Monday, July 31, 2017

That's Hilarious!

Breaking news: Trump has just pulled the plug on the Mooch.

Two Euphemisms for "Jihad"

One's from Australia--a foiled terrorist plot is called "Islamic inspired."

The other's from Germany, where
A 26-year-old failed asylum seeker who carried out a deadly knife attack in a Hamburg supermarket likely had a "radical Islamist" motive, German prosecutors said Monday.

Trumpian Literary Allusions Du Jour

I have two of 'em for you: Trump as a feckless Shelley Levine; and Anthony Scaramucci as a not-so-great (a mediocre, say) Gatsby (h/t: EY).

Update: For poetical purposes, wouldn't it be awesome if Scaramucci rhymed with Nantucket? Since it doesn't, I had to settle for this:
The "Mooch" steers "communications"? OMG!
His M.O. is easy to see:
It's to rant and to rave
About Donald (his fave)
And behave like a Trump Mini Me.

Stupid Jews Fly Their Enemy's Flag at a Social Justice-y Jewish Summer Camp

The Tablet's Liel Leibovitz has a few thoughts on the incident:
Camp Solomon Schechter, one of the Pacific Northwest’s longest-serving and best-loved Jewish summer camps, caused a bit of a stir this weekend after it hosted a group of 14 children, including Christian and Muslim Palestinians, and flew the Palestinian flag in their honor. This upset some campers, parents, and alumni, who wailed that the black-white-green-and-red had no place among the blue-and-white, and that a camp committed to Zionism and Israel shouldn’t kowtow to the enemy. 
Those outraged—and I say this as an uncompromising supporter of Israel’s right to defend itself against Palestinian terrorism and incitement—are missing the point. The problem here isn’t that the camp chose to welcome its Palestinian guests by flying their colors; that alone is a sweet gesture, especially when the Palestinians in question are prepubescents, not armed members of the Tanzim. The problem is that the camp chose to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a mindless, morally preening way, treating it not as something concrete but as a collection of grand symbolic gestures. 
Here, for example, is the email the camp sent out in the aftermath of the controversy:
 “For the sake of a teachable moment, we did raise the Palestinian flag as a sign of friendship and acceptance. It was met with uncertainty by some campers and staff, especially the Israeli’s [sic], but all understood that the message of hope for peace by flying the Israeli flag alongside helped develop empathy. Still we plan to take down all the flags for Shabbat since there is no peace and also to relieve the sadness and anger that some feel by the site of the flag. It was so fun to watch the kids from Jerusalem play soccer with our chanichim and madrichim!”
The problem here is that the camp chose to welcome its Palestinian guests by flying their colors.

Would the camp have displayed the Hamas flag?

The Nazi flag?

Why is the Arafat/Abbas flag any different?

Friday, July 28, 2017

FYI: I'm Taking the Weekend Off

I'll be back at it on Monday (that's the plan, anyway).

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Justin Trudeau: The Rolling Stone Cover That Never Was--But Should Have Been

Would this shot of Justin-the-Pooh, a bear of little brain who wears "Happy Eid" socks to a gay pride parade (seeing no contradiction in displaying such a message at such a venue) have placated Canadian cover-balkers/mockers?

Maybe not. But at least it would have been more honest about where Justin's heart and head are at (i.e. deep in the "diversity" doo doo).

Update: Justin sings!:
Well, I'm a real big talker,
A "progressive" macher,
And I'm loved everywhere I go.
I like "social justice" and hate things that disgust us--
Like the Tories and "Islamopho'".
Yeah, I'm easy on the eyes
But I'm a wearin' a disguise
That makes folks think I know where I'm goin'.
And with Trump seen as zero they have made me a hero,
Put my punim on the Rolling Stone.

Rolling Stone--
OMG, that's my picture on the cover!
Rolling Stone--
Hey, I think they once dated my mother.
Look at me, I'm the one you'll see
On the cover of the Rolling Stone...
Update: Teen idol-wise, who do you think is dreamier/has the better hair--Justin Trudeau

or the Boston Bomber?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Name's Bond. JANE Bond

That's a thing, apparently.

Update: More Hollywood madness--Charlie Sheen's 9/11 movie. (Sheen, you may recall, identifies as a truther.)

You Can Have Him

The 10 most cringeworthy lines in Rolling Stone's Justin Trudeau profile

California Screaming

Imams in the Sunshine State spew Jew-hate with impunity (because the media is too craven to report it)--and the whole deplorable situation inspires a song parody:
All the Jews are "filth"
And their land is vile.
If you don't agree,
Then you're in denial.
They pollute Al Aqsa;
Al Quds they all defile.
California screamin':
It's the new "Sieg heil"!

Stopped into a mosque
And stayed there for a while.
Well, I got down on my knees
And prayed with vim and bile.
You know the imam likes to spew there;
He spews with lots of style.
California screamin':
It's the new "Sieg heil"!

Trump: All He Needs Is Love

Sadly, there isn't enough "love" in the world to satisfy this adulation junkie (see this, this, this and this).

"Queers Smashing the Caliphate"

Makes a lot more sense than, say, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.

