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"You Ever Wonder Why Jewish People Own All the Property in America? This Is How They Did It"

Beyoncé's hubby has some, air quotes, profound thoughts on Da Joooooz.

The Washington Hillbilly

Donald Trump's latest inflammatory tweet--yet another example of his total lack of impulse control--inspired an epiphany of sorts. It reminded me of the kind of people J.D. Vance wrote about in his book Hillbilly Elegy, and that the physician who writes under the pseudonym Theodore Dalrymple has written about for many years. Vance's kinfolk are "white trash" Americans and Dalrymple's subject is the English underclass, but members of both groups, like Trump, lack the same impulse control, and that, more than anything else, is how they end up sabotaging and making a general hash of their lives. The tragedy is that they pass on the same character flaw to their children and grandchildren, thereby ensuring that future generations remain trapped in the same dead end. (Vance was able to escape it, but he's the exception to the rule.)

Then, too, neither of these groups is exactly well-read. Lacking a vocabulary pool to draw upon, they have great difficulty articulating their thoughts and feelings, a limitation that results in great frustration and that often leads to violent outbursts (that no impulse control thing, again).

Now, of course, Donald Trump is a very rich man who has reached the very apex of success. And yet, in his inability to rise above the sudden, overwhelming impulse to lash out, and because of his pinched and limited vocabulary, he, the wealthiest, most successful of men, remains something of a hillbilly, and will likely remain one for the rest of his life. And because he can't control himself, he may also end up sabotaging and making a general hash of his presidency.

As Trump, in his own inimitable way, might say, that's sad.

Really, really sad.

Update: 'Hillbilly Elegy' author J.D. Vance talks about the appeal of Trump

Update: Does it matter if Trump lied about Mika's bleeding facelift? Jay Nordlinger weighs in on the matter.

Canda's 150th: No Truth, No Reconcilliation, Just Lots of Guilt-Ridden Leftists and Lots of Fuming, Party-Pooping Indigenes

Barbara Kay expresses exactly how I feel about our national obligation--our national rite, really--to temper our celebration of Canada's 150th birthday because of angry aboriginals:
The mood around Canada’s 150th anniversary is bittersweet. But that was predictable, surely, in our tense historical moment of roiling indigenous mourning-fuelled anger and self-abasing white-privilege guilt. The birthday is serving less as a unifying celebratory moment than as a reminder of who emerged as the winners and losers in Canada’s journey to nationhood. 
I’m a winner. I’m the grandchild of immigrants to Canada who were escaping religion-based persecution, and whose issue made good here. But I am also a member of an indigenous people who achieved cultural strength despite a long history of serial dispossession, continual persecution and the worst genocide in recorded history. So while I feel sympathy for the plight of Canada’s indigenous people—storm-tossed by historical waves they were helpless to control—I don’t feel personal guilt over it. This is a reasonable position, or at least would be, if we lived in reasonable times. But we don’t...
That's for sure. We live in times when, for two days running, the CBC leads its morning radio newscast with a teepee story, thereby furiously and frantically signaling its own virtuousness to all those (me included) who are foolish enough to listen.

Update: Trudeau visits teepee on Parliament Hill.

Hope he's wearing his Pride t-shirt and "Happy Eid" socks.

At the UN's Pathetic "50 Years of Occupation" Forum, Terrorists are Welcome; Israelis, Not So Much

I had high hopes for the UN's latest Secretary General, ones he dashed by inviting the likes of Hamas and PFLP to his craptastic forum, and by uttering the following bollocks:
Nevertheless, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres and his Deputy Secretary General Amina J. Mohammed legitimized the hatefest by their participation along with terrorist organization collaborators. 
The Secretary General’s message to the forum, delivered by his deputy, lamented “Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza and the Syrian Golan, and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Syrians.” He went on to declare that only the end of Israeli “occupation” would “lay the foundations for enduring peace that meets Israeli security needs and Palestinian aspirations for statehood and sovereignty.” He repeated the canard that “recurring cycles of violence and retribution” were “fueled “by “[F]ifty long years of occupation.”
The end of Israeli "occupation" would lay the foundations for the end of Israel—as its enemies, including the UN, well know. This latest UN farce won't signal Israel's death knell, but it is one more step in the road to the UN's demise (Judenhass, as we know, ultimately destroying its host).

Update: Occupation, shmockupation. This is what's really behind the Islamic (and by extension the UN's) rejection of Israel:
Many of today’s 50 Muslim countries deny the most fundamental rights to minorities, women, non-Muslims and LGBT communities. Yet the UN and other international bodies, countries and NGOs ignore all of these crimes, and continue to make apologies for people who are committing these grave offenses in the name of Islam. In contrast, Israel — a tiny country of 8.6 million people, where the 20% minority Muslim population has full civil and religious rights — is continuously condemned by the UN and other international organizations as a violent and racist state. 
To many Muslims — especially radical Islamists — Jewish sovereignty in any part of the Holy Land is a red line that cannot be crossed. The mere existence of a Jewish State in the Middle East is totally unacceptable to their Islamic doctrine. As a consequence, Jews in Israel have been subjected to violence, murder and destruction. And until that doctrine undergoes reformation, the “religion of peace” will view the Jewish state as an unacceptable intruder in the Middle East. 
This is the true heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Update: Hamas and PFLP Are ‘Not Terrorist Organizations,’ Top Palestinian Official Claims at UN Anti-Israel Forum 

