re-wrote a song:

I am woman,
Though look below and you will find
From the waist down
I am every bit a guy.
But Barbara Hall is my defender
So I get to pick my gender
And a chick I'll be
Until the day I die.
Yes, I'm a gal,
Even if I stay this way.
I was born as "Hal";
I'm Helena today.
I'll use chicks' change rooms.
They can't do anything.
I've a schlong.
I am invincible.
I am woman...

Memo to Tarek and Natasha Fatah: "Fixer" Does NOT Mean "Paki"

Remember when Tarek Fatah had a strange and very public meltdown over the "f" word? Joanne Hill described the episode for the Jewish Tribune:
Fatah became enraged after panelists used the term “fixer” to describe people who are hired to help journalists working in foreign countries.
Fixers can arrange security, facilitate border crossings, set up meetings, or act as interpreters.
Fatah dubbed the term racist and said Western journalists in foreign countries sit in expensive hotels while local journalists do their work for little money and no credit. He said he had been a fixer in Pakistan.
“The term used to be the ‘stringer,’” he said. “The stringer today is...disgustingly called a fixer, almost as if he is the pimp over there, getting the cab and the drinks and arranging everything.”
When the other panelists disagreed, Fatah became infuriated.
As Kay spoke positively about using a fixer in Ramallah and added that he had spent $500 on gifts at the woman’s store, Fatah interjected, “I’m shocked by your racist view!”
The three journalists and Benlolo laughed in seeming confusion, as did the audience. Fatah stood up and shouted that he was leaving because of racism...
It all went downhill from there.

Later that evening, Mr. Fatah's daughter, Natasha, who witnessed the outburst,
wrote on her Facebook page that it was a terrible night “...when people you thought were good and decent, reveal their racism, and you find out your offence isn’t worth their time because you’re just another Paki.”
Well, guess what? It seems that "fixer" is the accepted, non-racist terminology for such helpful locals. Here's a post on the Ceeb website explaining it:
When correspondents arrive in foreign countries they have to hit the ground running, and do it with the help of savvy local hires we call "fixers."

They give us the lay of the land and help us find the people and events that tell the story of the place.

But for the CBC's Latin America correspondent Connie Watson, her fixer turned out to be the story of a new kind of Cuba, even as he guided her through the Pope's recent tour of the country.
In view of the above, I think an apology from Mr. and Ms. Fatah is appropriate, although it's likely not impending.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gaias and Bollocks

An icon of environmentalism says, on second thought, he may have hit the panic button a tad hard:
James Lovelock, father of the "Gaia" theory that the entire earth is a single living system, was one of the many voices that's predicted environmental calamity will result from carbon dioxide emissions.
He claimed in 2006 that "before this century is over billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable."
But he has told MSNBC that he overstated the case and now acknowledges that "we don't know what the climate is doing."
"We thought we knew 20 years ago," he said. "That led to some alarmist books — mine included — because it looked clear-cut, but it hasn't happened."...
You mean to say that that settled science wasn't really settled?

I'm so not shocked.

Thanks For Coming and Try the Sharia

Egypt's most popular comedian gets "Guy Earled" by the local thought police.

You Want Tits With That?

Maclean's magazine keeps us abreast (sorry!) of the latest trend in eateries:
If you’ve not yet heard of “breastaurants,” gird yourself: they’re about to roll out across Canada. And this new generation of mammary-centric casual dining chains—with their slick thematic formats, man-cave mentality and hyper-friendly female servers schooled in “touchology”—makes Hooters seem downright quaint.

First out of the gate is Tilted Kilt, a Tempe, Ariz.-based “Celtic”-themed sports pub chain whose servers wear tiny tartan tops and micro-mini kilts. Originating in Las Vegas in 2003, the Hooters-Brigadoon hybrid has 60 locations in the U.S. with 15 franchises in development... 
Hooters meets Brigadoon, eh? Well, I guess that has a much better shot at success than, say:
  • Hooters meets Fiddler on Roof
  • Hooters meets Shrek the Musical
  • Hooters meets The Music Man
  • Hooters meets Jesus Christ, Superstar
Mind you, a Hooters-Mary Poppins hybrid (called Mary's Poppin'?) might not be such a bad idea.

