Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Living the Dream

In 2014, Muslim "revert" Siddhartha Dhar "participated in a BBC debate, hosted by Asian Network reporter Catrin Nye, with young British Muslims about living in a Caliphate."

Today it's alleged he is doing just that--living with ISIS in Syria, the latest version of the late "Jihadi John".

Update: I liked this tidbit:
British newspapers said he used to sell children’s inflatable bouncers, known as bouncy castles in Britain, and was a fan of Arsenal soccer club and the rock group Nirvana.
Obviously, bouncy castles, footie and Nirvana did not provide the "spiritual" succor he was seeking.

You could say he went from selling castles filled with nothing but air to building something far more substantial--the global caliphate.

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