Wednesday, August 1, 2018

False Elephant Alert?

What did police find on Danforth shooter Faisal Hussein's computer?

My prediction: we will never know. Especially if there was anything of a jihadi nature on it.

The initial narrative--"he was nuts, not jihadi"--is the one authorities are going to stick with. Hence, this:
Many in the community are searching for answers about why the gunman wandered five blocks of bustling Danforth Avenue late on July 22 and indiscriminately shot into eateries.
[Toronto Police Chief Mark] Saunders said there isn't an easy answer and it will take investigators a "tremendous amount of time" to determine one. Officers are probing the gunman's background and where he might have obtained his weapon.

But he said that to truly scratch the surface, city and law enforcement officials "need to talk about that elephant in the room" — what services and support are in place to prevent vulnerable people from picking up a firearm. 
That's the elephant? 

Well, only if the "he's nuts, not jihadi" narrative pans out. 

Otherwise, you've got the wrong pachyderm there, chief.

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