Jewish Support for Obama Way Down

But not nearly down enough, thought I as I read this post in Contentions. Sixty-one percent of the tribe are still warm for his form, down from the 78 percent who voted for him last time around.

That may be a precipitous drop, but I can't believe that the larger part of Jewry remains adamantly and dangerously clueless.

Barbara Kay Rips Iggy a New One for Throwing Quebec Anglos Under a Bus

In the nascent days of separatism, Charles de Gaulle had the gall to show up in Quebec and fan the flames by shouting "Vive le Quebec libre"! But Chuck, after all, was a foreign buddinsky who could drop his stink bomb and decamp post haste to Paree. How does one account for Michael Ignatieff, who is not only the previous leader of the Liberal Party (helicoptered in by a sly few to be our Iggy-ex-machina, he was ignominiously rejected by Canadians in a mortifying election loss), but who, after decades of being a rootless cosmopolitan, now actually lives here? Barbara Kay (with whom I had a lovely chat at Steynamite! yesterday) writes about it here:
In February, Justin Trudeau shocked Canadians when he told a Radio-Canada interviewer that if the Canadian government put any constraints on abortion or repealed gay marriage, “maybe I would think about wanting to make Quebec a country.” The blogosphere and Twitterverse went ballistic. Most people expressed incredulity that the scion of Canada’s most ardent and influential federalist could so casually – so publicly – consider aligning himself with the notion of Canada’s breakup.

The only explanation his defenders could scrape together for this diamond-studded gift to the ever-shrinking base of Quebec’s grizzled, ember-stirring ultra-nationalists was his youth, naiveté and political inexperience.

What excuse, then, can anyone offer Michael Ignatieff for yesterday’s monumental gaffe? During a BBC Scotland broadcast of an interview about Scotland’s independence referendum, Ignatieff was heard to say, when asked if he foresaw full independence for Quebec, “I think eventually that’s where it goes.” He elaborated on his remark with the explanation that Quebec and Canada have very little to say to each other any more and the two are “almost” separate countries.
What excuse? Sour grapes, perhaps?

Beware of Lefties Who are Unhinged and Un-"stuck"

Obama tells Rolling Stone magazine that, poor Mitt, he's "stuck" with those "conservative views."

Yeah, those right-wingers are such sticks-in-the-mud with their "values" and "morals" and boring old religious stuff. Whereas folks on the left are free to jettison all that unwanted baggage and tinker around with society in a hopeychangey way so as to make it better, fairer and altogether more perfect.

Would it be rude to point out that all the worst ideas in circulation at the moment--multiculturalism, "diversity," "human rights" commissions, affirmative action, green jobs, the Buffet Rule, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid etc., etc., etc.--are the creation of people with a leftist point of view?

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Human Rights Tribunal

Something appealing, something revealing,
Something hilarious
At Steynamite last night!
Something expressive, something transgressive,
Something hilarious
At Steynamite last night!

Nothing that's Left, nothing that's "nice".
Bring on the venom, invective and spice!

Old Magna Carta,
Now there's that Charta.
The latter don't give real human rights.
Comedy convulsive
At Steynamite last night!

Something fantastic, iconoclastic,
Something hilarious
At Steynamite last night!

Something explosive, something corrosive,
Something hilarious
At Steynamite last night!

No commissars, no Barbara Hall.
Last night's event would shock and appall!

Nothing submissive
Lots that's derisive.
Nothing that's tempered or polite.
Look up on that stage now--
Steynamite last night!