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Amazon Gets Punked By Author of Palestinian History Book That's 100% Content Free

Tee hee:
Amazon has removed a book called The History of the Palestinian People: From Ancient Times to the Modern Era from its online store, after numerous complaints that the work was comprised of 132 blank pages. 
The book, which at one point was in the top 400 on Amazon’s best-seller list, was published in the name of Assaf Voll, who has a Masters in Jewish Studies from the University of Haifa. 
Mr Voll told the United with Israel site that Amazon had sent him a message saying that “during a quality assurance review of your CSP catalogue, we found that your book(s) are resulting in a disappointing customer experience. Indicators of a poor customer experience may include customer refunds and feedback. As a result, the following book(s) have been removed from sale on Amazon.” 
However, he said that “there was no intention of deceiving anyone”, pointing out that clicking the Preview button would have shown any prospective buyers the book’s content – or lack of it. 
He also pointed out that “there are other empty books on Amazon, one of which was even a bestseller that topped the sales table, titled, ‘Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide’.”...
An empty book not yet on Amazon: Justin Trudeau's Profound Thoughts.

Israel and Leftist American Jews: Who's Betraying Whom?

Ever since Netanyahu reneged on the agreement to provide a mixed-sex, egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall, "progressive" Jews have been engaged in an over-the-top hissy fit. "It's an affront to Zionism," proclaims one pluralistic JewMost Jews have reacted with "outrage," fumes another.

But if many North American Jews are interpreting the move as a betrayal, it's not as if their betrayal of Israel has gone unnoticed by Israelis. Commentary's Evelyn Gordon unpacks it--American Jews' betrayal of Israel--like this:
But to many American Jews, even many who consider themselves pro-Israel, it doesn’t seem to matter that Israelis have repeatedly made generous peace offers, only to have the Palestinians walk away without even bothering to respond. It doesn’t seem to matter that every territorial withdrawal has led to a massive increase in Palestinian terror. It doesn’t seem to matter that numerous conflicts worldwide have produced far more bloodshed and far more oppression than this one. It doesn’t seem to matter that after almost 25 years of failed peacemaking efforts accompanied by vigorous internal debate, a solid majority of Israelis has reluctantly concluded that while a Palestinian state might be a good idea in principle, in practice, for the foreseeable future, there’s no better alternative to the status quo. 
Despite all this, liberal American Jews are convinced that they know better. They know that the continued “occupation” is mostly Israel’s fault, and that Israel must end it immediately regardless of the price in Israeli blood and their job as American Jews isn’t to support Israelis’ painfully reached conclusions, but to pressure Israelis to disregard the lessons of their lived experience. If there’s a better way of telling Israelis “You don’t actually matter to us,” I don’t know what it might be. 
Moreover, pursuant to that attitude, many American Jews–and again, not just fringe groups like JVP–are actively undermining Israel in various ways. Mainstream American Jewish groups like campus Hillels repeatedly host speakers from organizations that spew outright lies about Israel, such as Breaking the Silence, which even recycles the medieval blood libel about Jews poisoning wells. 
American Jews also provide substantial financial support to such organizations, mainly through the New Israel Fund. Rabbis and Jewish organizations provide cover for anti-Israel activists. Leading liberal rabbi Sharon Brous, for instance, praised Linda Sarsour for “building a movement that can hold all of us in our diversity with love” even as Sarsour explicitly banned all Israel supporters from her movement. The Anti-Defamation League defended Keith Ellison, one of the few congressmen who consistently backs anti-Israel resolutions while shunning pro-Israel ones, as “an important ally in the fight against anti-Semitism” right up until he was caught out in overt anti-Semitism. American rabbinical students term Israel’s very existence a cause for mourning and engage in anti-Israel commercial boycotts. The Union for Reform Judaism urges members to step up their criticism of Israel. And on, and on.
Gordon concludes that, sadly, 
American Jews [are] no longer the bastion of support for Israel that they once were. If they still believe they have a familial relationship with Israelis, it increasingly feels like an abusive one in which the abuser shows his “love” by causing pain. Thus, it’s no surprise that support for Israel has plummeted among young American Jews; how many of them ever hear anything positive about Israel from their “pro-Israel” elders? 
The result is that some Israelis are starting to feel, as Hillel Halkin wrote in Mosaic last month, “The distance between Israeli and American Jews is growing? Let it grow … so what?” Until recently, few Israelis would have said such a thing, and I still consider it a tragedy. But if American Jews keep telling Israelis that everything they think, feel and experience “doesn’t actually matter to us,” the number of Israelis who agree with Halkin will only grow.

Elmo's Jihadpalooza

Sesame Street's fuzzy red icon waxes rhapsodic about all the new "friends" he met during his recent visit to a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. The TV appearance elicits this cheeky response:

Image by Ghenghis Gary

Also this one:

Update: Elmo sings one of his signature tunes:
Why are there so many songs about jihad
And what's up with Paradise?
Jihad's a journey, and also a promise
For which many pay a huge price.
So I've been told and I'm bound to believe it--
Their Caliphate dreams do inspire.
Someday they'll find it, the jihad connection,
The martyrs, the virgins, the fire...

