Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Problem With 'Holocaust Remembrance Day'--In a Nutshell

You can end up "commemorating dead Jews while hating" the ones who are still alive and kicking.

More Fool Us

Canada rejects US security concerns over Syrian refugees

Mark my words--our refusal to face the facts is going to blow up in our faces.

Islam and Islamism in America in 2015--Part II

Read it and weep.

It Was Bound To Happen Sooner Or Later

The Drudge Report is poised to overtake CNN.

Making the Case For Ontario Colleges Hewing to Sharia Law In Saudi Arabia--Via the Whitewash of Moral Relativism

Here's the argument, such as it is, for two Ontario colleges continuing to operate within the bosom of the House of Saud:
The Algonquin [College] facility opened in Saudi Arabia way back in 2013, and Niagara College followed the next year – when Wynne was already Premier – but somehow it took Wynne three years to notice because this week she released a statement condemning both Algonquin and Niagara for operating the men-only schools. The Ottawa Citizen ran front page stories when those schools opened up years ago, there was plenty of public debate, and even glowing statements of support from members of the Wynne government which praised the venture in international education. Not sure how Wynne – herself a former Minister of Education – missed that boat.  
Regardless of how hollow and pandering her sudden interest in the matter really is, Wynne’s condemnation of Niagara College for spreading education because she doesn’t like the way their educational system works is misguided and even hypocritical.  
Yes, the Saudi Arabian government should absolutely be educating women, and by not doing so, they are rightfully inviting condemnation from the United Nations human rights committee, who has urged the country to reform its outdated educational policies. But you know who else received a stern lashing from the United Nations human rights committee about outdated education practices? Ontario. Back in 1999, the very same United Nations human rights committee deemed Ontario’s funding of a separate Catholic school board to be a discriminatory violation of equal opportunity education practices.  
So yes, Saudi Arabia has some major problems in its education system, but so do we, so who are we to start preaching to them and shutting down our educational institutions until they comply with our civil rights demands. Give even a cursory glance at our own country’s history, and you’ll quickly notice we don’t exactly have a sturdy moral leg to stand on.
Saudi Arabia doesn't just have some major problems in its education system. Saudi Arabia has, to put it mildly, some major societal problems, too. These problems are engendered by the particularly rigid form of totalitarian sharia law to which it hews, with all the wackiness and horror that that entails. (Morality police? For sure. Draconian punishments--floggings, amputations of limbs, slicing off noggins--for violating Islamic law? You betcha. Women under the thumb of their male relatives, deprived of agency and basic freedoms which we here in Ontario tend to take for granted? Well, duh!)

Anyone who tries to draw a direct line between what takes place in Saudi Arabia and what goes on here doesn't know whereof he (or she) speaks, and needs to go back to school.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Our Bad

David Solway is about as fond of Canada's new government as I am:
This is how we do things in Canada. We throw out a Conservative government -- itself an anomaly in our political landscape -- that steered us safely through the devastating market crash of 2007/8, and objected to Islamic face coverings in citizenship swearing-in ceremonies and to the acceptance of “barbaric” practices in the cultural habits of these new citizens -- and bring in a Liberal administration dedicated to increasing the national debt and gradually submerging the country in an effluvium of Muslim migrants and refugees.

Justin Trudeau Corrects 'Error' Of 'Judenrein' Holocaust Remembrance Day Statement

He didn't mean to, you should pardon the expression, include the Jews out; he really didn't:
The Prime Minister’s Office told us yesterday Trudeau’s initial statement was an incorrect draft issued in error. 
The PMO said it took steps to correct this by putting out a tweet from Trudeau linking to his statement and citing the importance of fighting anti-Semitism, plus issuing a statement from Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion that prominently noted the death of six million Jews in the Holocaust.
"An incorrect draft"--not only is that a crock and a half, the fact that this Prime Minister's Office thinks it can rectify li'l Justin's sin of omission via a tweet--a tweet!--compounds the "error" and turns it into an even bigger insult.

Update: Daniel Greenfield parses Obama's Holocaust Remembrance Day remarks (hat tip: MW).

Greenfield notes that while this year's comments were a cut above the standard boilerplate Obama typically trots out on this occasion, underneath it all lay the same old tommyrot. The biggest difference this year was that he used this forum in order to defend Muslims (because they're a "minority" and therefore a certified victim group).

Greenfield detonates that bit of duplicitous legerdemain post haste.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Jews Can't Wear Kippahs In France But a Holocaust Remembrance Foundation Wants to Educate Kids About the Genocide of Rwandans?

Good for Rwandans, maybe. Hard to see how it's going to help dispel the Judenhass/Zionhass/Jewliminationists of our times.

No Rest For the Wicked

Preparations (tunnel-digging, home made rocket construction, etc.) for Hamas's next war Israel go on around the clock.