"It's Starting to Feel Like Captain Queeg"

I had the exact same thought just the other day. Next thing you know, the "captain" will be accusing Jeff Sessions (or James Comey, or Robert Mueller, or Hillary Clinton) of stealing his strawberries.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"Just Stay Quiet and You'll Be Okay"

That line, uttered by Mohamed Atta to his captive--and doomed--audience, offers a snapshot of what's in store for us as the sharia ethos and its standard bearers keep chipping away at free expression, the one Western freedom which safeguards all the others. Bruce Bawer quotes Atta here, in his review of Robert Spencer's new book, The Complete Infidel's Guide to Free Speech.

Barbaric Practices In "Migrant" Mad Merkeland

'Enormous rise' in girls threatened with genital mutilation in Germany: report

Canadian Values According to the Trudopian Rewrite of Citizenship Guide: Ponying Up Lots of Tax Moolah, Filling Out Your Census Info Sans Grumble and Genuflecting--Big Time--to the Indigenous

"Progressive" values, such as the ones itemized above, are in; Conservative values, including being critical of such "barbaric practices" as honour killings and FGM, are out.

In other words, the True North, not strong, not free, but limp, wimpy and in free fall.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Can the "Good" Jihad Counter the "Bad" Jihad? Good Luck With That Bad Idea!

A guest columnist in the Toronto Sun thinks he's solved that irksome "jihad" problem, the one that has the young'uns so hot and bothered:
In today’s multi-faith society, we know not to paint Islam with broad-strokes as a movement of evil. In reality, Islam has many qualities that endear it to people looking for God and spirituality. Just like every other major religion. That’s why countless people enter these faiths every year — for spiritual enhancement.
 But if these malleable young Muslims knew what a false picture of “jihad” these radicals portray, we could nip radicalization in the bud. Muslims in the West must really make it known within their communities, especially among the youth, that what these radicals teach is not jihad.
Not as the Qur’an teaches it; not as the Prophet lived it. 
In reality, jihad is suppose to be a spiritual struggle within oneself on the journey toward spiritual enlightenment. Jihad is prayer; it’s sacrificing to help mankind; it’s making the moral choices. This is the jihad we need these young Muslims to understand. This is what will cut at the root of ISIS’ appeal. Jihad is not about guns and bullets. It’s about reformation and spiritual growth.
Maybe so, but it's the other jihad--the one which gets you all the virgins, albeit posthumously--that is so captivating. And to pretend that that's the fake jihad, and that Islam's founder, a warlord and a decapitator, was on message with Jesus Christ ("blessed are the meek"?; "turn the other cheek"?: not in Islam) is not the way to counter radicalization. Indeed, it is to end up encouraging and abetting it, albeit unintentionally.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

"Making a Rich Man Out of a Confessed Terrorist. What Message Does That Send?

The message it sends is: Justin Trudeau is a "progressive" wimp/chump/dolt/ninny/fool.

Have Horny, Misogynistic "Migrants" Made "Women an Endangered Species" In Central Paris?

Mais oui:
An online petition — "Women: An Endangered Species in the Heart of Paris" — accused Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo of allowing a large swathe of the city to become a no-go zone for women. Every night, hundreds of migrants from Africa and the Middle East line the pavements to form an intimidating gauntlet for women walking from the Gare du Nord and Gare de l'Est railway stations to their homes, the petition said. Shouts of "bitch" and "dirty whore" are common.
It just adds to the local colour and charm, no?

Friday, July 21, 2017

Another Example of How Jew-Hate Consumes Its Host

UNESCO. 'Nuff said.

Must-Watch Du Jour

Not. Going. To Happen

Left needs to start critiquing Islamism, not defending it

Keeping Abreast of Stupid "Human Rights" Complaints

An unnamed Ontario woman who wants to "normalize" public toplessness for chicks has filed a complaint with the province's "human rights" commissars. The basis of her complaint: it's, like, so unfair that a woman's breasts are seen to be different than a man's:
Dupont says her client did not want to be put in a position where she would have to argue with an establishment over her choice to swim without a top. 
So she decided to file a complaint instead. 
According to Dupont, the legal basis for the complaint stems from Section 1 of the Ontario Human Rights Code, which says that every person has a right to equal treatmentwith respect to services, goods and facilities, regardless of sex or gender. 
"It's very simple. At all of those facilities a man could show up without a top, and he would be allowed to swim that way," said Dupont. "But they discriminate against women because of some type of different conception of the woman's breast versus man's breast."
The thing about "human rights"/victimhood-obsessed individuals is that they demand that reality be set aside for the sake of their precious, all-important feelings/wishes/desires. Thus, the reality that a woman's breasts are different than a man's (I'm sure I don't have to detail the hows and whys of the difference) is set aside--and much public money will be wasted--to defend this silly, faux'-"transgressive" complaint (because the way it works in Canada's "human rights" industry is that the complainant's legal fees are picked up by the taxpayer, whereas the target of the complaint is forced to shoulder the burden of his/her own hefty legal tab all alone).

When It Comes to Covering His Sorry Arse Re the Khadr Deal, Justin Trudeau Is Shameless

The Liberals' pay out to Omar Khadr is disgusting and indefensible. So is their attempt to stifle the outcry by conflating it with the reopened NAFTA talks (as if decrying Justin Trudeau's outrageous actions re Khadr will result in a bad deal for Canada; as if Canadians have to shut the hell up for the sake making a better deal with Trump).