No Vetting Required In Justin's "Die-versity" Trudeaupia

Have you heard about the ISIS aficionada who waged jihad in a Canadian Tire store with a golf club in her hand and an "Allahu Akbar" on her lips?


Here's the Toronto Sun's Candace Malcolm with the deets:
The 32-year-old woman, believed to be from Syria, was charged by police after witnesses said she attacked people at a Canadian Tire with a golf club and then a long knife. 
In court, Dughmosh covered her face with a niqab and spoke in Arabic. 
She said she “meant to harm those people” (one employee was hurt but no one was killed) and if released would do it “again and again.” 
Dughmosh says she doesn’t recognize or accept Canadian law. 
“I reject all counsel here,” Dughmosh said, according to Global TV. 
“I only believe in Islamic Sharia law. I would like to revoke my Canadian citizenship that I received. I don’t want to have any allegiance to you,” she told the court through an interpreter. 
So not only does this self-described ISIS supporter want to live under Sharia law in Canada, she doesn’t want to be a Canadian citizen.
Great vetting there, Canada. Most impressive. But tell me--if the likes of Jihad Dughmosh make the cut, who, exactly, are you keeping out?

But wait--it gets better. Our idiot prime minister has a soft spot for jihadi terrorists--so long as they've got their citizenship--and admits as much to reporters:
"I'll give you the quote so that you guys can jot it down and put it in an attack ad somewhere that the Liberal Party believes that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship," he said. "Because I do. And I'm willing to take on anyone who disagrees with that." 
Trudeau's premise is "as soon as you make citizenship for some Canadians conditional on good behaviour, you devalue citizenship for everyone"...
The saner premise: Justin Trudeau has sawdust for brains and has devalued our safety.

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Anyone Else Think This Shtick Is Getting Very Old Very Fast?

You can find this dislaimer on the city of Toronto Accessibility & Human Rights site:
The City of Toronto acknowledges that we are on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the New Credit, the Huron-Wendat, the Haudenosaunee and home to many diverse Aboriginal Peoples
If they really feel that guilty about it (and I highly doubt they do), it's time to give all the "traditional territory" back already.

"Cute Palestinian Kids Touched My Hair!"

Usefully imbecilic "progressive" narcissists strike again!

Socks of a Clown: A Hogtown Song Parody

Well, if there's a smi-ile on his face
It's only there to bamboozle the public.
But when it comes down to Justin's socks
Well, honey, that's not a diff'rent subject.
"Happy Eid" and LGBTs:
They are just like chalk and cheese.
It shows he's so dumb; oh, yeah, he's as dumb as they come.
It's a dumbness that's makin' me numb.
Well, there are lame things known to man
But ain't nothing lamer than
The socks of a clow-own
When a crowd is around...

If a Tree Falls in a Hezbo Forest, Does It Make a Sound?

It probably depends on whether or not it sets off one of those rockets "hidden" in a Hezbo "nature reserve" along the Lebanon-Israel border.

"Communism for Kids"? Who Thinks THAT Is a Good Idea?

The Los Angeles Review of Books, where I found the following, does, apparently:
BINI ADAMCZAK’S Communism for Kids isn’t just for kids. The book is meant for readers of all ages, but its style is deliberately naïve. Adamczak addresses everyone as children in order to awaken their childlike sense of imagination and ability to dream. She reminds them that the world has not always been this way, and need not stay as it is. Adopting the language of make-believe, Adamczak introduces the problem posed by capitalism so those still young at heart might arrive at a solution. “[G]enuine fairy tales,” the Marxist critic Siegfried Kracauer maintained during the Weimar years, “are not stories about miracles but rather announcements of the miraculous advent of justice.”
You know what's make-believe? The glories of utopian Marxism. The real life story, of course, is a litany of terror, despotism and piles of bloody corpses.

Dreams of a "Gender Neutral" O Canada Dead--For Now

Can't say I'm sorry to hear the news.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Eye On a Crazy Al Quds Day Seethe-a-thon

Toronto's al Quds Day is a reminder of the extent of Islamic extremism in Canada

The Toronto Public Library Caters to the "Resist 150" Party Poopers

The TPL--it's just sooo damn "progressive"/virtuous (scroll down):
Resist 150
As part of these Canada 150 events, Toronto Public Library acknowledges and remembers that Indigenous nations existed and thrived on these lands and territories thousands of years before the incorporation of Canada in 1867.
We are committed to ensuring that Indigenous voices and perspectives are represented and involved in our Canada 150 events, and in our programming throughout the year. We also respect and support the decision of Indigenous groups who have chosen not to participate in Canada 150 events as expressions of resistance against colonialism. For many Indigenous peoples, Canada 150 is a celebration of the wrongs committed against Indigenous peoples by Canada. The perspective of some in the Resist 150 movement is that Canada 150 signifies 150 years of broken treaties, mistreatment and a history of abuse that to some, constitutes genocide. As we celebrate these Canada 150 events, Toronto Public Library acknowledges that as Canadians, we are all treaty people, and that we are all agents in the process of Reconciliation. 
Gee, I don't think that disclaimer is nearly abject enough. I'm sure if they gave it another stab, they could find a way to make it sound even more self-abnegating and cringingly servile. 😏

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"They Help Everybody. Which Is What Islam Is Really All About"

More "holy month of Ramadan" puffery designed to instill warm and fuzzy feelings in infidels who sincerely want to believe that Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, inculcates that altruistic Golden Rule.