Made In Syria: The Jihadi's Little Helper

Syria named as 'huge producer' of chemical courage drug Captagon

Mattel's Barbie Goes the "Diversity" Route--But Critics Still Hate Her

Poor Barbie. She's the Rodney Dangerfield of the doll world:
Barbie's manufacturer, Mattel, announced Thursday that the doll has three new body types -- curvy, tall and petite. Barbie will also now come in seven skin tones, 22 eye colours and 24 hairstyles. Mattel spokeswoman Michelle Chidoni said the product is evolving to "offer more choices" to make "the line more reflective of the world girls see around them." 
But Kris Macomber, who teaches sociology at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina, says she's "reluctant to celebrate Barbie's new strategy because it doesn't change the fact that Barbie dolls and other kinds of fashion dolls still over-emphasize female beauty. Sure, all body types should be valued. And, sure, all skin colours should be valued equally. But why must we keep sending girls the message that being beautiful is so important?"...
Yeah, Mattel, whassup with that?

Here's one way for Mattel to get some respect: create a gender-fluid Barbie who comes in 11--count 'em 11--different varieties.

L'Chaim--and Allahu Akbar!

British MPs may have to forego their gin & tonics due to a bizarre sequence of events that may see them having to relocate to a premises that, despite being in London, is under the jurisdiction of sharia law.

Oh, Well. It Was Nice While It Lasted

FYI, the inter-species love affair between Timur the goat and Amur the tiger is kaput.

Amur and Timur in happier times.

U.S., U.K. Spied On Israeli Drones (To Keep Tabs on a Potential Strike On Iran)

One good thing about this "huge intel breach" --at least we now know what our so-called friends are really up to.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rouhani's "Charm Offensive"

You can say that again.

Blow Me Kangaroo Up, Sport

An ISIS supporter in Australia concocts a singularly Aussie plot--planting a bomb in a kangaroo's pouch and unleashing the beast on police.

The Height of Chutzpah

At a Holocaust memorial event, Barack Hussein Obama, the POTUS who has "normalized" relations with the Khomeinist regime intent on wiping Israel off the map, casts himself as a Jew and a defender of Jews.

Update: The Grandiose Ayatollah, a nasty piece of work indeed, commemorates Holocaust Remembrance Day by releasing a video in which he engages in Holocaust denial.

Kelly McParland: Trudeau’s Plan for Regaining Canada’s Global Prominence: Scold Your Friends, Engage Their Enemies

What do you expect? Justin's just channeling his inner Barack Hussein Obama (when, given his goal, he should really be channeling Stephen Harper who raised Canada's global profile by engaging our friends and scolding our enemies).

Mark Bonokowski Calls the RCMP "Terrorist Social Workers"

Good one, Bono.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Stephane Dion: Canada to "Normalize" Relations With Iran

Yes, that's the word he used.


As if there could ever be anything "normal" about doing business with the krazy Khomeinists, wannabe genocidaires who bankroll terrorist plots around the world.

You know what else Dion said? Get this:
He suggested the move was a step away from the “ideological and irrational” approach of the previous government. 
"We think that when you have a disagreement with a regime, you don’t flout. You work hard to be sure that you will see improvement," he said.


Surely it's both ideological and irrational to have at the helm of Foreign Affairs a man whose command of English is iffy, at best.

Update: How amusing that Dion thinks the previous government had an approach that was "ideological and irrational" when it's the ideological, irrational Left that continues to downplay and abet Islamic supremacism and the terrorism it engenders.

Update: Iran is the world's leading executioner of children.

Yes, children.

But I guess only an irrational ideologue who prefers to "flout" when he could engage would view that as a stumbling block to "normalized" relations.

Update: Normalize this, Stephane:

Barack Obama, Supreme Court Justice?

Worst. Idea. Ever! (Hat tip: MW)

"Diverstiy" At the Beeb Doesn't Extend to Those Who Oppose BDS

At the Beeb, everyone has to sing from the same Zionhass page.

15-Year-Old Somali Murders Swedish Aid Worker in Knife Attack; Swedish Police Chief Expresses Sympathy--For the Killer

The young lad must have been really "traumatized," after all.

Bernie Sanders Sings Simon & Garfunkle!

Let us be winners, we'll marry our fortunes together.
I've got some policies here in my bag.
So I sold a pile of promises,
Ignored Ms. Clinton's lies,
And ran off to hook young Americans.

"Hill'ry," I said as we started another debate now.
"Income inequity cannot go on!"
Iowa seems quite elusive to me--
I've come to hook young Americans.

Scowling on the stump,
Flaying rich folks and Wall Street.
It is those men in their Armani suits I despise.
I want to bring you a wonderful, "fair" new "Utopia."

Cut me some slack
'Cuz I'm cranky and old and I'm Jewish.
"Tikkun Olam" is a Socialist phrase!
We can change the whole scenery;

It is within our hands,
If you'll just give me the go-ahead.