Word of the Day: Orthorexia

It's defined as an obsession with "righteous eating" (which, as it turns out, is very bad for you).

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Locals Lose Out as Eight Out of Ten New Jobs In Sweden Go To Immigrants

A fact which you would think would be unlikely to endear the newcomers to the Swedes, but which, given their dedication to self-abnegation and denial, can be spun with impunity as a "good news" story.

ISNA Isn't Kosher Says the Feds, Who Revoke Its Charitable Status

A Muslim Brotherhood offshoot raising money for jihadists in Pakistan? When I heard the news, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

And speaking of feathers--or feather-weights, or leaders with fluff in their heads--remember when Liberal leader Justin Trudeau spoke at an ISNA event?

That's our Justin for you--a panderer extraordinaire.

An image from a Facebook post regarding Justin Trudeau's 2013 visit to ISNA-Canada, when he was Liberal leader.

Update: Despite having its charitable status revoked, ISNA is still billing itself as a legitimate charity and seeking donations.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Funny Business

To help integrate Muslims, Sweden is sending in the clowns (or, in Baskets parlance, the cloons).

Update: This one is pretty funny, too (although not intentionally, of course).

Best Thing I've Read All Week (So Far)

It's Philip Roth's Newark, Steven Malanga's superb essay in City Journal.

Quip of the Day: "Sarsour Is No Tess of the D'Urbervilles"

That's for sure. She's also no Jeanne d'Arc.

Useful Jewish Idiots Implore Israel to "End the Occuption": An Open Letter In the Canadian Jewish News

It's clear that their preoccupation with the "Occupation" is driving 'em mad:
The following is an open letter written by some members of the Canadian Jewish community and recently delivered to the consul general of Israel in Toronto. 
Dear Consul General of Israel, 
This June, the State of Israel marked the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War. Historically, this was a war of necessity for Israel’s security and resulted in access to essential holy sites. Today, however, another consequence is Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and military rule of its Palestinian residents. 
We are writing as Jews who love Israel and care about its future. We urge the Israeli government to embark on the road of peace by returning to fair and just negotiations to end the occupation, for Israel’s sake. 
We admire Israel’s incredible achievements over the past 69 years, but are very concerned that the 50 years of occupation is disastrous not only to the Palestinians, but also to Jewish Israelis. Israel’s Declaration of Independence sets out a legal and moral framework of basic human and civil rights for Israel to guarantee. Today, these values are under attack and threatened by Israeli government policies. 
Specifically, settlement construction in the West Bank and continued disenfranchisement of, and military rule over, Palestinians, constitute major obstacles to peace and endanger the very fabric of Israeli democracy. Recent Israeli settlement policies raise concerns about violations of its own, and international, law. 
Of key importance is that the ongoing occupation leads to more bloodshed and cycles of violence that undermine the hopes of most Jews and Palestinians, in the Middle East and the Diaspora. The great danger is that a two-state solution may no longer be possible unless there is a commitment to end the occupation, and a shared desire for peace. ..
It goes on from there with the usual lefty malarkey which posits that the end of the "Occupation" would also help tackle "the troubling ambivalence of young Jews in our community toward Israel" (said ambivalence being the result, supposedly, of an "Occupation" that violates "their moral and democratic values").


Far more troubling than the ambivalence of young Jews--whose ambivalence stems not from any Israeli actions but from their own ambivalence to Judaism (and their inclination to worship other sexier gods--leftism, climate change, social justice, etc.)--is the obsession of certain Jews with the "Occupation."

And there is little point in telling them that when Israel's eliminationist enemies next door mention the "O" word, they're referring to the Jewish "occupation" of (i.e. sovereignty over) Israel.

All of it.

North, south, east and west.

As for the Israeli to whom the open letter is directed: I think he--and Israel--can safely discount the admonitions of a group of virtue-signalers who sincerely believe that "From the river to the sea, Palestine shall be free" is open to negotiation.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Car-B-Cue Bait?

This Frenchman just made a working Citroën 2CV out of wood

Let's just hope he doesn't go and park it in one of those "youth"-filled banlieues.

So True

Farewell Martin Landau, the Only Actor Who Could Save Woody Allen From Himself

Girl in Miniskirt Sparks Saudi Probe

Because that's how things roll in the Magic Kingdom, a place where the religious police (known locally as "the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice") ensure that sure uppity antics are punished, post haste.

Epic Fail: "Progressive" Persuasion Re Omar Khadr's "Just" Deal Falls Flat

While our "progressive" and exquisitely refined "betters" have been urging us to embrace the colossal (and epically undeserved) pay off to Omar Khadr (see, for example, this, this and this), J.J. McCullough explains why the vast majority of Canadians deplore the deal:
[It] is against the contrary backdrop of endless self-flagellation by their betters that Canadians are now being asked to swallow the notion that Omar Khadr, a former al-Qaeda operative, is such an unambiguous, uncomplicated victim of our monstrous war that anyone who finds fault with giving him $10.5 million of taxpayer cash must surely be deeply morally dishonest and deficient.
Persuasion is a skill that’s earned. Those who make their livings telling Canadians what to think about the war on terror must now grapple with just how utterly unconvincing they’ve been.
Must they? And more to the point, why would they when they're convinced that they--superior beings both morally and intellectually--are right and we--the drooling, knuckle-dragging masses--are wrong?