The truth, however, is rather at odds with that claim, given that nowhere in Islamic doctrine does the idea of "doing unto others, kafirs included, as you would have them do unto you" make any sort of appearance. How could it, when Islam's supremacist tenets require kafirs to be subdued such that they have no choice but to bow to the terms of the wiser, better and, yes, pluperfect faith.

Be Still My Wildly Beating Heart: Two of My Favourite Conservative Pundits Sit Down for a Chat

"We Are Not Here Not Against Jews or Any Faith. We Are Against the Zionists"

A Calgary Zion-loather recites the Al Qud Day credo for a credulous CBC reporter, who laps it up, no questions asked about its Khomeinist provenance and exterminationist aims, of course. (An FYI for the credulous: when an overheated Khomeinist claims that it's not about the Jews, it's about the Jews.) And, of course, this being a Ceeb story, Muslims must be made out to be the victims:
More events will be held in Calgary on the weekend which are expected to cause tensions in the community. 
On Saturday, a rally called We Stand United in One Love Canada is set for 12 p.m. at city hall. 
And later on Saturday, at 5:30 p.m., the Calgary Anti-Oppression Interfaith Rally will also take place at city hall. 
An anti-Islam group, the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) has been advertising an event on Facebook for Saturday afternoon at Olympic Plaza, dubbing it the Patriotic Unity Mega Festival. 
But Calgary Recreation denied its application for a special event permit, "on the basis that your organization, and messages it espouses, are hateful," the city told the group in a written response. 
Despite the rejection, a spokesman for the group said it will hold a peaceful march starting at Olympic Plaza Sunday afternoon. 
Community activist Saima Jamal says she's been warning local Muslims to stay away from the core on Sunday, not out of fear for their safety but to avoid running into this group. 
She said she was worried that people might "get traumatized, get provoked or hear some racist remarks or see images that are very, very demeaning towards Islam and Muslims."
Please note that the anti-Islam group's application was denied (and the group publicly branded as "hateful") but the Zion loathers' seethe-a-thon (during which plenty of provocative, demeaning, hateful and exterminationist things were said about the world's one and only Jewish state) went off without a hitch, as it does every year.

That's Canadian "diversity" for you.

Update: The duplicity and hypocrisy of the media and Calgary city officials (who, more than anything, want to serve and protect Muslims, but not Jews) is unpacked--and eviscerated--here:

Friday, June 23, 2017

Iran's "Al Quds Day" Khomeinists Proudly Proclaim Their Desire to Wipe Israel Off the Map

Even their "moderate" president gets in on the eliminationist action (as reported by mullah mouthpiece, Press TV):
Millions of people have taken to the streets across Iran and other world countries to show their solidarity with the Palestinians and condemn Israel’s decades-long occupation and atrocities.  
The rallies are held to mark Quds Day, which falls on the last Friday of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. 
In Tehran and other cities and towns, people from all walks of life gathered for the annual event which usually marks people chanting slogans against Israel and burning the occupying regime's flags. 
The occasion is a legacy of the late founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini, followed by Muslims in other countries to support the Palestinian struggle against Israel. 
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani along with other senior Iranian officials took part in the Tehran rally. 
Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Rouhani said “the message of Quds Day is that of hatred towards the occupying and usurping regime as well as support for the oppressed nation” of Palestine.
He underlined the importance of this year’s Quds Day “given the presence of terrorists in the region, who are backed by Israel,” adding people are determined to cleanse the region of Tel Aviv-backed terrorists. 
The message of Quds Day is "kill those uppity Joooos!"

But you already knew that, right?

Update: Re tomorrow's eliminationist rally on the grounds of the Ontario legislature, James Pasternak, a Toronto city councilor (the only one with a discernable spine, apparently), issued the following press statement:
Councillor Pasternak once again calls for the Al Quds Day hate rally to be banned from Queen’s Park  
Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak, Ward 10, York Centre is extremely frustrated that the racist Al-Quds Day Rally is scheduled to be held at Queen’s Park despite the group not having a permit for the space. 
“It is truly shocking that this group is permitted to hold Anti-Israel rallies at Queen’s Park despite the repeated appeals by so many members of the Jewish community. It is disgraceful that a rally with speakers supporting the destruction of Israel, denying the Holocaust and making racial slurs is permitted to take place at the site of Ontario’s democratic legislature,” said Councillor Pasternak. 
Councillor Pasternak was deeply disturbed to learn that a keynote speaker at this year’s rally will be a virulent Holocaust denier. Past rallies have featured anti-Semitic remarks and speeches in support of terrorist organizations. Flags supporting Hamas, declared a terrorist organization by most western countries, have also been seen at the rally. 
“How many more anti-Semitic speeches spreading hatred and inciting violence will members of the Jewish community have to endure before the Province finally does something. It is time for this rally to be told it is not welcome at Queen’s Park or any place in Toronto,” said Councillor Pasternak.
Spot on, Councillor Pasternak!

