Sunday, July 29, 2018

Have Authorities Been Playing Us Re Toronto Shooter Faisal Hussain?

Now, here's something you won't hear on the CBC or read in, say, the Toronto Star. It's a summary of what we know about a shooter who was allegedly wracked by psychosis, but who was able to cold bloodedly and accurately target infidels enjoying a balmy Sunday evening in Greektown, killing two--one a mere child--and injuring many others. Unlike every other mainstream media outlet in the land, the Toronto Sun is willing to poke holes in the "he was nuts, not jihadi" narrative (as if the two are mutually exclusive). See, for instance, this section:
Sources have also said the RCMP had spoken to Hussain about visiting pro-Islamist websites.
But Canada's Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale was quick to deny Hussain was on any federal watchlists.
"As far as we're aware at this stage based on the state of the investigation, there is no connection between that individual and national security," he told media.
One source with close ties to the policing world scoffed at Goodale's comment.
"Most people don't end up having the RCMP show up at their door to discuss their online activity," said the source, who asked not to be named.
The source said the feds, police chief and others have been "playing with words" and "deceiving the public."
"It's all political," the source said.
How refreshing to read such words in the pages of a mainstream Toronto newspaper. Too bad they will be dismissed by the feds, police chief and others, including members of the far too easily gulled public, as the ravings of a lunatic/"Islamophobe." 

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