Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Reminder Of How Easy It Is For a Young Muslim to Turn to Jihad

It comes in this NatPo report, 'Toronto 18' convict granted day parole:
[Saad] Gaya became radicalized after fellow students accused Islam of encouraging suicide bombings, prompting him to read up on his religion to argue in its defence. 
Instead, shortly after joining McMaster University’s Muslim Student Association, he was recruited into a terrorist cell seeking to murder civilians in order to pressure the Canadian government into pulling troops out of Afghanistan. 
Don't worry, though. Now that he's been "rehabilitated" in a Canucki prison, Gaya is thoroughly defanged:
According to psychologists with Corrections Canada, Gaya has a 20 per cent chance of committing an indictable offence within the next three years. His “reintegration potential” was assessed at “medium.”
Okay, maybe only semi-defanged.

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