"Hill'ry, you've lost," I said,
Though I knew she was winning.
"I'm kvetchy and whiny and you sure know why."
Counting the votes in the New Hampshire prim'ry
You'll see how I've hooked young Americans.
I've come to hook young Americans.
I've come to hook young Americans.

British Egyptologist's/The Beeb's Wishful Thinking?

Melanie Phillips notes that a certain Jewish State was eliminated (accidentally? on purpose?) the other day on a Beeb telecast.

"Diversity" Madness: MLK's "I Have a Dream" Speech Not "Inclusive" Enough For Our Times?

Some feel the need to "debate" it, apparently.

Bernard-Henri Lévy: "Let Those Who Choose to Wear the Yarmulke Live In Peace"

Amen to that, brother!

Revolted By York U.'s Zionhass Mural, Paul Bronfman Withdraws Financial Support

Here's the "artwork"/agit-prop in question:

Had it been painted in the past few months, the rock would no doubt have been replaced with a knife.
When Bronfman, whose company supplied free filmmaking equipment to York students, complained about the painting, he got the typical runaround:
Mr. Bronfman said he had contacted the university administration and warned that he would withdraw his support if the mural did not come down. He said he was told that the administration had no authority over what was displayed in the student centre. 
“They gave me a bunch of political rhetoric … a bunch of political nonsense.”
The mural/invitation to incitement is staying put, however, because blah, blah, blah:
“Mr. Bronfman has notified York University of the withdrawal of this support,” university spokeswoman Joanne Rider confirmed. 
She said legal and human-rights experts advised the administration that it cannot force the removal of the painting. 
The mural falls under the jurisdiction of the student centre, said Gayle McFadden, vice-president, operations, of the York Federation of Students. 
“This artwork is not hateful and is the artist’s depiction of the resistance to the occupation of Palestinian land,” Ms. McFadden, who is also chair of the York University Student Centre, said in an e-mail to The Globe and Mail. 
“This painting is not anti-Semitic, as it is merely critical of the state of Israel and its continued occupation of Palestine.”
Au contraire, Ms. McFadden. The painting is a manifestation and an example of Zionhass, the Jew-hate of our time which incorporates and is often fueled by a hatred of Israel, the Jewish State. The haters, who more often than not are hardened leftists and even Marxists, are convinced they are the side of the angels. They are not. They are on the side of Arab eliminationists who are upset that Hitler didn't manage to complete his global Judenrein scheme, and who, for religious reasons, refuse to countenance the existence of a sovereign Jewish nation on land claimed in perpetuity for Allah.

These Zion-loathers always--always--claim that Jew-hate is not a factor, that what they really care about is the "occupation." 

They are either blind or idiotic or in denial.

Or all three.

Update: "This Piece of art depicts the relationship between the defenseless, the antagonist and the “other”.

Yeah, right. This "Piece of art" depicts an Arab eliminationist who wants to throw a rock and kill a Jew.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hide All the Naughty Bits, Matteo, the Khomeinists Are In Town!

Iran's President in Italy: Nude Statues Covered (so Rouhani and Co. wouldn't have to see any marble pee-pees).

Sweden Struggles to Deal With Crime At Refugee Shelters

Best of luck with that, Swedes.

"Stalin Was Worse Than Hitler/That's Why the POTUS Gotta Wear a Kippah"

Cole Porter, he ain't. (Heck, he isn't even Kanye.)

Zionhass In the Windy City

The Tower reports on the ruckus:
Hundreds of anti-Israel protesters disrupted a Shabbat service and reception held by an Israeli LGBTQ organization at a conference for gay activism in Chicago, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported on Sunday. 
Guests and organizers at the reception by A Wider Bridge, a group devoted to building closer ties between gay communities in North America and Israel, were shouted down with calls for the destruction of Israel and charges of “pinkwashing.” The term is meant to criticize alleged efforts by Israel to showcase its positive record on gay rights as a means of downplaying accusations that it mistreats Palestinians. 
The entrance to the event, which was held during the National LGBTQ Task Force’s annual Creating Change conference, was restricted by protesters who yelled anti-Israel slogans, including, “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” The chant refers to the establishment of a Palestinian state in the territory from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean sea, in place of Israel. 
Some protesters also entered the reception, took over the stage, and prevented members of Jerusalem Open House, an Israeli gay activist organization, from speaking...
If, God forbid, "Palestine" is ever "freed" from river to sea, gays in the area will be, well, dead--and that's no "pinkwash."

Au contraire, Ms. Zion-loather. Zionism rocks--one of the reasons why you
hate it so much.

That's So Ravin' Lefty

Trudeau's Liberal government, quel shockeroo, is getting all snippy about those Israeli "settlements" (a big bugaboo for the bien pensants).

In recognition of what the NatPo calls "a shift in tone" (well, something sure is shifty), I've written 'em a poem:

While ISIS is slicing off heads,
The "settlements" are what the left dreads.
The sight of Jews building houses
Ain't what Justin espouses,
And nor do the rest of his Feds.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Shocking: A Pro-Israel Article in the Globe and Mail

Hand me some smelling salts because this one was so unexpected it almost made me faint.