"The Homogeneity of Multiculturalism Is a Complete Crashing Bore"

You can say that again, Mark.

France Prepared to Spend Big Bucks to Lure Skittish Tourists Back to Paris in Wake of Jihadi Terrorist Attacks

If the French think that putting a bullet proof glass wall around the Eiffel Tower is the way to do it, they are seriously out of their minds.

Hypocrisy In Action: "Progressive" Feminists Snub Muslim Women Who Speak Out Against the Oppressiveness, Unfairness of Sharia Law

Absolutely disgusting!

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard: "Unfortunately, You Cannot Disconnect This Type of Event--Terrorism--From Islam in General"

We're so used to people in a position of power being weak-kneed and mealy-mouthed on the topic of jihad that when someone musters the courage to speak the truth it is as thrilling as it is shocking.

Such is the case with the Quebec premier's statement.

To bolster Couillard's observation, here's Bruce Bawer unpacking the essential argument Ibn Warraq makes in his latest book:
No, as Warraq demonstrates, there's no way around it: Islamic terrorism is jihad. And jihad is a founding Islamic concept. The apologists, of course, have their own line on this one, too: under true Islam, they say, the word jihad denotes an inner spiritual process, and has nothing to do with violence; when terrorists use the word to describe their depredations, they're distorting the word and the faith. Warraq, citing a wide range of scholarly sources – both Western and Islamic, some recent and some dating back to the eighth century – puts that fulsome falsehood firmly in its place: yes, jihad can be used to mean an inner struggle, but in the Koran and Hadith, and in key texts ever since, it always refers, above all, to the sacred obligation to advance Islam by means of armed action against unbelievers. 
Warraq also gives us a sweeping – but succinct – lesson in the history of jihad, beginning with Muhammed's own conquests, then moving on to ninth- through eleventh-century Baghdad, seventeenth-century Constantinople, eighteenth-century Saudi Arabia, and so on, right up to today's Muslim Brotherhood. Of course the apologists (Barack Obama among them) would have us believe that the Muslim Brotherhood is moderate and non-violent; Warraq establishes that throughout its existence, to the contrary, the Brotherhood has preached Holy War, period. Then there's the Nazis. Some apologists argue that Islam was just peachy until some of its leaders got chummy with Hitler and were infected by his love of violent world conquest and Jew-hatred; Warraq establishes that if Islamic higher-ups cozied up to the Nazis, it was because their totalitarian, exterminationist doctrines were already extremely similar. 
Warraq also introduces us to a 1979 book that has been called “the most influential treatise on why Jihad is necessary and how it must be fought.” Written by one Brigadier S. K. Malik, The Qur'anic Concept of War won the endorsement of no less a jihad enthusiast than the late Pakistani president Zia al-Haq. A brief sample: “The Quranic military strategy...enjoins us to prepare ourselves for war to the utmost in order to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies....[The Koran] gives us a distinctive concept of total war. It wants both the nation and the individual to be at war 'in toto,' that is, with all their spiritual moral and physical resources.” In addition to Malik's tome, Warraq reads (so we don't have to) several other vile works that have also inspired the suicide-vest set – a veritable library of holy hate. 
Warraq sums up his book's point as follows: “jihad is essential for the spread of Islam, and it is a duty incumbent on all Muslims until Islam covers the whole surface of the earth.” And what's essential for the West's survival is for us infidels to face up to the fact that nothing is more integral to Islam than that monstrous duty...

Fun for the Whole Family!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ramadan Jihad Comes to Wisconsin and Michigan

And, no, Ramadan Jihad is not the name of a terrorist (although it would make a damn fine one, don't you think?).

Update: Here's a fun drinking game--down an alcoholic bevvie every time the CBC appends the word "holy" to "the month of Ramadan."

On second thought, better not. It could land you in the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

Hard to Believe: The Reason Why Otto Warmbier's Jewishness Was Kept Secret

Anyone else have a hard time swallowing this (my bolds)?:
The family of Otto Warmbier, the American college student who died on Monday, days after his release from 17 months of captivity in North Korea, was advised to keep his Jewish background and identity concealed while officials tried to negotiate his release.

That was because the North Korean justification for his imprisonment centered on a dubious claim that Warmbier had stolen a propaganda poster in a Pyongyang hotel lobby on orders from the Friendship United Methodist Church in Wyoming, Ohio, to bring it back “as a trophy” in exchange for a used car worth $10,000.         
“That’s why that part of the story was kept quiet,” added Bergman, executive director of The Richardson Center, an organization founded by former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson that works to negotiate the release of prisoners and hostages held by hostile regimes.
Yes, because heaven knows what the North Koreans might do if you "embarrass" them.