Something outrageous, something contagious,
Something hilarious
At Steynamite last night.
Something audacious, something vexacious,
Something hilarious
At Steynamite last night...

Nothing that's mild,
Nothing de rigueur
And a rendition of "My Sharia Amour."

Stinging chastisements!
Clever advisements!
Thousands who turned out for the fight!
Sun TV and imams!
Subversiveness and jimjams!
Michael Coren's book launch!
Unrepentant Steyn raunch!
Thought crimes!
No Muslim Bros, no NDP.
They wouldn't like that cacophony!
Goodness and gladness,
"Human rights" madness.
This time it all turned out all right!
Hilarity pervasive
At Steynamite last night!

Update: Laura Rosen Cohen (henceforth to be affectionately known as "Infidel Whore") has a terrific write up of the evening's procedings.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sarkozy's Loss Would be Iran's Gain--and a Big Loss for Israel

That's the claim of this article, which proffers old Nic as the EU leader most likely to adopt a hard line with the Ayatollahs. Maybe so, but so far his supposed hard line hasn't stymied Iran's nuclear plans one bit--so what good is having a hard line if you're never prepared to use it?

RCMP Not Convinced Muslim Revert Ex-Bev Giesbrecht's Kidnapping by the Taliban Was "Genuine"

Was she or wasn't she kidnapped and killed by the Taliban? If she wasn't (and that appears to be the implication of this Ceeb report) then what really happened to her?

Dear Canada Revenue Agency: You Revoked IRFAN's Charitable Status a Year Ago (For Supporting Jihadis). Why Is It Still Operating as a Charity?

Almost exactly a year ago, the Canada Revenue Agency announced it was stripping the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy Canada (IRFAN) of its charitable status because it was "an integral part of an international fundraising effort to support Hamas." And yet IRFAN--motto: "PROVIDING HOPE FOR A BETTER LIFE" (presumably, one in which there's no Israel)--is advertised as one of the sponsors of this upcoming Muslim event.

What gives? How is it that IRFAN is still up and running as a charity when, for a good twelve months now, it has had no such designation? Might it have another source of income from a distant shore which enables it to survive and apparently thrive even though it can no longer provide tax receipts to domestic donors?

Will There Be Any Chubby Runway Models There? FAT Chance

I got the giggles reading this: a Toronto fashion and arts thingy that has the acronym FAT.

I'm betting the event with be replete with skinny-ass models, and that portly Mayor Rob Ford will not be walking the runway in a speedo.

Obama's Jihadi Placation Is Sweepting the Nation

The Muslim Brotherhood, propogandists extraordinaire, are winning, writes Frank Gaffney. In no small part that's because the prez named after Mohammed's wingéd steed is letting 'em win:
...Mr. Obama facilitated and now has underwritten the Muslim Brotherhood's takeover in Egypt and an increasing number of states elsewhere in the Middle East. At his direction, explicit or implicit, the U.S. government is systematically purging its training materials of any information that Islamists might find offensive - including factual information about Shariah, its impelling of jihad (preferably violent and, where necessary, pre-violent) and the Muslim Brotherhood's mission of destroying us from within.
Worse yet, under Team Obama, Brotherhood operatives doing business as Muslim "community leaders" are being allowed to have a say in what sort of training and outreach is done from here on and by whom. Could we have won the Cold War if we had given a similar role to the KGB or the American Communist Party it ran? Or World War II if that role had been assigned to the German-American Bund?
In short, we are losing what is more accurately described as the "jihadists' war on America" because we are being subjected to a systematic, disciplined and highly successful campaign of what the military would call "information dominance." It leaves us as a nation witless about the true nature of the enemy and his motivations and therefore incapable of countering them effectively.
Witless and helpless: that's the essence of dhimmitude.

Way to go, Horsey!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lies, Damned Lies and Pew Studies About Obama's Negative Press

Pew study finds that Obama gets slagged by the media way more than the GOP.

Pretty neat trick, that.