Wednesday, January 6, 2016

On CBC Radio, Former B.C. Premier Ujjal Dosanjh Dares to Speak Truth to Power Re "White Male Racism"

Shockingly, Dosanjh tells The Current's fill-in host that "white males" (next to "Zionists," the left's most-despised demographic) must have a place at the multiculti picnic. 

Of course, the idea is anathema to the Ceeb hostess, who, while trying to sound respectful to Dosanjh, a man-of-colour with all the proper lefty bona fides, attempts to counter it via the thoughts of lefty-to-the-max Toronto city councilor Joe Mhevic. Mhevic, quel shockeroo, goes to bat for political correctness and says language needs to "evolve" with the changing times.

The rejoinder to which is this: An "evolution" that requires one to bite one's tongue permanently lest one "offend" is hardly a sign of progress, Joe--and is, in fact, more in line with regressive speech codes imposed by the likes of Stalin, Mao and 1984's Big Brother.

But going back to Dosanjh: I have to give him props for criticizing the Ceeb's Adored One, Prime Minister Justin "Sunny Ways" Trudeau. Trudeau told the New York Times Magazine recently that Canada has no core identity, only "shared values." Dosanjh, who came here some forty years ago, thinks that's a crock, and that we had better figure out what our core identity is if we don't want immigrants now flooding in to our borders to find, in my paraphrase of Gertrude Stein re her hometown of Oakland, CA, that there's no there here. In such a situation, and abetted by specious multiculti dogma, there's a distinct possibility that newcomers can go ahead and foist their values--ones which are fundamentally at odds with ours--on Canadians.

Update: Also on Toronto radio this morning (but on another and a non-publicly-funded station)--Mark Steyn offers up his own inimitable insights into multiculti-gone-wrong in parts of Europe and the UK, where young Muslim lads bursting over with hormone-hyped appetites, men who don't share our values, have taken to mauling, groping and even raping some infidel chicks, and forcing others--often very young girls--into sexual slavery.

Viva La Multiculti, eh?

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