In Desperate Need of a New Career

From the Toronto Sun:
Shari Tremba stood out at the Wild Beaver Saloon. 
The 42-year-old multi-tasking mom and life coach was arrested at 12:45 a.m. outside the Beaver where she was simultaneously drinking, smoking and breastfeeding while trying to bum booze. 
In exchange for sex...
Life coach?!?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

NCCM "Community Organizer"/Fundraiser: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Leila Almawy, "a community organizer and documentary filmmaker based in London, Ontario," sent out the following appeal on behalf of the entity formerly known as CAIR-CAN(and currently knows as the NCCM; hat tip MW):
Hello Friends: 
These past few days have been heavy and trying for the Muslim communities across the world - Grenfell, Nabra, the UK Mosque ploughing by a white supremacist. It's getting increasingly difficult to navigate through spaces as a Muslim, constantly watching your back, never knowing if you or someone you love will be next. 
If you're looking for a way to help, to be an ally, you can donate to the NCCM - National Council of Canadian Muslims so that they can continue to expand their reach to defend victims of discrimination and hate crimes, to engage policymakers on critical issues, to train new community leaders in advocacy, and to build more channels for civic engagement. 
NCCM is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the human rights & civil liberties of Canadian Muslims (and by extension of all Canadians), promoting their public interests and challenging Islamophobia and other forms of xenophobia. 
Take action now. 
Please consider donating to my team 'Agents of Change' by going to and selecting my team name... 
And lastly, please share this far and wide. 
Leila Almawy
"Defend victims of discrimination and hate crimes"; "build more channels for civic engagement"; challenge "Islamophobia and others forms of xenophobia": community organizer Leila and her "Agents of Change" team sound freaking pretty awesome, don't they?

But maybe we should check and see what else Leila is saying--say, on her Twitter feed.

For instance, this:
So pardon my rage (or don't) when I say screw the & & & . Either way, idgaf. With love & rage, Leila
Wow, that doesn't sound very civically engaging. In fact, it sounds downright hateful, bigoted, xenophobic and potty-mouthed to me.

Go figure, huh?

OISE "Deep Thinker" Wants "National Aboriginal Day" to Be a Statutory Holiday

It's a function of "Truth & Reconciliation" & liberal guilt.

Lots and lots of guilt.

"Is Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman a 'Slap' in the Face of Palestinian Women?"

I'm pretty sure that if Palestinian women are being slapped, it's because of sharia-heeding Palestinian men, and not because a gorgeous Israeli woman was cast in the role of a super hero.

That said, I think Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman does more to normalize Israel in the face of intractable haters than almost anything any Israel advocacy group tries to do. Which, when you think of it, is a big part of the reason why the Israel-haters are so upset about Gal Gadot's success.

"Progressive," Virtue-Signaling Jews 4 Palestinians

Of course, that's not what they call themselves, even though that's exactly what they are.

We often hear that the ultra-Orthodox Jews who will bring about Israel's doom, but I think these sanctimonious "progressive" types (a tautology, but so what?) who are more likely to sink the Jewish state.

Taking a Selfie at the London Al Quds Day Seethe-a-thon

It happens at 2:45 of this video:

Happy Colonial Genocide Day!

It always puts a spring in my step when Mark Steyn elicits a belly laugh or two first thing in the morning.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Guess Who's Coming to Speak at the Toronto Al Quds Day Seeth-a-Thon?

A notorious Holocaust denier, that's who.

B'nai Brith wants us to sign a petition to keep him out of Canada (he's an ). But I think he should be allowed to speak because it will end up reflecting really poorly on the odious Khomeinists behind this annual Jewliminationist event.

Monday, June 19, 2017

My Response to Excessive Gushing Engendered by the Clinton's Attending B'way Show "Come From Away"

Please, just go away. Like, right now. Do not pass GO. Do not collect big bucks for the sketchy Clinton Foundation.

Invanka's Hubby Races to Israel to Kick Start Latest Round of Pointless "Peace" Talks

The Peace In Our Time in Our Time derangement (which never brings any actual peace but almost invariably results in lots and lots of Jews being offed by angry, warlike Palestinians) is no easier to swallow when it comes from a Republican White House than when it's the work of the Democrats.

Hezbo Flags Spotted at Al Quds Day in London as "Protesters" Blame the Jooooos for the Grenfell Tower Blaze

The m.o. of Jew-haters throughout the ages: never let a good catastrophe go to waste when you can use it to throttle the Jews (be it physically or metaphorically).

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Just In Time for Father's Day: 25 Best TV Dads of All Time

FYI, neither Cliff Huxtable nor Tony Soprano make the cut.