If You're a Sephardic Jew Who Wants to Claim Your Spanish Citizenship, You'll First Have To Pass "The Penelope Cruz Test"

You probably think I'm making this stuff up, but I'm not.

Rouhani's Roman Holiday

Iran's "moderate" president (so-called) is trolling for business in the EU which, as per this Fox News report, "was Iran's largest trading partner before the sanctions." (The EUnuchs are so decadent and debauched that they vastly prefer Khamenei's totalitarian Iran to that upstart Jewish democracy.)

Now That the Liberals Are Back In Power, Intifada-Loving Palestine House Can Come In From the Cold

The Harper Conservatives gave these Zion-loathers (and poor spellers) the cold shoulder, but Justin Trudeau's Liberals are more than willing to bring 'em back into the fold.

Update: If you're so inclined, you can download "the full big map of Palestine" (a cartographic representation of that "One State Final Solution") from the Palestine House site:

Senior Fatah Official Admits That a "Two State Solution" Is But a Stepping Stone To That Final (One State) Solution

He's an egregious Zion-loather, but at least he's willing to tell the truth.

And Speaking of Rape...

When will Naomi Wolf, Naomi Klein and other "feminists" hear the cries of the Islamic State's rape victims?

Um, never?

Limerick Du Jour

Mrs. Clinton's been heard to trill:
"We must treat the raped with goodwill,
And believe what they say,
And make the skunk pay
(Excepting, of course, my man Bill)."

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Anne Applebaum: No, Iran Is Not 'Opening Up'

It's as repressive and deranged as ever, she writes:
President Hassan Rouhani is not Mikhail Gorbachev, and this is not a perestroika moment. Iran is not “opening up” or becoming “more Western” or somehow more liberal. Maybe Iran’s foreign minister will now pick up the phone when John Kerry calls. But other than that, the nature of the Iranian regime has not altered at all. 
On the contrary, the level of repression inside the country has grown since the “moderate” Rouhani was elected in 2013. The number of death sentences has risen. In 2014, Iran carried out the largest number of executions anywhere in the world except for China. Last year, the number may have exceeded 1,000. Partly this is because Iran’s chief justice has boasted of the eradication (i.e., mass killing) of drug offenders, many of whom are juveniles or convicted on dubious evidence.  
Political pressure and religious discrimination have increased, too. Women who don’t wear veils are still vulnerable to arrest and sentencing. The penalties for apostasy, adultery and homosexuality are still high, up to and including capital punishment.  
Cultural dissidents are under pressure, too, even more so since the sanctions-lifting deal was announced...

Then: The Nazis' 'Big Lie' Claimed That "The Joooos" Aimed to Conquer the World. Now: High Percentage of Europeans Fall For the "Big Lie" That Israel Is Akin To the Nazis

The more things change, eh?

Why Did an Ordinary Middle Class UK Lad, An Atheist, WASP and a "Class Clown," Revert to Islam and Run Off to Join ISIS?

According to this report in the Daily Mail, the silly boy fell under the spell of some schoolmates:
MailOnline understands 'Jihadi Jack' is now a frontline fighter for the brutal terror group and lives with his Iraqi wife and his son Muhammed after moving to the Iraqi city of Fallujah from Raqqa.

It is a far cry from his comfortable upbringing at the hands of Canadian father, John, an organic farmer and archaeobotanist and his mother, Sally, a books editor.

Friends today said he was a 'class clown' who converted to Islam after being egged on by his Muslim classmates.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, one friend - who asked to remain anonymous - said: 'I feel like he has been exploited. No one wants to fight in ISIS unless they've been brainwashed. It's really alarming how powerfully he has changed.

'He was always an atheist, pretty liberal, typical middle class kid. At school he was the class clown but didn't take it too far, he was still smart and got fair grades.

'Then he started befriending a group of Muslim boys at the school and that exposed him to Islam. I noticed he started becoming very preachy and was using Arabic, which was strange because I only ever saw him as a typical Oxford boy.

'Then he started growing a beard, becoming more reserved, deleting his photos on Facebook, he sort of disappeared into a world where he only associated with like-minded people...
So much for that "he embraced jihad 'cuz was poor and marginalized" narrative.

Could We Have a Moritorium, Please, On Overused, Over-the-Top Phrases Beginning With "Snow"?

Snowzilla? Snowmageddon? Snowpocalypse? Snowtastrophe?
Enough, already!

Pentagon's Pricey "Cashmere Support" Program Scrapped When Afghan Locals Kill, Eat the Wool-Producing Goats

It has just been revealed that the Pentagon's plan to boost the Afghan economy via the gift of nine rare Italian cashmere goats (at a total cost of $6 million) has hit, you should pardon the pun, a big snag.

("Cashmere support"--isn't that also what they call Justin Trudeau's socks?)