In Case You Missed It, Justin Trudeau Hugs a Unicorn

Next up, Gary the Unicorn hugs...Omar Khadr? (Hey, maybe they could have a ménage à trois.)

No Wall, No "Repeal & Replace" and Now No Ripping Up of the Ghastly Iran Nuke Deal?

Yup. Sounds like a trifecta of failure to me.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Misleading Headline in Local About "French Jews" Being Against Bibi Visit to Paris

The headline reads "French Jews condemn Netanyahu's invite to Paris Vel d'Hiv ceremony" (commemorating the 75th anniversary of the infamous round up of French Jews during WW2)--which makes it sound like this is a mainstream Jewish phenomenon. A few paragraphs down, however, we learn exactly which "French Jews" are against the visit:
The Union of French Jews for Peace (UJFP) described the decision to invite Netanyahu as "shocking" and "unacceptable". France's Communist Party also protested, saying Netanyahu was not bringing a message of peace. And former French ambassador to Israel, Elie Barnavi, told AFP: "The presence of Netanyahu makes me a little uneasy.
"This story has nothing to do with Israel," he added.
Actually, it has everything to with Israel in the sense that, had there been an Israel 75 years ago, those Vel d'Hiv Jews would have had somewhere to escape to (as, in ever increasing numbers, French Jews are doing today).  

Update: Macron hosts Netanyahu, condemns anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism

A Distrurbing But Unsurprising Trend

Syrian refugees in Canada (some of 'em, anyway) are naming their boy babies after Justin Trudeau.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Blames Powerless, "Low-Level" (and Anonymous) Employee For Israeli Wine Boycott "Mistake"? Call Me Dubious

The agency's story (and it's sticking to it) is that some random, unnamed employee summarily decided to call for a boycott on Israeli wines that had any association with the "occupied territories." On that basis, according to a story in the National Post, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, which bills itself as "one of the world’s largest buyers and retailers of beverage alcohol," issued a letter
to “all sacramental wine vendors” telling them to stop importing and selling wine with labels running afoul of the CFIA decision.  
A letter to “all sacramental wine vendors” dated July 11 says the LCBO was notified of the decision, affecting products from two wineries, Psagot and Shiloh, on July 6. The letter states products are made from grapes “grown, fermented, processed, blended and finished in the West Bank occupied territory.”  
It goes on to note Canada does not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the West Bank and other territories occupied in 1967 — including the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip — and that any wine products from these regions labelled as products of Israel “would not be acceptable and would be considered misleading.”
After an outcry from Israel and Jewish organizations at the local level, the boycott has now been rescinded.

Fine and dandy. But had there been no protest, the boycott would still be in place.

And, sorry, I'm just not buying the story that this was some "low-level mistake." I see something far more purposeful--and insidious--here: Zion-hate infesting Canadian government agencies at the highest levels. (In a way, this is like the sharia-compliant bathing suit story I posted yesterday--some anonymous schlub is blamed for something that advances a particular agenda while higher ups insist that it's all a big "mistake.")

Thursday, July 13, 2017

My Laugh O' the Day: The Way the French Prez Pronounces the Russian Leader's Last Name

If you heard Macron's remarks today, you know that he pronounces it "poutine."

That's right: to the Frenchman in question (whose name, the ever helpful NatPo informs us, is pronounced "eh-mahn-yoo-EHL’ mah-KROHN’), the Russian's name is synonymous with a Quebecois concoction made of French fries, cheese curds and gravy.

And much like the comestible, Putin is greasy, indigestible and trés bad for you.

Toronto Star Article Pushes for Sharia-Compliant Swimwear for Chicks at Public Swimming Pools

Were you to pick up a copy of the Toronto Leisure Swim brochure, you would read that women are required to conform to a dress code--a "full size swim suit" and a T-shirt cover up--during chicks only swim time at city-run pools.

That's a mistake, though. Apparently, there is no dress code in effect.

So how did the dress code info make it into the brochure? A city official explains it like this:
Matthew Cutler, public relations manager for the city’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation department, said that the error likely arose because a staff member referenced an old version of the brochure in creation of the new one.
Oh, so you mean to say that there used to be a sharia compliant dress code, but now there isn't one?

Somehow, that raises more questions than it answers. Like: When and why did the old dress code come into effect? When was it revoked? Why does Matthew Cutler not address the fact that, in an "old" (how old?) version of the brochure, a dress code was still in effect?

More to the point, why doesn't the Toronto Star reporter ask any of these questions? Could it be because he's trying to push another agenda (i.e. sharia compliance in the name of "diversity")?:
An unexpected result of the controversy is that some members of the St. Clair West community began to see the dress code as a good idea, one that could encourage some people who wouldn’t otherwise use the pools to try swimming. 
Dessanti is among those who think that the city should consider bringing a similar swimming time slot back. 
“I think it’s wonderful that we have a space in Toronto that accommodates or even recognizes that option,” referring to the dress code that she believed to be in effect.  
She added that she would be happy to wear a T-shirt while swimming during that time, if there was the possibility that it could make others more comfortable to use the facilities too.  
Janine Mosley, a former lifeguard who describes herself as a “water-loving parent” and is active in the neighbourhood, said that she has observed first-hand how some women are motivated to learn to swim when a safer space is made available to them through women-only swim times.