Tony & Carmela Soprano

Comparing Camille Cosby to Carmela Soprano Is an Carmela Soprano

After all, Carmela knew exactly who and what her husband was--and understood the deal with the Devil she had made by staying with him. Camille, on the other hand, appears to have no such awareness.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Thanks, Obama

Because of you and the shoddy bill of goods you sold Americans as a prelude to your dastardly nuke deal, Ayatollahville will be joining the A-bomb club in short order. Ron Dermer, Israel's ambassador to the U.S., details your blatant--and, yes, wicked--malfeasance here:
An “alternative universe” was created to sell the Iran nuclear deal to the American people, Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer said on Wednesday. 
“Two years ago, a propaganda campaign conducted by a master of fiction manufactured moderation and filled echo chambers with nonsense,” Dermer noted, in an apparent reference to Ben Rhodes, who served as former President Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser for strategic communications. 
“In this alternative universe, Iran’s path to the bomb has been blocked,” Dermer explained. “In the real world, Iran’s path to the bomb has been paved, because the restrictions the nuclear deal puts in place will be automatically removed in a few years, no matter how Iran behaves. So the clock is ticking. The sands are coming out of that glass and time is literally on their side. You see, Iran won’t need to sneak in or break in to the nuclear club in a few years, they can just walk in.”
An Iran with nukes: now, that's what you call an incendiary legacy!

The Curious Case of the Schizopheric Somali

It's holding up an agreement between Denmark and Somalia to repatriate rejected Somali asylum seekers.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

"On Linda Sarsour's Politics of Hate and the Pathos of Her Jewish Enablers"

Well worth a read, even if the word "pathos" should be replaced with "malevolence."

"Let's Give Corbyn Benefit of the Doubt"

What "doubt"? Who could possibly "doubt" that Jeremy Corbyn, a radical lefty with an avowed soft spot for the likes of Hezbollah and Hamas, is every bit as ghastly as he's shown himself to be?

Who gives the benefit of a doubt to a rattle snake expecting it to not sink its fangs into your butt?

Dumbo the Eliminationist

There's a delicious bit of serendipitous humour in the following:
Today, antisemitism is being stoked by self-described “resistance” groups and assorted other practitioners of leftist intersectionality. Under the guise of human rights and equality, social justice warriors recently gathered at a bookstore in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood to discuss “Freedom-Fighting Under State Repression.” At the very heart of the evening’s conversation was the evil of Zionism. 
The “blame-the-Zionists” conversation included disdain for America, law enforcement and capitalism. And, of course, no progressive conversation taking aim at Zionists is complete without advocating the demise of Israel.
The Israel-loathing SJWs met in the Dumbo neighborhood?!?

That's hilarious!

Women Only Spa's "No Chicks With Dicks" Policy Draws Ire For Being Transphobic

Do I smell a "human rights" complaint in the offing? Why, yes, I think I do.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Islamic "Gideon's"

This is.


Really Dumb Question Du Jour

What if Comey was a woman?

In case you were wondering where such an odd question originated, you can find its genesis, for example, here.

"Mr. Attorney General, Did You Ever Run Into This Man or This Woman at the Mayflower Hotel?"

Oh, Mr. G., you crack me up.

Perverse Nostalgia (And Really Bad Eats) In Berlin

How's this for a "fun" night out?:
Tucked behind 10-storey tower blocks in the heart of Berlin stands an imposing metal gate marked "Border zone, restricted area", guarded by a stern-looking Stasi officer.  
"Permits, please," visitors are told, as the gate cracks open to reveal a border post with another officer asking for identity papers - all part of a live event featuring "Good Bye Lenin!", the popular 2003 film set in communist East Germany. 
Organisers of the show have brought the defunct state to life in an old post office, and for seven nights at a hefty €30 per ticket, visitors can taste life in the grim authoritarian state before ending the evening with a screening of the film...
But wait, it gets better (i.e. worse):
Along the corridors decorated with commemorative Communist Party congress metal plates and portraits of former East German leader Erich Honecker, Stasi guards whisper conspiratorially. 
In a windowless room, a secretary is furiously typing documents, while a fake grocery store sells Eastern products like Bautz'ner mustard or toys featuring the cartoon character Sandman. 
And at a restaurant run by East German train caterer Mitropa, the menu features just three food options - gherkins and two hearty dishes ubiquitous in the former eastern bloc - solyanka, a thick Russian soup, and goulash. 
They can be washed down with Club Cola - the former German Democratic Republic's answer to Coke - or a luminescent green Gruene Wiese cocktail or Pfeffi schnapps, a pungent peppermint concoction.
All in all, think I'd rather pass a kidney stone.

The Trouble With Tarek Fatah

On the topic of jihadi terrorism and sharia law, Fatah is a reliable and brave observer. The trouble with Fatah is that, as a practicing (if "secular") Muslim, he is unwilling and/or unable to acknowledge that the problems re Islam stem, not from faulty "modern" interpretations, but from the religion's holy writ and from the requirement to follow the example of Islam's "perfect" founder. Fatah always feels the need to protect a core of the religion that he believes is holy and pure and true. Hence this bit of poppycock, from his latest Toronto Sun column:
In 1974, the Cornell-educated Indian Islamic scholar Hashim Amir-Ali translated the Qur’an and published it in its chronological order, the way it was revealed, as against how it was collated many years after the death of Prophet Muhammad. 
He wrote in the preamble: 
“The Qur’an is read parrot-like in most Muslim homes. … The religion that passes for Islam today – the Islam of the masses and of the ruling classes in every Muslim country – is the Islam of the Middle Ages and not exactly the Islam of the Qur’an or the Prophet. … The lines of thought laid down a thousand years ago have vitiated the entire course of Muslim thought and history. It is this legacy of the past that has to be faced today.”
Wrong.  The Islam of today is exactly the Islam of the Qur'an and the Prophet (a religion that was established in--yes--the Middle Ages). And, more than anything, that is the problem.

