Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Arabs/Muslims Throw a Hissy Fit in the Wake of Trump's Plan to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital

Some notable--but entirely predictable--reactions:
Wrong again, Your Grandiosity. The want to officially recognize the obvious--that Jerusalem/Yerushalayim was, is and will always be the capital of Israel/Yisrael. And, in fact, it's a sign that, at least once in a while, Trump can make a wise decision.

Update: Also throwing a hissy fit--the CBC's resident Zion-despiser (one of 'em, anyway) does his usual thrash 'n' trash of Israel, claiming, among other bollocks, that
  • the Palestinians were forced to resort to violence because they were "powerless";
  • the Arabs' birthrate exceeds that of Jewish Israelis, and Israel is therefore on track to become another apartheid era South Africa (not so); 
  • should the status quo persist, in the words of John Kerry (that imbecile), Israel will be either Jewish or democratic, but not both.
"Let's stop pretending Israel is heading toward a two-state solution," reads the headline of Macdonald's opinion piece.

Sure thing, Neil. As long as we can also stop pretending that your aspersions further the discussion in any way, shape or form.

Update: Guess what happened when Honest Reporting Canada complained to the Ceeb about last month's Macdonald hit piece in which he called Israel and apartheid state? The Ceeb's ombudsthingy sided with Macdonald and their employer.

Quelle shockeroo, eh?

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