Begging the Question, Why?

Canada was invited--and decided to attend--a meeting of the Organisation of the Islamic Caliphate, er, sorry, Cooperation.

The move begs another question: WTF?

Update: According to this tweet, MP Omar Aghabra went a-schmoozing with the OIC in order to discuss "youth, international peace and development." And, as per this tweet, we learn that another area of discussion was, of course, "Islamophobia."

No worries, then. Not unless you know that "Islamophobia" is a faux pathology that was cooked up to compel critics of Islam to shut-the-h-up, and you have some understanding that "international peace" in the Islamic sense it is the state of affairs that will be in place once Dar al-Islam, the world of Islam, is calling the shots everywhere, forever.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fun Jew Du Jour

It's Robert Goldstone, the Mancunian music promoter/"fixer" who set up the meeting between Trump Jr. and that Russian lawyer chick (whose name, contrary to rumours, is not Natasha Fatale).

(Rob Goldstone / Instagram)

Zionhass/Pro-Palestinian Propaganda On Flagrant Display at Western U

Oh, those Zion-loathing eliminationists--they never, ever let up:
Jewish and pro-Israel groups have called on Canada’s Western University to take down an art exhibit, created by the sister of a Palestinian terrorist, currently being displayed at an on-campus gallery. 
Representatives from Hillel Ontario, which oversees the Hillel Jewish centers at nine universities, and Stand With Us Canada (SWU) were both outraged by Western doctoral candidate Rehab Nazzal’s “Choreographies of Resistance,” described by Nazzal as depicting “the Palestinians’ experiences of resisting colonial violence.” The exhibit is being shown this month at the school’s McIntosh Gallery. 
According to promotional material, the exhibit includes “an installation in which photographic images are projected onto hundreds of handmade slingshots as it pays tribute to Palestinians who have lost their lives in what the artist notes is an ‘intifada, or uprising.'” 
Marc Newburgh, CEO of Hillel Ontario, told The Algemeiner, “We are disgusted by any attempt to justify or glorify Palestinian violence in the guise of art.”...
Nazzal is the sister of Khaled Nazzal, a former leader at the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestinian, and one of the people behind the 1974 massacre of 22 Israeli schoolchildren and their three teachers...
"Choreographies of Resistence"?


An Orchestration of Jihad, more like.

Denmark Caves to, May Be Forced to Compensate, Syrian Refugees Married to Underaged Brides

Are the Danes incapable of safeguarding their values against an onslaught of sharia values?

A Syrian couple will seek legal aid after being forcibly separated by an unlawful directive by Danish immigration minister Inger Støjberg.  
Civil proceedings against Denmark’s immigration authorities may shed light on the illegal directive that last year led to a number of asylum seekers in Danish facilities being separated from each other against their will. 
Støjberg's Ministry of Immigration acted in February 2016 to forcibly separate all asylum seekers under 18 years of age living in asylum accommodation from their partners. 
The directive issued by Støjberg was later found by parliament's ombudsman to be illegal, since it did not provide for individual case assessments or consultations with affected parties. 
The minister has so far answered to two separate hearings by parliamentary colleagues over the issue.

Syrian couple Rimaz Alkayal, 17, and her husband Alnour Alwan, 26, have decided to apply for legal aid with costs covered by the state, reports newspaper Politiken
The couple have taken the action on the advice of their lawyer Amalie Starch. 
 “If their application is successful, action will be taken against the ministry for injury [against the couple], which can lead to compensation,” Starch told the newspaper. 
The couple were forced to live at separate asylum centres for four months, during which time Alkayal was pregnant. 
They were reunited after an appeal to the parliamentary ombudsman...

Too Funny--Moose & Squirrel & Trumpkins

Ben Shapiro ends his latest podcast like this:
So we will be back here tomorrow with the latest on Trump Jr.-gate and we will find out whether indeed Fredo coordinated with Boris and Natasha in order to bring Lenin's regime to the United States--I think I got that straight...
Boris & Natasha & that you, Vlad?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Enough Already

Don't know about you, but I am so over the overused idiom du jour, "nothing burger."

Justin Trudeau Tells Germans He Admires Their Food--and Their, Er, "Blood"

As per usual, bad things happen when Justin, a huge ignoramus, speaks off the cuff:
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has done it again. 
During a friendly interview with Germany’s second-largest newspaper, BILD, last week, Trudeau, in Hamburg for the G20 meeting, was asked by the popular tabloid: “Just very briefly, what is your view on Germany?” 
Trudeau starts off well enough, describing Germans as “wonderful, thoughtful people” adding, “my stepfather was born in East Germany. I was raised to love German culture and German food – even the red cabbage. It’s something I feel a tremendous kinship to.”
OK, silly, but harmless. 
But then Trudeau, unprompted, follows up with this gem. 
In a bid to compliment his German hosts, according to the transcript of the interview published by BILD, Trudeau says: 
“You are perhaps a little more … I’m looking for the right word – predictable? No, you’re more organized, maybe, than Canadians can be. We’ve got enough French and Latin blood in us to be less organized.”
The Toronto Sun editorialist is affronted--and rightly so--because our dim bulb prime minister is making "exactly the kind of stereotypical and sweeping generalizations [he's] always scolding Canadians about." However, I see something far more disturbing being floated here: the idea that German "blood" is superior to the "blood" of others.