"It's a Real Good Thing You've Done, Mr. President"

Don't know about you, but that White House cabinet meeting during which everyone offered embarrassingly obsequious tributes to the POTUS (Rance Preibus's: "We thank you for the opportunity and blessing to serve your agenda") reminded me of an old Twilight Zone episode.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Waste of Good Bubbly

The Warriors spilled almost $200K in champagne in their postgame celebration

Dear Brits: Don't Mean to Alarm You or Anything But...

Marauding gangs of armed migrants set up blazing road blocks [in Calais, France] to stop trucks in an attempt to climb aboard and head to Britain

Expecting Muslims to Condemn Muslim Terrorists Is Like Expecting "the White Community" to Condemn the Terrorism of White Supremacists

So says a chap named Abbas Kassam, who performs a deft (and daft) jihadectomy on Islamic doctrine here (link found on the NCCM site):
A current example of the persecution of truth and obfuscation of reality lies in the flawed assumptions and opinions about the Muslim community. Consider the demand on Western Muslims and their institutions to condemn acts of terror when committed by alleged Muslims in Western states (note that little demand exists for the condemnation of terror attacks outside of North America or Europe). Aside from the obvious critique that this assumes that Muslims are somehow opposed to or separate from their country of citizenship, this demand is based on flawed premises.  
The analogous situation of white supremacy extremism is illustrative. There appears to be no demand that the “white community” at large condemn violent acts/terrorism committed by white supremacists. This appears to be obvious for the simple reason that linking a large community together based on the beliefs of deviants who claim the supremacy of the community mischaracterizes the community and hands the platform to the deviants. Imagine the conjecture that the pinnacle of being white was being a white supremacist. Such a notion is harmful, not to mention lacks evidence. 
The same reasoning should apply to the Muslim community. Demanding that Muslims and their institutions condemn terrorism allows deviants to co-opt the image of the community as a whole. This is completely flawed. There is no collective will amongst the Muslim community for terrorism. There is no spectrum of religiosity in Islam the peak of which is violence. These are just commonly propagated falsehoods based on disproportionate focusing on deviants and a lack of understanding of Muslims and their institutions. Subjecting Muslims to a burden of proving deviants do not represent them creates the insatiable demand for condemnation.
Is the jihad imperative embedded in Islam's holy writ "deviant"? It would sure make it a lot better for all concerned (except, of course, for the jihadis) if it were. But since Islam has been into this sort of "deviance" from the time that its founder hightailed it out of Mecca, the notion that jihad is extrinsic to the religion is harmful, not to mention lacks evidence.

Jihadis Energized By a Supine Society and Its Bear Necessities

Anthony Daniels (who's probably better known by his pen name, Theodore Dalrymple), comments on a society's penchant for therapeutic stuffies (scroll down to "The teddy bear futures market"):
...A few years ago it came to light that police in Rotherham had for decades systematically turned a blind eye to the mass sexual abuse of children—at least 1,400 victims—by Muslim men. This type of willful neglect by the authorities came as no surprise to me. On the contrary, it is precisely what I would have expected.  
From all this the terrorists surely draw a great deal of comfort. It gives them the impression of living in a weak society that will be easy to destroy, so that their acts are not in the least nihilistic or pointless, as is often claimed. They perceive ours as a candle-and-teddy-bear society (albeit mysteriously endowed with technological prowess): We kill, you light candles. The other day I passed a teddy-bear shop, that is to say a shop that sold nothing but teddy bears. I am sure that terrorism is good for business, but the teddy bears are more reassuring for the terrorists than for those who buy them to place on the site of the latest outrage.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

UK Police Release Photos of London Jihadis' DIY--and Bogus--Bomb Belts

From close up, they look absurd, because they're made--very badly, like some sort of jihadi elementary school science project--out of duct tape and water bottles. From a distance, though, and especially in the middle of a terrorist attack, they look genuine enough to engender "maximum fear"--which is exactly what they did.

The lesson here: you don't need high tech gadgetry to wreak maximum havoc. All you need is a rented van, some supplies you can find in any hardware store, and, of course, the will to wage jihad on unsuspecting infidels.

Update: Speaking of low tech, the jihadi who attacked police at Notre Dame Cathedral (he's said to be one of those "lone wolves," and a "novice," to boot) used a hammer.

"Trump's Particular Type of CEO Experience Is Now a Disabling Liability"

I agree. But it's not just that his management skills, such as they are, are not transferable to the presidency. It's that his personality traits--his arrogance, combativeness, hair-trigger temper and disinclination to heed wiser counsel--all but ensure that he'll be spending his entire time in office setting endless fires that his put-upon staff will labour mightily and often fecklessly to extinguish. (Will it continue to be a hot mess? Yes!)

Also--I don't think he's nearly as smart or as shrewd as he thinks he is. He's gotten a lot of mileage out of being a billionaire because, as per that line in the song "If I Were a Rich Man," "when you're rich they think you really know."