Justin Trudeau and His "Colourful Socks" Fail To Wow 'Em at Davos

Toronto Star columnist Thomas Walkom was underwhelmed by Trudeau's comportment at Davos. Trudeau's socks, he writes, were exceptionally vibrant. Trudeau's "ideas," however...not so much:
Other than the fact that he takes an expansive view of the Canadian economy, Trudeau’s Davos interlude doesn’t tell us much new about his thinking.
What thinking?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Will The Presidential Race Turn Into a Billionaire v. Billionaire Tourney?

The latest scuttlebutt is that former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, a man with even less charisma than Jeb Bush (if that's even humanly possible), is exploring the possibility of entering the presidential race.

It seems moneybags Bloomy is worried about Hillary Clinton's leftward drift in the face of cranky old Jew Bernie Sanders' socialist bluster. An unnamed source says Bloomy could decide to toss his hat inti the ring--and run as an Independent--were Bernie to pull off an upset and prevail over Clinton.

Were that to happen, the ex-mayor (who, at best, was a complete mediocrity during his term in office) is prepared to put up tons of his own cash in what would amount to a billionaire versus billionaire presidential race. (Interestingly, Bloomy, who used to be Republican, would be running as an Independent; Saunders, who used to be an Independent, would be running as a Democrat; and Trump, who used to be a Democrat, would be running for the Republicans—pretty dizzying, no?)

I say save your dough, Mike. There's room for only one cranky old Jew in this election cycle--and you're not it. And even if Bernie ends up winning the nomination--which he won't--there's no way you can beat a guy who, love him or hate him, has more charisma in his funny hairdo than you do in your entire carcass.

Update: Here's a thought--what if Bloomberg knows that his entry into the race will split the Democrats' vote, thereby handing the White House to Trump, but he doesn't care because his real mission is to keep an avowed Socialist out of the Oval Office?

The Reason I Object to the National Review's Anti-Trump Hatchet Job

It's not that I'm such a big Trump fan. It's just that I have long seen the concept of "ideological purity" (and/or the lack thereof) as being more of a leftist than a conservative phenomenon.

Silly moi, it seems.

In any case, that sort of inflexible, self-important orthodoxy is something I deplore no matter on which side of the fence one happens to sit.

Here's more on the magazine's anti-Trumpery--from Simon and from Steyn.

Justin Trudeau Is "Dumb In Davos"

Not only in Davos.

He's pretty dumb here at home, too.

Centennial College Cans Its Saudi Arabia Training Program

After the Toronto Sun's Christina Blizzard shone a light on the college's automotive apprenticeship training program in Saudi Arabia, the college has decided that it is not in its best interests to continue operating there.

There are some deliciously absurd aspects to this story. For one thing, Centennial continues to pretend it didn't realize it was operating in a country where there is strictly-enforced gender apartheid. If chicks didn't participate in the this dudes-only program, Centennial claims in its statement, it isn't because they were outright barred from enrolling (even though there's no way they would have been allowed to sign up), it's because
It is unlikely that there are any women in the automotive field in Saudi Arabia — ironically, the same situation the industry faced in Canada decades ago.
"Ironically"? I don't think so. Because even decades ago women were allowed to drive cars, and even work in factories--remember Rosie the Riveter?--something that wasn't the case in S.A.

As if equating Canada and Saudi Arabia wasn't outrageous enough, Centennial made things worse when it
seemed to blame the fact that women in Saudi Arabia were forbidden to drive until recently as the reason for the shortage of women in that profession.
Way to try to weasel out of responsibility for setting up shop in Burqa City, Centennial!

Then, too, there's the absurdity of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, who seems clueless re the religious basis of Saudi Arabia's gender segregation. She seems to think that if an Ontario college opens a branch there, it should be able to abide by Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms:
Premier Kathleen Wynne said Friday that it was her understanding that there was a discussion with Centennial, along with other colleges such as Niagara and Algonquin that offer similar programs, about women having access to the programs.
“My position is that if we are going to be engaged in the delivery of education in other parts of the world, then men and women must have equal access.
“That is a minimum we can expect in 2016,” Wynne said.
In light of Imam Wynne's fatwa on sharia-based inequities, I'm sure there will be much rumination and discussion in Saudi Arabia's princely corridors of power.

Update: Salaam Alaikum! That's the familiar greeting you'll hear in a promotional video for Niagara College-Taif, a male-only campus "located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia":

Update: Found this on Wikipedia:
Taif Campus At Ta'If, Makkah, Saudi Arabia 26526[3] 
The college is currently establishing a national centre of excellence in tourism, hospitality and business innovation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.[4] Programs such as Business and Management Studies, Culinary Studies and Hospitality and Tourism Studies are offered to male Saudi citizens. A specialty program, 'Foundation Year Studies' is designed to set students up for success by teaching them English communications, entrepreneurship and computer.
Makkah--otherwise know to us infidels as Mecca.

