Friday, March 2, 2018

Zafar B.'s Khomeinist E-Zine Home to Some of the Zaniest, Most Insidious Jew-Hate Around

In days of yore, this writer might have accused "the Jews" of poisoning wells and infusing their holiday baked goods with the blood of juicy young gentiles. Today, in support of what is arguably Western civilization's greatest enemy du jour, the man conjures up the following evil aspersions:
Just as Edward Bernays’ 1929 “torches of freedom” march was followed by many years and decades of cigarette ads aimed at women, so too has 9/11 been followed by a massively-funded public relations follow-up campaign aimed at maintaining and exacerbating the Islamophobia injected into the West’s collective unconscious on September 11, 2001. The ongoing “Operation Islamophobia” PR campaign has included many false flag terror attacks attributed to Muslims, as well as more than 600 FBI terror plots foisted on gullible, vulnerable Muslims by manipulative Bureau informants. It has also been fed by a vast multi-billion-dollar “Islamophobia Industry” pumping out anti-Muslim messages funded largely by Zionist money.

How can Muslims neutralize this hate campaign? Arguing rationally against Islamophobia only works on rational Islamophobes — a rare breed, if not a contradiction in terms. Instead of spinning our wheels trying to talk sense into the likes of Trump, we need to recognize that Islamophobia is primarily an emotional disease of the unconscious mind. Then we need to treat that disease at its root, by exposing the 9/11 false-flag operation to the maximum possible extent, focusing primarily on who did it (the neocon Zionists) and why (to incite long-term, geopolitically-weaponized Islamophobia).
The genuine psychopathology--as always--is corrosive, crackpot Judenhass, of which this article is a perfect example.

Update: Found this "gem" on Kev's twitter feed:

Guess we'll have to agree to disagree about that one, Kev.

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