Saturday, April 14, 2018

"Schandlich!": Germany's Top Pop Music Prize Goes to a Pair of Jew-Hating Rappers

Found this one on The Local's "Germany" site:
The awarding of the most prestigious prize in German pop music to two rappers who made fun of Holocaust victims has been described by an influential Jewish organization as "a scandal."
At the annual Echo Awards on Thursday evening the rappers Kollegah and Farid Bang were awarded the best album award for their recent release “Jung, brutal und gutaussehend 3”.

For weeks, the fact that the two rappers had been nominated for the award had caused controversy in the German press due to their alleged anti-Semitism.

On the album, Farid Bang raps about his training regime, boasting that “my body is more defined than an Auschwitz prisoner’s.”

Kollegah has previously been accused of anti-Semitism due to a 2016 music video which appears to show a Jewish man at the head of a secretive global banking conspiracy...
"Gutaussehend," in case you were wondering, means "good-looking"--even though their "look" is as ugly as it gets.

Guess they meant it in an ironic sense.

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