Seems to me we fought an entire world war re that one.

Monday, July 10, 2017

"Can Good Intentions, Friendly Smiles and Linking Words Be an Effective Response to Terrorism?"

Justin Trudeau thinks they can--and we all know how "astute" he is.

Head for the Hills, People, The Terrifying Ontario "Human Rights" Commision Has a New "Strategic Plan"

Would you be shocked to learn that the "new" plan, much like the "old" plan, is replete with the victimhood Marxism which has been at the heart of the commission's work for many years?


Neither was I.

Here's but a taste of the Chief Commissar's, er, sorry, Commissioner's message:
I am consistently amazed by how many people are personally invested in the work of the OHRC and care deeply about our success. They encouraged us to use our unique mandate to address anti-Black racism, Indigenous reconciliation, Islamophobia, the rights of children and youth, and persistent discrimination in employment and in the criminal justice system. They implored us to get at the root of much of today’s inequality: the ever-present risk of poverty faced by people with disabilities, people with diverse gender identities, and many others the Code is meant to protect...
The central question, then, is whether human rights are the starting point to inform all public policy choices, or whether they are dispensable when they conflict with the majority’s will or with other competing priorities or values. The answer is at the heart of broader social movements focused on anti-Black racism, Indigenous reconciliation, Trans rights, workers’ rights, rights for people with disabilities, and sexual violence and women’s equality... 
The OHRC’s role is to expose and address forms of discrimination that are rarely subject to adjudication. This plan reflects my personal belief that, when dealing with systemic discrimination, progress is more likely if we isolate social systems where even small shifts in the landscape can have big ripple-out effects, and then use the breadth of our functions and powers to effect change in those priority areas. The laws of physics apply: the most stagnant and complex systems often need the biggest push if we want to see progress towards substantive equality. 
Through a focus on reconciliation, the criminal justice system, poverty and education, we will address the discriminatory impacts of broader systems of colonialism, state power, resource allocation, and enculturation – which cause nearly all Code-protected groups, especially those with intersectional identities, to be marginalized and to have their disadvantage exacerbated or perpetuated...
The chief commish claims that "human rights" in this province is at a "crossroads"--and, in a way, she's right. We have arrived at the point in time when we must decide, once and for all, if we want to continue to be pushed around by these extreme left busybodies/ bullies, with their Utopian crapola about creating a more virtuous society by erecting a hierarchy of Most Favoured Victim Groups (and which really amounts to an ever-expanding power grab for them and the like-minded), or whether we have the gumption to work together to get 'em to knock it off and leave us in peace.

So, yes, the "law of physics" do indeed apply: We need a critical mass of nay-sayers to band together if we any hope at all of decommissioning these nutty--and very dangerous--nuclear reactors.

Linda Sarsour In the WaPo: "Islamophobes Are Attacking Me Because I'm Their Worst Nightmare"

Actually, sweetheart, "Islamophobes" are "attacking" you because you're calling for a jihad against the White House and you're speaking taqiyyah ("jihad" should primarily be understood as a spiritual "struggle"--good one, Linda), and because usefully idiotic "progressives" are lapping it up.

Me? I'm "jihad"-ing (and, yes, it's my own personal, internal "Kampf") to understand how stupid some leftists can be.

Update: Jonathan S. Tobin says Jewish "progressives" are "Waking up to a world where [their] political allies are enemies of the Jews."

But are they really "waking up"? Frankly, I don't see much evidence of that.

Helping protect a woman who is the Jews' avowed enemy--yes, that is innovative.

But not in a good way.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

"AUDIENCE:  Donald Trump!  Donald Trump!  Donald Trump!"

Sorry, but I had to chuckle at how the White House transcript of Trump's speech in Poland made sure to include the peanut gallery's frequent and apparently irrepressible repetition of the POTUS's name.

The cheers--printed right there in black and white--serve a twofold purpose. First, they offer proof of the audience's undeniable enthusiasm. Second, and, from Trump's perspective probably even more important, they provide a much-needed fix for an adulation junkie. (Obama suffered from the same sort of addiction. I wonder: did the official transcripts of his speeches include the audience's reaction?)

Update: More than a few "progressive" pundits are slamming the Poland speech because they have convinced themselves that everything that comes out of Trump's mouth, even a ringing defense of Western civilization, is ipso facto an expression of racism, and a dog whistle for his "alt-Right" backers. Here's how one NR writer unpacks it:
The authors criticizing Trump’s Warsaw address just ignore or downplay the context that Trump gave for his own description of the West. He described it in terms that are alternately emphasized by conservatives and liberals. Faith and family and heritage for traditionalists. Innovation, free-wheeling debate, and female empowerment for progressives. This is the stuff of normal politician-speak, clumsier in Trump’s mouth than from Obama’s, certainly. But it was an attempt to include the political and cultural tribes that feel so much tension between each other now into one settlement — one project that is greater than themselves. 
Trump’s description of Western genius, “We compose symphonies,” has also been singled out by many as a racist dog whistle for white nationalism. This is straining. Symphonies are a compositional form that developed in the West, and that form distinguishes the Western musical tradition from others. And although classical music has fallen in decline, the symphony has been adopted by Westerners of all races. To hear “We compose symphonies” and think of eugenicist lawyers like Madison Grant before thinking of William Grant Still or George Walker, African-American composers of symphonies, may be an accident of one’s education. Or myopia. Readers can decide which.
Funny, but when I heard Trump mention symphonies, I didn't think about eugenics or race at all. What I thought was: I very much doubt that Donald Trump has ever sat through an entire symphony--or can even name one (since his idea of Western civ. runs more toward Playboy, beauty pageants and reality TV than it does to, say, Beethoven's 9th).