So not only is Niagara College in cahoots with folks who practice gender apartheid, it is operating in a suburb of a city that's strictly off limits to non-Muslims (lest we defile it with our infidel cooties).

Any comments, Premier Wynne?

Update: You can read all about Niagara's adventures in the Magic Kingdom on this blog. (I must say, the food looks yummy!)

Update: Kathleen Wynne calls male-only campuses in Saudi Arabia 'unacceptable'

Update: It appears that Niagara College has two campuses in the Kingdom--one in Taif and one in Mecca.

Here's a job posting (now expired) for "Student Recruitment Officers"--one for Taif; 3-4 for Makkah.

The "preferred candidate" is, of course, "male." (And, it goes without saying, Muslim.)

This line make me giggle:
Niagara College Saudi Arabia is committed to workplace diversity and provides accommodations to applicants with disabilities throughout
 "Workplace diversity."

In Saudi Arabia.

Now, that's funny!

Update: Andrew Lawton nails it (in the Toronto Sun): Saudi school support [goes] against our values.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Um, Mazel Tov?

Jewish transgender man gives birth, embraces life as a single 'abba'

The Latest Identity Group To Receive Official Recognition From the Ontario "Human Rights" Commisison

It's "ethical veganism."

It qualifies as a "creed," apparently (as opposed to unethical veganism, which does not?).

In honour of this, er, creed's breakthrough, I think I'll have a nice, juicy, ethical burger this weekend.

Farzana Hassan: "Pakistan Abhors Terror at Home," Exports It Abroad

Hassan has a good summary of how things operate in "Bokistan" (the preferred pronunciation of that "stickler" Barack Obama):
Pakistan is a land of diversity, where the affluent and enlightened classes laugh along with a witty transgender host on television. 
Liberal Pakistanis prefer to speak English to their young, watch Western movies and listen to pop music. Women dance at weddings. There is dating and sexual license. 
Opposed to all this are the Islamic revivalists, who have rediscovered a fervent religiosity to counter the “moral laxity” of the West. 
They include burka clad women and ultra orthodox clerics who believe in emulating Saudi Arabia’s radical Wahhabi Islam. 
They are quick to issue fatwas against apostasy for anyone who dares to challenge their obscurantist view of Islam. They spurn Western influences. 
Yet in this land of odd polarities, what seems to unite all groups is a hatred of the West and Israel. 
Paradoxically, even many of those who prefer to speak English and benefit from Western education, hate the West. 
We should therefore not be fooled by Pakistan’s recent “crackdown” on terror. 
Pakistan abhors terror at home but continues to export not only terrorists, but also their militant world view.
That M.O. constitutes the height of hypocrisy and is the very definition of "sucks and blows."

"I'm To Blame For the 'White Oscars'"

Roger L. Simon's "mea culpa."

"This Is a Movie That Offers Robert De Niro Masturbating to Porn As Its Hilarious Opening Salvo"

"Dirty Grandpa."


Dueling Trudeau Limericks

This one is in the National Post:
Trudeau gave an answer a try.
"We'll pull our '18s from the sky,"
He told CNN;
"I just can't say when
Or mention specifically why."
Here's my effort:
At Davos, he's going nowhere.
The "elites" he meets don't seem to care.
Though he tries to beguile
With a shoeshine and a smile
And, oh yeah, some really good hair.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Toronto's Centennial College Runs a Sharia-Compliant (i.e. Male Only) Program In Saudi Arabia, Pays Health Insurance for Saudi Trainees

What is it with some Ontario post-secondary institutions going the whore route? First it was Ottawa's Algonquin College, with its male-only campus in Jezan, S.A. Now courtesy the Toronto Sun we learn that Centennial College is also involved in some questionable dealings in Wahhabiland:
TORONTO - Centennial College has been operating a corporate training program in Saudi Arabia that prohibits women from participating, according to a person familiar with the program. 
It has also been paying health insurance costs for Saudi government officials as part of the deal. 
Documents obtained by the Sun showed that from Jan. 1, 2015 to Dec. 31, Centennial College Training International paid insurance costs totalling more than $300,000 to BUPA Arabia, a private health insurance company. The documents show they were for private health insurance for Saudi officials and their families. 
Centennial operates a business that trains young Saudi automobile technicians in Saudi Arabia. 
While the Saudi government has health insurance, the additional private insurance is seen as a bonus and is offered not only to the government employees but to their families.
How, um, generous of Centennial.

In case you were wondering, the no-chicks rule isn't sitting well with everyone at the college (my bolds):
According to documents obtained by the Sun, senior staff members have raised questions about the appropriateness of the KSA program. 
“Centennial is knowingly abetting a system that has trampled the human rights of women for generations,” said one person familiar with the program. 
The source said that when it was proposed that a woman trainer be hired, the TVTC said that a woman would not be allowed on campus “and certainly would not be allowed to teach men.” 
In response to the criticism that women weren't allowed to participate in the program, the Centennial spokesman said the programs are “delivered to our clients’ employees. Training eligibility is determined solely by the employer, and not by the college.” ...
In that case, no problemo. ;)

Schmucks In Switzerland

Trudeau rubs elbows with Kevin Spacey, Bono and Davos elite

Wow, I'm just, like, sooooo impressed.

