Thursday, December 7, 2017

Why the Over-the-Top Outrage Over Trump's Jerusalem Statement? It's the Jew-Hate, Stupid

It has been delightful to witness the mass freak-out occasioned by Trump's willingness to state the obvious--that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel. In doing so, writes David French on the NRO site, he has struck "a blow against international anti-Semitism":
From the birth of the modern nation-state of Israel, an unholy mixture of anti-Semites and eliminationists have both sought to drive the Jewish people into the sea and — when military measures failed — isolate the Jewish nation diplomatically, militarily, and culturally. Working through the U.N. and enabled by Soviet-bloc (and later) European allies, these anti-Semites and eliminationists have waged unrelenting “lawfare” against Israel. (Lawfare is the abuse of international law and legal processes to accomplish military objectives that can’t be achieved on the battlefield.)

The scam works like this: The U.N. and other international bodies establish rules that apply only to Israel, or they hold Israel to higher standards than any other nation on earth; then, when Israel (or its primary ally, America) object to those unjust rules and double standards, the Arab world threatens unrest, riots, or, at worst, renewed jihad. A cowardly European community goes along, perpetuating injustice in the name of “stability.”
A cowardly Canada goes along too, with our mealy-mouthed prime minister insisting that the Canadian embassy will remain in Tel Aviv until that phantasmic two-state solution comes to pass.

In other words, it'll be staying put now and forever. 

Update: So this (call it another Al Quds day) is happening (hat tip--MW):
Jerusalem must remain the capital of Palestine !
! القدس يجب أن تبقى عاصمة فلسطين  
Join us on Saturday at 2 pm in Victoria Park (near Williams) as we stand in solidarity with Palestine to protest against the U.S. president's unilateral and illegal recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the decision to relocate the US embassy.

We stand with the people of Palestine and people everywhere rallying to protest the POTUS45's announcement, a slap in the face to indigenous Palestinians' rights to their capital.

We call for solidarity with the Palestinian people, and demand that the Canadian Government reject and openly condemn this move.
Please join, share, repost and invite to this Facebook event: events/910265845803457/

This event takes place on traditional lands of Anishnaabek, Haudenosaunee, Huron-Wendat, Attawandaron-Neutral and Lenape peoples, near the shores of the Deshkan Ziibii (Antler River).


People for Peace, London Ontario
Update: I have the perfect theme song for the protest. Sing it, Mr. C.:
Your whole M.O. is killin' Jews.
Oh, Palestine,
Your claim is through.
Update: Hamas's Ismail "Stinky" Haniyeh is calling for--what else?--an intifada.

Update: The Jerusalem Announcement Won't Really Hurt America's Arab Alliances.

Update: The UN, of course, is  clutching its pearls and inhaling some smelling salts, a prelude to the utter hysteria it will succumb to tomorrow.

Update: Alan Dershowitz says Trump's Jerusalem announcement is the right (i.e. the correct) thing to do.

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