But, hey, that's just me.

Three--Count 'Em, Three--People Who Believe Justin Trudeau "Is Doing a Spectacular Job"

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Omar Khadr
  3. Justin Trudeau

Saturday, July 8, 2017

How Dumb Are the Likes of Wallace Shawn, Greta Gerwig and Roger Waters for Wanting to Boycott a Play By Israeli David Grossman?

Since the play in question (which is set for a four night run at NYC's Lincoln Center), is by David Grossman, a writer whose ideas re Israel (i.e. that it must do right by the Palestinians and the "occupation") are entirely in synch with theirs, they are really, really dumb:
The point these artists are making is ludicrous on two levels. First, though the play is sponsored by Israel’s Office of Cultural Affairs, it’s an anti-war piece, not simple-minded cheerleading for the state of Israel. David Grossman, the author of the novel from which the play is adapted, lost his son Uri to fighting on the last day of Israel’s offensive in Lebanon in 2006. Since then, writes Judith Miller in Tablet magazine in her review of the play, “Grossman has become among the most outspoken Jewish Israeli voices against war and occupation. He has frequently protested the demolitions of houses in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.” Miller calls the piece “deeply pessimistic,” citing a disquieting image of a mother who stays constantly in motion because she fears that her son will be killed at war and she reasons that if military notifiers can’t find her to tell her of his passing, he can’t be dead. In one scene, Miller adds, the play makes it clear that it’s an act of “supreme insensitivity” toward a Palestinian taxi driver to tell him to drive an Israeli to a military registration, causing the driver to erupt in an “impassioned outburst” about his people’s plight.
The real puzzler here isn't why the likes of Roger Waters, an Israel-despiser from waaay back, would wish to shut the thing down. It is why the Israeli government would want to pay for something that puts Israel in the worst possible light.

Now, that's dumb.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Indigenous Students Demand--Yes, Demand--A Name Change for Toronto's Ryerson U

A cadre of the perpetually aggrieved are at it again:
A student-led campaign at Ryerson University is pushing for the school to change its name out of respect for residential school survivors. 
But the proposal from the Ryerson Students Union and the Indigenous Students Association has prompted considerable backlash from the wider student community, who criticize it as being impractical and disrespectful in its own right.
The downtown Toronto university is named for Egerton Ryerson, a pioneer of public education in Ontario who is widely believed to have helped shape residential school policy through his ideas on education for Indigenous children. 
The school has previously stated that Ryerson's ideas did help contribute to the system that has since been described as a "cultural genocide" and acknowledged the need to commit to respectful relationships with Indigenous students. 
The request for a name change is one of 11 demands the students union posted on its Facebook page on Canada Day under the hashtag .resist150.
And if you think requiring a complete rebranding is a tad over the top, wait'll you hear what else they want:
Others include removing a statue of Ryerson that currently stands on campus, creating an Indigenous-only space for students, and implementing mandatory Indigenous content in all programs.
Seems reasonable--if you're, say, an egregious squish like our socksational prime minister. As an alumnus of this particular institution, however, I'm agin' it for the obvious reason that if you compelled to "rebrand" Ryerson, you may as well "rebrand" the entire freaking country (as Turtle Island). That's the only way to remove all traces of non-indigenous history which, as every uber-virtuous CBC aficionado knows, is inherently and irredeemably racist.

For the sake of comedy, however, I'm willing to entertain some new monikers for Ryerson. How's about, say:
  • Whatsamatta U--a name that acknowledges that members of various victim groups are bound to be p.o.'d about something (Zionists, "white privilege," etc.);
  • David Suzuki U (a nod to a CBC icon/climate change god);
  • Gord Downey U (named for the fatally ill, right-thinking lead singer of The Tragically Hip);
  • Pierre and Justin Trudeau U; 
  • Indoctrination/Utopia U (a.k.a. IOU, an acronym that alludes to the hefty loans that students will have a hard time repaying, given that they have degrees in such "in demand" sectors as Queer Studies and Human Ecology); and, my own personal fave,
  • South Toronto Free University, or STFU (an acronym that's self-explanatory, I trust).
A statue that some hope to topple--

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mubin Shaikh's "Omar Khadr, Boy Soldier" Mantra Detonated By Tarek Fatah

Yesterday on AM 640, "radicalization expert" Mubin Shaikh told host Kelly Cutrara that Omar Khadr was indeed a "boy soldier" who had no choice but to take part in the field of battle. And because, according to Mubin, practically everyone who's ever met Omar thinks he's an awesome guy, he is most deserving of the $10.5 million--and the apology--that Canada is about to bestow on him.