New Issue of ISIS Magazine Focuses on the Group's Worst Enemy--and It Ain't Us Infidels

The Shias are numero uno on the ISIS enemy list.

"Shame On You, Hillary! Shame On You!"

Juanita Broaddrick, the victim of an alleged rape by one William Jefferson Clinton, responds to his wannabe-POTUS wife's tweet, the one in which she averred that all women who say they've been raped/sexually assaulted should be believed.

However, since Bill could not have gotten away with his gropey/rapey ways but for the complicity of his wife, it is clear that Broaddrick's cry will fall on deaf ears because Hill, like Bill, is utterly shameless. (Even steadfast lefty Lena Dunham is starting to think that Hillary is great when it comes to the "war on women" in general but fails the sniff test re her horny hubby's personal strife with individual chicks.)

Update: Can't wait for some Republican candidate (Trump? Cruz?) to bring this up:
The biggest names floating around as probable patrons in the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein scandal that’s been recently gaining some traction are former President Bill Clinton and fifth in line to the British throne Prince Andrew. Gawker recently obtained flightlogs going back to the late 1990’s through mid-2000’s that place Bill Clinton repeatedly on board the private jet dubbed the “Lolita Express” belonging to convicted pedophile Epstein in the company of a soft-core porn actress and underage girls listed in Epstein’s black book under “massage.” The flightlogs implicate Bill as a possible participant on board Epstein’s planes where girls as young as 12 provided sexual favors for the financier’s most powerful friends. Records confirm that Bill flew the friendly skies of the Lolita Express more than a dozen times over a several year period in the early 2000’s. It goes without saying that Senator Hillary never once escorted Bill on these pleasure air cruises.
Humbert Humbert and Pinocchio--what a charming First Couple they would make!

Syrian Refugees Hither and Yon

The hither: while Syrian refugees continue to arrive daily, Toronto and other major cities (Vancouver, Ottawa) are "taking a break" on resettlement. The pause is intended to give these places a chance to make further provision for the influx and the added burden it is posing to local services.

The yon: if you think the refugee issue is problematic in Canada, it's nothing compared to what's going on in Europe--and what, in the wake of a new ruling, the Brits are likely to face:
In a landmark judgment that could see thousands of migrants come to the UK, a British court ruled that four Syrian migrants should immediately be brought to the UK from “The Jungle” camp in Calais because of their right to a family life.  
The ruling came as Britain’s asylum system was thrown into chaos, prompting David Cameron to order a review of the country’s border security.  
Brussels on Wednesday threatened to stop Britain deporting migrants unless it agreed to accept “quotas” of migrants, something which could see the UK forced to admit 90,000 refugees.  
If Britain refuses to accept the quota, the EU has said the UK will no longer be able to use the Dublin Regulation - the rule which states that migrants must seek asylum in the first European country they arrive - to deport foreigners illegally entering the country.  
Senior Conservatives warned that there will be “chaos” in Calais because the changes to EU rules would create a “fast track for migrants” trying to enter the UK.  
There were also warnings that the EU rule change could see thousands more migrants attempting to make the journey to the UK because there will be no chance of them being deported...
Memo to the UK: now would be a topping time to pull out of the EU.

Londonistan Muslim High School School Fails Inspection When "Extremist" Books Are Found in Its Library

The school failed when the inspection turned up three books which
promote the inequality of women and punishments, including stoning to death, which are illegal in Britain and which do not reflect the school’s ethos of tolerance and integration.
Furthermore, there was a concern that
‘Staff have not been sufficiently vigilant about the availability of inappropriate texts in the library or sufficiently aware of the potential for unwittingly promoting extreme views.’
Er, have inspectors read the Koran/Quran? If that book passes muster, why don't the others?

Update: This statement re the failure appears on the school's website:
Jamiatul Ummah is committed to offer a broad and balanced curriculum within the Islamic ethos. Our students have never been taught or exposed to ideas which would encourage them to disregard the laws of England and Wales.

Our position in respect to extremism is very clear; we condemn all forms of extremism unequivocally and this is recognised by Ofsted.

‘The policy is very clear about the school’s commitment to provide a curriculum that will produce good role models in society; the essential knowledge that students need to be educated citizens in democratic Britain; and promote an awareness of and respect for a diversity of cultures, values, beliefs and abilities’.

Furthermore, Ofsted continues,

‘Inspectors found no evidence to support the promotion of extremist views or radicalisation of students or staff. To the contrary, the students and staff present well-informed and positive views about the role of British Muslims and their responsibilities within the local community’.

