Monday, January 4, 2016

It There NO ONE At the Ceeb or In Canadian Airport Security With an Ounce of Sense/Sanity?

I only ask because, apparently, there's this bloke named Syed Adam Ahmed, who has the distinction of having made Canada's "no-fly" short list.

That Syed, presumably, is an adult, or has at least undergone puberty.

Problem is, there's a six-year-old tyke with the same name, and he and his parents are having all sorts of trouble, flying-wise, because of the grown up Syed.

And, hey, isn't that the crux of the issue here--not that there is a "no-fly" list, something which seems eminently sensible in these days of airplane-unfriendly jihadis, but that there seems to be no mechanism to record the age of the "no-fly"-listed individual whom authorities want airport security workers to be wary of?

As a result, the CBC, which is always willing to lend a shoulder for aggrieved Muslims to cry on, including the parents of the six-year-old Syed, can post stories like this one, which make it sound as though any "no-fly" list is not only discriminatory but also a really bad idea (which, clearly, it is not).

Update: No fly list flags more Canadian toddlers as security risks

The Ceeb wants you to think that the no fly list engenders jihad.


Carlos Perera said...

If Canadian Airport Security is anything like the U. S. TSA, then I would hazard that the answer is no. (As to the CBC, it appears to be at least as tendentiously politically correct and multiculturalist as PBS is here, south of the Great White North, so the answer in their case is definitely not.)

scaramouche said...

Canadian Airport Security is exactly like the U.S. And the CBC is arguably even worse than PBS. (Much of CBC radio, for example, is egregious leftist dross, and therefore unlistenable.)