Re the "boy soldier" rationale, the Toronto Sun's Tarek Fatah, who is also something of a "radicalization expert," has an opposing viewpoint (my bolds):
Mr. Khadr, now 30, was 15 in July 2002 when he lived in an Afghan compound with a group of bomb-building Islamic jihadis planting roadside explosives. Afterwards, U.S. troops stormed the house and this is where a grenade thrown by Khadr killed Sergeant Christopher Speer, a medic who was helmetless and dressed in Afghan clothing.
It is true that at the time Omar Khadr committed his act of terror and murder, he was only 15 years old, but in the context of the war against civilization by Islamic terrorists, be they from the Taliban, ISIS, Al-Shabab or Boko Haram, the vast number of volunteers who have taken up arms and carried out war crimes are in their teens. 
For bleeding-heart liberals whose guilt-ridden frame of mind cannot comprehend beyond the storybook picture of the child soldiers hired by African war lords, this may be a shock, but the ultimate hero of Muslims in the part of the world Omar Khadr was photographed making IEDs, is the 8th century 17-year old Arab invader of India called Muhammad Bin Qasim, and from Kabul to Karachi every child jihadi wishes to emulate the rape and plunder of this Arab jihadi. We are not dealing with the God’s Army in Uganda or the Liberian child soldiers of the 1990s. 
The Muslim boys who go to fight jihad do so not under any pressure, but for the lure of entering Paradise and meeting the opposite gender for the first time. This may sound bizarre to the non-Muslim, but trust me, this is not fiction nor propaganda.
Odd how Mubin, who seemed oddly sympathetic to Omar, didn't see fit to mention any of these facts, no?

Trudeau's "Rehab" Helps No One But the Jihadists

The Toronto Sun's Michele Mandel has a raft of cogent questions re a Canadian citizen who despises Canada for purely Islamic reasons:
TORONTO - Was anyone watching Rehab Dughmosh? 
About a year before she was charged with attacking customers and staff with a golf club and butcher knife at a Scarborough Canadian Tire, Dughmosh allegedly left Toronto in an unsuccessful bid to join ISIS in Syria as a foreign fighter. 
Intercepted in Turkey, she was sent back to her adopted homeland. And now the Scarborough mother stands accused of doing exactly what the terror group has instructed its believers to do — if you can’t join us overseas, strike the infidel with whatever you have at home. 
If she’s alleged to have left Canada to join ISIS in April 2016, why wasn’t Dughmosh arrested a year ago? 
“A decision was made not to charge her at the time,” said federal Crown Howard Piafsky. 
Why not? And since then, has she been under surveillance? Was she on a terror watch list? Did no one take her seriously? After attacks here at home on Parliament Hill and in Quebec and countless more around the world, are we still so naive to think that a lone wolf can’t do damage?
It wouldn't be at all surprising were the answer to every question Mandel poses, save the last one, is "no." ("Yes," we are still so naive as to think that a lone wolf, especially a female one, can't do damage. And who's to say she's a "lone wolf" when it's a safe bet that there are plenty more where she came from?) That's because Justin Trudeau has been quoted as saying that terrorists should never be stripped of their citizenship:
"And I'll give you the quote so that you guys can jot it down and put it in an attack ad somewhere that the Liberal Party believes that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship," he said. "Because I do. And I'm willing to take on anyone who disagrees with that." 
Trudeau also scored applause after saying that "as soon as you make citizenship for some Canadians conditional on good behaviour, you devalue citizenship for everyone." 
The Liberal leader added that he found it "very, very scary" that a government could strip new Canadians of their citizenship rights because of unlawful actions. 
"And by the way, there are penalties for anyone convicted of… terrorism or an act of war or an offence against Canada," he said. "They end up locked up in jail for the rest of their lives." 
A "plane ticket to Syria" is not the same kind of punishment, Trudeau said.
Indeed. A "plane ticket to Syria" would be so much worse. So would a plane ticket to Turkey. Not that it would have been needed in Rehab's case, since she was already there. 

I'm in favour of "devaluing" traitors by revoking their citizenship if and when they flee Canada and run off to make common cause with ISIS or any other jihadi group. One would have to be a bear of very little brain--a Justin the Pooh--to think that doing so wouldn't amount to a net good for Canada and Canadians; it would also demonstrate the high esteem in which we hold the rights and responsibilities--yes, responsibilities--of citizenship.

The Big Lie Spewed With Impunity By Local Khomeinist At Toronto Al Quds Days Seethe-a-thon

According to this "erudite" Shia cleric, the Jooooz and their sinister financial shenanigans are behind both World Wars as well as a plethora of current crises. For that, they deserve to be, in his word, "eliminated".

It's what Allah promises, after all. And He'd never lie.

Had someone been making similarly genocidal remarks about Muslims, he would have been thrown in the slammer before he even knew what hit him. (What's the line between free speech and hate speech? It's the incitement to kill.) But since it's a Muslim, a member of one of Canada's two most favoured victim groups (Indigenous peoples being the other), he can say whatever he wants about the need to slaughter all the "Zionists," and no one is going to stop him.

Update: Should you have the stomach for it (and, sorry, I don't think I do), Shia TV posts videos of all the Zion-despisers who vented their spleen at this year's Toronto hate-fest. The presence of "Br Manuel Luna" of the "Hugo Chavez Defense Fund" shows A) the general lunacy of speakers; who in their right mind would defend the indefensible Hugo Chavez?, and, B) the nexus between far leftist/Socialist/Marxist loons and the zany Khomeinists.