We recognise the concerns raised by Ofsted in respect of three books in the library, however, as Ofsted rightly noted, the library is locked and current students have no access to it. Ofsted also recognised that the content of these books, ‘do not reflect the schools ethos of tolerance and integration’. Nevertheless, we are taking steps, and are at present auditing all materials in the library and those available within the school.

Jamitaul Ummah is a high performing school, and has consistently been at the top of the Tower Hamlets league table. The mosque is not part of the school and our students have separate provisions for performing prayers. We are managed by an independent board of governors, and cannot therefore possibly comment on which speakers may have been invited by and have attended the mosque.
In other words, there's a "separation of mosque and school"? Good to know (but hard to believe).

Fatah Leader: "Hitler Was Not Morally Corrupt. He Was Daring"

That's for sure. For one thing, he had that "Judenrein" thing down pat, something which Palestinians yearn for but as yet haven't been able to pull off.

Canada the Runner Up (To Germany) In List of "Best Countries in the World"

Lists like this one are silly, and who would want to live in Angela Merkel's rape-crazed Germany?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Today's Limerick

"El Chapo's a dude with panache.
A drug lord with a porno 'stache.
But isn't it curious
How a "Fast and Furious"
Rifle showed up in his cache?

Justin Trudeau at Davos: "My Predecessor Wanted You to Know Canada For Its Resorces. I Want You To Know Canadian For Our Resourcefulness"

They elected you prime minister based on your name and your pretty face and because the media did your heavy lifting by demonizing your predecessor. How resourceful could they be?

FYI, in a para about the movers and shakers who Justin will be schmoozing with at Davos, one name leapt out at me:
Later Wednesday, Trudeau will meet with Microsoft CEO Natya Nadella, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, and billionaire George Soros, whose interests include fighting climate change.
Trudeau and Soros: now there's a pair.

Rather like Beauty and the Beast, no?

Update: U.S. and Allies Meet in Paris to Strengthen Anti-ISIS Coalition--sans Canada, of course.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Is Justin Trudeau's Absolute Wimpishness the Reason Why Canada Wasn't Invited to an Int'l Anti-ISIS Confab?

You can be sure that, were Stephen Harper and his "un-sunny ways" still at the helm, Canada would not have been sidelined in this insulting way. But the land is now in the hands of a man-child who in the wake of a jihadi terrorist attack in Burkina Faso which wiped out an entire Quebec family, uttered these risible words (my bolds):
...Trudeau told reporters in Saint Andrews, N.B., on Monday, “we know that the global fight against terrorism is essential and must be conducted in an intelligent, reasonable and enthusiastic way.” 
Trudeau said Canada must do everything possible to counter the rise of terrorism. 
“That’s why Canada remains committed to the coalition against terrorists and to working with other countries on a humanitarian basis and in order to help refugees but also to show military commitment,” he said.
Show military commitment? How? By withdrawing every flipping military airplane from the scene?

Also--how out of place/inapropos/tone deaf is the word "enthusiastic"?

This is global jihad you're talking about, Mr. Trudeau, not Mickey and Judy putting on a show.

Can the "Social Justice" Message Narrative Lure the Young'uns Away From the Jihad Supremacism Narrative?

Jari Qudrat, a member of the Executive Committee of Muslim Writers of Canada, thinks it can. In a comment piece in the Toronto Sun, Qudrat says that when it comes to countering radicalization (i.e. the siren call of jihad):
Canadians have to do their part, but ultimately it is all Muslims that need to provide a far more compelling counter-narrative for youth to be passionate about. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, a renowned Islamic figure once said, “My purpose, yearning, and heartfelt desire is to serve humanity; This is my job, this is my faith, this is my habit and this is my way of life.” 
This is the counter-narrative that can defeat ISIS – the idea of sacrificing for the right cause, the cause of bettering humanity, and making the world a better place to live in. This is what all Muslims need to preach, but more importantly practice.
To be clear, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is the founder of the Ahamadiyya Muslims, a tiny offshoot of Islam which mainstream Islam--both Suni and Shia versions--considers to be apostasy.

As pleasant as Qudrat's message sounds to our ears, the likelihood that it will be able counteract the jihad imperative that's intrinsic to Islamic theology and that's inspiring the jihad of our age is zilch to nil.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Palestinian Conspiracy Theory Du Jour

Stupid Swedes Do Their Utmost To Cover Up Rapes Committed By "Migrants"

To do otherwise (i.e. admit the truth) would be "racist," say the Swedes.

Of course, they are currently swirling en masse in a death spiral engendered by their multiculti delusions, and may thus be too dizzy to discern the horrible reality that confronts them.

So should chicks in Canada be concerned about the rapey ways of "migrants/refugees" who are now here and who are still arriving every day?

Trudeau factotum John McCallum says we shouldn't.

He says "our" Syrians are very different than the ones who have found sanctuary in places like Stockholm and Cologne.

I know I believe him (about as far as I can throw him).