Saturday, June 12, 2010

'Pride' and the Malign Zeitgeist

Some spoilsports up and ruined the Pride parade for Hamas fans in Toronto. In Edmonton, though, it's all systems go for the Big Lie, as Xtra reports/crows/exults:
An Edmonton chapter of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) has received the go-ahead from Edmonton Pride to march in the parade on Saturday.
 The group of about five to 10 people formed May 31 — after the Israeli attack on the Gaza aid flotilla — to stand in solidarity with Toronto QuAIA. The Toronto chapter is prohibited from marching in the parade after Pride Toronto banned the words "Israeli apartheid" from its events.
"They [Edmonton Pride] have been pretty good," says Jess Warren, co-organizer of Edmonton QuAIA, adding that the only warning the group received was to be mindful that the parade is a family-friendly event.
"So far in Edmonton we haven't received the kind of censorship or condemnation that Queers Against Israeli Apartheid in Toronto have gotten," she says.

Sandi Stetson, festival manager of Edmonton Pride, declined to comment, saying the parade is about queer pride.
"We're not going to answer anything about any particular entry to the parade," she says. "There's no need to talk about that."
Warren doesn't anticipate any conflict at the Edmonton Pride parade on Saturday and welcomes discussion.
She says it's important for QuAIA to have a presence at the parade, because Pride is historically a political act.
"To say that political messages — or at least political messages that are seen by certain people as unrelated to queer issues — shouldn't be present, I think, is only considering the recent history of Pride," says Warren. "The corporatization of Pride has led to this idea. Pride in general is a venue at which we can actually raise our voice and say that as a queer community this is something that concerns us."
At the parade on Saturday, members of Edmonton QuAIA will carry banners that read: "There's no pride in apartheid" and "Free Palestine."...
I have to say that I find the whole Homos for Hamas thing most upsetting. Not only because it demonstrates that Zionhass has officially jumped the shark, but because it underscores a terrifying reality. To wit: not only are we fighting a war against flesh and blood enemies who seek our demise--and heaven knows, that's challenging enough. We are fighting the Zeitgeist, the spirit of our times. And, sickeningly, that Zeitgeist demands the termination of Jewish Israel as the only way to satisfy "justice" and "human rights".

In a sense, that's even more diabolical than demanding the demise of "the Jews" in order to spare the human gene pool from their pollution.

Update: My new coinage for Homos for Hamas/Queers 4 Sharia--"Hamasochists".

Feel free to borrow it, if you'd like.


Blazingcatfur said...

Homos for Hamas? Maybe they are Hamasphrodites!

scaramouche said...

Or Hamasochists.

Man with Hat said...

They have to do it as they're suffering from irrational Hamasophobia!

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Weapons of Hamas Destruction